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AI: Summary © The customer is calling to ask about homeschooling their three-year-old daughter and their newborn. They want to know what their daughter's schooling process looks like and what advice they can give them. The agent provides information on homeschooling and mentions resources for managing their business. The customer agrees to receive more information via email.
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So Monica says that he said, Are you live on air?

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So, Monica,

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you're live on air going on? How are you? Good? How are you? Hello, my name is I guess I'm calling from Orange County. I have two questions for sisters or john.

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Okay, go ahead. Thank you. So question number one would be, I have a three year old daughter. And now it's time for me and my husband to start thinking like about her schooling and stuff. And we actually have two options. One is the homeschooling and the other would be to take her to the public schools. And I wanted to ask john, like her opinion, of what would be best for me to do, because public schools I mean, the prices are just extremely high nowadays. And then, homeschooling I don't know much about but I think it requires a lot of time, my time. In order to do homeschooling for herself. I wanted to know what she does for her kids. Like, if she has any good ideas on that, and

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that feels for me. Okay, I'll answer that one first. Alhamdulillah I will definitely recommend homeschooling and if you're interested in my you can go on my website and get my email, which is dora dora sawari.com. Email me and I'll tell you exactly which curriculum you need. It doesn't require that much time my four year old is reading at an eight year old level at less than eight months, and I only spend about an hour a day with him. He's read about 60 books and he's four so does my three year old is starting to read to Mashallah. It doesn't require as much it's not a struggle, it doesn't require that much time doesn't require degrees. It's all about just the right

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curriculum, I get an Islamic curriculum as well as a regular curriculum I put I combine both of them and Subhanallah it's exciting. My daughter finished almost three grades in less than a year. from last year, she started second grade May this year, by the end of May, she had actually finished fourth grade. So she finished second, third and fourth module and she's eight years old, she was supposed to finish second, it does not take as much time as people think or requests because you're one on one. There's more time stuff. So Stefan just emailed me and I will give you some details inshallah. Okay, sounds good. And the second question that I have, I also have a home business, a

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travel agency that I that I run and I'm having like my second child next week, and Sharla like what would be a good advice for me to like manage myself with my two three year old and my newborn and also keep the business alive? So Pamela, so there's, it's this is a lengthy question, I would love to answer it if you email me I will give you some information as far as resources on the time management skills as well as how you can depending on where you are in your business, how to be able to manage it without being stressed. So if you just send me an email and let me know that you talked to me and ensuring you asked me the same question and I will reply I'm I'm pretty good at replying

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with emails inshallah. So I will answer in deep and if you have a phone number, leave me your number. If it requires longer consultation, I'll just call you and can explain that inshallah. Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much.

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