How to remember your parents after their death

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So now the best diet to make for your parents

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after you're solid, and this is going to be how you show gratitude to your parents, is to say all bill fiddly. Oh my Lord, forgive me when he rarely they and forgive my parents, or bill hammer home, there cannot be any asahiyama. And this is a poetic diet, this last part, and Allah showered them with mercy, bestow Your mercy upon my parents on my father upon my mother,

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in the same manner, or just as they showed me mercy. When I was a young child, as they raised me when I was a young child, very important that you make this diet, and you continue to repeat this diet for your parents after every solid. And if you have children, go and teach him this to help from a young age. So that when you grow older and you're dying, and they're still alive by a loss permission, they can make this dryer for you. And one, trust me one dryer from a child goes a long way, goes a long way in helping these parents that are buried in the earth.

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Love I call them Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, he said that when a person dies, all his good deeds come to an end, except one of three. And he mentioned Well, I don't saw the hanya doula, a righteous child that makes Dwyer for his parents know what that means.

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It means when a person dies, all your good deeds have stopped, they have come to an end, no more good deeds,

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except for three kinds of things. He mentioned Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam one of them that if you had a child, you died and you lift the child in this life.

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Every time this child makes dua for you,

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then that is good hustle that that continues

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for you, and you receive it in your grief. And notice that also the loss of a loved one he was sending me said a righteous child that makes Dwyer for his parents. What does that mean? That means that if a child was to give a million dollars sadhaka on behalf of his deceased parents, it's not as good as him making one die for them. Because in the recent law, while he was so let me sit a righteous child that makes dua for his parents. He didn't say that gives us a lot on behalf of his parents, even though that's a grand reward, and it's a great reward and be even let the parents get the reward of your sadhaka as well as their issue. But the best thing to do is to make up for them.

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So to fulfill a last command, that we are supposed to be grateful to our parents, is for us to make dua for them, whether they are still alive. And it becomes more evident after or more stressed upon, after their death. Our parents need our diet, those that have died one time ago, and your righteous children of your parents that still are alive now and watching and listening. Don't forget your parents in your Dwyer, ask about social to forgive them and to bestow His mercy upon them. Remember the good moments that you had with them. Remember that these that your mother would do whatever she can do for you. Remember your father, and the hard work that he would do to provide for you.

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Remember all this. And so when you remember this, and you remember that these your mother used to prepare food and put it on the table and call the altar come in. And she would even feel the plates up until you eat my son ate my daughter.

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Now, as you've grown old, and they have died long time ago, what you do is you look at this food, and you remember how your mother used to feed you. So in that moment, you might have some Sure, you might feel overwhelmed and saddened. But what you do then is go out and feed the poor person, go out and feed someone in hope in on behalf of your deceased mother on behalf of your deceased father, perhaps a loss so we should reward you and rewards them when they're in that grave. And they need these asset these good deeds.

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What do I as I said it goes a long way in expanding and widening the grave of the parents illuminating the grave of the parents. In the recent Mr. Hawley who will send me says in the Hadith that the parents are raised ranks in the paradise and the sea or more. Where are we getting this from? Habib saya saya Muslim, they see all along Why are we being ascended? Why are we rising in the paradise for

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What have we done? Where are we getting this bonus upgrade from? For the answer comes to them. This still 31 A deca deck, because you have a righteous child that you left behind in this old life, and he's making up for you. He's asking Allah to forgive you. And as a result, parents are going up. They are benefiting.

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They are benefiting from the diet of their children span a lot

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for my brothers and sisters in Islam, In brief, to find allies with one statement and one sentence and that is last social said anish Corleone, very they be grateful to me and to your parents, to be grateful to Allah is that you pray and you fulfill the law socialist command, and to be grateful to parents, as Sophia and I've been reading about him Allah said is to make dua for them. Make dua for them after your solid say on a bill fairly early early. They are coming out with burning Sahil up, whilst colossal panna Horta Allah to forgive our parents. Ask him subhanahu wa taala to give us the ability that we continue to show him gratitude. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala that he make us

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in a bed he has saw that he'd shake it in, in the holy umbilical or the rally or sallallahu wasallam or Baraka alone or be you know Muhammad. While early he was sloppy as remain physical a lot of a lot was said armonico murottal lahi albala kettle