Those Who Purify Their Hearts

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Meaning those who purify their hearts and the characteristics are the ones who will enter paradise. So now, if you work on one thing and one thing only, and which is your heart and don't forget in this in this surah Allah subhanaw taala took seven oath before he said, God, Abdullah Hamza, so if you want to be a person of Jannah, purify your heart, work on your heart, how do you work on your heart, do good deeds, give some advice, do things that you know that Allah loves the acts of for if you don't pay your nomas on time and you delay it or you rush it, then get on to yourself, start with your Salah, then start with the NAWAPA then then take it from there so that our heart becomes

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pure and connected to Allah because Allah doesn't look at anything other than your heart. So if your heart is pure, then surely you will be amongst those who enter paradise