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So the story goes such as this. I'm going to go through the story with you. It was a video that watched and someone interpreted the whole thing because it was an Arabic. And so I'm going to reach you how the story went. The narrator said we're heading south towards the city of Han unit south of Gaza in an attempt to draw an approximate picture of a person whose handicap has turned into a lifestyle. The person is a young man, Abdur Rahim Hassan we arrived at his home to see the reality was much deeper than we had imagined. A young man who's yet to turn 20 he was born without arms, and yet his will to live was stronger than any handicap, his feet turned to his hands. He used them in

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such a skill that the viewers would have no choice but to say Subhana Allah, Glorified as he was withheld and glorified as he was given. He's a university student. He has passed all of his schooling this way as seen in a video using his feet for everything. He accomplished success upon successful one foot embracing the pen. His mother said, since he was two years old, I used to teach him, I would bring him toys and blocks and he would put them together. And then he learned to write and so on. He did all that, depending on his two feet, would also see his brothers and do as they did, by using his feet while they use their hands. It was said that there's no despair in life, or

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life with despair. These words are no longer words, but in the case they turned out to be a lifestyle. If you watch him, this young man Mashallah he planted a garden. This young man is an extraordinary young man he could make will do, he'll sit there and play with the cell phone with his feet and forget planting a garden. He's the one who looks after the garden he planted he picks the fruit and the harvest of it, when he can do something like this upon left and right with his feet, that nothing is impossible. My dear sisters and brothers, nothing Subhan Allah, there is no excuses for us, my dear sisters and brothers. Listen to what the young man said. He said this is his name is

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Abdul Rahim. He said this is by the grace of Allah, and that patience and the support of my family and the community. They did not make me feel that I have anything missing. They rather made me feel that I'm a human being just like every other human being. I used to play and go places. My life was a normal life. The narrator said he was forced to stop his university studies due to not due to his handicap, but because of his financial situation. Despite all of that his dream seemed to have no limits. Muscle determination be equal to his challenges, indeed equal to the generosity of the generous one does honor come to them. And this is from Arabic poetry. Abdur Rahim said My wish is to

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become a teacher to finish my higher education. I love to get married, but my financial situation has been an obstacle. It's upon Allah. If anyone knows who this brother is in Gaza, please let me know because I definitely want to do a fundraiser to help him inshallah get married and finish his education. I think he is a study a case study that is just phenomenal and I will be the first one to help him get the stuff inshallah. So if anyone out there listening or watching this video, please, please do email us and let us know shall and we will help him out.

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And the narrator ended with whenever you see success, look for the will behind it. It is the will that overcomes the impossible but not the impossible that overcomes it for the impossible only exists in the dreams of the incapacitated. So if you're saying that something is not possible, and that it is impossible, and that it cannot happen, then you're the one who cannot see it the big dreams then you're the one who needs to envision and who needs to imagine it because it's you that stopping yourself from achieving your dreams and goals my sisters and brothers it's upon Allah Glory be to Allah gives us so much yeah, we never say and humbling ly enough. We never said hamdulillah

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Allah subhanaw taala repeats this verse in the Quran is true that a man and which are the favorites of your Lord, will you deny Subhanallah my sisters and brothers, we cannot deny any of our lesson one philosophy papers. We can all agree on that. But when it comes to worshiping him, why are we so slow to move? Why? Stop?

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Think about it. Is it that phone call that we're on that is more important than Allah? subhanaw taala? Or how about that TV show or watching or whatever we're cooking? Maybe it's working, eating or sitting in a class talking to a friend? What is more important? You see, the one thing that we all need to learn is that nothing is more important than Allah smart Allah. By nothing, I mean nothing.

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I'm going to leave you with three easy steps inshallah and making sure that you just go and do it. Step number one, imagine that today's your last day. If you knew that today was your last day, you What would you be doing? Would you pray? Would you make love for yourself? would you ask for forgiveness and mercy on you and your family? How would your last day be? Imagine that? And I actually wrote cars like this all over my house as well. And that is how my book imagine that a user last day was inspired because I said it was my last day How would I behave?

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When I have patients of my kids, how would I be? And so I want you to do the same thing. How would you be? Step number two, every time that you hear that, Don, I want you to imagine that you have a bank account that is getting filled up with a million dollars. If you rush and pray as soon as possible, only you will be collecting that money after you pass away. So Subhanallah five times a day, that's $5 million $5 million.

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As upon Allah, it's way more than a year after millions cannot even account for it. You would give billions to save yourself, if not the entire world to save yourself from Johanna.

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And yet, because you pray inshallah, you'll get more than billions. So my dear sisters and brothers, imagine that imagine something reasonable and say, You know what, I want a million dollars but every time I disallows upon Allah, now you're one step closer, you go and you pray and you make one you ask a lot for, and if you don't get it, and this is upon a live match and what Allah will give you in the hereafter you couldn't imagine it's, it's just not even imaginable. Subhan Allah, it would be so wonderful.

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And step number three, I want you to look at yourself as you hear that gone. Stop everything you're doing. Take a deep breath and look around yourself. Can you be thankful enough to Allah, imagine if your boss came to your house to give you a bonus, you would jump to go and get the door, you should jump higher and faster to make will do and take a loss of one ballot for the blessings you have is unbearable. You would not give one eye for a million dollars. You would not give one high $4 million.

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So let me ask you a question. Why aren't we thankful to Allah subhanaw taala because he's given us billions and billions just make creating us the way he's created us our minds, given us the opportunities everything Why are we jumping up to thank him and this is our time salon, ask him for guidance and thank him and be close to him Why? I pray that today's webinar has been helpful to you inshallah, and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala accepts it from myself, the team of Jessica do it and my own team, we put it all together with us and mean please make dua for us and inshallah Allah, I look forward to you guys sharing this with everyone else. And I look forward to hearing you guys

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using these tactics and chalon your life and better making inshallah Allah a difference. Are you or someone else that you know? does Allah hyden salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh