They Left Their Homes and Accepted Islam – Surah Al-Mumtahanah

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because up until then this was an ideological conflict. But when things escalated to a point where Muslims have to leave, now this has become a violent movement.

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When you accept the prophets mission, what's your new identity?

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Islam itself? Sure you still belong to a tribe. Sure, but your your loyalties. Now don't come from your affiliation to your tribe. Your actual loyalties come from that ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sana. So now there's a new definition emerging in Arabia that didn't exist before. In fact that they via and how they via when some of the people came to negotiate with the prophets, like Selim to not do Hajj, right, some of the leaders of five came to meet the prophets. And they saw submodel Pharisees there. So Hebrew roomies there. Bilal is there, right? Olson 100, both members of both tribes are there. Different families of luck are all sitting there all sitting

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together, eating together, praying together. And he's like, he's thinking about a bus station.

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About an airport, people that have no connection to each other happen to be here? How can all these people that are from all different tribes be united together like this? This does not exist in Arabia. This hasn't existed for 1000s of years. What is happening here? What was the new affiliation? Islam?

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Islam? So now in the context of Islam in the context of the Sierra, Islam becomes the new identity. But let me go back does does the concept of winner loyalty and Ally ship? Does that context concept exists normally? Or does that exist in a situation of conflict? That's the question. According to the pre Islamic definition, when does that relationship kick in? When does it actually exist? Conflict, you cannot discuss what without the existence of conflict. So when you look at the seed of the profit slice of them, there are levels of conflict, the entire Sierra is multiple conflicts, the first conflict is ideological. The prophet is presenting the message of one God and an afterlife.

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And that conflicts with the dominant narrative of multiple gods and no afterlife. He's presenting a narrative of orphans having rights of women having rights of not be not having not having to worry that it would be wrong to bury a baby girl alive. This is creating a social ideological, intellectual conflict. Right? So people that don't align with you, they are on the other side of it. So before it's a military conflict, it's actually an ideological conflict. Then it escalates to the point where it's unsustainable. And the Muslims are have to migrate. By the way, once they have to migrate, hasn't one side become violent?

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The moment violent violence comes in, what's the next? What's the concept that kicks in? Well, ah, so what's interesting is while we were in Makkah, Allah didn't talk about don't take them as well. He.

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He didn't talk about that, why not?

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Because up until then, this was an ideological conflict. But when things escalated to a point where Muslims have to leave, now this has become a violent movement. Once it becomes a violent movement, what do you find in the Madani Quran don't take them as whether you understand the logic here this is really important.

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Now, the medina establishment happens when we start by the way you migrating you you lived in Morocco your whole life your your father, your grandfather, your ancient asked ancestors are Buchan. Your definition is your sense of self is your McCann at heart and now you're, you're being kicked out? When you're being kicked out? Isn't it the case that they are? They are revoking your citizenship?

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Isn't that the case? And when in modern terms when they revoke your citizenship, you no longer have any loyalties to the people who took your citizenship away.

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In fact, the only times where someone revokes their if the government revoked your citizenship, they actually see you as an enemy. That's the only time they revoke your citizenship.

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So they've actually declared animosity first. They've taken the first step. The Prophet and Maka, Salah Salem was doing the same thing knew he was doing Sonic shape, you know, all the other from he was just preaching. He wasn't declaring a conflict. But when they came out and they pushed him out, now they have renounced their ties, so they don't even care about the tribal anymore. And on top of that, doubtless as well, they've announced you will

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will respond with a renouncing also. You will take that step two and that is the concept of Al Bara painting renouncing separating. Now,

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actually before I go there when the Prophet gets to Medina

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did the Medina and people before Islam? Did they have a problem with MCCA?

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The people in Medina, did they ever have a problem with makup? No, they had some problems with each other, but they never had a problem with Murca. Now that the prophet comes here, so I saw

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the Makins have a problem with anybody who supports these migrants. We kicked them out. We expelled them and you gave them a whole we have a problem with you.

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And the medina fans who don't have a problem with anybody, all of a sudden.

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So the Muslims of Medina are now being tested in order to their loyalty to the prophet is being tested so the Americans were tested. Are you so loyal to the prophet that you're willing to let go of your citizenship and leave home?

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The people of Medina are being tested are you so loyal to the prophet that you're willing to go war against the people for no other reason that your prophet is going to war with them? For no other reason? This is a loyalty test. And they passed that test in bother they passed it and by the way, some people didn't pass that test. What do we call it

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the big issue with them when I feel gone is that they don't accept Allah and His messenger as their only

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they don't accept the believers as their only are they accept the enemy still as only we don't have a problem with them. We were okay with them before.

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And so the Quran keep saying don't take them as only don't take them as Olia. Without this historical backdrop, you read these out, you think this is talking about your Jewish neighbor. This is talking about your Hindu friend. This is talking about the guy you work with.

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You see the problem with that.

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So we don't want to fight in our time. And before you get to the application, you first have to get to the correct understanding the original understanding. Then we talked about the application. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section