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And shuffling seats on the human research ethics but human research ethics committee for Western Australia, Australia and as an accredited mediator in the US

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GSB students

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we have introduced our

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show the begin our mentorship yes in Chawla, Santa Monica Morocco to LA what occurred to Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam Allahu Allahu Allah early he was like me he was settled into Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi. Now whenever you know Muhammad Impaler well in well, Sunday was selling Moses robotic Allah Habibi. Now whenever you know Mohammed in Philippi and Allah masala was said Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Mohammed in philomela illallah Muhammad Rahim Allah Linda murgia Hindi Amina for an AVI with a kidnapping whom and who Sina Allahumma barik Luna Filipino on which I'm them in

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analytical and when you're under meenal NACA bulleen. Be automatic. I mean, we always begin with the praise of Allah we send our praise and salutations and prayers of peace upon now whenever you Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we testify with firmness conviction that none is worthy of worship of Allah. And that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself and you have tequila as though again I pray that Allah Subhana Allah grant us higher and goodness in this life and in the next and that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects us from the punishment of jahannam Allah I mean, I pray that Allah Subhana Allah assists us

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to all that which is good, makes us from those who are

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blessed in this dunya and blessed in this alcohol and protects us from the punishment of jahannam It's an honor to come to LA to join with my dear brothers and sisters at IU m, the International Islamic University of Malaysia and Mashallah, this a wonderful student initiative, it's a pleasure Alhamdulillah that I have an opportunity to be with you. And I pray and I wish that I can be with you again, one of my favorite opportunities whenever I come to KL is to come to come back and to visit the campus and to meet with the students. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to cure the harm and to remove that disease and the illness of COVID. To make Malaysia resurgent and fulfilling to its role

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that it has been doing many, many years of preparing do and and, and, and people of knowledge to go back out into the world and the International Islamic University, it's very inception, The very thought behind it was to fulfill that role. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow them to carry forward the good that they have been doing for many, many years, and chat Allah today we have a very important talk the reward of hedge, but the reward of hedge is not just something that we seek in this dunya as being something by being able to fulfill it and one of the things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the Rama that he was sent with in Allah subhanho wa Taala sending them as the

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balanced human being is that he never kept a person who was unable to do a deed from being able to accomplish it. And Subhan Allah in our days in our times, today all of us are feeling the pain of the inability to go to Hajj Subhana Allah I been to be where Lila Hill happened many hedge and we ask a lot to accept even just one of them, Allah him I mean, but many Alhamdulillah opportunities to go when to make hedge and to mentor people and to lead people in their hedge journey. And Subhana Allah even though I have the wealth, even though I can take time from work, even though it happened a lot, I've been blessed with health and a supportive family. I don't have the means to be able to

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go and perform the Hajj. So the only recourse that I have that you have to gain this phenomenal reward is as the Sahaba asked of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also however they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a very serious question. They said Yato Sula, Allah sallallahu Sallam they have a little adorable ujU the people who have wealth and have savings and have access and disposable income they're going to take all of the good deeds. You saw Luna Cameron or Sally Why are so Muna Cameron assume they fast the way we fast they make cm the way we make cm but Allah has given them the fog that has given them the benefit of having a little bit of

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wealth that you that other people don't have. This person has more money than me. They can go to Hajj and I can this person has more wealth than me they can feed the hungry and I can this person has more opportunity to do higher than me with their financial position, y'all rasulillah

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I sell them even though I pray and I fast they will be ahead of us because of the circumstances of our country, our inability to change our fate.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no, would you not wish that if I teach you something can cause you to do more than what they can do, and no one will do better than you in it except someone who concentrates in that action more. How can you get the reward of how can you get the reward of paying the debts off someone who's in debt? How can you get the reward of feeding orphans around the world that our society seldom gives a solution that we will hear shortly in sha Allah in how we can gain the reward of Hajj while seated at home?

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So this wasn't a new thought. It's not just for our condition that we begin to think how can I get the reward even though I can't go to Hajj this has always been the thought of the believers from the very beginning of time with the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because the reward of Hajj 100 that is my brewery, a Haji that is complete and accepted by Allah the reward of it is phenomenal. The prophets I send them said Kamara will implement Buhari and camel Robert bohemian ebihara are the Allahu anhu prophets I seldom said that the one who performs that Umbra for he aka Fela, it removes the scenes between each Umbra and the next

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and the reward of had

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not like

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his one year before one year after, but the reward of had the reward of hedge that is my board is nothing except Angelina Subhan Allah, La Accra. The reward is Jenna. In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this one also in Al Bukhari. Ahora Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam men had the one who performs Hajj while I'm young and does not commit an obscenity does not raise their voice does not harm anyone with their words with their actions.

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does not have any sexual immorality does not break any of the rules of hedge arogya I come out whether the two amo returns back home reborn as if their mother just gave birth to them, Allahu Akbar. It's an incredible incredible reward. So when the Sahaba would hear this as you and I hear this now, our first thought how can I get this reward when I am unable to perform the Hajj and Subhan Allah May Allah console the believers who had the Nia for hedgy last year but were prohibited who had some kind of law I had the Nia for Hajj last year, up until maybe a couple of months before we always were dreaming in chat. I love this COVID thing Well, maybe maybe maybe and so Pamela No.

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This year no even though you made the ninja Wallah he even though I bought the shoes I'm going to wear nhej earlier in the year I bought the making Nia but Subhana Allah, Allahu wa Masha. And so it's important for us to think as a believer of how to always maximize our Eman position, how to maximize our place of everybody that with Allah how to maximize our quarterback to Allah and to know that the path to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, its simplest form is the one that raises the highest rank. And before we speak about hedging the reward of hedge, I want you to know the Prophet would make it easy by saying sallallahu Sallam in the region layered layered theory who an individual can

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reach the level a man can reach the level of a saw him alpha in the one who's fasting all day, praying all night, imagine every night of your life in tahajjud every day of your life in cm who can who can do this is the one behind your hood up because they have good etiquette good ethics, good Adam. They try not to wrong anyone and if they wrong they ask for forgiveness and apology and come back from it. May Allah give us a heart that seeks to forgive and seeks to ask others for their forgiveness Allah whom I mean, May Allah forgive us out but I mean and open to us the doors of good

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so the Prophet gives us simple ways that we can attain raffia you know the highest of levels nonthyroidal Raja Tina, to raise our rank with simple acts of worship, so don't be surprised when we list some of the things that can earn us the reward of Hajj which is nothing but Jenna nothing but the forgiveness of our sins in simpler ways.

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Let's begin our journey in sha Allah one of the most beautiful Hadith of the prophets I sell him and I why I want to look at the depth behind it. the psychology behind it for you and I how to look at not just the letter of the word of the province is endless, but how you and I can frame its intent. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he invited the Sahaba

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To go out with him for the Battle of tabuk while the Prophet is in El Medina solo I sent him some of the caravans returning from Sham said that the Roman and the Byzantines are preparing an army to invade you. Yeah, Mohammed they've had enough of hearing that you are sending letters to his miraculous and the people of Croatia agitating them say come and help us again to this Mohammed Salah isin so they begin to raise an army so the prophets I seldom said we must show them that we have no fear, and we will go out to meet them we're not going to wait for them to come to me that let's go out in fuel farlan go out let's go heavy loaded. Let's go in preparation and put fear in

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them. Let them know we're not scared. We're not waiting for you to come. So the prophets I send them said in Pharaoh, get yourselves ready. It's a long journey. And it was in the summer months, the hot month, the moon 15. Immediately they said call to let them fulfill Hello. Don't go out in the heat. And the law responds well, now to Johanna, I showed you how to remember that the punishment of jahannam is more severe. So all of the Sahaba gathered their wealth, and they head out then the poor people came to the prophets I sell them and they said y'all Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam linage it we don't have enough. I don't have a horse. I don't have a camel. I don't even have one to

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share with a friend. I don't I bear I don't have enough to buy the weapons that I will need. I don't have the food that will carry me for the month journey. Can you support uh, can you find someone to sponsor me? The prophets? I send them Allah quotes in the Hold on. Let me do my Camilla kumala he I don't have an tulipa Toba. I have not what I can carry you with? Tao Allah, what are you now? hunkapi domina denmat they turn from the prophets I send them knowing that they were not being able to join him and their hearts were anguish their eyes were in tears. And Allah quote to their emotional state and their intent of being with the prophets I send them even though they are in El

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While the Prophet is in El Medina, left hand Medina his entire book. He says to his Sahaba we left behind in Medina, men who have shared the same reward as us. No Valley did we climb down into no mountain? Did we cross no desert did we walk through in our home makeover except that there was no more confirm this in the Quran in surah tober. Why do I begin with this? The first way to earn the reward of hedges the new year, the New Year in normal Amadou Binney Yes, yet very elite invariably, truly, sincerely, surely, your actions His judgment is based on the intentions that preceded them. That began them. Why do you want to go to Hajj what's your intent? What's the desire in your heart?

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What's the what what's the fire that's burning? Why do you want to go to her just to check the checklist to say I've been once Alhamdulillah it's done an over or is it because I want Allah, I want to please Allah. I want to show Allah Subhana Allah that I heard the call of Ibrahim heard the call of Mohammed heard the call of Islam, and I've come saying le Baker Oh Allah I've come to serve you Oh Allah I've come to worship you no one else will I do this for no one else will I remove my normal clothing? Stop using my perfume? Sit myself in the desert in a tent for anyone but you Yeah, Allah La ilaha illa Anta Subhana iniquity Amina Vani mean, la byculla Houma bake la Baker nursery

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curricula bait in the hand when near Mehta. laka will Mooney luxury collect I testify in my sureness only of you Oh Allah.

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What is the intent? What is the ninya what is the desire? is it to have the lockup of El Hajj that it gets added to your name your passport, your identity card, that now you become known as El Hajj. What is the reason you want to become Hajji? Is it just to experience it? Is it just so that nobody says oh, this person is wealthy and they haven't been? I'm just gonna go or it's near the end of my life. I better go just to get my sins forgiven. And I don't know what's going to happen after Pamela. What is the Nia? It must be utterly rude mean cliche. Elana have better Well, how often were Raja infielder it's to remove all things other than the love and the fear and the hope you have for

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Allah and remove it from everything and everyone else, the essence of hedge. So that's the NEA. That gives you the reward of hedge even if you don't do any Amman. Even if you don't do any of these next hadebe that we're going to talk about just your ninja can earn it. We learn this from the action

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Some of the great tiberian and the Sahaba One example is Abdullah happened in mobile, or the Allahu Allahu wa

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rahmatullah Ali Abdullah mill Mubarak. One of that the students of the Sahaba, one of the great mams of athletes sooner, Abdullah him in mobarak. He had gotten everything ready for Hajj. He got his camel packed, he had his food, he had his head, do his animals for the quarterback, everything is ready. And he's about to sit on his camel to head out. And then he sees there is a needy person. He's already been to hygiene once and twice and more. He sees that this needy person he had yet in in MMA, they just lost everything. So he came off as Campbell, and he said, Who the hell take this camera with you? For enfocado v v sebelah. I give it in the way of a lot to you to change your

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condition and none of your family and pay your debts and on and on and on. And the people came and said how are you going to go to Hajj? He said cootie but Allah has written it for me my hedges already complete. My Nia was hedge, but this took precedent this took a right over it to pan Allah, that firmness of your Nia must be in your heart right now you must be sure that Allah who will give you the reward of Hajj if your Nia is pure. May Allah make my me and your Nia to I've been how judge this year true. What law he one of those who has have gone to have you with me in 2018

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one of my family friends and one of those who accompanied my hedge group from Perth, he did hedge with me in the year 2018 a few years ago, and he just sent me a photo. He was sitting on an Emirates flight flying into Saudi into sorry, into into Medina airport at Emirates went excuse me Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Air sitting on his flight arriving into Medina and then from Medina to Jeddah, Subhan Allah.

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And he said, You are in my drama. This is pray that Allah accepts us has. He's one of 60,000 people who are from within the kingdom. He is an engineer working in Aramco is one of the people who has been chosen and out of the 800,000 applications. His was one of the applications chosen by the color of Allah Subhana Allah that He covered the law he human Yesha span Allah, the person who I lead in hajj, now Masha Allah, Allah has opened for him a path that Nia is to a being with him to have been a part of this process is what gives you the reward and May Allah allow us to have had Jeff to have Jeff your hedge as was done by the prophet and the MBA at the prophets I send them did one hand from

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Medina, but in the first years of hegira, before hedgerow, he also did hedge Salalah and he was selling them individually and with a handful of his family and Sahaba as we can learn in some of the books of Sierra and in other ways, let us talk about how what actions can give us the reward of Hajj, one of them, you can do in your own locality. Now, if there are no COVID restrictions for you to pray Salah in jamara in the masjid, one of the ways for you to earn the reward of Hajj is to be present at sama to fudger and that you attend to select and fetch and if there are COVID restrictions and the measured is not available then even greater for you that you can have that

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reward praying it in your home maybe jamaa with your family. Maybe Gemma I just you and and you and yourself, me myself and I so Pamela, you can still earn this reward if there is if there is a restriction, right. What is it that you make Salatin failure and you sit in the place of your Salah, making your the CRO of Allah until the Shahrukh the sun rises and then pray to rock out to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that will give you the reward of the Hajj and Umrah

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term completely completely completely as is spoken by then Abby Mohammed's I sell them the uneatable imaam at tirmidhi. What a powerful, beautiful statement Allahu o'clock, what a powerful, beautiful statement of our nebia Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we can earn this reward be able to gain that reward and to maximize the blessing of hedge just from attending into a hedgy within our community and congregating within our family and friends and praying with them in our local vicinity and our local Masjid Allahu Akbar, when he left his hand. Number two is to pray Salatu jamara and then to sit and say Subhana Allah Subhan Allah

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Han Allah 33 times Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar 33 times. This is an authentic hadith narrated by the Imam Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, will give the reward of Hajj. How, when that's when the Sahaba who were poor asked, What can we do to gain reward if we don't have wealth and aren't able to go to Hajj aren't able to go in the way of Allah aren't able to give charity the prophets I send them said to Buddha coulis Allah subhanahu selesa what was said afterwards so behind Allah Subhana Allah Subhanallah 33 times Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah 33 times Allah what por la hora log with 33 times

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gives you that magnificent reward where your sins are forgiven. In another way of the prophets. I seldom says you've never left obey twinfield agenda that there is a mention that is built a residence and abode built in Jenna. So Pamela phenomenal reward for a simple act that takes five minutes, five minutes of a heart that is calculating and thinking about how to please Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When we put these statements all together, what we come to find is that intention is important.

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gathering together for a bad that is important and honoring Allah withdraw and victory is important. three ingredients How do you gain the reward of Hajj three important steps. First Nia Why are you doing what you're doing? What is the purpose of this ibadah that you are performing at the moment? What is it that you seek from Allah Subhana Allah, right. That's the first step. What do I want from Allah? And how am I going to put forward that I'm in the good deeds to earn me the reward that I'm seeking from my Creator from my manquer from my mo na subhana wa Tada.

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The NEA is built on three important foundations, the near cobalamin you make the intention before you do anything you've thought and part of the NEA is Their aim is the thought lab. And therefore you will find also from the ways of earning the reward of Hajj is the Hadith that is found in an Imam at Papa Ronnie he I was able to Kula Murphy is not there's a little bit of discussion about that it's not but the math whom is lahia the meaning that that that derives the understanding of it is authentic, that the prophets of Allah Allah Selim, he says that men hollow German Beatty he's the one who leaves his home, heading to a place your club woofie Hill in a house of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala to seek knowledge gains the reward of the high Gen of somebody who has made hygiene aroma, Allahu Akbar. Why because it's the Nia How do you worship a lot man Are we the Allah who we missed the Fifth Element they would say Allah has never been worshipped in a better way than understanding because when you understand how to worship Allah, when you understand what has been to say, after Salah to make me the reward of Hajj, then you can get it and therefore the pre text of intention before you make your intention. It's to learn what the intention Why am I going to do this act how I'm going to do this act when I'm going to do this act with Who am I going to do this at what will

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ruin this act if I do the things with it? Think about your Nia for so that your Nia for Salah is not just a tunnel for that you have to say something your need for that is that you are harder than that you know what you're going to do before you start right you know what you're going to do before you start you know the photo the photo the aspects of sauna or the web aspects of the solder them and do miss noon as aspects of the solder. You know what it is how to fix a mistake in your Salah if you make it all of these become a part of the knee of the Sadat. And what you will notice is that for the Nia to occur, there have to be actions that begin before it. So that part of your Nia for Salah

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is your booboo is the root is cleaning your clothes, finding a clean place to praise looking for the Qibla all of those prepare the Nia, of the Salah being accepted, same with your head. Same with any aspect of Amell the Hajji from a distance as we're doing now of wanting this intent. It begins with this very same Nia have pre meditation. Before I act, I know what I'm going to do, which means I learned semi I know well thought on that to make the thought I there has to be the summer and the terpene and the taleem. Before I act, I must have learned I must have heard I must have been taught I must have been demonstrated to me, right shown how to do it. The second level of ninja is Phil

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Amel in the action Subhana Allah is

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The action itself and Subhanallah the prophets I send them would say certain things to to show us how important it is to make sure our ninja is highly Sunday law only for Allah. In one terrifying Hadith scary Hadith, the prophets I send them said

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in a who have a heart for many of the things I fear the most for my oma is a shark al hafi is to commit share in a in a hidden capacity to give

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precedence and value to other than Allah in a way that is, you know, implicit silently. They said y'all rasulillah so I sell them when I shall call Javi How can someone be worshipping Allah but they have joined with Allah something he said and your Kumar Rajan is that a person will stand up for their prayer for your suddenly there praying to Allah, they've made their will do they're facing the Qibla they're in a clean place with clean clothes. They're reading the fattier, they said Allah who are kebab Leo solly. Why are you saying you know salata who Lima yarraman never in modern era, but while they're in the prayer, they noticed that somebody was watching them. So they make their prayer

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more humble. Because somebody is looking at them. Not because Allah alone, but because they saw somebody is looking is watching them in their Salah. So they beautify xenos main dezign beautification of the Salah beautification of the voice, making the photo and that they read longer and making a little bit longer in every position, whatever it may be, because somebody is watching them. So pan Allah, so you need to make esla who Nia filamin in the deed you are performing.

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To come back to Allah, the prophets I seldom taught us to make an str them in a shaitan fifth Salah in one rewire in the Salah, the prophet cut his prayer he taught us to cut his prayer. And we know you know our machines they even showed us how the prophets I send them be sent a demon trophy a chef, a chef

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taught us you know I remember asking him Mohammed so forth, no to deal with Allah hulin Allah. He was teaching us this hadith and I said your chef, how did the Prophet turn his head in the Salah when whatever Allah and that is spatty I will never let him initiate on Rajim Is it like this?

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He said la YesI Ron, I asked my teacher the same question and he told me he asked his teacher and this is a senate and he said to interpret that hollyland lasr to metafont

00:27:51--> 00:28:39

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to administrate honor regime, not a full head turn right? Even this was taught to us why in the middle of the Salah to recenter your focus with Allah subhanho wa Taala re establish your Nia, the establishment of the Nia in the third level bad the Lamin. So before inside after it after it is to ask Allah to accept we learned this from Ibrahim alayhis salam. waive your valuable raw human power either mineral Beatty waste Mary Lou Rob burner, the humble Minar they build the house of Allah subhanaw taala they re establish the Kava and what do they say are bernetta cobalamin in Mecca and it's not our ideal colors? I'm sure it's accepted Nah, no to humble Mina Oh

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Allah except only Allah knows. Men. Whoa Amina knock marine that was one of the first don't we begin the lecture allama Anam mineral McBurney, may Allah accept the literal that we put forward? Because no one is sure of what they bring towards Allah. That is a Maqbool and that's one of the lessons we learn from the photo ban from the order here. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in total Merida the two sons of Adam are rubber band and photo ob Lamin a hardy Hema Whelan Muta, pacbell, mineral alpha, two people, the sons of Adam, one of them gave autobahn he gave something that's not significant. He took the worst of his belonging to give in the way of Allah, the other one chose the best of what he

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has to give in the way of Allah. So Allah excepted from the one who gave good and Allah rejected from the one who didn't. Only Allah yet what Allah who lay up to value in lappa Eva, Allah only accept what is pi em where Matt dhulia be here, where do you who more meclizine Allah who deem that we are sincere to him. So the first way of gaining that reward of head is a near before during and after that I'm in number two is congregating with others

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Subhanallah coming together with others even Subhana Allah in our times virtually Yanni May Allah subhanho wa Taala put nor from where I am sitting to where you are sitting my brother May Allah Subhana Allah feel that is we did between us because we gathered for no other purpose My dear brothers and sisters, you know one brother is saying, I'm listening from Nigeria another saying I'm from in America, another in Sydney Subhan Allah, may Allah feel light between us and you we've only gathered together for what? For the reward of Hajj seeking the pseudonym the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam coming together, even if you are distinct from each other, and that's

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why the Hadeeth and the idea to sort of the Toba that we began with the people of tabuk the prophets I seldom left them in Medina, he says, but they are with us. Never they are not alone. They're our deeds is with them. Our Iman is with them there. It's a like they are eating with a sitting with us met at being a part of this journey with us, even though they are behind in El Medina, coming together, is an aspect that enriches the bed of the believer. And that's why in the times of COVID, when the messages are restricted, and we have to follow those protocols, it becomes important for us to check in on each other and to call about each other. And to assist one another even from a

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distance even if it is be diverting, even if it's just do I for my brother without him knowing Subhanallah I encourage you wherever you are now, I don't know who you are, that as you're listening to me, you make your art for me from a distance. And you say, Oh ALLAH forgive my brother yahia increase him in God protect him and his family in his home. You know, main drive for my dunya and after and ask Allah to give you more than what you have asked for me, Allah I mean,

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coming together, physically, spiritually, financially, is the hallmark of a believer, we must assist one another. So Pamela, listen to this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I really was reminded of this hadith by one of my dear brothers or chef Muhammad Sharif.

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He put it on Instagram a little bit earlier, he did a small clip about it. And so Han Allah, it's one of my favorite Hadith that I had forgotten about. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said kind of human cannot come back home in the night, in the time before your time, there was a man who had wealth, who when people came to ask for a loan, he would give them loans UDN at home, give them a loan. And then he would say to the people who who were working for him, Go now it's time for you to take back my loan, one year has finished, this person said they need one year they haven't come, go go to them and ask them to repay the loan. If they have the money, take it from them. If they

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don't tell them, I tell them you are forgiven. lalalala ha a yell if you don't enter. So that may be Allah will forgive us our mistakes as well. Forgive him. Don't, don't put too much pressure on them. Subhan Allah, look at this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet. So I said, Look, and look at this beautiful action of this man. He understood that how you deal with people is the way Allah will deal with you. And the more you mingle with people, the prophets I seldom said men harlot and nurse what the ham mela at their home for who are higher on in the law, the one who mixes with people and has to be patient with the mistakes they do against them is more loved by Allah is better with Allah

00:33:46--> 00:34:12

than the one who stays away from people. Look at this Hadith of the Prophet I sell them and more minoo Yeah, left, where you're left. A believer is easy to make friends and is easy for people to find him suitable to be there to be his friend. They want to be friends, and they are easy for people to make them their friend. May Allah make us having this easy personality.

00:34:13--> 00:34:55

This is the habit of a Muslim right congregating together raises your rank gives you an opportunity of earning the reward of Hajj. That's why praying fledgeling jamaa coming and sitting in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala, sincerely. Then the third aspect is the test of Allah and the dua of Allah. Do I know and do i is of two levels two types, the dua that is never answered, which people get confused, you know, Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran in what inshallah tillbaka away that's like a birdie I need for any hurry. When they ask you about me. I'm Mohammed I am near them. Oh gee Buddha with a die and you're the one who makes

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

the do here is because you don't come and say oh I make dua and Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

didn't enter me there are many do I make you make that Allah will not give you what you want the way you want it in the moment you want it Allah will not give it to you that way. So what does this mean? Allah saying he will enter what is the drug that is entered it is the first type of do I called do I was said that yeah I Lola, the Do I have the TMG of Allah the honor of Allah that has been of Allah that Allah of Allah the telomere of Allah Subhana Allah well hamdulillah whether in La Jolla, la or acaba Hola. When our quwata illa Billah hilarion Ali was born Allah who are there men working

00:35:38--> 00:36:06

La ilaha illallah wa houla Sherry Monica will happen to all Aquila Jenkins audience, if you notice, all of the prophets of Allah in their moment of difficulty never asked for help. What they did was they they praise the Allah Eunice la his Salaam and this is the dua of tober Yunus he's about he's in the ocean he's in the water. The whale is about to swallow him. I unless you've had luck

00:36:08--> 00:36:52

in an subhanak in the container volume he he doesn't say your yarrambat saved me yarraman protect me from the whale yeah Allah Don't let me drown. Yeah, Allah get me to shore Yeah, Allah Bring me a ship now. And he mammals as early he says, The do i that is answered is the one where you didn't ask for what you need. Knowing Allah knows what you need. It's panela that's that's the bottom of the Salah upon the prophets, Allah Allah, how do you sell them? here l monclova. It's the one that saves you here called the Atal hajah, the one that gives you everything you need, although he didn't say oh, well I want this and this and this and this. What is it the TMG of Allah and the Salam upon the

00:36:52--> 00:36:53

prophets on the lies and

00:36:54--> 00:37:15

the second type of do is do I open up was to add to ask Allah and of course we're either Salah evadne in the hurry boujee Allah entries that do I but it's more or less sorta here. It is conditional to your state to your condition with Allah. Three things that erode your

00:37:16--> 00:38:01

your mistreatment of others volume. So Pamela, your volume restricts you from being answered. How dare you look to somebody who's asking you for forgiveness and you say well, law Hey, I'll never forgive you. And then you turn you say y'all have to forgive me? how's it gonna work ethic? house we have a liability. How can your heart be close to everyone and you expect Allah to open the heavens to you? His mercy to you? Number two financial mismanagement and sinful behavior with your finances. The the the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim, of the Bedouin man who's lost in the desert and he makes her out to Allah, Allah brr brr. And then the prophets I send them says, and now use the juggler. How

00:38:01--> 00:38:31

can he be answered? his clothing is from how long his food was from how long was the oven how his whole system of life is how long and now you say how did how does this person think Allah will enter them Han Allah. Third thing that restricts the dua is Al Qaeda was Sava and let Isla use the taboo Minda big scenes major sins and minor sins that you don't ask Allah for forgiveness from for tharaka more Allah lab

00:38:32--> 00:38:44

so it becomes like a hobby. It's a hobby hobby to your the scenes surround them a becomes a structure that you cannot escape. May Allah protect us from this era.

00:38:46--> 00:39:40

Those are the three analyzed ways of preparing ourselves psychologically to gain that do I with a loss of hadn't went to either first, then the year before, during and after our did second come together with a clean heart with good purpose with love with care for your fellow man. And third, honor Allah with Do I have tasbeeh hantam gene be regular in your car in the morning in the evening? putting a stop putting Nesta Estella Fedora beckum new Allah salami said I tell you for ask Allah for forgivness Estella foodora beckum inaho Kanaka Farah, he is the only one who can forgive and is willing to forgive it doesn't matter how many things you make your to see this summer on equal

00:39:40--> 00:39:59

madora He will make the heavens rain again for you. When you did come there I'm learning Weber Nina Angela come Jeanette in Wagga, alaikum and Hara he will give you a return of your livestock of rivers of blessings of of contentment and happiness if you do what make your Easter fall on or off.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Loss of Hannah what to add and number two and part of your job is to ask for what you need and know that it requires your effort to make it a reality. We pray the loss of Hannah winter add up, except from us and makes us from those who are blessed in this dunya blessed in the era that Allah assists us to do that which is good and protects us from the punishment of jahannam does that como la fere My dear brothers and young students at the IU M International Islamic University of Malaysia for hosting me today. May Allah Subhana Allah make it a blessing in our Rama that we can gather together. Maybe you have a blessing to aid with a fumble Allah amin now vincom sila Hill Amell Don't

00:40:42--> 00:41:15

forget to fast your day of out of on Monday but if the law heeta Allah, may Allah remove our sins of the previous year and the year to come and try to gain the reward of Hajj from one of the ways described from the authentic Sunnah of the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam afford your holy how there was self reliance or the many welcome somehow not because Abdullah is at the mercy for now I sat down when Allah mousseline when hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah and we'll be having decrescendo Allah, Allahu Allah and as South Africa were at all what he was salamati, Kumara Mottola, he will rock out.

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He heard a lot of things and a knowledge and knowledge from our cheers, cheers.

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And just to