Abu Bakr Zoud – An in depth study of At Tasbeeh (Subhanallah) #1

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on the first two types of Vicar during a Q&A session is emphasized, including those associated with Islam, military, and media. The speakers discuss various examples of Islam's success, including those who lost their lives due to a death in a river, a woman who lost her life due to a death in a river, and a woman who lost her life due to a death in a river. They also discuss the use of words and social media to build energy and achieve success, as it is the only way to achieve success. The speakers also touch on the history of the world and the use of words like " sight," " sightless," and "naught" in various context, including religion, war, and money. Finally, they discuss the meaning behind certain titles and how they relate to the meaning of Subhana Allah's words, including "opportunities" and "hasn't happened" in Arabic language.
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am hungry left hungry left sled are set Amato's really left while he slept he is mine or freeze and thanks for longstone last parrot I'd have made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon the seventh and final messenger Muhammad sama la Marley your sellers

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are still following. Firstly Papa lobby no income column in order to be hired. No, it's late but this is the first opportunity I've had.

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Shall not arada but I wanted to share with you today is something about the Chroma Anahata Allah, considering that we just finished the 10 blister days of Asia. Of course, these days if anything, they were days of Vicar of a Muslim Hannah dalla. That's the thing that was supposed to shine the most of these 10 days different automobil Oban where these of where a person was supposed to focus on the blood 604 pages of a poll and in 30 days you were supposed to focus on that was the highlight of Ramadan, or the 10 days of the Asia days of Vicar Tomas Subhana. Allah has mentioned in more than one Hadith and as mentioned in the Quran, these were days to focus on thicker and don't you dare

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think that the fact that the 10 days have finished anything chromosomal is finished as well rather, the end of the 10 days were actually the beginning you're supposed to consider these a beginning of a new relationship with the colossal panel data and beginning with the new relationship with the loss of Hannah data in terms in terms of the ocean now the coral lines have had our data first let's just make something very clean. And that is that normal law they see the coral log is two types so that we know what we're focusing on and I've given this in sort of a smaller series but inshallah tada during Jani a few weeks that are to come, I want to elaborate on a few things in Sharma data

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and and the purpose is to leave every lesson, understanding one word of the spear or one word of the career and so on and in delight Allah that's that's the intention and the purpose, but at the beginning just doesn't interrupt introduction so we can understand what it means and what are the types of vigor and which type Are we going to begin to delve in and explain. And

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they see the ticket is of two types. The first type is a liquor in which the servant makes mention of Allah Subhana Allah His names and attributes, and he praises and glorifies and honors Allah subhanaw taala. And in other words, the first type means someone that is sitting and saying Subhana Allah hamdu lillahi Wa la de la la la voce, that's one type of the, the other the within the same category. The other type is someone that is stating and mentioning facts of a loss of Hello data. For example, someone that says Allah who is smell of sweat I Daddy, if someone was to sit and begin to state facts about loss of data, say for example, Allah he's all his servants. Allahu ala Zuko

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Allah Zohan provides for all his servants. If someone was to say Allahu Allah Galician Kadir, de la Sohail is capable of all things when he's mentioning Names of Allah attributes of Allah. This is also a another type of the good within the first type. So the first type is a vehicle that a person is sitting down and mentioning allows origin by name. The first one is by saying support a lot humble nowadays and law a lot, but on the other words of the good. And the other one is a person that is mentioning the laws, names and laws, attributes and praising Allah azza wa jal in that manner. So that's the first category and these are the two people that are under this category, the

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second category, and there is also to under this category, and that is, by making mention of Allah Subhana. Allah has laws and rules, and by mentioning Allah Subhana that is Dean. And if, for example, a gathering like this, when we sit down and we give a lesson, this is also considered the glorious panel data, when we speak about what's valid and what's wrong, when we speak about how to buy and sell islamically how to get married and how to get divorced according to Islamic rule and regulation. All of this is also considered medically laser para data. And it happened to the point where one of the son of i was i was swell wahala he was one sitting in a gathering and he was giving

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a talk, listen, discussing knowledge among his early companions, for a young boy came and he said to the gathering, Bulu Subhan Allah, Gary, no, stop talking and say Subhana Allah for Apple. And he said to him, we had what he did not know either. He said they won't do that. What do you think we're sitting in? What are we doing? In other words, he got angry for him, and he tried to teach him that our gathering in where we're discussing Islamic knowledge is somehow the mind is the Coronavirus of Hana. Donna for this is a third

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type of the Corolla and that is the only the general listens in the discussions that the people have about Islam. And any you can consider also the fourth type which is within the category of number two

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is a person that now implements

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any the the obligations and keeps away from the prohibitions. In other words, someone that worships Allah subhanaw taala, that is also considered Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. Ultimately, legal law is supposed to Eonni conclude with you in the fact that now you begin to pray, and you give us a gap and you do how do you feel able to do so and you stay away from that which is how the physical worship now is the ultimate liquor of allowance of Hannah who are done, but Allah today, and over the past couple of weeks to come, we want to discuss the first and absolute first type of Vicar and that is the, the praising and the honoring and the glorification words that a person would say,

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towards Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning the general vigor that one says which is Japan alone, hamdulillah La la la la la vaca. Almost specifically today we want to focus on the word Subhana, Allah, Yanni, diving into deep into its meanings, and its impact in a person's life, and the actual benefits of this word. Now, why do we want to begin with the first category of Vicar? Why do we want to speak about this? Let me if the first type of Vicar is right in your life, everything else falls in place. If the first type which is Nikola on your tongue, when you learn how to make liquid after your solo ad, and liquor have a lot before you sleep, and liquor have a lot of soil when you leave

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the house and you go into your car and come out of the car and walk into your place and or whatever you do in life. When you can learn the correlates of Hana data keep it on your tongue when that is right. Everything else becomes right everything else falls into place for this is why the first one is given so much importance for lots of Hana data. When he described the hypocrites he described them being lazy towards a salad he said what is that possible you know so that when they get up for solida even more Africa gets up for the soil, but the way he gets up como Casa de la so he says they get up very lazy right very lazy it's like he's being dragged out so that he finds it really

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difficult and it's like there's a there's the weight of the world is on his shoulders when he gets so far. So what's the reason? Why is the attitude towards a solid like this What is different between him and a believer that gets energetic gets up towards a solid reason Alonzo Hill in that area. He says what either como una sala de como que ser una nurse, when a guru goon Allah illa karela ism This is his problem, that they hardly make Vicar of Allah Subhana Donna illa alila they do have Vicar, but it is very minimal in his life very minimum, Danny actually comes once a blue moon maybe he does some thinking. So as a result, he is Vicar of Allah, because it's small and it's

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very, it's a low amount in his life. It affected this so that he started getting up lazy to your solid and opposite to that is true. The one who had abundant vigor in his life begins Yanni almeno salentino shippon he gets up to a solid full of effort, full of strength and power and motivation and courage. And Danny Of course, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala the the abundance of the Quran in your life, it gives a person power and energy to remain strong in his worship. Where do we get this from? We get it from the hadith of felpa mobiola. Juana

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Juana, she said that

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under Fatima turabian lamorna shortcut method that even

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helped them a little bit low on it because she was married Dolly or the alarm I know and shadow and family own house, she had a job in the house and that was by no other hand. In other words, you know back in the days when they used to grind

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the the wheat, not like today they used to grind the wheat in a very different way it's cold. Now that there's a rock at the bottom, and they put the greens on top and then they get another rock on top and someone is supposed to turn around like the middle right? And as a result it began it gets it grinds. So felt a lot of the a level and this was her daily job. This is what she used to do for Stockett. She complained from this job. She was finding it really draining, physically draining, and it was stressful upon her. So she came to the school and law school Allahu alayhi wa sallam her father, who at the time had received slaves. At this time. He had received a savvy getting slaves.

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I've been any given total sort of muscle alojado center. So she went to ask for sleep. So she got to the

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house and she did not find him there and she found out

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shall be a loved one. So she said, I notice little lines all along while he is alone she said, Well I use lift is not enough. So I felt a little bit alone wanna, she said informativeness I said that I came and I was looking for it. No problems and she went back home. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to his house, I shall be alone I said that your daughter felt that had come she want to do further and went straight to the house of felting all the love on that it was at night and felt the model the loved one as she mentioned in the Hadith, that the irony of that mobile jianna that me and Allie will be alone. I know we had our heads on the pillow and we're about to sleep late at night.

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For neuroscience lm came and felt them a little bit alone. Juana she got up to greet in the bizarre solar cell and he said on a mechanical man stay as you are don't move for newbies. Arsalan came and he sat right in between them. Until felt a little bit alone. He said, I felt the feet of Rasul masala on my chest. So he said right in between them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he knew what felt a lot of their lawanna is complaining from. So he said to both of them enter a liberal Guna Hi, I'm Matt. Mooney, shall I not teach you have something that is much better for you than what you're asking and requesting to do? you're requesting that you want a sleeve? You want a sleeve to help you

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in the work? Like Shall I inform you of something that is much better than this leap?

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An evisa llamada usnm he said, is that a have to Malmo Jara Kuma Gani just before you sleep can build a bond with that FEMA, say, about 34 times, we'll say so Pamela 33 times we'll say it hamdulillah 33 times. As a result, this is 100 times for who or how you will look when I'm in Harlem, this is going to be much better for you than a sleeve. Getting in other words, you're going to find energy with these words during the day, then who are the slave what was the purpose of the slave to ease the work and to share the load of the work without felt them or be alone? Why not? When they're grinding the wheat for no science elemis says say these words of vigor and you will

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find strength during the day that will help you keep going in your work for some halala imagine this. This is the power Yani advocate is going to give a person power to face the matters in this world where life imagine how much more power it's going to give him when he faces matters of worship and the matters of the year after his solid and his fasting and so on. A thicker is a type of an energy and a power that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives. This is why when the moon was low in his vigor, Cabo, Casella, he got a proselyte very lazy, and his attitude towards life is all easy, right? for the believer because of his liquor, it gives him energy gives him power to face the

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difficulties and the struggles in this life.

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The crow lungs para Donna gives you a status at a value in the sight of Allah absorption. There's a hadith that mentions as well will be available via Hadith that we're mentioning today, all of them so here, so I filtered what's weak and what's authentic and be of the law. We're bringing only that which is authentic today. And an offer on men bending a law that there is a tribe known as bending of the law.

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They came to the sort of muscle Allahu alayhi wa sallam three of this tribe they came to notice ourselves, I mean the intention of embracing Islam. So they accepted Islam. When we saw the Lord while he was alone, he congratulated them on the slump. And he said many feet

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colossal and he said, many accompany him as they just accepted Islam right now, you revert to Islam, straightaway the bizarre Salaam as he's sitting he looks at his Sahaba and he says many at Fini him who will take care of them. Navi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yani they just accepted Islam, and he's worried about them worried about their future. So he does not want them to move except that he finds someone of his companions to take care of them. Immediately at the level of your loved one. He says your Salalah Anna, I will take care of him shortly the community back in the day. It was so different in the visa llamada he had trained each and every single person that have the highest of

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character will have no way the level below did not hesitate. Whenever you Salalah alayhi wa sallam is so concerned for them that he wants their situation sorted out right now. He said man yet we need him to take care of them right now. But have not read the letter of the law and said I'll take them for cos of they go with what happened obey the law. Oh, of course he opened his door in his house for them. And he embraced them in his house and they lived with him. So then the Heidi would mentioned that interviews alone while he was lm Botha, Dothan apologia

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He had a home and maybe some mamajuana you sell him he sent out a battalion, a little army to go on Yani do some mission for us. homosassa so he left with them. One of these three went out on this expedition. And he was martyred. Hello sir they died.

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Then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sent a another battalion A few months after that, and he sent them on a mission. And he sent a another person with that mission. And he went, and he was martyred as well.

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And then the last one of the three, almost a few months, a few years go by, and he dies on his filler on his bed, and he didn't go to any she had no martyrdom, he died exactly where he slept.

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Paul halabi Allahu anhu. He says in the narration. I saw these three people in my dream, and I saw them at the gate of the paradise and I saw that the ones standing first is the one that died on his bed. And the one behind him is the one that was mounted second, and the one behind him and the the third in line was the one that was mounted first festival up he was really shocked by this dream. He didn't understand it is then the last show he is supposed to be first and then he died on his bed. What is he doing in first place? For he went to la sala la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam was a go to LA with Eric and he narrated his dream to La salasar Center for notice fenosa Sallam he said to him

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wanna incarnate the world? What do you find strange in this dream? Obviously anybody find strange is very obvious. And he said to him what it is for NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to him, Lisa harden of Baba in the law him in meaning you are mortal Phil Islam. Let us be who you are, that could be really water lily, there is our son and he said to him, there is no one absolute don't even look for anyone. There is no one better in the sight of Allah azza wa jal than a believer who lives a long life upon Islam. And he is the speed and diabete and

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he is of great adult, for some have a lot. The one who died on his bed was first because he had more of an opportunity to make legal loans

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than his previous two friends that had died. And they can't turn head stop and cut off from the gridlines have had a

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great happy teaching us the highest status in the level of legalized paddle data. Whenever you saw them on water, you know, salami says in a hadith also that proves the highest status of adecuado law, the one that makes the color of a large Xhosa. He said Musa La Silla in the Hadith. In the matter of Quran I mean generally like the spear, what the * what that means in our brief now will allow Sheila hoonah we'll get

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to that Roby Sahaba Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Vickery people make this so how to love that you say what hamdulillah when I'm alone in love, like about the circle around the top of the circle around the Ouch. Luna de Yun katha we know they make a buzzing sound like the sound of the beat

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your goodness Sahiba they make mention of the one who's saying these words on earth walkabout get into your name is mentioned right around the house every time you make soup out of love with hungry left with a lemon law with the The moment you stop your mentioned stops to imagine the excitement that a person feels when he learns and understands and knows that someone in his in his mentioned, imagine someone just walked in the door. And we said we're all speaking about you right now. Sure how happy and excited easy to imagine that they are mentioned is in a meta Ilana around the outage of mazzucato diner for Hamilton lunch that carry the issue of a loss of Hannah Diana, the E or name

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being mentioned, the vicar of Allah, the word so Pamela goes around the house. And that word begins to say that such and such a person is saying me right now he's in my mansion right now. will love work about it, as long as he's doing the same thing

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is doing the same thing and having fires upon Allah. This is how much a lot of social values the person that sits upon Allah. Really until you sit down with these IDs. And yani yoma you're shocked. Once you've had a lot of close it gives you this entire value to Allah subhanaw taala one Alhamdulillah he said a lot of social he gathers the entire Yani he gathers the entire creation of angels, and he says to the harmony of the that my servant has made humbled me

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How valuable is a person to Allah subhanaw taala when he says such a simple word

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is teaching you how, however,

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Your life is and how valuable the second in your life is, and how valuable this movement the literal movement of your tongue is to allow So again, this is how much our values and this is why it had intention incredible reward for this stuff is supposed to be believable. You're supposed to believe and understand what it is. And it's supposed to lead you into action into an abundance of equalizer paradigm in your life. How do you juggle all the above? I know, he said that the prophets of the levada he was seldom said, Now I'm ILA adhamiya and Amina and midnighter Billahi min Vickery, leggy, subhana wa tada that there is no deed, no deed that will save the son of Adam from the punishment of

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a loss or shall more than the deed of Victrola.

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Either the victim is a protection for a person from Janda and from the punishment of allows origin in his grave, and in the hereafter. Then the companions they said, when he heard v Sevilla, not even a Jihad visibile Allah Yeah, this hadith is almost similar to the idea that we heard about the virtue and the benefit of the 10 days of Asia. That Hadith now is telling you that this is a matter of principle for life, that there is nothing better than the coal mines panel data. They asked, not even a geography survey the land for NaVi Salalah alayhi wa sallam he said, what he had he Sabine Illa Illa and abreva bcfe Kata takapa. He said, Don't even jihad. He said he rillette except the

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person that engaged in jihad, FISA vanilla, until he saw broke, here in his sword broke, meaning if you saw broke, you had no more defense and as a result, he got killed and he got mad. This is the only person and the only deed that is going to save you from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. And nothing would be more than that. Otherwise, the crow life is so proud of what Allah is the leading result and the leading cause for why the punishment is deterred from a person in his grave. And on the Day of Judgment before Allah subhanho wa Taala either the decrees everything in your life. And these 10 days was supposed to teach you this reality, whenever you sell a law that you

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will sell them he says in the Hadith as

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he says these companions, he is telling us is a model to be a real Bill jannetty for tau, which when you pass by the gardens of the paradise, what gardens of Paradise will see. He says if you pass by the gardens of the paradise fall down Oh,

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meaning that imagine you walked into a garden in way there's apple trees or mango trees or orange trees for dow would mean stay in that peak, whatever you want, eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want. Relax and enjoy and take pleasure as much as you want. That's what it means for me. So I send them he says to the companions, when you pass by the gardens of the paradise, allow teeth from it as much as you want for your loved one and they said well, malleable agenda.

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What is the guardians of the paradise? What are the things he said to them and massage the budget the budget is the Garden of the paradise will hide your eight year old woman. The entire Earth is made a mess. In fact you can imagine now the entire earth the entire land is a mystery. So then they asked Rasul masala Rasul Allah, way What do we pick? What do we eat? And how do we drink for he said to them suparna law when hamdulillah when a llama

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In other words, these words of Vicar, you're supposed to find pleasure in them, just like a person that walks into a garden and begins to eat whatever you want from the trees. And this is supposed to be fulfilling and nourishing for a person of equal learning this

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individual alarm system considered the Chroma a paradise on earth. He called it in a model to be reality gender journey he described the chromosomes as a paradise on earth. And this is why Solomon some of the setup for him or Humala, they would say that,

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that our hearts, they comes moments and times upon our hearts in where we experienced tremendous moments of happiness and joy, because of Vic Romani. subhanho wa Taala. And they would say that if the people of the paradise,

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get any word to enjoy, what we are enjoying right now of this happiness and joy in our heart, then the people of the paradise are really blessed. They're in a huge blessing to support a lot. This is a level that some of the believers in this life would reach. They would reach a level in where they wish that we wish that were were in the paradise when we eventually get to the paradise

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We wish that we can have the same feeling in the paradise like we had in this earth.

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All of this because of the Chroma panel.

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This is why even taymiyah he says that in the dunya genda Lamia told me

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that in this world the life there is a paradise, that if a person does not experience this paradise in this life, he will not experience the paradise of the hereafter.

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What is this paradise? The coral life is a part of who I think is supposed to live in paradise when you live with the Colonia Subhanahu wa. This is why you shall know data in this course we want to learn how exactly do we feel the joy and the happiness through the use of handle data? And how are we supposed to feel the enjoyment that the people of the paradise enjoy and feel and how we can reach this level in where we're going to wish them Alonso Hill gives us the same happiness and satisfaction we find with the gorilla soldier in his life that he gives it to us in the hereafter high level the gorilla soil is the only thing that is going to get you to that kind of yellowy

00:26:07 --> 00:26:12

emotional effect with the gorilla is powder horadada Okay, my brothers in Islam

00:26:14 --> 00:26:22

one of the greatest digger that will ever bring you close to a lost origin is the word Suppan Allah itself which focus on the words of Allah.

00:26:24 --> 00:27:12

Allah when we said the colossal Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he came out to his companions one day, and he said to do can be a hub Bill calamy in a lot. Shall I not inform you of the most beloved word to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The need to understand what does it mean the most beloved world to Allah Xhosa, meaning Yanni, what he's about to say Salalah alayhi wa sallam is a word in which earns a person the love of Allah Zoysia and increases his love of Allah subhanaw taala as well. And the job has been made easy the fact that the last origin is going to tell us what word he loves to you know, when you fall in love with someone, right? First, when you were first getting married, let's say for

00:27:12 --> 00:27:14

those that are already married.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:35

He struggled to find words that your partner loves, you struggled to find words. For there are people that are buying books 1000 love words, going through the book and sending a text message. But then use the ones you can't use it again. So you go through another word and send them love messages and stories and so on.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:46

And he always worried that this this person loved the word I said or he felt offended by it. Or how close Am I am i is hot now another Yeti always worried.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:16

Now, the road has been made so simple and easy. Allah Subhana Allah Himself is about to reveal the most beloved word he loves to hear from the server. Yeah, and interest assure that this word as much as you say it a lot so she loves it, and he accepts it. And your love for love would absolutely increase loss aversion. His love for you is going to be guaranteed. What do you want more than this? For no use Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said to them. This is one Hadith in Sahih Muslim.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:42

He said to them in a hub Belka levy in a law, the most beloved word to a law sapan en la he will be handy a supernova he will be handy in other narrations he mentioned to Pamela hamdulillah La la la la vida. But this nourish Nia focuses on Subhana Allah He will be humble. In other words, generally, the thicker the words don't love loves us we've had a lot when I'm doing that.

00:28:44 --> 00:29:28

But more specifically, it's so Pamela you will be harmed because of this Hadith of the Allahu anhu he also says that the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam was asked Are you will cut me off. So now we established that this is the most beloved work to along with another hobby he says that the companions asked him what word is better for a person to see getting a new calamy how you have been better? Do you know what better means? Yanni This is going to be better than anything you will see. And the goodness in your life is going to come from behind this word. anything good you see in your life is going to come from behind this world. frenemy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to them,

00:29:29 --> 00:29:55

Mostafa la who live in a cafe. It is the word that a lot of choose for his angels. And he chose for his servants, Suppan Allah He or Burnham de la Sol chose for this word to be the vicar of the angels from the D He created them until the day they all die. So how to love and how do you ever heard the alarm on who he says that enemy some alarm while he was alive? He said to foolhardy, he's huge.

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He said man Hello, Leo. And you Kavita

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Whoever finds the night very difficult to get up and worship a lot in short if this is your problem with the hubby Listen, he said anyone who finds the night difficult to get up at night late at night will make although in the call will stand or a loved one and spend half an hour in solid if you find that difficult

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what the healable Nelly

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and he withheld his money is not able to take out money and give feasibility like consistently. He was afraid and terrified from this reality maybe he becomes poor by two things now.

00:30:35 --> 00:30:46

What shall I do with a new car dealer and he was freed from the enemy. So he didn't want to participate in Jihad and go in combat and in war with them so he was afraid of the entire issue altogether.

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This guy's got nothing any

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Fender VESA lohana, he said, he advised such a person and Luke, Phil and your old Suppan A lot of you will be hunting, they make sure you see in abundance, so parrot Allah who will be hunting for him. Now I have a lot more humans that have Omen, Javelin, I mean, generally, there have been a few, but in unicorn ifisa really legacy version. He said, then let such a person make Suppan a law he will be handy he in abundance, and that is going to be much better for him than if he was to give in way gold and silver, the size of a mountain. Usually when a mountain is mentioned in their Hadith, it refers to the mountain of oil and then giving that piece of really less power, who is going to be

00:31:37 --> 00:31:55

much better than giving all that feasterville Allah Subhana Allah He will be humble he itself, love my brothers in Islam, and nahi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is still on the on the discussion of German. He came out to a Sahaba let me say salamina authentic howdy if he says ma stop.

00:31:56 --> 00:32:13

And Yama coloman mithila, Julian, he said Is it any one of you able to do the deeds that are equal to the mountain of poverty? You can't do that every single day? So how long have they said woman of Alec who can do deeds that are equal to the size of

00:32:16 --> 00:32:16

them he said

00:32:18 --> 00:33:08

each and every single one of you is able to do so what is that? So let me say to them sapan en la ah volume in the towards the Panama itself in reward, it is much more intense. And it is much more in way in its reward than the mountain of itself. Why am I brothers in Islam that no Yani because the word sapan align itself is supposed to solidify, imagine in a person's heart. And it is supposed to bring eliakim certainty in a person's heart so much. So that certainty becomes as strong as a mountain in the person's heart. Therefore, so Panama was more in reward than the mountain of land. This is effect. This is its effect that it's going to have on your heart shallowford. From the day

00:33:08 --> 00:33:49

Omar created that until now, it hasn't moved. So Panama is much better than it than the one. So Pamela is really said from the heart. And you've pondered and contemplated over its meanings. The effect it is going to have on your heart is much more powerful than the effect of the mountain itself had on the land in where it is. It remained firm and stable and it did not move. The strongest wind will not move the mountain right. yet. In other words, the strongest fit them that will come on you. Right they will not shake a person's Eman in the last panel data. If the word su para la was to actually be said, with sincerity and truth and emerging from the hub and pondering

00:33:49 --> 00:34:00

and contemplating over its meanings, which we're going to discuss fact this is exactly what an Imam will do. As a result, the words of how the law was much better and more in reward than the mountain of

00:34:02 --> 00:34:02

the law.

00:34:04 --> 00:34:09

In another Hadith, Nevis Allahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned to us that we knew how to

00:34:10 --> 00:34:11

approach death.

00:34:12 --> 00:34:57

And by that time, he had only two of his sons alive. So he gathered these two sons and he wants to give them advice. So he said to them in the Hadith, what Moodle Guna be so Panama who will be handy for him now solder to cliche will be here, Eurozone, Lucia, he said to them, my sons, I command you to hold on to the word so power, the law you will be hunting. For verily it is solid to cliche. It is the worship of every single thing in existence. That is your this is the status of the woods who have a lucky day, that every single thing in existence, worships Allah azza wa jal through the words of how to love your

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59


00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

Right you Sabir Runa Laila one rule that they make the spirit of a lot day and night and they do not give up and don't get tired. Can you imagine that you only from the day Allah created them

00:35:13 --> 00:35:32

and they say you support Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah not 1000 times now, over 2000 times a million, a billion, a number that is infinite and you cannot think about it. From the day he created them, until the last moment they have in this life layer.

00:35:33 --> 00:35:35

They do not they are not tired.

00:35:36 --> 00:35:54

Every time they say somehow the love the fuel energy, and they're excited, and they're full of happiness and joy. And this is exactly what they want to do. And then we'll find anything better than that. So they stick to that they are my Superman, most of us are beholden to low and later when the * to left room.

00:35:55 --> 00:36:05

Hamilton, those who carry downs you have a lot of social, a lot of social, he says about them, whatever he could have seen. I mean, how did you send

00:36:06 --> 00:36:08

him to Hamilton?

00:36:09 --> 00:36:33

They carry the Dodge. It did not distract them from the US or Canada, whatever, whatever heavy thing you're carrying in your life. It shouldn't distract you from the smear of a muscle power data. They now solder to polish A this is how the universe This is how he worships Allah subhanahu wa Tada. This is this was the profits this this was the profits worship. So highly recommend

00:36:34 --> 00:37:11

you submit now big shout out when NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that was his form of worship as well as the spirit and the animals. They make the spear and the birds make the spear to Sabir that was similar to separate one or go and feed him the entire subparallel emf is similar to Buffalo, right? What do you mean she in LA is a bit of a ham D there is absolutely nothing in existence, except that it glorifies a lot and it begins with his praise. So Pamela who will be handy, even in ahaadeeth abodo robiola one we said

00:37:12 --> 00:37:32

he said in Neela, Shay hidden in the interview Sala Lavalle yourself, who probably is going to give us an image and a form in which he heard a bit of a nonliving thing of a miracle about her was sitting in a gathering and Melissa was in a gathering where he he has all these handles a pebble.

00:37:33 --> 00:37:55

For subbotnik this pebble began to make the spear what will not come here it is the same so Pamela fat for semi artisphere Honda manfield halaqa a Buddha said everyone that was sitting in the gathering heard the pebble lakes panela for Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, he gave this pebble who

00:37:56 --> 00:38:37

began to make this beer. And we all heard that this view of the pebble so what God gave it back to us masala when we saw Selim gave it to Roma, and he began to make the spirit in the hands of Allah, then pass it back to Minnesota, who then gave it to Charlie. And then he began to make the spirit in the hands of Alli, and then he was passed on to your loved one. And then eventually at the end, it was given to someone else of the companions, and it stopped making the sphere. In other words up without the alarm on who is telling us that we heard that the speaker of this nonliving object we heard it was a beloved muscle building and lo and behold, he says well I've got goodness now the

00:38:37 --> 00:38:38

spear How

00:38:39 --> 00:38:48

can anyone also masala used to eat the food? We used to hear that the Spear of the food that was masala was eating these Americans.

00:38:49 --> 00:38:50

And nobody saw

00:38:52 --> 00:39:31

the food that he used to raise these and used to make the spear that not only lymphocytes Salamis, but everyone that was sitting in that gathering would hear as well. So have a lot a lot of social. What do you spoke about the story of the Buddha he stood up? He said yes, he then we bow who are playing and so you know that the mountains and the birds used to make the spear with the Buddha. When he used to make the spear they used to make the sphere. When he used to stop they used to stop as well. For Subhana Allah Yani oven Kafeel voila, here, he says that the Spear of the pebble and the food is much more of a miracle than that the Spear of the mountains and the birds like that if

00:39:31 --> 00:39:52

you stand down in a valley, and you said so power law, you know the Echo, it'll take the sound and it'll retrieve it'll come back. So you can kind of see that. This is how it repeated with me vehicle. Bus Yani for a pill to see some power law for food to say so power law. This must be it must be a Miracle Morning the miracle that was given to them.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

For super love when new honey syrup said to in the house on a leash Hey, can you literally

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

everything around you. In other words, allows origin has given us the biggest motivator to continue in the dispute of origin. And that is that there is nothing that you see in existence, except that you're supposed to remember this is making us feel. But an icon here allows origin allows from whoever he wants to be service to he and he only for certain servants, he doesn't want them to disappear. It doesn't matter doesn't change from the fact that this thing is making disappear right now. Everything in existence so Pamela is making this we have a lot of solution. For this is young enough, it's supposed to remind you of the chroma key, so Hannah Donna would disappear. And then new

00:40:38 --> 00:40:44

Holly cerami said the sub finding the householder to cliche will be her Eurozone.

00:40:47 --> 00:40:48

And everything in existence

00:40:49 --> 00:40:56

is given risk, provision and sustenance because of this word. So one of the oldest comes because of

00:40:58 --> 00:41:42

the way the animals are fed, and they remain nourished is because of that has to be the way things are surviving and things are running is because of the sphere. We'll learn how this is working, but the reason for it is all at the sphere. So how to love that when you reflect that this how do you find that your life is one of these two things, one of these two things, you're either worshiping a lot of Zoysia. Or either you're out looking for this guy and in your work and so on. What is the solution? I don't know how you set up is informing us wonder this is me saying this Hadith, that Subhana Allah He will become the solution for all your problems. Whether you're worshiping a

00:41:42 --> 00:42:23

solution is to Palawan somebody who will keep your worship satisfied. And if you're looking for this in your work and so on, of course, after you already are doing the ASVAB but somehow why what is the main reason? Any The more you have Subhan Allah who will be handy in your life, the goal is to find in your life, this is the equation it will open up doors in your life. So how to love getting new Halley's ceram in this advice is teaching us that if you do not have this word in your life, you've lost everything. That if it's solid, too cliche, we use a cliche, meaning if you don't have it in your life, you've lost Colucci, you've lost everything. And life becomes dangerous. With this word,

00:42:23 --> 00:42:30

if it's not in your life, things become difficult. And let's understand the word so Pamela who will be handed in brief in sha Allah, Allah

00:42:32 --> 00:42:38

Subhana Allah He will be humbly What does it mean? He waits two parts. So Pamela will be humble.

00:42:39 --> 00:42:59

So how to love the word soup when it comes from a sub. Sub means on board. A sub means Aalborg Aalborg means something to be distinct and really far from itself, right. So if this is a starting point, and something has moved to here, we call this sub, we call it sub board. Similarly or small.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:55

A civic Silva swimming, because a swimmer, he begins from one point and he begins to go farther and farther away from this point. But this is what it means remain distant. So So Panama means I dis associate a last origin. Are you free last part of what data I get any make allows origin far from all imperfections and defaults, and defects and flaws, and from all imperfection and incompleteness. This is what Subhana Allah means I declare the perfection of a loss of Hannah Diana, I Yanni so Pamela means I disassociate a lot from anything that is inappropriate for a loss of heart and this is why every time you see the words of Pamela homopolar, it'll come within the context of something

00:43:55 --> 00:43:58

inappropriate being said about a long walk on

00:43:59 --> 00:43:59


00:44:00 --> 00:44:18

street after something inappropriate is said to parent, meaning a lot of social is far from what they say. So who am Luna Luan kaviraj, right? So para la meaning I declare allows origin far from all of this imperfection that they say

00:44:20 --> 00:44:59

I'm level 11 illa sapan Allah yummy. She could follow the words upon the line. And you'll see that's how it comes. What they handed straight after they would be handy. What is behind the mean often they translate this so Pamela, how did they say this? I glorify Allah, and I begin with his praise. This is what it is in translation. But let's understand what the Hamdi meaning and I declare his absolute perfection and praise This is what will be happy to meet and yearning. So how about are we if you have to follow the words of Hanna line or in the Hadith, you'll always find that it comes with the name of Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

doesn't come on its own. Really? Yeah, the internet also should subpoena or be an honor, a name of a law came with it. In our course of hanabi alvim a name of a law came most of the times in the Quran

00:45:14 --> 00:45:16

for some hamdulillah because don't feel this

00:45:17 --> 00:46:05

way mainchain la is a bit behind de la the owners behind wine, and sapan on its own is declaring Allah azza wa jal free from imperfection, but that's not a praise. Imagine I said to someone, what law shall law the brother here, he is not stingy. I didn't praise Him. If I say someone is not stingy, I did not praise Him. If I said he is not stingy, but Mashallah, rather, he's generous. Now I've raised him, I mentioned the quality of praise. Even this is how he works. So the Lord is the part in where you're disassociating, a law from all imperfection will be handy is the praise part. And I begin by praising him, and I begin by declaring all perfection belongs to a loss or shall we

00:46:05 --> 00:46:06

say, a large social is

00:46:07 --> 00:46:34

the most merciful, then his mercy is perfect, and it's complete. Unlike the creation, render, you might have mercy, but your mercy is not perfect, and it's not complete, right? So Pamela, for this is the meaning of supernal law to be handy. That the first part is declaring allows origin free from all imperfection. What do you say? And how, how are you going to declare a love from all imperfection free? How do you do that? By saying

00:46:35 --> 00:47:20

that I'm hungry left by saying I praise him this is how I declare that is free from Oh perfection, the fact that I praise him right. So parrot Allah, He will be happy this is the meaning of so Pamela will be harmed by Shama Tata will stop here, which are what Allah in next week's lesson will continue with the word Subhana. Allah mentioning, its effective life, what it's supposed to do in life and what kind of benefits it brings for a person. And then most importantly, the last part of the lesson is going to be how do they propagate the speed of a loss of data? What are you supposed to think of? And what are you supposed to ponder about when you meet the spirit of Allah subhanho wa

00:47:20 --> 00:47:26

Taala The secret is in the air. In romance origin he says sapan levy holla

00:47:28 --> 00:48:09

Minda Tomita nagomi, unforeseen amin la Allah mood, we'll find the relevance of this area of the latter our topic, be the lesser we can live with this words, Pamela, didn't I tell you Allahu Allahu my brothers. If one understood the words of Allah, He will be handy. One more he will not be able to stop from this world. And the miracles you'll see behind this world and what happens is in your life, one lot he is is unexplainable. Everyone will have a story with us. We have a lot of stories. Yeah, and he there is no lesson that will ever give justice to the words who have a lot. The only thing that might give it justice is your experience with the words of Pamela, and you'll never get

00:48:09 --> 00:48:29

there. Well, you'll never see the benefits of this word. Unless you actually internalize this word deep inside your heart. Anytime you see me zecharia Lee said, when he came up from after a loss origin, had given him the good news. That individual shoe is right when he gave him the good news.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:31


00:48:32 --> 00:48:43

he's excited, he's happy. He's wanted to keep for so long. He's hard to get now he wants to assign. So as as he came up these people, what was the first thing he told them? How highly he won?

00:48:44 --> 00:48:45


00:48:47 --> 00:48:54

he said to them make the sphere of Allah in the mornings in the afternoon, don't stop. Why did he say to them?

00:48:55 --> 00:48:59

I didn't tell him something else. Why did he say to them Sabir Oh

00:49:01 --> 00:49:43

no, he saw the effect of supernova in his life. He saw what he did in his life. He saw that he provided him a child in a moment where it was so impossible for him to be blessed with a child, for you saw the effects of the word, and he rushed out to the people. And he signaled to them because a sign of His signs that the word The boy is on his way, was that his tongue is going to be disabled from speech, allowed to come live in NASA for 33 days. He's not going to be able to speak a single word that he wants to tell him something. He didn't wait for three days to finish. And then he gets his word back. Yeah, there's something that he wanted to deliver the message right then and there.

00:49:44 --> 00:49:46

Because of the excitement of what he saw from

00:49:47 --> 00:49:59

him. He began to signal to them some beer hobo cotton washy, don't stop and you'll see the vehicles coming in your life. who see the doors open. The lady with the jacket era you said a few years

00:50:00 --> 00:50:28

Alonzo Hill, we're going to share some of that inshallah data next week with the words of Pamela as we conclude it next week via delay data, whilst Allah subhanaw taala to make us from among among a deck Lina luck and feel, we asked him Subhana Allah to give us the genuine and the true understanding and appreciation of the word sapan Allah will be handed we ask him subhana wa Tada. Yani and your inner Allah Shaka, he was, he was in a vanity in Delhi Kolkata, Allah Subhana.

00:50:30 --> 00:50:33

Allah Allah Allah, a Stoker to LA

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