Nadim Bashir – O You Who Believe #10 – 3-118

Nadim Bashir
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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad. While early he was so happy here, Jermaine I'm about.

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So we are as as mentioned before, on Monday nights we cover an Ayah from the Quran that begins with, yeah, you have plenty of money. And the reason why is because when Allah subhanho wa taala, when he's giving general advice is of course the advices are taken, of course with a full heart. But when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, Yeah, are you Hallelujah? Amen? No, Allah is specifically addressing the believers. So this is why we cover these ayat. The ayah that we're covering today is from Sudha Ali Imran is number 118. But before this, there are some other ideas that lead up to item 118 that I would like to cover first of all, so Ali Emraan is a very interesting Surah Surah Al Imran actually

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teaches us that how do you deal with the non Muslim community? The suitor Bukhara primarily covered the Israeli community or Bani Israel in particular Surah Ali Imran talks about the Christian community. But then after that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada halfway into the surah Allah begins to discuss,

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Allah begins to discuss that how do you interact? First of all, ALLAH SubhanA does talk about that what are some of the hidden agendas? Sometimes every single non Muslim community may not be a very sincere community, but some of them are on the other hand, but when you come across them, how do you deal with them? This this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned these are yet especially in these is that how are you the Muslim community supposed to be different from them? First of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala as I said, I remember when 18 begins with you under the armor No, but I'm gonna go all the way back to what I remember 113 I remember 113 says, lays who so that they are not

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all the same. Men al Kitab Oh Mattoon come core, Emma, from the people of the book. There are a community there is a community that stands in obedience, yet Luna ayat Allah He, they recite the ayat of Allah, Allah daily throughout the night or periods throughout the night, while home Yes, Judoon and they make sudo to Allah. Now just I want to first just go through these ayat and then I will go into the explanation. Then Allah says you may not have been there you were Yeoman Arcor they believe in Allah and in the last day, well, yeah, Monroeville ma roofie when when I Moncure. They enjoin and they encourage good and they forbid from evil, what you said you're gonna feel a lot and

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they Hastin towards good deeds. What would I recommend a solid in? These are people who are from the righteous, why am I lumen hiring for a young Pharaoh and whatever good they do, never will they be taken away or never will it be removed from them? Well, Allahu Aleem and Bill Maher toppin, Allah is all knowing of the righteous. So these are three ayat where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that in the background behind this is that you had people from the Jewish community and the Christian community who accepted Islam on the hands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as soon as they accepted Islam, they received very much or very high criticisms from their own community. And,

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and this is something that we find in the Quran, by the way, that whenever people would convert to Islam, or people will begin to give Dawa there will always receive criticism. Just to give you one example, Saleh alayhi salam, salam, salam, or I mean, there are others in the Quran, other Ambia but even when we learn about Saudi, I don't use salaam, the one thing that we learned is that when he began to give Dawa when Allah made him a prophet, and he began to give Dawa, what did the people say to him, they said, that we thought that you're going to be amongst us what you aren't you were the smartest amongst us. And we had high hopes and high ambitions for you. But now ever since you've

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been giving Dawa. There is no hope for you anymore, though. This is something that we find in the Quran. So likewise, when these people convert to Islam, their communities went after them. This is why ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, that not everyone in the community of the Anarchy tab, the Jews and the Christians are alike. There are some who truly believe in Allah. There are true there are some who do not put who put aside their biases. And when they read the Torah when they read the NG and and now when they hear the Quran, they're able to correlate that information and they're able to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. So this is what we learned. Now. One thing there are some

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important lessons to be learned from this. Number one is as I said, when people do come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala they're always going to face criticism

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them and forget about the Gambia, forget about even the Jews, there are the Christians in the community of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even today, in our own Muslim families, in our own Muslim families. There are times when youngsters are threatened when they want to come closer to Islam. They are threatened by parents. Okay? They're threatened by parents, that if you start behaving this way, if you become more religious than what is the community going to say about us, were the other families going to say about us. And if you do this, then you're no longer allowed to stay in this house. They are threatened, how many times women are threatened of a divorce, that if

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you wear the hijab, you are going to be divorced, how many times men are also threatened, they come under immense amount of pressure from the spouse. So this is something that by the way, we all learn that when you come closer to Allah subhanho, wa taala. When you come closer to Allah, it's going to get even more difficult, it's going to get even more difficult. And this is something that if ever, we are going through this situation, remember that the more closer you come to Allah, the more difficult is going to get. This is something we find throughout the entire Quran. This is something that we find in all the stories is that I'm BIA. When we come closer to Allah, Allah is going to

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challenge us and Allah is going to see that is that coming to Allah? Is that connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala sincere or not? Is it truthful or not? Because if a person is not truly, really committed and coming closer to Allah subhanho wa taala, than the slightest burden, the slightest challenge is going to turn them away from Allah subhanho wa taala. But when a person is committed, that no matter what I'm going to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And by the way, there is no guarantee there is this idea, this idea that many of us have, that if I'm coming close to Allah, Allah should make this journey easy for me. That's not true. That is never true. It does not mean

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that if I try to come close to Allah is not going to challenge me. Allah will most certainly challenge us. Allah will put us to the test. But this is what this is Allah's way of seeing if we're truly committed to Allah subhanho wa taala. Now Allah says, Allah has mentioned that idea, and then he gives an example. Allah says number one in the medina kifaru Len Tonia and whom I'm one whom, wala Allah, dooming Alicia Shia. Allah says Verity, those people who didn't prefer their wealth, and neither did their children come to any use of them, it would not benefit them at all. What will it take us how not even fee how Caledon Allah says that these are the people are Jahannam they will

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stay in there forever. Now, here the Quran is saying two important points number one is the kuffaar will always boast about two things, um, one of whom their financial resources or resources in general. And then Allah says one out hola to whom that their their children will not come to them to aid them. Now, first of all, is that when we hear the word children, we usually the first thing that comes to our mind is family, right? Yes or no? It comes family. Because long time ago, what we need to understand is, is not always every time we hear the word Oh lad, to whom? Their children, it should not always be taken literally as their children and their family. Yes, there were cases. Like

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if you say the story of Abdulmutallab, when he was digging up the well of zamzam. He only had one son Alhadeff. And he was and he was approached many times, he was you know, people tried to come and stop him from digging up the well of zamzam. And he did make an oath and a vow that time because he did not have enough support. He said that if Allah gives me 10 More children, I'll sacrifice one of them for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. He made that oath and that vow, and there's a long story, but the point is that children or not, to me, this idea is taken literally, but you take be taken metaphorically, children long time ago, were used in the idea or in the sense of support, the

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more children you have, the more the support that you have. So here the Quran is not necessarily saying children, he is saying that the kuffaar will always boast that they have more resources, more financial resources, and they have more support, they have more support. Allah is saying that the things that you use today to boast about in the Hereafter, they will not benefit you at all. Now, this is something else that we need to understand here too. Number two is what? Whenever you give up something or whenever you make a sacrifice for something like we today, make sure you make sacrifices, for example, our children, okay, on the other hand, what do we want from our children?

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We want obedience from our children and we want our children to be you know, respectful and so forth. When a boss or a supervisor makes a

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A sacrifice for his for his team, or they make a sacrifice for the people working underneath him or her. What do they want in return? They just want some appreciation, some respect. If I give you a job, make sure you take care of it right? Yes or no, this is natural. When you make a sacrifice for something, you want it to help you and support you one day when you need their support. The Quran is telling us Allah is telling us that the things that they are giving up everything for the sacrifices that they're making, they're making for whoever it is, those things on the day when they need their support is not going to help them at all. Today these are making sacrifices for whatever and whoever

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it is, but on the day of judgment when these people go to them for their help. These people are going to say you know what, I have nothing to do with you. So this is Allah subhanho wa taala. This way he says that Allah gives an example he says their example is like what he says Martha Luma Yun Fiona fee Have you heard the dunya the example of those who spend in the worldly life can metally the hen fee has sirloin, a saw but Hertha Omen Vala mu and Allah, Allah says is like a wind. And this wind contains a Syrian, Allah says Cyril Now this word Syrian here has been explained in three different ways. Some say some scholars of the Quran, they say that this is in reference to a frigid

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coldness, or a freeze that comes overnight. Or number two is, this is in reference to a fire, or This is in reference to number three, a very strong wind. The idea is this. Allah is saying that imagine a person went in, they put a seed into the ground, and everything has now come up, okay, everything has grown. And the time has come that every farmer is waiting for and that is the time of harvest. Now the time of harvest comes. And let's just say, overnight, you're thinking tomorrow morning, I'm gonna go and harvest. I'm gonna get all this to myself, and I'm going to make money from this. But overnight, a very strong wind came, or this very frigid coldness came or a fire came

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and it burnt, or it destroyed everything overnight. How sad would a person be we all know how, how much a person will be sad, and there'll be regretful, Allah is saying that these people, when they invest four people into people for purposes against Islam, this is what happens to them. Allah subhanaw taala destroys everything, that what they want to do Allah subhanaw taala destroys all that, that Allah says, Why am I vulnerable, whom Allah when I can and for whom you have the moon, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that Allah will destroy Allah has not wronged them, but they have wronged themselves. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is simply saying over here, that these people,

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whatever they do, and whatever they invest against Islam, Allah will destroy and even if there's any good that they do, Allah Subhana Allah will destroy that. Now we come to this idea I number one, a team that begins with you will have the nominal Allah's then says, Now when it comes to the non Muslim community, there's something very important, this idea was revealed for a certain purpose. And the purpose is this. Before Islam came before the possum came to Medina, there was two different tribes there besides the Jewish tribes, there were also hundreds in Medina. Also the Hassan had built up a relationship, I would say, with the Jewish community. Now the Jewish community once the

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person came, they never accepted Islam. But the people also hazards they accepted Islam, even after they were Muslims, even despite the fact that the Jews were very much against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they never agreed to the change of the Qibla they will always make any plans against the province as salaam, yet there were some Muslims who were always sitting with them, associating with them, and always there were still they still maintain their friendship. Now what would happen in many cases is that when this friendship will take place, Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to make the Sahaba aware that when you are friends with these people who will always want to destroy us,

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well, so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, these people may try to entice you, they may encourage you, that give you some secrets of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but you should be aware Allah says the Muslim community, you need to be on your feet. You need to be aware of this and do not ever give out any sensitive information about your community to this community. Because at the end of the day, your relationship is based on friendship. You may have a clean heart, but they don't have a clean heart. Is that

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They don't have a clean heart. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, you have that ina Amanu oh you people who believe let the Hindu be taught on a 10 Min Dooney comb, la luna comb Kabbalah, Allah says do not take as intimate or do not take as close friends, those other than yourself, meaning Who are they who are the others, the Jews or anyone that you have a close friendship from before before the days of Islam, Allah then says la luna come Kabbalah they will not spare you mean that they will not care for you, they will let you go into ruin, that Allah says what Duma Isleton. They wish, they you have hardship, meaning that outside they may they may have a smile on their face, outside, they

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are externally they may show that they are your friends, but internally, they want you to be ruined internally, they want you to be destroyed internally, they want to gain an upper hand over you. Allah then says posibility will bow over enough where he him. Allah then says that the hatred has already appeared from their mouths. Why am I tofi sudo room Akbar but why but what their chest conceal is greater meaning that one is that they have spewed or they have spread their hate from their mouth, but what's in their heart. So meaning that there are some who externally they show they are they are your friends, but internally, they're not your friends, there are some who have

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expressed there are some who have expressed their hatred, but remember their hatred inside the heart is even greater. Allah then says further by Yana Nicola Yachty In Kuntum, Taka, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes these ayat clear for you if you understand or, or Allah subhanaw taala has certainly made these things or the signs clear for you now, first of all, is that what do we learn from this? And actually I want to go through the next two is because there's some very important lessons because the next is the next two is tells us something even more important. Allah says the next is her Unto Allah. To her buena, whom when are you gonna come? Allah says here you are loving them. But

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Allah says that as far as they are concerned, they don't love you. What took me notability tab equally, while you believe in the Scripture and you believe in all of it. Ye then the Pokken Paulo, Amana and when they meet you, they say we believe this is how they are in front of each other. What either Hello, but when these people are alone, they are away from the Muslims. They bite their fingertips at you in rage. You know, have you seen a person when they're biting their hands or biting their fingers is out of extreme rage and extreme of fearlessness, or they're just frustrated? So Allah subhanaw taala saying that behind the scenes, they don't like you, they are angry with you.

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Then what did they say? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we'll move to behind the Quran. Allah says that you die or die in your own race. This is Allah responding to them. Allah Subhana Allah and says that Allah knows what's in their chest and what did they conceal in their chest? Then Allah says in Tum sesco mahesana Don't assume if God comes to you, okay? If God comes to you, they do not like it. But if harm comes to you mean to the Muslim community, they rejoice over it. And if you are patient we're in touch below what ethical layer literal Kincaid don't shake. But if you are patient, and you have Toccoa, then no grong or No harm shall ever come to you in Allahumma. Yamuna. Mohit Allah

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subhanaw taala knows what is Allah so indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do. Now. Let's take a step back here once again, Allah subhanaw taala is saying in these few few important things number one is and once again, this is not this is not regarding every single non Muslim community. Let's not just use a broad paintbrush, there are certain communities like this, okay, certain communities like this. Number one is Allah Subhan teaches us that when it comes to secrets, Allah is telling the Sahaba that do not spread the secrets of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even in fact, is mentioned that in the time of Omri Mahato, the old dawn when he was a Khalifa, there was a person

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you know, not everyone knew how to read and write very proficiently. So there was a person who was a scribe, they could write very well and so forth. A man came to me and suggested to him that there is a very nice scribe, I perhaps I believe you should go in hire him and keep him with you and let him Let him write all your letters and everything that you want to send or anything you want to document. Let him write it. The moment he inquired, is he a Muslim or not? And he said, he's not he's almost done. So at that time over the hardtop said that I do not want to hire him because

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When we discuss our matters, we discuss war strategies too. We discuss our internal issues too. And I don't want someone from the outside to know our internal matters are going on. Okay? This is Bob and his forte and his and his farsightedness. But the point is this, please do not take this literally, here. This is almond ricotta of saying, I don't want someone to know about our internal matters. But this does not mean that we cannot have or hire a normal sim. I mean, if it's just for work related, actually, there's nothing wrong with it. But the very the most important thing, Allah subhanaw is telling us that when it comes to your own community, when it comes to you interacting

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with the non Muslim community, first of all, do not go give away your secrets. If there is something very intimately that needs to stay within your community, then that should stay with your community. If there is something related to community affairs, there's nothing wrong in talking to someone, okay, there's nothing wrong. And you know, I myself, I have a relationship with many pastors and so forth. We talk about issues. And believe it or not, I will say one thing, a lot of times issues that we face in our own massages, in our own community, they face very similar issues to, by the way, in their own communities, too. But when we talk to each other, we're able to share ideas and bounce

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ideas from each other and learn from each other. But if there's something very secret that we need to keep it, we keep it, we keep it to ourselves. The second thing that Allah subhanaw is telling us is that not every single non Muslim community is going to be sincere, there are going to be some that when they see the Muslims happy, they're going to feel sad, okay? When they see the Muslims suffering, they're going to be resourceful. They don't care they internally, they want bad for the Muslims. At that time, you have to be very, very careful that you don't always be with these kinds of people. But at the end of the day, they don't want any hide in any good for you. You can keep a

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just a distant relationship. But this is why we have to keep our eyes open. Look, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there's something very important, we need to understand the Prophet sallallahu it was some will always aware of his surroundings. He was always aware that when people came to him, do they have the right intention or not? So this is something we have to always keep in mind, too. There are times by the way, I will say very clearly, and I know this is being recorded, and people are going to watch it there. But there were times when churches have come here to our Majutsu. Okay, there are traders who have come here to our Masjid to and they had secret agendas,

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and they had hidden agendas, too. And so we were able to figure that out and see exactly these are the issues that are going on. And we stopped them from coming. Because we as a Muslim community to keep our eyes open. A lot of times, what happens is that in the name of interfaith, in the name of building bridges, in the name of connecting with others, we become so close to them, that we're not able to differentiate and draw the lines. And that becomes very problematic. We will always keep our line, we will never diverge, we will never change or change our values, we can never change our values to please some someone else will always stick to our deen, whether they like it or not. They

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can we're not forcing them to believe in it. We're simply saying what we believe and if they wouldn't believe in they can believe in it. But this is what Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that when it comes to these kinds of people, these kinds of people do exist. And this is why you don't share everything with everyone. And by the way, the word Bettina also implies a person who knows everything about you. And by the way, this is not only reference to the non Muslim community, or the Muslims how we should deal with a non Muslim community. But this even is a lesson for all of us within our own personal life. There are some people that we get so close to them, and we tell them

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everything about our life. We tell them about our children, we tell them about our spouse, we tell them about our household, our income, we tell them everything that is not needed. That is not needed. Family Matters should always remain with family. No matter how good of a friend that person may be. Because one day one is a friend. One is a founding member, one day a friend can turn against you. founding members can turn against you, but family they go deeper. One thing is that when it comes to friends, if you tell them everything that you guys going on in your life, what is it you go and you seek help you seek counsel, that's a different matter. But what is it you tell them

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everything personally about your life? That is something you have to stay away from? Allah subhanaw is telling us did not do this. This is not right. Not only for them, even with your own community, you keep this in mind. So this is something that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned here, once again, ALLAH SubhanA wa addresses the believers telling them that learn how to keep a distance, learn how to keep a limitation when it comes to dealing with the non Muslim community and not only that, but inshallah going forward there's going to be some other ayat that how do we deal with the with the other faith faith based communities also inshallah ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to give all of us

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ability to the usability to act on what's been said in her. May Allah Subhana Allah give us ability to learn from these ayat, learn from the lessons

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Have these ideas and implement them in our life I mean overall I mean there's a common law hate Subhanak alone most of the

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stuff will come out to be the exact Malachite someone hopefully Brocato

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