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Okay, when I first started, when I first initial open this book, and I started reading it, there's two characters in here that actually stand out and their name is in the book and it's zebah and Wiley. Tell me about them. zaban Well, he are part of the book as a few of you, as if you have noticed it has a fiction and a nonfiction side. So well, in zebra part of the fiction side, they're part of my imagination of what a sister and a brother and Muslim family and Afghan Muslim family coming to America having dreams and goals and ambitions, and wanting to make a change for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and so they're part of what I think, you know, everyone needs to go back and

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realize, how should we behave? What should our morals be our characters? Where do we get stuck and for people to be able to relate with them and yet learn from them? So they're just characters in Shelton, who will be in my next book as well and so to sicko, okay. And you mentioned something about creating a movie inshallah. inshallah Allah wills Our goal is to with the sequel coming out and chalon hoping to get wallings eva Stewart out to Hollywood and have get it out there show exciting everyone Part Two a part of it to see what Islam truly is and not what it is from

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everyone else showing it to us and which is so much conspiracy and so much negativity, and I really want to show them the beauty of Islam. If we truly practice it is not what you think it is. Okay.