Zakir Naik – Why are there No Muslim NGOs doing Dawah to the Terminally ill, the Victimised Girls Around …

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers express concern about the abuse and terminally ill children in various countries, including India, Afghanistan, and the United States. They also discuss the prevalence of rape cases and the difficulty in reaching graduates and post graduates. The presence of Christian missionaries may help alleviate these issues, but the presence of missionaries may also make it harder for graduates to pursue their education. They suggest starting with door-to-door visits and giving public lectures to encourage people to join them, and express the importance of not giving up on one's duty as a Muslim missionary.
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I have a question about the * victims, battered women abandoned babies and terminally ill children and cancer aids leprosy patients available around India and in the world. But there is no Islamic NGO right now in Bombay to do Dawa on them before they die for the Akira as spreading a teen or Islam would be the best charity. Now, there are also 20,000 Little girls who were kidnapped by rebel soldiers a few years ago into African countries, and are still held in captivity. One would wonder why should we be concerned as we are so far away? Because mature brothers sisters, as a human being or mother, sister daughter, or if you're a man, then we are connected to one. And pain is the

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same even if it is across several seas, several countries. Just imagine brother seven eight year old girl gets raped over and over again by 1520 men over weeks continuously, the first night till 6am and constantly thereafter. This is not one child but 20,000 Girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone in Africa. And it has happened in our country in the Gujarat riots in Afghanistan in the Bombay riots and keeps happening. Some Christian missionaries are taking care of those children who have escaped and are too ashamed to go back home. I asked how come are Muslims haven't reached their to do Altaba on those needing souls. And Christian missionaries have

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a good question that Tamil patients some with cancer, some with AIDS, some diseases, no one is approaching them to dava in Bombay, or in India toward the world. And I do agree with her. And she gives the example of * victims in African countries in which sister, I totally agree with you. But you're talking about this few 1000 Or maybe 10,000, or maybe a few lakh, what I'm talking about Sister, there are billions of people throughout the world who are healthy, who have not received the message of Allah subhanaw taala. So what I'm talking about is why aren't the Muslim going to this billion people? The term Neil is also equally important. I'm not saying not important, but when we

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aren't going to these billions of people are easily accessible. What you're talking is of higher level first and billing the Muslim that lives past and the 10 then talk about wealth and a degree and a post graduation. What you're talking is perfectly right. I don't disagree with you, but what you're talking is of a graduation, and the post graduation and telling the Muslims at least are doing Java. There are more than 4 billion people in the world who not back to the sun. What are the Muslims are lacking is we aren't doing Java ourselves. So what our concern is right, sister, I should first introspect myself, am I doing my job as a Muslim? To point out very easy I went to the

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organization, I'm asking the sister how many terminally ill people to do with it? You are the individual person every day can visit? And yes or no sister? Sister, can you visit 10 people or not? Or at least five? Yes or No?

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Sister? I'm asking you a question. Can you read it five people a day or not? How many on average do is it?

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Once in a week I visit once in a week. Our Blog Profits at multigo Nivola via propagate even if you do one verse, it's not that you asked me a question. So I'm giving you back. It's not like that. And 10 To all of you

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that leave us a term we literally talk to the healthy friends that you have got. That's why we give talks on our destruction on concept of one major religions what we are telling that fine what you're saying is a requirement. But the bigger the commandment what is easier? What is easier, that should be done first? What is difficult somebody's doing a humbler. I wouldn't prevent anyone going to these people. But what I'm telling them at least let the person past and a two standard three standard four. And then I will ask him that why don't you become a graduate or postgraduate? The problem with the Muslim ummah is that we aren't in the Quran following it. These Christian

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missionaries they are more dedicated, though they have got the falsehood with them yet they get discharged because I live with us our reserves are superior. It did not because they are doing the job is because Allah is with us, and the Huck is with us. But if we do the work if we have the dedication with the Christian missionaries have believed me wala

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majority of the people in the world would be Muslims majority. The problem is that we don't have that much of zeal with the Christian missionaries have and there are limited Islamic organization involved in the field of Dawa so what you should do sister you should start instead of once a week go daily, you will surely get friends along. How they are Iftar inspired by shaker he started and now mashallah we have about more than 70 employees in IRF and we started a school 70 employ now a branch engineer another 14 Pray for any fair students. So we grow mama Salah Salem was one then became five then make 100 Then 1000 Then 10,000 Now we have billion people

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what we say why are you doing? I'm saying why I'm doing it

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Net I'm not satisfied with them doing.

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So sister you start. And you call people that who's ready to join me? Not by undoing. You should ask your friend who is willing to come with me. And surely you will have a friend then to then five then 10 and you grow. The thing is what happens if someone does the job? People normally think, Oh, he's done this now should do that also, then you should retreat they should have financial return they should Wendy. This is the age of specialization. Sister, we know I agree with you that to speak with the terminally ill people is a requirement. But if there are two options,

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we are taking the thing which is more required somebody should take the other.

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If he had died, if you had to ask, surely we will have even gone to the terminally ill patients to the hospital to the organization's what we feel that what is easily accessible, we aren't doing that. So what is more difficult that then mind, we would like to go door to door, these Christian missionary they go door to door, they knock at the Muslim houses day to day.

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Door to Door they go and they give Dawa of Christianity. How many Muslims are Buddha. Even in our center, we aren't gonna read because we feel we're on the sidelines. Important. If we covered that area, which is much more easily accessible, then we're going to deal with door to door requires more manpower, than to go on the sidelines and give public lectures. We don't have the manpower with us. Even after we 70 people full time paid employees, we don't have enough speakers. We are getting calls from different parts of the world, from Australia, from USA, from Canada from Hong Kong, we can go because of the work we're involved in. Because the thing sister is that each individual

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should realize that Allah will ask him what he has done or what she has done. Allah will not ask why has any organization Ramadan? Allah will ask each individual human being each individual Muslim, what did you do for them? So this is an idea not only to the sister, but to each and every one of us here including myself, that Allah will ask us that have we done?

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The capacity Allah has given us have we done our duty, and if every individual even if 5% Or to personal, the Muslim realize this, then the world will be different place altogether. Inshallah, as far as the question regarding * victims, I do agree with you. It happened in the African countries in Gujarat, I know of many organizations who have supported these people not that they haven't, but they're what they have done in Israel. I know of organization that have taken up these children who have become orphans, and I've given them education, I know. But what we have done is where scratched the surface. Not the Muslims haven't done that many non Muslims who came and the

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Christian missionaries, their speciality, when any calamity comes, that the time they give food, they give clothing, and that that ends up in the heart. When people talk about Islam Galatia do they do that? And the stomach empty? How can the person concentrate these missionaries? They give them the basic necessity and they will know what their hearts they will deceit we should not use deceit. We should use the hack to win over people. There should be Muslim organization, we should go to calamity not only to Muslim calamities, even a calamity before the non Muslims, we should be the first to ditch them. The problem is that very few people of us are involved in this field of Dawa

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and the work of Islam. Inshallah, we hope that we have more people and more organizations involved in the field so that we can do a better job as far into the end is concerned the Christian missionaries and metal acceptable efforts of non traditional system

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