Haifaa Younis – Purifying Our Hearts – Mercy to Mankind

Haifaa Younis
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So Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while our early he was a happy woman who Allah, Loma Linda Maryam found now on fire now Vemma alum tena in academia Mooji with dua, la Manya, who become an enemy lionpaw or Albula. Ayesha when I've seen that a Shiva or do I in LA use ma ra Bonilla to the Kulu banaba is high data now. Hublin AMOLED on Kurama indica internal hub, or SI Kalinina taco, or a Baja middle, Jeanette, yuzu, Mara, may Allah make us from those in just feel this verse, They were guided, see,

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they were squirted.

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It's the same beginning of both kinds, and the choice is yours. And the choice is mine. Which one

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there's only two options. There's always two options in the Quran. There's no third exceptional out of and they would also end up in one of them. So we'll see Kalinina Takamura boom era Jannetty is umara. Those who practice Dakhla not to believe, higher, eternal Jannetty Xiomara. They were guided as groups. Hector Elijah Guha when it is right there. And there is an amazing linguistic change between the two groups. And I'm sure that your home knows this. Hashtag either Joe Guha in the hellfire. Allah said foot you ha ha ha. The doors opened. When it's keen to Jana. There's one addition small, where 40 had to have wah wah, wah. And the door. doors were open and scholars calls

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you have the wild agenda. This is the wall of Jana. Because when you come in, is imagine you come to this conference. And then as you're getting close, someone opens the door for you.

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How welcomed you are. Now what is this related to the topic I was asked to talk about? Because we're 40 had to have well we'll have once it's open, what happens.

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Salam Alikum libitum Peace be upon you. You're purified.

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There is no interested in without being pure. It's not my words. It's the words of your Creator and mine. I can do it is not going to get me in. I have to go in pure. Why do you think there is hellfire? My of Hello love will be either become What does Allah will get from punishing me and you

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in shower curtain wall Alimentum if you are only believer and grateful or can Allahu Shakira and Halima and Allah has all grateful and Allah is on knowing there is no entrance to Jana.

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Unless I am pure and this concept repeated in the Quran, go and read it again.

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And the reason going to the Hellfire so I will be pure. All the sins that I did not repent.

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It will be removed by the whatever will happen in Johanna May Allah subhanaw taala save at all, and then we'll go in.

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That's one concept I want you all to think of. Do you want to be off? Which one

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this side or this side? I shouldn't say this this side or this side? You want to go to Jana who wants to show me hands you want to go to Ghana?

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Next question.

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Have you worked hard for it?

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What did you do?

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And as the Sahaba came to Russia, they sought to Assam he said I want to be your neighbor in Ghana. I want to be with you.

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What did he say to him?

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He didn't say Make dua

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he didn't say Allah for Rahim. Don't despair. What did he say to him? If anyone knows the answer, other than that, she will of course

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Help me Help me he sang to him. Helped me by a lot of prostration it's work. I have to work. I tell people always those of you who wants to be a OB GYN when they come to me and they say I want to be OB GYN my immediate answer Do you are you ready to work hard?

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Are you ready not to sleep?

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Are you ready to do residency? Where you Steve sick maybe you will stick to three hours and that's dunya

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at one point we will all gonna leave it by choice or not by choice. What did you do for Jana? And I insalata Allah Hi Leah

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What Allah has is expensive. And our inner Siddhartha, Allahu Jana,

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you all have to today as we're talking about him Ali his salatu salam merci to mankind this beautiful religion that she honey beautifully talked about. And brother my magic gave us a beautiful, small example. If we only apply it I think most of this nation will become Muslims.

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What are we doing? And come to purification of the heart? How many in this room and I want to see hands. even know what this word mean? Show me your hands.

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Look at the number. How many of you have studied it?

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It's an obligation. Imam Al Ghazali. Carry the opinion. It's an obligation. It's for blind, like you need to read, learn how to pray. You need to learn about purification of the heart. And scholars differed with him, he said because most of our hearts are not pure.

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Is it true?

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Is he right this day and age? How many in this room will say I have absolutely pure heart like a baby.

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I have no jealousy. I have no hatred. I don't lie. I don't have any ill feeling towards anybody. Everybody is better than me.

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Can we do that?

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Why he was sent to us at his Salah to set up who will let the battlefield Amina or Sula Minho.

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Yet ura him iOttie we use a key him. Were you Ali Mohammed kita that was hikma. When can woman call blue Luffy bhadauria movie? Allah said Listen Alia Imran and he repeated the same concept four times in the Quran. He Allah send it to us, free him to him to them. Among them a prophet there is no name obviously Alayhi Salatu was set up to do what

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to do what

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one year clue Allah him it send you the Quran hamdulillah second, purify them use a key him

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while you Ali Muhammad Kitab all Hickman teach them the Quran and hikma here is a sunnah and they were before that living in ignorance.

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What is the purification of the heart? Or the soul? You see differently?

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All of us at one point everybody in this room. We were born,

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baby newborn. That newborn you and me years ago. Depends how old you are. We were born with a clear heart. Couldn't normally we don't khulumani eluding you, you will do unfetter every newborn. That's the word of him Malaya. Salatu Salam born on the natural instinct. The vase is clear that glass is beautiful. You see through it, and then his spirits changes him. That's the hadith of our Swati sorcerer, you and me. We are all clear when we are you know you look at the baby and says I love children. I love babies. They're so pure.

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They when they laugh, they laugh because that's how they feel. They don't change it. They don't blemish it and then what happens? We grow up

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and influences come to us and some of these influences by choice. I call it optional and some are non optional.

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Non optional is the home you grew up. None optional is your name is your parents. But the majority of the influence is us. I bring it and we start to change

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as he said that he has Salah to sit down to oratory feet and yeah and

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to orrible feet and voila kobir Odin ruder temptations, this hadith of Rasul Allah Santosa temptation starts presented to you

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to me, one by one,

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that is social media, there is this text message this this influencer these days we call it there is this there is that and gradually I absorb it. I like it. I love it. I want to be like them

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till the heart changes.

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And each one of you look at your heart as I am speaking. Don't think of anybody else. To skier is not about other people. Oh, I know somebody like that. No. It's about you and me. Look at your heart and see and say

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When temptation is presented,

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when I am studying and preparing a paper and then something comes in on the internet, and that thing is a temptation, not pleasing to Allah, what is my response?

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And that's the influence on the heart. If you remove it, that's the Hadith what he said,

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if you take it, a black.is going to be in your heart in mind, one by one. One by one, he says, it's not like you are waving, waving a carpet, or you're knitting one by one, and we don't feel it. We don't feel it. What is the big deal? Till that heart becomes black?

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turned upside down.

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Leia Reformen Corolla Yong ki Romo, Cara doesn't know what is good. What is right, what is not right. What is not good. Everything is what's the big deal.

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The communist word you hear these days when you are discussing things with people says why not?

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Right? Why not?

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And it's like, where are we going to end up? If everything is why not where we can end up? That's when the heart becomes black. Versus if this comes to you presented to you and you remove it. You lower your gaze, you don't hear it. You did it. You seek forgiveness from Allah right away. A wide dot will be in the heart gradually, gradually till the heart becomes pure.

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Which heart you want to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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which heart? What's the famous Doha? Signet Brahim? What are the Neoma your bathroom? Your Malayan fowl man on one avenue innominate Allah, the cominciare your Allah this has saved me Brahim ya Allah don't disgrace me now to Xeni. Don't make me feel ashamed. On the Day when they are resurrected, your Malayan foul maroon Wallah by noon, the day where your wealth, your car, your career, your beauty, your home, whatever we are fighting for whatever we are disobeying Allah to get has no avail

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including children, young Malayan Palma Loon, one avenue, except one thing in common at Allah has been studying except that person, she or he comes to Allah with this pure heart.

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And what is the pure heart? There's so many definitions. They say it's the heart. That is like a filter.

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Anything you put in it will come out. Except what pleases Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Now, reality this is beautiful talk. This is touching the heart in sha Allah. In reality, my daily life. I'm living in 2022 I live in the United States. I am surrounded by these temptations day and night. Mike, myself and you anybody you're in college, may Allah make it easy for you. You are what you work. May Allah make it easy for you. In the hospital, I walk and I say Allah make it easy for me. Because a lot of temptations, I'm stranger.

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Do you feel it? Do you feel it? Like when you walk? You're a stranger. Everybody's looking at you. When I was yesterday, boarding the plane. Everybody was looking at me. Of course. But what did I remember?

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And I want you all to remember specifically the sisters, Jah Islam or iba

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or say I will do her iba Paul vallelonga. Islam came as a stranger.

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Think of Islam in Makkah. They were few. Everybody was making fun of them. They were hiding. They were running.

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And then Al Hamdulillah and he said started as a stranger. And it will come back as a stranger.

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And then this what makes you smile? Bull by little horrible

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place in Jannah glad tiding to the strangers. So I always ask myself, do you want to be a stranger?

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Show me your hands. Do you want to be a stranger?

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Then that's it, be it, be it. But be it in the nice way. Don't be arrogant. Coming to Tuskegee, be it? It's hard. It's not easy, but Allah will make it easy. You're doing it for him he will never let you down.

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To Ischia will make you feel this way.

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Teskey is when your heart starts filled.

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already filmed with we call it diseases of the heart. sickness. We don't know that. We got COVID Everybody was so scared. Everybody wearing masks, washing your hands you remember these days who will forget these days? Now life is before COVID And after COVID

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but how many COVID we have in our hearts?

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Do you even think of that?

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You want me just give you no I'm just I'm gonna just give you numbers. She's gonna say the words diseases of the heart and see how many COVID 's we all have? Number one, nobody in this room but

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there is no shirk.

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There's no proof. There's no rejection of Allah presents 100

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How many miners? Should we have? We put things equal to Allah. If not more important than Allah. My beauty, my wealth, my career, my family. When I disobey Allah subhanahu wa taala to get this or to please those. That's a disease. Anger.

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How many? How many have the disease called anger?

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Did you hear about the tragedy that happened in Houston?

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When it's a Muslim family, killed his wife, four year old daughter, the grandmother and then he killed himself.

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Just happened yesterday. Anger,

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disease of the heart, anger. ostentation?

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I do so people will please. So people will praise me. So people and I get upset when I do something and people don't notice me.

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I get so unhappy. When I don't hear thank you or does Akela here. That's a disease. That's actually even form of shit. You didn't do it for Allah.

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Why do you care about people?

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And you don't care about him?

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Why people are more important than him.

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Why everything else and at least questions are for myself before anyone. Why everything is number one.

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And then he when I have time, when I can do it. When I grow up. When I finish college, when I get married, when I have children and the list is long. ostentation self admiration. You think you're better than everybody else. Everyone else is not like you nobody as smart as I am.

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Versus Sade now more used to say coolness of conforming Kaoma. Everyone is more knowledgeable than you are more Say no more.

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Lying. It's a disease of the heart. Before it's a disease of the tongue. Why do we lie? Why? to please people to show off to impress?

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versus the one who sees me. And I need to impress him.

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Awful Rahim. He'll forgive me.

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revenge, disease of the heart. How many we have I just gave you a little bit. Little bit names just because of the time how many we have

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all of the above. In the morning, I a few in the evening. I have few work on the heart. As we say in medicine, you have to diagnose the problem. And then you can solve it. I always tell patients talk to me. So I know what is the issue and hopefully be Ignalina I can help each one of us myself. Number one, look at your heart and analyze your heart. What is there?

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Who's talking? who's pushing you? Who's pulling you not people I'm talking to you're alone. You're alone when you're holding that phone and you want to do something and you know that thing is not pleasing to Him is going to blemish My heart is going to make it not pure. why I'm doing it.

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All these questions Teskey turnips, purification of the heart. It's an inward process. I say this when I teach the course I say to people, you know the selfie that everybody is so obsessed with everyone. Take a selfie of your heart.

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Put the phone on your heart and I wish we can have this and we see it and see what color is your heart or mine

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was Shamsi Waldo haha well comedy either

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tele one now how do you either jolla when Lady die Yahushua or sama Yama Bunnahabhain. Will oral the one Mata ha ha. When I've seen one masa for Allah Maha Fujiwara. What's the OVA? Or the F la Hammonds occa then the longest oath in the Quran

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he Subhana made an oath in eight things. The sun, the night, the day, the moon, the nafs the one who the one who gave it, its goodness and it's evil and then the end of the the oath is what the job will assume as they say the answer for the oath when you say by Allah, everybody is waiting, say okay, what is she going to see?

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A flow Hammonds aka,

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the one who will purify his or her knifes or the successful one, not the one who has PhDs. Not the one who has Emily can Bordeaux forever specialty, not the one who has the CEO of this company and that company. It's the one who

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purify himself or herself. We all read it in Ramadan, three weeks ago in your chef and what? Said the his smartbee colada, right? And how does it end?

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But it took three Ronal hieratic dunya when a hero to hirundo will,

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but you prefer this life is lower life. He said here to dunya when a hero to hire or whatever.

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Quickly just because of the time, how do I know? I am in this process? What do I need to do?

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Let's say okay, hamdulillah now I know I need to work. I am not where I want to be. And that's amazing if you reach that point, because usually that is denial. I am not they are she is. Don't say that. If that be enough, six starts with yourself a few points which have been shared before me. Number one is knowledge. Learn.

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learn, I can't obey Allah. I can't worship Allah with ignorance.

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Learn about this process, learn about this concept. Learn about yourself and learn about the goal. That's number one. Number two, practice everything you learn. Practice it, otherwise it is useless. They say AND ELMO yet if we bill Hamid, we're in LA Taraka who worked to have knowledge calls for action. You came in here today? You're gonna hear for six hours talking about beautiful concepts of this Deen. How are you different tomorrow?

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Otherwise this knowledge will be against me and against you. Practice, practice you learned a lecture about patient practice step by step. Step by Step knowledge. Three company

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company will Totara men, often called by Juan de Karina. With Deborah Hawa. What kind of camera who photo you read it every Friday. It's also a calf.

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Thomas Wallace Otto Sinha, this verse is called the verse of peer pressure.

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You think this the concepts are not in the Quran? They are

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peer pressure. Don't follow his Allah Centura Swati salatu salam don't follow those who are heedless last time and a final Colombo and the corner who their hearts are. They are heatless then don't remember Allah wa Tada Hawa followed his own desire. I like it. I love it. Everybody else does it. I want to fit in. I don't want to be different. That's all me saying. That's not what Allah wants from me. Your company, your company, anyone that does not bring you closer to Allah. Be careful of

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don't waste your time and energy on those people. I'll change them. My fear they may change you. They may change you for which have been mentioned before me. It shouldn't be one or two. These are not by sequence just how I am. Allah make me remember them. What's your relationship with his book? Or Ramadan is done and Hollis. Next time we'll see the Quran next year. Your relationship with his book. Don't be of those people who he alayhi salatu salam, and this is the mercy to mankind, who will say you're up

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Be in not only to huddle huddle, Khurana Jumeirah,

00:25:04 --> 00:25:18

he said he will complain to Allah about your OB not to us. And he will say your Allah, my people neglected the Quran. This is inserted for ongoing read it.

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Don't be these people. Only a Quran is in Ramadan part of your life, part of your life and you will feel

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I definitely will fail. Don't give up. Don't despair. He will bring you back. Cry to him.

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Beg him and he will bring you back. columnar Adam Hapa or Hyrule Hopper in Etowah boo. All the children of Adam are sinners. It's not my words, is his alley, his Salah to set up all of them are sinners, who's the best among them? Those who repent, get up like a child like you're two years old. He walk or she walks and fear what do you tell them? It's okay, we all did it. You get up. You will learn how to walk. That's how it is. Don't despair. Don't let shaytaan come and tell you you're useless. Just keep doing it. No, and keep living with a flemons aka what a tar bum and DISA successful indeed is the one who purify it. It is the knifes will harbor loser,

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loser who will not do that you don't want to be a loser. Nobody in this life will be loser. I leave you with this dua and to dwell for a soiree saw to Sarah. He used to say to himself, What about to me and you Allahumma at UFC Toccoa was a Kia and di romanza. Ca and Tony you her? Or Mola? Your Allah, Ya Allah Ya Allah you hear us and you are seeing us in this obsessive gathering attina Furusato Allah, Ya Allah give our souls all of us, all of us ourselves. It's stuck. I can do it. I need him to help me with this was that Kiha purify it? And the higher lumens AKA, you are the best who can purify it, simply enter what do you have one time Allah, you are the one who takes care of

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it. And you are the one who are it's really your BME? Desikan La Jolla and Subhanak along Morbihan. They actually want you to have learned stuff you talk about today SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali, he was happy to see him and Kathira


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