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this might be a Salaam Alaikum.

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My name is Doris Tori's, I'm an author, coach and speaker. I've written a book called nine steps to achieve your destiny.

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This is actually what it kind of looks like, if you haven't seen it on the website yet. And many people wanted to know, why did I write this book? How did I come up with it? And what's the purpose behind it? What did I want to achieve through this book? Well, as you can tell by this title is nine steps to achieve your destiny. It's formatted in such a way that there's nine steps in this book, and that if you were to follow it correctly, and you were to do the exercises at the end of each chapter, that inshallah God willing, you would actually be able to hopefully achieve your destiny to another level, the subtitle of the book is become the change that you envision in this world. What

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was that mean? You asked me What? Why did you come up with a title? What does that actually mean? Well become the change that you envision in this world is, it's a profound, profound thing. Basically, we all want to change this world in some way or another, we all want to show the big picture. And we all want to be able to express who we are our unique styles, because a humbler, All Praise be to God, we're all unique. And so with that being said, I mean, you come up with a title going, Okay, if you want to change this world, then go do it become it. I mean, so often, we all want to say I want to do this, and I want to do that. And I want to be able to do this and go there.

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And yet no one's doing anything. They're not taking the action, they're not taking the first initial step to actually make it happen. And so become the change that you envision in this world means you go out and do it, make it happen, instead of just wishing about it in dreaming, here's a book that's going to show you nine steps on how you can become the change that you envision in this world. What is it that you want to do? I have no idea. But can you do it? Absolutely. And I'm going to help you learn.

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So I've had many people ask many questions about this book, and what's my drive and my purpose behind it? or What did I want to achieve through this book? First of all, what did I want to achieve this week, I wanted to cheat through this book was to help you, there's so many personal development books out there on business and self improvement, and all that, and a lot of them are above the level of our youth. So here, I wanted to come up with a book to help the youth and anyone else who's interested. I've had attorneys who love the book, as well as CPAs, doctors as well as 10 year old kids. So it's amazing. So but my ultimate goal was to be able to have a book written in a format

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that was simpler than most books on this topic, and yet help the youth transform into something tremendously Great. So this book was written in such a way that if the youth or anyone else who wish to they could look inside themselves, and they could see that there is tremendous potential issue and being that each one of us has a gift and a gift that we've been blessed with from Allah subhanaw taala got the greatest. And if we just chose to open our eyes, and find the clarity of what is our gift, and then use that gift to do greatness in this world. So

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people tell me so often, I don't have anything, I don't have any talent. I don't have any greatness. And I'm telling them Yes, you do. And so often, that pot of gold is hidden inside us somewhere where no one has uncovered it when no one has helped us discover it. And what my book will do, inshallah, God willing is actually help you discover the goldmine that lies within you. So if you think you don't have anything I'm telling you, you do. And this book will help you uncover that. The second thing I actually wanted to achieve through this book was to be able to help the non Muslim population, see Islam from a woman, almost a woman's perspective. So often we get shadid images of

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Islam through the media, and people incorrectly portraying what Islam truly is. And this book was written in such a way that it's almost a woman who wrote it. It's a practicing Muslim woman. So there are going to be some antidotes. There are going to be some verses. And there, there's also going to be some stories that people are so unaware of. And so it brings light and beauty to Islam, and it brings the picture of Islam that shouldn't really be portrayed. So I really wanted to be able to speak to the non Muslim population. I wanted them to see Islam from a perspective where someone who's actually practicing and using it is portraying it and telling them step by step. So it's not a

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book about Islam. It's not a book about religion, but it does come from a Muslim was perspective. So it does have some antidotes and some, you know, background of Islam in there. So what can you the reader achieved through this

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Work, amazing. What can you achieve through it? Well, you can achieve many things through it. But most importantly, you can achieve, you can uncover the gold that is within you, again, the potential that you have the gift that you are blessed with. So people never get that opportunity to discover that they'll die without discovering what they could have been. And so I'm actually going after the youth and saying you discovered early and mastered, and then go out there and use it. Because if you don't use it, you waste it, it's gone. So that is my ultimate goal for you, as the reader to be able to discover what lies within you, and then have nine steps to follow, have exercises to do to

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actually know where you are. And this is where you'll actually be if you follow those steps. So it takes you to another another level of where your life can be. Why should you buy this book? Well, this book has two parts. This book has a fiction side to it and a nonfiction side, the fiction side takes us through a journey of a sister and a brother who are struggling to make it to the top. And just their story alone, I think is worthwhile to reading this book, but it also has a nonfiction side to it, the nonfiction side, you're actually going to discover and see truth behind what can be possible. If you only open your eyes, there's so much knowledge out there. And it's almost

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impossible for us to go out there and read every single book. So what I've done is combined a lot of great books with real life knowledge that you can use, and take out and make a change with it. So my ultimate goal for why you should buy this book is for you to be able to close the book down, read it, and then close it and say, Wow, I want to do something and then you have an idea, a mind map something out that you actually want to take action upon right away. That's what I want to do. It's not a book just to read and put in your library. It's a book to take action upon and it becomes one of your first steps to achieve a new destiny for yourself to cycle ahead. Thank you so much for

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watching. I appreciate it. I hope to keep in touch and please do send me out an email. If you'd like to give me a testimonial at Zara, and Zara

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And we can all come together somewhere