Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #091 – They Say How Can Allah Guide This Person

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of guidance in modern age and how it is difficult to measure one's intelligence. They use the example of Allah's guidance as an example of how he gives guidance to individuals to obtain success and believe in their abilities. The guidance is given to individuals by their actions and comes from their actions.
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This is something that's super important, especially in today's day and age because we tend to associate guidance with intelligence, we tend to act like if somebody is smart enough, then they'll figure it out. All they have to do is collect the evidence, right? And they'll be convinced or they'll figure out what they need. And then they'll believe okay, that might that might work for some people. But that's not everybody know, if I lost power to Allah doesn't grant you guidance doesn't grant you understanding, you're never going to get it. It's not all in your control. It's not all within your power doesn't matter how smart you are, in fact, being intelligent might

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actually be something that works against you if you're arrogant, if you have a an impure heart. And so we have to realize that we rely on the last panel to Allah to guide us. And this guidance is sort of this interplay between our sincerity and his granting us understanding if we're not sincere, Allah is not going to grant us understand okay, which is why some of the early Matt right in our tradition, if they had a particular problem that they couldn't figure out where they were stuck, they would go hit the prayer mat, they will go worship because they understood that their worship and their devotion was actually the tool to gain understanding. It wasn't just you know, doing

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crossword puzzles or trying to build your vocabulary, all these materialistic sort of means that we rely on today. All right, it first comes from Allah Spano Tata. So Allah azza wa jal is responsible for your guidance. This is why we should never also looked down upon other people who haven't received guidance, or who are maybe not as guided or still struggling, maybe, you know, compared to us, because Allah subhanaw taala grants guidance. And so it's His provision, and he is the one who allocates it with wisdom or without some people look at somebody, and they might be the worst person on earth, when it comes to their manners or the things that they do. They might oppress other

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people, and yet Allah guided them to the truth. And yet Allah guided them to a slam, and people could, in their sense of pride and arrogance, be like how could a law guide this person, this isn't fair, something, something's going on here. A law guy too. He wants, it's up to a law, it's not up to you. And Allah knows better than you do, who should be guided and who should be given faith. And then there's other people where you look at this person and say, Oh, they're so nice, and they have this and they have that and if only they were Muslim, they're practically there. And then they die on COFA. And you want to make excuses for them. You want to pray for them. You want to do these

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other things. But at the end of the day, a Lost Planet. Allah knows better than you do, who deserves his guidance and who doesn't deserve his guidance?

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