Youssra Kamel Kandil – Time to Warm Up!

Youssra Kamel Kandil
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how they set up for a pm and went on tour in Serbia, but felt tired and wasn't ready for work. They eventually found themselves in trouble and lost work for a couple of weeks, leading them to focus on working from home and bring rewards from Shabbat. They also mention wanting to start building up their muscle before starting Prepping for the TV series.
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same article referred to labor a ghetto so a couple of nights ago we decided to do a pm and set up the Serbia and whatnot I was like yes I got this let's reap the benefits of Shabbat and and get ready for Ramadan and you know I got this and then we started Salaam and then by the end of the second record which was pretty long or it wasn't short I found myself like really tired like I was just falling asleep I was not there and I was like I'm in trouble like I am not ready for Ramadan my you know my spiritual muscle is not there. You know and a lot of times we fall into this Ramadan comes and then the first night of Ramadan, we're like yes, we're gonna go do this and PMMA sutra and

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whatnot. And then three or four nights into it, we feel or even say we can do it we feel the burnout because we didn't prepare ahead of time. We still have two weeks in sha Allah until Ramadan. So this is the time to start warming up to start prepping and to rock as here for a cause there extra victory extra chapter of credit, not an entire chapter has a couple of pages here a couple of features there. But start building up that muscle from now so you don't go into salon like I did. And then after Tura cause you're like, Okay, I'm in trouble. We have lost hundreds added up, give us butter in these days, and help us Europe realize the benefits and the reward that we can attain in

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Shabbat The Forgotten month as the prophesy, Sutherland said, we focus so much on Ramadan and we forget what awaits for us in Charmin start warming up from now let's do this

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