Allah Says ‘Good deeds wipe away bad deeds’

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The transcript describes a story of a man who committed a sin and killed a woman while walking away from her. The man is described as a woman who was born in the area of the Basra Canyon and was born with a son. The story is described as a woman who committed a sin and killed a woman while walking away from her.

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In another Hadith that teaches us how a sonnet itself is an effective method in cleansing a car. This is a story of a companion,

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a companion by the name of Abu Dhabi, Allahu anhu.

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He lived in the Indian Medina at the time of who used to, he used to have a business in the marketplace of Medina used to sell dates. So what happened is that there was a woman from a Mongol Medina, she came by, and she said to him, can you sell me dates to the worth of one silver coin? That's how much she wants to buy dates

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for this

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receptor, I have Bella data home comm follow me home and I'll give you better dates, because she followed him to the house. And he went inside the house and she went inside with him. And he narrates the story. And he said, I did everything with her other than Xena. So I touched her *able to her WooCommerce to her I touched her Nikes turn so on, but availa neelum a value

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other than I did not do as you know with her, for he felt bothered by this. And he felt sad and depressed by this. So he picked himself up and went to the sort of muscle alone while yourself and he came to the cinema and he said the auto Salalah

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I did one two and three for Nissan Salamis a team, a hunter rajul and Jose and feasability la Kenny her husband, and these are some of them had sent him out for jihad. So nervous I sent him he said, Tim, did you betray your brother? Your brother was supposed to take care of his family care of his wife. Do you went and did that behind his back? For you said to leave in Dover? Is there a Dover 40? Can I do anything about this for

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a while he

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turned away from him? So he came again? And he said to Lehman Tova, is there a toolbar I can do that except it

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will turn away from him until Apple user he said had fallen to anemia now.

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futilely over there, to the point where I believe them I was certain volunteer means I'm certain that I'm from the people of the fire. And a love would never ever forgive me ever again. And he walked off. You can imagine how depressed and how sad he is. He committed a sin and he's walking off. There was no solution for him. A while later, Allah subhanho wa Taala reviews on total solar loss on the Mojave Desert sentiment in solitude. wildkin Asana totara

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una familia Lail in the hazard at the mercy for NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He called some of the companions that were close to him. And he said Go and call on who will call him back. One of them went and he called you Sir, he said Nevis is asking for you. He came to

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them. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recited this ayah to him. Aquino sada Pahlavi now was una familia Lael established the prayer on the two ends of the day was una familia Leyland in some hours of the night. This is referring to the referring to the five daily prayers. What's the effect in the Hassan app? Verily the good deeds? Now what is the hustler that was mentioned in this ayah? Allah the prayer, so in Al Hassan, good deeds generally, but more specifically, as soon as you've given us a yard, they wipe away the yard. For then he said the Middle School of Law, he Alico Sutton is this only for me is this ruling is special for me that if I pray the next prayer, Allah

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would forgive me for what I did have a sin for Nizam Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he said to him, like a wily nurse he can fatten it is for you. And it is for every single person of this nation in another generation. When he couldn't leave an army lobby, I have no mercy. And everyone else that came in my nation that did something like that, along those lines that committed so yeah, as long as they keep up with their five daily prayers, be if they lay, it'll keep cleansing them from there. So yeah, until they meet Allah subhanahu wa Tada.