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Jumuah Khutbah/Sermon/Talk on October 28, 2016.


AI: Summary © The upcoming election is a chance to discuss the importance of consciousness of Islam in the world and the potential impact on people's political positions. The conversation also touches on the potential loss of agricultural crops and the disturbing statement made by the prophet compelling people to "we". The segment highlights the season of Thanksgiving celebrations in Canada where people celebrate the end of the year with their beautiful plants and animals. The segment also touches on the success of Islam in the western capital and the importance of praying for one's health and education.
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Alhamdulillah hora below the mean.

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Why should one La ilaha illallah wa Lia Salim wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who were the Zulu hearts of Milan BIA, it will mursaleen Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Muhammad wa ala alihi wa was happy woman da da da what he was standing up soon knotty Illa Yomi Dean was settled into Sleeman kathira Ubud fo Sequim woolnough si B taqwa Allah azzawajal what you call Huck? suparna Billahi min ash shaytaan the regime yeah you Hello Xena Armando taco, la haka, Ducati. While at Mouton, Illa en tu Muslim, all praises due to Allah, Lord of the worlds and surely Allah is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And surely, there is no animosity except for the oppressor.

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And I bear witness that allows one and has no partners.

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Prophet Mohammed so seldom is the seal of the prophets and the messengers, the best of those two call people to email and tawheed. They are like constantly and always send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establishes sooner to the day of judgment as to what follows. Pie begin by reminding myself and you to have Taqwa. I'll call for Raja, that we fear Allah azza wa jal, and we hope in the mercy of Allah. And this will surround us with a type of type of shield to protect us spiritually, not only around gatherings of Muslims, but outside

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in the main part of the world.

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And Allah azzawajal has revealed to us guidance from above seven heavens. Within within this he has informed us or you who believe, Fear Allah have the consciousness of Allah in the way he should be feared, and do not die. Except as Muslims are you who believe Allah subhanaw taala, in giving us this divine message has given us different levels of hidayah. And the bottom line.

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The upper level is that we should have Taqwa that we should try to maintain the consciousness of Allah in everything that we do. And through our prayers, through our fasting, through a charity, through our striving through our knowledge, we are gaining a type of consciousness of Allah.

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But this should lead us to the final moments in this world, where we inshallah could pass through in the state of Islam.

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And that is the most important element for our children. That is what we should value in our children in the young people more than anything else.

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the consciousness of Allah, and our practice of Islam is ultimately more important

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than the degrees that we get in university.

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The submission to Allah is more important

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than the size of our house, or the materials, because when we leave this world, we cannot take the materials with us. We cannot take the earthly fame with us. All we can take with us is that which we have given forward to Allah subhanaw taala and which would manifest itself that we could reach this point of meeting Allah with Calvin Salim that we would have a sound, righteous heart.

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Oh, you who believe

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the world we are living in today is a world of contradictions. It's a world where there's so much information coming to us.

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And sometimes, people get overwhelmed.

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And as we move towards the Day of Resurrection,

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we find that the ability that human beings have to concentrate knowledge

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and to send it around the world has even created more opportunity for deception.

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Prophet Mohammed Sal Salim did not speak from himself. He spoke with knowledge from above seven heavens, and in one authentic hadith reported ebene Masjid Timothy and authentic hadith. The prophet SAW Selim on the authority of Abu huraira

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rhodiola one was reported to have said sejati other nasty sanowara tone huddart you start the poofy healthcare dip where you get the woofie has sodic where you terminal fee haha when you have when you feel I mean we're young tipo de Haro a beta peeler, murderer waiver de pollo, rajala taffy. Fie angle Allah.

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The prophet SAW Selim has told us they will come upon people, years of deceit, Senator watan huddart years of deceit, in which the liar will be believed, and the truthful will be considered a liar.

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The treacherous deceiver will be trusted, and the trustworthy custodian will be considered this loyal

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and the real way but I will speak out in those times, it was said or messenger of Allah, Who is this railway Baba, and he said, the most despicable,

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worthless person

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will speak on behalf of the masses of the people.

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And so dakara Sula, WA alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, we have come to see this, especially in North America, with recent election races, that we see people supposedly on the highest level of society, speaking in the most despicable language, with the most worthless character are way better, speaking out on behalf of the people,

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and even to be considered the most powerful human being on Earth.

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The prophet SAW Selim spoke the truth,

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and is speaking directly to the times that we are living in. Fortunately, north of the border. Allah has blessed us with something left of intelligence Alhamdulillah we see in the House of Commons, we see now that they are unanimously recognizing Islamophobia as a hate crime. And that is fortunate for those who are living north of the border, but the border lines now are getting thinner and thinner and thinner by the year.

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Senator Walton heard that

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the news that we see, in one sense, focuses on a negative attack on Islam focuses on individuals. But now what has come to the surface is some frightening information from the scientists of the world. And they came forward a group called the World Wildlife Fund. They came forward publicly to say this to try to warn people what is actually happening. And we have recognized that this year 2016 is the hottest year ever recorded.

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Since people took records, they have never seen the heat moving on the level that is reached. But what is startling now is that they are predicting that by the year 2000 22,020, which is only three years we're going into 17

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by the year 2020. If we continue

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as a human race doing what we're doing, more than two thirds of the wildlife on earth will be destroyed.

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Two thirds of wildlife right now 58% there is a 58% decline

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in the fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, the animals are literally dying all around us. And there is no doubt it is because of human impact.

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It is because what we have done with our hands as Allah subhanaw taala told us insert to roll the huddle facade Phil battery will be Marcus about it didn't ask Leo the Patreon bother me Lou La La Jolla June corruption has appeared on the land and the sea because of what people's hands have done.

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And we will make them taste something of what they have earned in order that they would return to the path. So what is happening now to humanity is to return to the path there is a reason why

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why it is happening, why humans have been allowed to literally destroy everything around them.

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No other animal, no species does anything like this. Destroy the air that you breathe, destroy the water that you drink,

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destroys the ecosystems, which support are very living in this earth. No other human being does. creature does anything like this, but Benny Adam.

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And so we are living in deceptive times. And it is important for Muslims on all levels, that we keep our eyes wide open,

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that we connect ourselves to the past. To understand what is happening today. If you cut off the past, if you don't care about history, if you don't care about what happened before, then you will remain forever a child.

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Because the child is just dealing with today. The baby just wants food. The child growing up just wants to be satisfied. But it is the full adult human being with intelligence, who connects the past understands the past to function in the present to project to the future.

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And so when we look at this season that we are in today, in Canada, and in the north, we find it is a season of dramatic natural changes right in front of our eyes. And for many of you who are here for the first time. In the northern countries, it's a dramatic time.

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Because at one point, everything was green around us. In some parts of Toronto, it was lush, like a green tropical forest.

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But now with the weather changing in the fall solstice, the leaves are turning yellow,

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and orange and brown. The living things are dying all around us. And so in ancient times, the people who base their religion on the changing of the seasons

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saw this as a very important time. Two things are happening

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at the end of the summer, and the beginning of the fall is a joyous time because our plants have ripened and there are more ripe plants now than at any point during the year. It is the harvest season.

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And so because of this, people historically celebrated Thanksgiving.

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They thank the creator

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for what was given to them. And that is a joyous time. And Muslims all over the Western world who have Thanksgiving every weekend. And especially on Juma we need to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the blessings that we have gathered together also,

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to thank the Creator, for the blessings that we have, especially in our country, we have more fresh water in this country than maybe anywhere else on Earth. But at the same time,

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along with the Thanksgiving was another ceremony.

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This ceremony was for the Lord of the dead. Because you see living things plants, dying, animals hibernating leaving,

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it's death destruction happening. And so they had a special ceremony on the evening of October 31. For what the druids of the North called Sam hain, the Lord of the dead. Well, yeah, the villa.

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And in their nature based understanding.

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They were told that in this time, the evening of October 31, that the dead would be gathered together, all those who died in the year before.

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And so the druids would then sacrifice animals sacrifice even prisoners to satisfy these spirits that are supposedly moving around the land.

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The people afraid of the Spirit would dress in disguises, they would put on clothing so they wouldn't look the same.

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So if some evil force came, it wouldn't recognize you.

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And so this ceremony

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went along with the anxious ceremony of celebrating according to the seasons when

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Christianity came, they found that even the Romans had adopted this. And the Romans had the paralia

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for the Lord of the dead and the celebration for Pomona

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for the Thanksgiving. In the seventh century, the Christian church banned it.

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They said this is not part of our way.

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So they refuse to accept anybody who would be involved in this evil celebration, especially those who are disguising themselves in evil disguises. And they named it instead they said November 1,

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the day before right after October 31 night, this would be called All Saints Day

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for the saints who died for us. So if you want to celebrate, celebrate for the saints who died, then they called it All Hallows days.

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But the Satan worship is what Yeah, the beloved, who wanted to continue the evil. They said, okay, you call it All Hallows day, then we will call the night before All Hallows evening.

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And from that comes Halloween.

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And they continue their practices, they continued, disguising themselves in the most evil disguises they could find.

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And it became a type of celebration, a type of eat, or Hodge for the Satan worship, it will either be loved. And they would gather together and still gather together on that evening,

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in different locations, high mountainous locations, in order to remember this day.

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And we as Muslims coming into this part of the world, you ask the question, what is it to be a Canadian?

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What is it to be a Canadian?

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What do I have to do? The key thing we're asked to do is to maintain law and order to live a decent life, to be part of the society to give back and the wealth that we have right to do is to struggle against evil, but not necessarily to be involved in all of the cultural practices of the people within this society. But somebody would say, Well, no, this is not Santa.

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This is not from Islam. What is your proof?

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It is reported after the opening of Mecca, the greatest victory in Islamic history.

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word came from the south that some of the tribes, the pagan Arab tribes, like the house, and

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we're planning to attack the Muslims. So the prophet SAW Selim took 12,000 of his companions 10,000 from the people opened up Mecca and 2000. No Muslims. He took them toward a valley called her name.

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As they were going along the road, they came to a great nevec tree.

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This tree was called that to Anwar

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and it was famous amongst the pagan Arabs because they used to hang their weapons on the tree. In order to get Baraka blessings, upon rock, they would hang their weapons on the tree. And they felt that if their weapon was on the tree, they would be invincible.

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So the new Muslims who came they turned to the prophet SAW Selim and said, ej Atlanta, that's what Kabbalah home data what make one for us, make a tree for us. They have a tree. So make us a tree.

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The prophet SAW seldom when he heard this, he was really upset. And he said, You are like the people of Musa alayhis salaam, who said make us a god like they have a god. You are an ignorant person, Allahu Akbar. He said, Allah is the Greatest. And you are following the ways of people who came before you in common touch alone. You are ignorant people. He was really upset. Why was he upset?

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Because they blindly followed the traditions of those who came before them without thinking what is in the tradition.

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And so this is a crucial part of Otto heat.

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That we recognize that shirk that call for all the things we try to stay away from. It can come in disguise. It starts small.

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It's it's you know,

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it starts

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like a like a child and they will say But no, it's only candy.

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The children are eating candy.

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But we now see there is no compromise because number one, there should be no compromise with evil.

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Alex clearly told us that the devil shaitan is up is I do when would be open enemy to us. Secondly,

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dressing in the disguises and Trick or Treat going from house to house begging people. This is not the way of Islam process Salim said Elliot that earlier faded The minute you had the

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upper hand is better than the lower yet. Next, the food that is being given out. Right now the sugar industry is making billions of dollars off of people. They sell the majority of this sugar products to us during this season and Christmas and Valentine's Day.

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What is sugar doing? It is destroying our bodies. There is no doubt about what it is doing. And many of the products being given out in the name of candy have gelatin, they are not even Halla

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you will see in your newspapers. They will warn the people, not Muslims, they will warn the people about taking their children out that if you do take your child out, go with your child.

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Don't let them alone Don't let them go in a dark area. This is they are not Muslims, but they recognize the danger of what is happening during this period. And so for us, there is no compromise. And our young people need to be proud of being Muslims. We are part of society. But we are not controlled by the culture of society.

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We only support the good part of the society. And this is what a Muslim is one who submits to Allah azza wa jal and does not submit to other forces and other ways, especially those who came before us. And so we need to spend time with our youth. We need to look at our own culture.

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What happened to us who are we?

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We come from many different nations sitting here.

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This month Alhamdulillah, we learned that Muslims came to this part of the world. Over 150 years ago,

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we learned that Muslims were part of the establishment of this nation we have been giving to this country right from the beginning, not the past 30 years.

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We also recognized that when Islam entered into Anatolia, when the Turkish people became Muslim, they gave his to Islam. They gave strength to Islam, and was through the great Ottoman empire that Islam spread many parts of the world, Muslims were defended in many parts of the world, and many great achievements happened during that time. We also learned about Sri Lanka.

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And we found out that there was a party of people coming from the island of Sri Lanka that actually visited Medina in the time of the Sahaba. They had heard about the Prophet sell, sell them and sent one of their capable people. They had Arabic speaking people who are from Hydra mountain Yemen, along the trade routes. They sent a capable person to go to Medina find out about this new prophet. And on his way back with good news, he died, but his servant reached Sri Lanka. So the people were prepared for the message. And that is why Islam, those who are Muslims there, have a strong connection with the faith.

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This Week in sha Allah, we want to look at Alibaba. We want to look at the western side of Islam. We want to look at the western capital of Islam, and to see the great trade routes to understand the interesting history of the people who lived in that part of the world and gain lessons. inshallah to help us today. That is the type of history that our children need to take it. This is what we need to, to focus on, not the sweets and candies given today, in the shape of the devil. No enjoy our own food. Enjoy what Allah subhanaw taala has given to us as a nation, and we pray have to pray constantly for our children that Allah subhanaw taala would protect them from evil and protect our

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families from evil over this weekend. May Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on the Muslims who are suffering severely in Iraq and in Syria. May Allah subhanaw taala help the Rohingya Muslims and help those in this room.

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Then, and help those in Kashmir. And all of the places where we are suffering that is where our attention should go to, not to some evil,

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which is walking the streets. It needs to go to pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we can live and we can die in the state of Islam, and I asked a lot to make our last words to be kelemen La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam akula Kali how the Woodstock Fulani welcome when he saw the Muslim medium and Columbian istockphoto in the who who have a photo

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Alhamdulillah and what hadn't I hadn't thought of the summit. Allah the lamb yellowed while I'm youlet while I'm yakko la Hoku for one I had suddenly what was sell the mother hearts of Milan via a one more study in Nabina Muhammad Ali he was off the edge My bad. Yeah about the law. Tako law hi Sue Makoto, or your kulu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the liquidly oma fitna were fitna to Almighty Allah. We are Kunal Huck suparna, Mahavira, Anwar Amira in Allah Malaika who use a Luna Allah Nabil. Yeah, are you Hello Dina? amanu sallu Allah He was elimu Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah optika well as Sudhakar Mohammed Ali he was as happy as mine. While de la wanted hola

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Russia Jean Abubakar Omar is Manuel le wannabe Rama Amara he mean Alhamdulillah Allah de Hidalgo. He had a Walmart con la Natalia La la la la robina led to z polu banaba de tener we'll have Lenin Mila Luca Rama and in the console will have Rob banner ads and if jr hustler will accurate he has an hour pinata but nah, well hidden agenda motto bra yeah xizhou Yaga era bull alameen Allah humbug feelin Muslim meanwhile Muslim met me Nina one minute. Yeah, meanwhile I'm what

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I mean. He battlelog at home Oh, como la de la jolla mobile. Otherwise a sandwich he ties a portable Wang ha another fascia I will cover Bobby. Yeah is a con la la come to la corona. como la salata. como como la