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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah say the lumbee or even more saline Ahmedabad, all praises you to Allah subhana wa Taala the sustain of the walls and peace and blessings be upon the chief of our prophets and messengers sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we are coming very close, only a couple of days away from the most blessing month of Ramadan. The blessed month called Ramadan which Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given mankind doesn't the Muslims a human's an opportunity to seek forgiveness in this month.

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And how Why is Allah given as this Allah has technically put this in place I feel that 11 months human beings get busy, this sin, they are neglectful this The devil is there. You have to control your knifes but Allah has given Muslims this one month with the devil is gone.

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The month and this month the doors of Johanna closed the doors of Paradise are opened. Now Allah saying forgiveness is at your service. You seek forgiveness and Allah will forgive you.

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This is the status of this month this month is only been put there for for you to gain two things. Your forgiveness and taqwa what is taqwa? We'll get into that in a second

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but Allah subhana wa tada

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has given us this month to self rectify to make ourselves better individuals and make it last for 11 months before the month of Ramadan comes again. So there's a few things this mentioned. One is that before the month of Ramadan, Ramadan comes you should have a schedule in place. You should know that what am I going to do during the day? I'm going to be fasting you know I'm sorry time after taraweeh What am I gonna do? What will start from Muslim after Muslim I'm gonna eat and I'm gonna go to salah and the masjid after Salah they don't have this much time and taraweeh after Ravi I'm going to get home after you get home. Then you need to wait for Saturday after Saturday prayer fudger and after

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Fudgie you wake up in the morning and your whole day after that should be while you're fasting in a scheduled manner just as you schedule throughout your daily life. You're organized you know what to do the same way you should be when it comes to the month of Ramadan. How much good are you going to read? What good deeds you're going to do extra deeds? How much are you with your Salah you might not pray in a lawful and 11 months now you should start you know often how much time you're going to take out to sit down and recite the Quran. Maybe there's some sutras that you don't know by heart let's start rent learning them by heart. Maybe there's Dwight Knuth, maybe there's either corsi,

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maybe the surah scene, maybe the surah mole, take the opportunity of this month to land the surahs by heart in in this month, as this month has a very close connection with the Quranic carry. But let me tell you five gifts that Allah has given is going to give you in this month five gifts. One is that all of you are worried that I'm going to stop fasting, go to school with a bad breath. Or I'm going to go to work with a bad breath. What am I going to do? I can't fast there's a lot of people that don't fast because of this. And we'll get to those people who neglect Ramadan also. But Allah Singh, I'm giving you five gifts. One is that if a person fasts and see the smell of his breath, to

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Allah, it smells as if it's Musk, this is one gift. Think for the world it might be bad breath. But for Allah, it's more better than musk

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that Allah is talking about the second gift. The second gift is that every fish in the sea, how many fishes in the sea?

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How many fishes in the sea?

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We don't know right? Every fish in the sea

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will be doing a vicar for you who is fasting, that person who is fasting, the fishes in the sea will be doing thicker for you. The third, the devil is chained up the devil The devil is at the picture. He cannot take you astray now you have the ability to control your knifes, right? This three things. The fourth thing is that Allah subhanho wa Taala has no decorating Jana.

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Allah subhanaw taala decorates Jana and says to Jenna, that very soon my faithful my faithful servants will cast aside the world and come to you as the last one to last us to prepared

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for you.

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And the fifth one is forgiveness. Forgiveness, you know, the companions asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam regarding fig forgiveness in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And the Sahaba said, Are you referring to forgiveness of Laila to Qatar? And the process of them said no, we talking about the forgiveness that a person, a laborer should be paid once the work is completed. Meaning that when you ask for forgiveness, Allah will forgive you.

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Five things, these are very thing if you think about these five things, our last one Tyler has, is elevating is trying to pull you trying to pull pull all the disobedient, the sinners, the people who were against Allah who never listened, who didn't contemplate who didn't think or know a last one that last month I was trying to put them into paradise through small small excuses. This is also evident that Allah Subhana Allah loves us dearly.

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So we have the sale of things.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Grant has the most beneficial Ramadan

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that we ever walk into males Manta, like Grant has a better Ramadan the following year, but those who are neglectful to Ramadan for small, small reasons, the Prophet sallallahu and he was synonymous with ones claiming the pulpit. You know the member that you get an enema. The mom sits on it, right? There's usually three steps he used. He claimed the first step he said amin he claimed the second step he said amin again, he claimed the third step and he said amin again and the companions around him got confused. They said that you said amin three times Why did you say I mean we've never seen you do something like this before.

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He said that jabrai li salatu salam came from the heavens. And he said three things to me and I said amin

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the first one

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which is the most important one here

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is that person

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whom does when Ramadan comes and does not get forgiven, may a curse be upon him.

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May the curse of Allah be upon him and who sing amin the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who's making the Jabra elite Serato slant this is this is definitely this though is guaranteed. So we do not want to put ourselves in a position where the month of Ramadan comes in we are soon neglectful over small little things that we end up becoming a part of that curse. So when the month of Ramadan comes, take it as you have to seek forgiveness. You have to become close to Allah. And we take these favors upon ourselves. And we really really do sugar to Allah. We do Shakuntala just as last point Allah subhanaw taala has given us taqwa

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taqwa is when you know that Allah is watching you 24 hours before doing something wrong. You know Allah is watching you. You never have in your mind. No one's watching me You always have in your mind that Allah subhanho wa Taala is watching me. taqwa

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is such a thing that you have recognition that the law subhana wa tada is watching you at all times. Allah subhana wa Taala is watching you when you're alone. When you are, you know, you're thinking by yourself when you have the recognition in your mind that Allah is watching me 24 hours. This is taqwa.

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Make sense? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the best of Ramadan's mandus Manta, like give us opportunity to be a part of this. Melis wanted to make sure that we have males better give us the ability to have our schedules in place, the motivation and place the passion and place my last mantra take away our laziness. May Allah swatara not mix makers amongst those who are neglect neglect neglectful Joseph Kamala Hi, Santa Monica Mara la he will wa barakato