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AI: Summary © A woman talks to her sister about her desire to be the center of attention and attract men to her face. She suggests that women should be the center of attention and attract men to her face to make it the center of attention. She also suggests that women should be the center of attention and attract men to her face to make it the center of attention.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Brothers and sisters, this is mainly for sisters or brothers can also benefit from this because you've probably got a relative or someone related to you, that's in this position. What I want to say to you very shortly precisely is that there are certain sisters who are doing the nails of doing mate, you know, putting makeup on their face, and, and you know, going out there, and I've got nothing against them, I'm not putting them down. I'm not asking anyone else to look down on them. But I want you to think about one thing, my sister, that is that you're in a world where it it is, unfortunately, many times dragged by the whims and desires of

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men. And men want women to wear these things for their own whims, desires, for their eyes for their egos. And think about what's happening to you. You've become or you're becoming a commodity, you're becoming someone who is there just for others to make money out of you. And for you to become the pleasure of people's eyes who you don't even want near you. Now, think about his sister, please, I know sometimes, you want to be out there and you want others to look at you. The whole point is attraction. And the whole point is that you want to competition between women. Because women have a competition between themselves, sometimes to see who's the prettiest of all, in a mirror mirror,

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who's the prettiest out there of all, or between men, you know, you want that the man or you know, the men out there the best men to look at you. Fine, but there's a price to pay my sister for all those good men that will look at you. There's also many men that you don't want looking at you. And you're going to say what is my right to dress up like this. And it's a rite of them to turn away. But Allah has said something in the Quran he has said in the beginning of the 22nd Jews, he has said Fiat mala de fi calbee he murghab the man who has got an illness in his heart and Ill desire towards women in his heart, he will be he will be covetous and he will want to get his hands on you or he

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will want to be or behave in a way that is inappropriate. Now the thing is my sister, you might still say well, you know that's his problem. It is true. It's his problem. But think about you have you become the commodity of the of this whole commercialized world. Are you just a product where you're being sold items for your nails for your face that you don't really need? Seriously, women out there are having facials done for 200 pounds, sometimes 100 pound, sometimes 200 pounds, sometimes more? Just a facial done. And well what does it do? If you really think about it? What do you do? Well, after a while she's got to wash it off. And after a while it's the same face a same

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beautiful face that Allah gave it is beautiful. Anyway, my sister what I want to say to you is you're already beautiful without doing your face up. You're all beautiful without doing your nails up. You're already beautiful without wearing all those glamorous clothes. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal has made women more beautiful than men. Naturally this is the case and you're beautiful wherever you are. And it's better that you stay naturally the way Allah has kept you. And one day if somebody actually sees you, and desires you because of your natural face, if that actually happens, then you've got true love there. Because you know what I want to say to you, my sister and brothers who

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are listening out there is when people do their face up, and they pose in front of a camera and they take a selfie or they posted onto Instagram on to the Facebook update or whatever it is okay out there. When people do that is not really their face. And let's not fake it is not your face. And when people see you like that they think it's a different they think is a really wall wow, you know that person? Yeah, you know, after that what happens? The day they see them without the makeup, they kind of let down a bit. And I want to say to you, my brothers and sisters, let's not live in a fake world has been created for us live in the real world. The real world is your real face. Allah is

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giving you a beautiful face. The real world is your beautiful self. And you don't need to put you know, you don't need to spend hundreds of pounds to buy these products. And you don't need to be the reason for so many out there to have, you know to have the wrong eyes on you. That's not what you want. You just want a good companionship with the right person. One person you get married to who is hard for you and you stay like that for your life in

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Because what is what is that? You want companionship with true love, which is looking after you that's what you really want and all this glamour and all everything else that you place up. It doesn't give you always that so please think about it don't become a commodity out there and don't become the lust for the eyes of people out there that really don't have the right desire or the right heart. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Hey.

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