Soulmates and Best Friends

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How does one become passionate, and their marriage? The simple response. And a very short response that I have to that is when a couple get married, regardless of being loved marriage and arranged marriage, and especially targeting the range manager, because they don't really know each other beforehand, but love manage not have some level of understanding. But regardless of whether, regardless of what you are loved manager, you know, arranged marriage, you should become a couple have a strong bond, you should become the best friends. You should rely on each other. Don't look at each other as formality. Don't look at each

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other as responsibility, look at each other with care and love. Just as you would look at your own family members. When you look at your mother, you do not think responsibility, you think the more I do, the more reward I will get. When you look at your father, like when the daughters look at the father, they think the more I look after my father, the more reward I will get. The wife should look at her husband, the more I seven, the more reward I will get and the husband should look at his wife, the more I make her happy, the more happy Allah will become with me to such an extent that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, when a wife and a husband smile at each other, the third being smiling

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at them as Allah Subhana Allah, look at the connection that Allah subhanaw taala has built amongst them to, it's absolutely amazing. So if the couples were to really put aside everything, and become the best of friends first, don't share, share everything with each other, do not make it such that the girls that the women have a habit of discussing certain things with their husband and certain private things with their friends. And the men discuss all the private things with the friends but they don't tell the waves do not have such friends, you become those best friends, you become the ones that everything and privates discussed everything and open as discussed. Do you know why?

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Because your bond is so strong, no one will be able to break it. The problem that we fall into is that we don't speak to each other, but we speak to everybody else. We speak to our parents, we speak to our siblings, we speak to our cousins, we speak to our friends. But when it comes to speaking to one another,

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you know, we're too tired. of there's nothing to speak about. So one should always be in the clear with his wife and husband. If you end the clear with each other, and you're the best offense Do this, do the silliest things with each other. Don't live in a relationship of formality, hey, go and go and go to the carnival and go on a roller coaster and make the stupidest faces that you can but break every single barrier that you can think of between each other, there should be zero barriers and between a husband and wife. And the only thing that should remain in between them as other meaning respect for one another. But when you take away respect as like two children just playing

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all the time, you're not beautiful sight that are seen. I was in Turkey, I was traveling from Istanbul to to Bursa. And in between comes a bridge of very big bit. It's not the bridge that takes you to Asia side. It's another massive bridge that comes and there's a service station there. And in the service station. They had this you know, usually you have things that you can take pictures next to it was just a love heart that said Istanbul on it, right? So the love her, you could actually sit and say, and what actually seen is Massimo kids wanted to go there, you know and see it because it was massive, right? Since old couple, this guy held his wife's hand. And he got onto this love heart

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so you could take a picture of so rather than taking a picture of her, she was sitting there posing a very old couple, right? So she was posing, but he's taking selfies with me and laughing his wife that she's posing and this came as a bit of a 70 something right? And I'm institchu like Subhana Allah look at that they like best buddies man, like they like on another level. So the motive that every single couple should have in their life is become best friends with each other and have 0% barriers 0% barriers, behind closed doors, and in the open 0% barriers. One thing that should be taken into consideration as other must be so free with each other that you know, I'll be honest with

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you like even now, I would like me my son's right what we do is like we you know,

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fish my wife and start running around the house and my kids are running with me Mama is gonna catch you Mama's gonna catch you and and I do the same and she does it. So you need to have that tape of like the whole kids join and so there's a bunch of kids in the house. There's a bunch of kids do not have. I'm the man I'm the woman and this is it. You can if you live in a life of formality you're never gonna get anywhere. May Allah subhanaw taala give us understanding

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Give us relationships that where we are living in a complete fun, you could say fun, exciting manner. And just remember I'll conclude on this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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he was with whom? has an Asia or the Allahu Akbar. And what did they do? They had a race. Who one has the Ayesha? Right. So as I said, I got a one, a one, a one, a one. And how old was the Prophet? He was, he was a he was old at the time. But

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who is the process of let's talk about it. He is a more respectable man to ever walk in the face of this era. No one will ever be respected as he was, and no one will ever ever have the status that he had. He's racing in Why is racing with his wife in public and not only that, after so many years, the process and remembered that he had a race with his wife, so it goes to his wife, you're gonna have the race again.

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And this time you better look at that that showed you that the level of 0% barriers within their life within their relationship, man last month, Allah granted such relationships like Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam had with his wife does Akuma la hate Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh