Zakir Naik – Purpose of Life To Worship Allah and Attain Jannah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The manish talks about his journey from the previous century and the importance of following scripture and practicing it to achieve success in achieving modern day. He explains that God is one without a second and the definition of a holy spirit relates to the definition of a holy spirit in the Bible. The discussion on the definition of God and its significance in scripture is difficult to follow and requires further clarification.
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Good evening, I'm Manish.

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I born in 1979.

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Maybe I'll be here up to my death, maybe 2030 or 40. If the world exists,

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I just want to know where I was before 1979

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where I'll be after my death.

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If I have been meant to be here in this for for this certain period, who am I representing? Without the question that was born in 1979.

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And today he is in UAE. He wants to know where will he be afterwards he will be saying, most probably we are thrilled to 2013 the world exists. Where will he be after he dies? And who are you representing? Brother you're representing your own self.

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If you have not manipulated or done some makeup or trying to hide, if your own server representing yourself, point number one, where will you be after you die, depending upon what a falling, if you follow the last and final revelation, the Glorious Quran, after you die, you will be in heaven.

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If you go against the laws of the Creator, again the last and final revelation, the Quran, then after you die, you will be held.

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So I don't know. If you accept

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the commandments of Almighty God today, what you did between 1979 and till the 14th of April 2012. All will be forgiven.

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All forgiven zero will be forgiven. So in the past, whatever you have done in the past will be forgiven. Because our beloved prophet masala Salam said, the moment a person accepts Islam, all his previous sins are washed away.

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So depending upon whether you follow the laws of the Creator, where will you be, I can tell you, but you don't know when will you die? If you say if that is a case, you know what I will do? Maybe I left in 2030. So I'll accept Islam in 2029.

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Brother You don't know even I don't know. How long will you live? And you rightly said, if the world exists, I don't know. How long will the world exist? Allah says in the Quran in surah lukeman chapter number 31 verse number 34. No one besides Allah knows the earth. When will the earth end? We don't know. Whether it's a few years or a few decades. We don't know. How long will you live an alibi? I don't know. So the best is the moment you come to know the truth accepted, all the passes will be forgiven. Then you try and practice and follow as much as you can.

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So where will you be after you die depends upon you.

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I can only guide you. Allah says in the Quran in surah Russia, chapter number 88. Most number 2120 do Allah says first that Karina Mansa Musa Qin, he says the Prophet Your job is to deliver the message given his tie the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I want to ask you, brother, after you die, do you want to go to heaven or *?

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after you die? Do you want to go to heaven or *?

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To be frank, I don't know. You don't know? Because for me the Heaven and * is here. It's up to us. Yes, this is temporary heaven * you temporary. As I mentioned earlier, Quran Faisal Surah mulk chapter number 16, verse number two alesi khaliqul moto hatha, it is Allah with giving you that end life so that they may test which of you is good Indies. This is a test. And average man lives in this world for about 70 years, 60 years. Sometimes they have 20, some 50, some live 400 years, average maybe 60 to 70 years. So this is temporary phase. The next life is eternal. So you say Heaven and * is here. And then if you try to make this life Heaven, by going after luxury,

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enjoying live drinking alcohol next life becomes *. Because Quran Allah says in Surah Who's that those

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who want this world, Allah will give you this world but will not give you in the next life. Those who care for next life, Allah will give you next life also this life. So as a businessman,

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if someone tells you that I will give you the trouble, difficulty for the 70 years, next life eternal,

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unending always pleasure. So this life is point 0000 1% of the next life. As a businessman you didn't mind yoga don't mind trouble in this couple of you know, small percentage. You know, like before the examination, you struggle you stay awake, you don't sleep or use

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and then you appear for the examination for that that few days before that you struggle and you study so that in future it is good for you. The similarly whether this life is a test for the hereafter

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if you're a Hindu, if you're Mahesh and if you believe in the Hindu scriptures came the VEDA says if Friedrich with book number 10, chapter number 16, verse number four to five talks about Poonam poner miss next Jana Miss life, same the what the Quran says about next life. So this life you come and the next life

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being born, dying, born dying cycle of birth, rebirth is not mentioned in the way that it talks about qunar genomic next language, then the Quran. So a really good person would think about as a better businessman, the next life is multiple times.

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Multiple keep on multiplying.

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This life is a small, small, negligible point 00 1% compared to the next life, so as intelligent person you wouldn't mind taking trouble in this life, so that our next life becomes paradise in heaven.

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So better, would you like in the next slide to go to heaven? Or *?

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Yes. Would you like to go in the next life into heaven? Or *? No, sir.

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I don't think I will be having a next life. Because if I am having, if I'm going to have a next life, do you believe in in the scriptures? Yes. You believe or not believe in the scriptures. Some of the points? Do you believe in the Vedas? Yes, I don't know big about the banners. But you believe it to be sacred. Correct? Sorry? Do you believe it to be from God?

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No, I feel I am God. You are God.

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Allah God.

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That's what Hinduism says. Awesome. Brahma asked me What? What is the definition of God?

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I don't know.

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I am God. You are God, what the definition of God? I don't know that if y'all don't know. And don't know.

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I know myself. Okay. You say you are God, I am God

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of God. I'm asking you what is the definition of God and us? I don't know. I would have English What? I'm talking English. What is the definition of God?

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I cannot define so just I can feel so without defining. You're saying your God Anam God.

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But I can realize what is everywhere in all of us warriors are the definition of God, then I will say whether God is everywhere you are God or not, forgive me the definition of God.

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If your definition of God is only wrong, as in this is not what I'm talking about.

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What is the definition of God? I don't know to define exactly in words. So that means you do not believe I am not talking about the word which you're talking about.

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So you should ask me what is the definition when I am tell you?

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So can you explain me if you don't know what you should do, you should ask? Yes.

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I will tell you

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the definition of God come to a point away there's no punishment, then I come to the forum. If you read the Upanishads chandogya Upanishad chapter number six, section number two was number one, it come visit them God is only one without a second. It's mentioned with other Upanishads chapter number six, verse number nine, not just a passage, Jonathan Raja de ba, a samskip condition we save that of that God, he has got no superior. He has got no parents, Almighty God has got no Lord no superior No mother, no father. It's mentioned set as a thorough Punisher. Chapter number four was summer 19, Nativity majesty of that God, there is no prathima but the by the Sanskrit word, which

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means image, pitcher, portrait, sculpture statue, not disability majesty of that God, there is no image, no picture, no portrait, no painting, no photograph, no eyelid, no statue, no sculpture. Same thing is repeated.

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In chapter number 32, verse number three now 30, musty of that God, there is no image there is no picture. There is no portrait, there is no photograph, no sculpture. Furthermore, it says in the Brahma sutra of Hinduism, it come from dirty and nasty, the nasty kitchen. There is only one God not a second one. Not at all. Not at all, not in the least bit. So based on this definition, God is one there's nothing

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I came and the Quran further faith in Surah class chapter 112 was the one to four. The definition of God is all hollow, says a lover in only Allah how summon Allah the absolute eternal love Milla, Milla, Milla he begets not noisy forgotten, while amico loco for not that nothing like him,

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follow Allah says Allah when only I was only a human being. Am I the only human being? Yes or no?

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Yes or no? No human being? Are you the only human being only one? No, no, no, I'm one of the cole who Allah say I love and only Allah who summit the absolute eternal Are you absolutely eternal? Are you absolute and eternal?

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No. Talk Can you be God? I'm not absolute eternal. How can I be God lemonis Bala mula, he begets no noisy forgotten. Are you forgotten? were you born?

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Were you born or not?

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Yeah. How can you be good? Even I was born. How can I be good?

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Do you be I've got that I've got children. Do you have children? Yes. How can you be good?

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Well, I'm Nicola.

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What I'm saying? Is your definition of God. Forget about you say about God. I'm talking about my definition of God. Forget what do you say about God? No, keep it. That may be God with a small G. I'm not talking about God with a small god you're talking about? I'm talking about God with a capital G. He's only one. He's all powerful. He's absolute. He gets not noisy be gotten nothing until like him.

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Based on this definition, can you call yourself God? Can I call myself God?

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If you wish you can.

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I asked you the question. Are you born? You're saying yes. If you wish, then you will be called a lunatic knows that what I'm feeling is what I'm a part of the God. You were saying the only one Garner. I feel I'm the part of it. The big one, we all are part of it. Maybe we got detached as like this walled garden

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of God. That's not the definition of God of Vedas. It's not the definition of God of Quran. So therefore, I said, this God is a different god. I'm not talking about the God that you believe in. I'm talking about the God which I believe in. He's one. He's not part of everything. Your God forget about keep it at the side now. Find the god what you're talking about the side. I'm talking about the definition of my God.

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You're insane. He's only one. He's all powerful. Are you all powerful?

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Are you all powerful?

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Not all powerful. So you're not the God I'm talking about? What God you're talking about. Keep that God aside. Okay. Okay. My god, I'm talking about therefore La Ilaha. There is no God, all the other falls God are wrong. You keep it aside. I'm talking about the current definition. Someone is talking about two plus two is equal to five. That equation, keep it on the side.

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The God that I'm talking about the entity I'm talking about, he is one he is all powerful. He is absolute. He begets not noisy, begotten, he is not born, he does not give birth to anyone.

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And nothing like him is only one.

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Do you believe in such a god?

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knows I don't believe that's the problem. That means you are not believing in the true God. My request to you is you read you in the scriptures all the condition again, go and read the translation for an eye and find out the true God, not the fake gods, I am God your God. I don't consider myself God. You are calling me God's god.

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I'm not a fool, to accept you that I am God. You want to go to * go I don't want I don't want you to take me to *.

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I'm going to go to heaven. I want to take you to heaven to take you to heaven. If I agree with you that you're one and am God we both will go to *. I prefer we both go to heaven. Therefore I request to read your scripture, the Vedas, the Upanishads read the Quran, educate yourself and join me We both will go to heaven inshallah.

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