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99 Names of Allah

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Biography Zoheeb Iqbal

Zoheeb Iqbal
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Shaykh Zoheeb was born and raised in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, After completing his initial secular studies and after much involvement with the wrong crowds, Shaykh Zoheeb came to a turning point in his mid-to-late teens. During this time he began to delve into religion and discovered his love for the Deen. His determination and close link with his teachers resulted in him studying Islamic theology under the guidance and supervision of his teachers for six years in England.

During his studies he has accomplished a number of feats under the mentorship of his teachers. This began in 2013 where Shaykh founded the organisation Al Falaah with the aim of meeting the growing needs of students and professionals in Scotland, by bringing flagship Islamic courses and lectures to Universities and Islamic organisations in Scotland. This lead the Shaykh to establish Al Falaah Academy, an institute of advanced Islamic education, in the central south side of Glasgow.

Shaykh then studied Ifta Course (Mufti Course) under the mentorship of Shaykh Fazal Raheem from Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore. After this Shaykh travelled to Egypt, Cairo where he studied further. Shaykh also resides in the United Kingdom as well as Istanbul, Turkey.

Shaykh Zoheeb also serves as Principal and Director of Al Falaah Academy and is working towards establishing a branch in Turkey.

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