Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Check Your Condition

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of continuously monitoring one's internal condition to avoid becoming a dangerously bad person. They also discuss the need to ensure that people do not an act that will cause harm to their health. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid committing sin and the importance of being mindful of one's behavior.
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gonna be able to sell you while I was I was made a bad

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lead Allah,

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Allahu Allah you were comin at you or you may be unforeseen,

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lesser hunter Allah said that Allah Subhana Allah does not this does not change the good condition of a people until they change their condition themselves.

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There is a saying in English, where they say that a great civilization or a great nation cannot be destroyed from outside until it destroys itself from inside.

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And so Allah This is the state of our oma today

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with IOV is obviously applies to the oma to general to the nation, it also applies to the individual.

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So, it is very important for us to continuously look at our own internal condition.

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Now how do we prevent our internal condition from changing There are two ways one is to constantly be in a state of sugar of Allah subhanaw taala for all that He has given us. So valid internal condition, if our condition is good, Angela has kept us in a good state and to the best of our knowledge, because we go by what we see our human our divided my wallet, and then our

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you know, financial condition and everything else is good, then it's very important to consciously and actively make sure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Not to take it for granted. The problem with I remind myself, the problem with us is that until something goes wrong, then only we realize we had this good

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as long as it was good, we just ignore it, we don't know.

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But only when something starts to go wrong, then we say oh my god, no, I had this and so that is a bad thing. We must appreciate the good, while the good is there. So one important thing is to constantly thank Allah subhanaw taala and I always say make a list every time you go and every time you see anything you enter your house Alhamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala given me a house said that brings this aspect shaytan makes you look at things which are which other people have better. For example, if I cover that house in the house, because I had I wish I had a house like that.

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This is a terrible thing because Allah Subhana Allah Salam told us look at in the for the dunya look at the people who have less than you.

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And for the issue of Accra look at people who have more than you. So if we look at what somebody else is about as more I know someone's current somebody,

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somebody I have some understanding other persons Zuma understand, but shagun makes it the opposite. He makes us look at people who have more than us in the Union.

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But we have to also see, if you go to one of the palaces of Hyderabad, that palace, this house is smaller than the house of the servant of the king.

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So what

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well if we enter our house and under law given us the home, but what is the meaning of home, the meaning of homeland security? I mean, think about this, you and I may have a home which is one, but a hamdulillah Our home is not in

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our home is not in Iraq. There is no soldier coming into the house in the nights to feed your children to kill your people. You sleep in peace there is no bomb that is dropping on our on our heads Alhamdulillah we have to thank de la Vega for them for Allah subhanaw taala to give them Naja from the limit, but at the same time it's Allah tala Allah given us.

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So we live in security, we live in dignity, we live in peace Alhamdulillah we have enough to eat, we have all the facilities that we need, you actually got Allah subhanaw taala because as we said in the ayah, Allah does not change the condition, the good condition until we change ourselves. Now how do we change the good condition ourselves by two things. One by not making sure the opposite of this

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and allows this lane cover come in as revolutionary. So the direct result of being ungrateful is to invite the other valets rather than that is one and second, we change our conditions by our sense, by the mashiac by doing things which are forbidden, Allah Subhana Allah has forbidden us to do something, but we do them and that is what changes the internal condition of people. So we leave the

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believe the good things and we take things which are bad. So these two things I find myself number one, name sugar. Number two, ensure that we do not

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commit sin

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Alhamdulillah the good that we do, let it continue. But even if you cannot do anything greatly good, at least do not commit sin. That is important, very important do not coercion. And similarly the opposite of this one is Cobra Never making being ungrateful as Renata for his for his dammit. And second one is to commit sins. And this is these are two things that we will be very clear about. So that we do not alter the internal condition of ourselves. Because if we alter the internal condition of ourselves, then May Allah protect us then Allah subhanaw taala will change the condition and then when Allah tala changes the condition, and the ayat completes where Allah Allah subhanaw taala

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wishes even for somebody, nobody can stop that after it once the home is sent that essential Allah so let us remind myself to fear Allah subhanaw taala to thank Allah subhanaw taala always and to always be in a state of sugar of Allah subhanaw taala for all that He has given us, and always try to please Allah subhanaw taala in everything that we do, so lala land Avi Mohammed voila, he was heaven.

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