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Established author of nine books, international speaker and has been on TV and radio she was recently on Fox News, her most popular book is No, I am not a terrorist. If you want more information about her, please go to www dot Muslim woman Let's welcome Zora sawari

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enjoying the weather. And all of a sudden a wave that comes up, you turn around, not notice.

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And boom, shots wind up

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on the ground. When I stepped on stage today, what did you think yourself? Did you think, Gee, I wonder if she's married to a terrorist? Or did you think I wonder if she's a terrorist? How, what an interesting costume? I wonder if this is going to be an interesting presentation? Or do you think oh gosh, other Muslim, hear about them enough to see them as it is?

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I'm going to go over three points with you guys. I go over what is terrorism? Why does the woman with a job? And what does this long really.

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You're in college, having a normal day, you're excited, you're going to class, when all of a sudden you have screens. You want to know what's going on. You see everyone running. And all of a sudden, you're like, whatever. And you stop them when you what's happening. Like there's a guy who's shooting at everyone. So we start running for your life. You get to the first building, you can find any height, and you as you're flying, because you're scared to take your cell phone out to make sure someone called on one as you did that you call your parents. Is this the last time I talked to my mom and dad, you're scared? You have no clue what's happening? Well, I'm gonna go over what is a

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slump? Did you know that? Of course the Washington Post abc news poll. 55% of Americans said that they lack a basic understanding of the Muslim faith 55% due to a high number 48% said they don't want Muslims. So when I got the statistic is like half of this room. That is why

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that is half of my community. So good statistics. And so I thought about it. If 50 of American has no clue who we are at 50% was hates us? What will How will this affect us at the campus. My was a normal she was a normal mom going to the playground for children with her two year old son.

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As she gets to the playground, kids are having fun when all of a sudden her little two year old and another little girl are fighting over this way. So Mario went over there to see what's happening. As she gets to the scene, the uncle of the little girl starts screaming, terrorists lawless mama turns around to see what is happening. And this guy continues to slander, say more wars suicide bombing, as parents come over potentially can take the man to the side talk to stop if you will not stop. He continues to do this until the police arrived. And so I hope that we can come to your campus and to make this transition and to be able to show the students truly what Islamic terrorism and Muslims

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are so that we can create tolerance, peace and friendship.

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Every morning.

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It seems like everybody's lost in ski trying to make sense.

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And there's a trend

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to improve so many faces pass me

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as the lonely hearts living lonely

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just by adding

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as many people living in

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as they

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I pray for

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I pray for every child.

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I pray for

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like the colors

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and gnash just black and white.

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I pray

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To choose a path

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