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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh Have you ever wanted to teach your child to read before he or she began school, but thought you didn't have the ability to teach him or her?

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Have you ever made dreams and goals for your child only to have no clue on how to obtain them? This is exactly how I felt. When I first child Alia I began teaching her puzzles the Alphabet Writing her ABCs before she began school, I would read to her all the time as she read words that she memorized. Mashallah, I was so proud of her thinking that I've done a great job and the school would not be proud of her. And she would exceed in her studies of hamdulillah she did very well go to private school for almost two years. But then something amazing happened. I realized that she could do so much more than that, what the schools have to offer her. So I began to homeschool.

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You might be thinking okay, so what does this have to do a teacher child to read at the age of three. inshallah? Well, my journey began when I decided I want to homeschool. While he was being taught the second grade her brothers were two or three and a half. I'm really they weren't doing much about playing. And after two weeks, I noticed as I thought, why not keep them busy to by teaching them as well. So I began to teach my three and a half year old I had no clue how fast to catch on Mashallah everyday bring the letters that words and and books and he began to read Mashallah, I was astonished that age of three he was able to read. By the time he turned four years

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old, who was fluent in reading, and who's reading second grade books Alhamdulillah. Once I saw this took place, I began to teach my other son as well, but have to be honest, I was very busy with other two that I did not spend as much time as I wished I had with my youngest. And hamdulillah regardless of the time spent was time well spent. Not only was the youngest child reading fluently, Mashallah by the age of three, but he was reading at an eight year old level. Many people were amazed at this, but it did not stop there since he began reading early. He started school early. Our youngest is not five years old, and he's in the third grade. And he has read over 1400 books, Mashallah. Our middle

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child over 2200 books and he's in the fifth grade. And our eldest who's 10 years old, has read over 3000 books and the eighth grade. So many parents were amazed at the results of my kids being ahead in school three to four years that they began asking