The Humble Vs The Arrogant

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The transcript describes a group of women discussing their upcoming wedding ceremony. They talk about the excitement of the wedding and how many women are expected to come. They also mention a man who is considering getting married to a woman, but is hesitant due to his age and perceived perceived as arrogance.

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Hey, I know

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some guys out there they think that they think too, too good looking

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all the time. Yeah, you know flicking their hair

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looking themselves in the mirror they probably look at this themselves in the mirror but you know, at least five times a day. Yeah, far too far for them brothers. Yeah. Looking at the mirror looking at themselves closely, man when they look at me they think they stare that yet. So these guys they were the smiles close the eyes closed they go out you know that live in it. They just go out and they know they know Yeah, the girls are just looking at them. You know? They've got they've got the beauty then the girls are just looking at them. Girls

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are giggly and bubbly. Random. Yeah. And it goes wonder guy. These guys want the guy. But the funny thing is, is the guy's handsome.

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And when these girls come after him, he says, I don't want that one. I can get someone better than that. More beautiful than her. Why should I go after her for the other girls after him? Nah, you're not you're not my charm yet. Another one? Not this one. Not that one. Not this for another one. And he's like, no, no, no. Out of all these 50 Women are after him. He's thinking where's the 51st gonna come? And if another 20 Come anything? I wanted someone even more and someone who's beautiful comes to things should I should I should I or should I not? Should I put all my eggs in a basket with the sun? should I should I not? Maybe not. There's always more beautiful girls than that. And one day

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some real beautiful girl is gonna come for me. Yeah, while there while he's doing all these things being so picky and choosey and so arrogant in his own own own handsomeness. He considered others to be less preachy and less less handsome than him. And you know what happens? Those guys are humble. You know what they know? They ain't got the looks here. They're going live to think Man, which woman would ever even dream of marrying me? Yeah, I'd be lucky man. Even if a woman comes along and says that she likes me. And certainly says this, this nice girl comes up and likes him. And if he was the other guy in and Mr. Handsome, you would have said no, not her. I only have more beautiful than

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that. Yeah. So this guy who consider themselves not too good. He says yeah, fine proposal. Yeah, fine. Yeah, let's get married. So they get married Hamdulillah. And the other guy who was Mr. Handsome. He's on his 71st. One is thinking where's the 72nd one now? He gets he gets old. And he gets there. And then all of a sudden, he realizes

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that she's not coming along.

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And then you realize all the girls that he rejected, they're all getting married.

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And then he realizes that you know what? He said? No to so many. Nobody wants him right now. I think he's to Oregon. And the end. He wants what he wants what he wants lesser than less beautiful than the ones he rejected. He's not getting anyone that are interested in him anymore. They say Hey, guy, how come you 32 years old man? How can you 33 You ain't married? Yeah, what's wrong with you? And now he's losing his his hair yet me? Yeah, before he like flicking.

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Yeah. And he's losing his hair and I was thinking man, I better find someone. It's funny how things change Iran. Mantova Allah Allah who serves humble for Allah sake, Allah raises them. Whosoever is arrogant Allah will drop them to the ground. My friends, what we should do is we should recognize that it's only through Allah's giving that we have what you got. Hey,