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A speaker discusses the importance of Islam in empowering people and minimizing evil. They emphasize the need for involvement in political processes to increase people's chances of winning and ensure they are on the right track. The speaker also mentions a webinar they will be holding on May 2nd to discuss an issue related to Brexit.

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De La salatu salam ala rasulillah My dear respected brothers and sisters. Islam as we all know is a Deen is a way of life that aims to change the bad things to make them good. And also Islam aims to increase what is good. Allah, Allah, Allah says Quantum hydrometeorology, cleanest

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water and

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you are the best nation ever is to mankind, enjoying the good and forbidding evil, this is Islam. So we need to be involved in any process that maximizes the good and minimizes the evil things. And obviously, my dear respect to the brothers and sisters, as many scholars said that the wisdom is to know what is the most evil out of the number of evil things. And what is the best out of many good things. Because life is real. The reality is that you cannot find absolute fire, absolute goodness that has no evil in it, and absolute evil that has no fire in it. And this is a rule that ebenen came along to Allah has highlighted, we need to be involved in any process that increases the good

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and minimizes the evil, mighty respected brothers and sisters. In the West. In general, the democratic process is a process that can be used to increase that what is good and minimize what is even, of course, it is not the best solution, but it is a good tool that has to be utilized. So that's why we need to be involved in most of the political process that we see around us. We might not get 100% of what we wish out of it. But we will be getting something if we are involved. And if we know how to strategically be involved in that. The mayoral election is coming on fifth of may

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for the mayoral election for London is coming on the fifth of May. And we as Muslims do you know that we constitute or the the the, those Muslims who are eligible to vote in this election constitute almost one fifth of the total number of electorates, which means that we can make a change. So we need to know how to make that change, how to vote strategically. And we need to understand what is our role in politics in general in Britain and in Europe.

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out loud, so my dear respected brothers and sisters, because of this, we are running a webinar in sha Allah on the coming Monday the second of May to discuss this issue, and there will be a putable activist who will be discussing this issue as well in sha Allah join us in that webinar on the second of may Monday, the second of may 2016 is a call of era Santa Monica