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Episode Notes

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi welcomes us to yet another fascinating part of this amazing series and discusses what transpired in the king’s palace that prompted the king to have an interaction with Yusuf AS while in prison. Verses 42 to verse 53 of Surah Yusuf are recited in the same context.

In these verses, Yusuf AS tells one of the two lads who he thought would be safe after listening to their dreams, to take his message to the king that it was incorrect of him to be in prison and save him from this wrongdoing. But the lad ,due to the conniving ways of Shaytan , could not deliver the message of Yusuf AS to the king and hence, he remained in prison for many more years illegally.

After many years, the king had a very strange dream of 7 fat cows being eaten by 7 thin ones and he knew that this dream meant something. He called for his council of ministers and asked them to explain his dream to him if they have the knowledge. They replied that these were jumbled nightmares and was not something to be read into. The audience also had the same lad who had been freed earlier and he remembers Yusuf AS. So, he excuses himself by saying that he will find the interpretation of the dream while all the while knowing that it was only Yusuf AS who could do so. 

So, he lands himself in front of Yusuf AS in prison and asks for the interpretation of the dream in order to make himself famous. Yusuf AS explains the dream immediately without criticizing him or anything of the sort for his failure to get his message delivered to the king earlier.

What was the interpretation of the dream? Listen intently and be mesmerised by the details.


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I said I'm alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu Welcome to another episode of our fascinating and exciting series towards understanding pseudo use of this is your host yesterday. In our last episode, we had discussed the series of events that led to the imprisonment of use of alcoholism and the subsequent data that he gave to the two people in the prison. In today's episode, we'll begin our discussion from the king's palace and what transpired in the king's palace that allowed him and wanted him to communicate with us of Allah His setup while he was in prison, stay with us local the canopy.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. In our last episode, we had discussed the fact that the two prisoners had come to the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam, and asked the interpretation of their dreams, and he gave it to them after inviting them to Islam. In today's episode, we will talk about what happened after this, and the story of the king and his dreams. And we noticed the constant theme of dreams in sort of use of so use of is a surah that has many, many dreams, it begins with a dream. It has a number of dreams in the middle, and it ends with the interpretation of the dreams. So as is our custom, we will begin with a recitation of the verses that we're going to explain. And

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today we will recite a rather longer passage from beginning from verse 42. All the way up to verse 53 Bismillah tada I asked my viewers to also try to open up the Quran and follow along with me

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So in these series of verses

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use of it he said I'm after interpreting the dream for his two fellow prisoners. He then tells one of them what called 11 Navona gym in Houma. He says to the one whom he presumed he thought he knew would be saved from the two of them. Remember, what was the dream, the dream was that one of them was pressing grapes to form wine. And the other one, he saw himself carrying a basket of bread, and the birds were eating from this basket. So he interpreted the dream. And he said, this one, one of you and look at the politeness, he didn't say which one because one of them is going to face death. So he didn't say you are going to face that. He said, One of you will eventually go back to his

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master and continue to press wine and make wine for him. And the other he didn't mention who that name was, because this is a matter of politeness, the other will be crucified, he didn't want to make it even worse than it appears. And he says the other will be crucified, and the birds will eat from his flesh, the birds will eat from his face. This is the interpretation of the dream that the bread symbolized, that the birds will be eating from his face. So one of them will be saved. So he said to the one whom he thought would be saved, with Kourtney in Arabic, mentioned me to your master, ie the king. Now remember, we said these were the servants of the king, right? So mentioned

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me to your king, take my case to the king mentioned to him that I shouldn't be here. This is incorrect for me to be here. For answer who showed on with the Krabi. So shavon caused him to forget mentioning it to his Lord, for that celebrity celebrity Sydney, Bill icynene. So he remained a few years in jail. Now,

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there are two interpretations of this verse and both of them are correct linguistically, but only one is obviously correct in terms of what actually happened. The first interpretation is as follows. And the reason why there's a difference of opinion, is because the names are not mentioned, but rather pronouns are mentioned. He said to his Lord, who is the Lord Who is the heat. So the first opinion goes as follows. Use of said to the person who is going to be saved the other prisoner mentioned my case, the case of use of to your master, meaning the king, for answer who shall bond with the kuraby

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shavonne caused this servant to forget to mention use case to his master the King shaytaan caused this servant to forget to mention the matter to his king. So because of this use of remain there for a number of years, the second interpretation

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use have told the man to go tell his master about his case. For Ansel, who shared bond with a copy. So this was incorrect use of should not have gone to the man shame on caused the use of to forget to think of his Lord, ie Allah. So because of this, he remained in prison for many years. So the question arises, who was shaytaan? targeting? Was it this servant, in which case the servant forgot to mention use case to the king? Or was it use of, in which case, use of relied on the servant instead of relying upon Allah, and use of turn to the servant instead of turning to Allah. And so shaytaan caused us to forget mentioning his Lord. And because of that Allah punished him by allowing

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him to remain in the prison for many years. Now, scholars have different which of these two interpretations is correct. And in shallow to other? The correct interpretation is the first one, not the second one. Why? Because there is absolutely nothing wrong to

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ask help from a person who is qualified to give you that help. There's nothing wrong and trying to defend yourself. There's nothing wrong and trying to get your case heard. And if this had been wrong, then it would have been wrong for use of it send them to defend his honor, the first time when he was accused of seducing the woman, he said, I didn't do it, she seduced me. So if it had been wrong, he wouldn't have done it the first time, there is absolutely nothing wrong in defending yourself, and in trying to take legitimate and permissible means to arrive at the goal. So the correct opinion is that this man who was released from jail, returned to the service of the king,

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and he continued pressing wine for the king. And as is the case with all men, when the good happens to you, when you get out of your problems and afflictions. You forget about your problems, you forget about those who helped you, and this is not appropriate and right. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever is not thankful to the people who helped him out whoever is not thankful to his fellow men, it means he's not thankful to Allah. Why? Because these men who helped you if you're in debt, and they gave you money, if you're in any crisis, and they helped you out, they were sent by Allah, even if they didn't realize that Allah azza wa jal was the one who provided them for you. So

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by thanking them, realizing Allah gave it to you, then you are in fact thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala. The true believer is grateful for every favor that a fellow human being does, but he realizes this ultimate favor is due to Allah. So the ultimate blessings have to be given to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Yusuf Alayhi, salaam tried to get his case heard with the king directly, the ministers did what they did. And the king has no idea what happened. As is the case in all corrupt countries, ministers have power to do things that are against the law. And so they illegally jailed use of use of alayhis salam did not deserve to be jailed, they illegally jailed use of and they threw him in.

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So now he's trying to get out. And he takes every permissible means and this shows us in our religion, we don't just sit back and let things happen. In our times, we're facing a lot of problems, a lot of issues. We fight back in a legitimate way, not an illegitimate way, legitimately. We defend our rights. According to the laws of the land, we stay within the laws of the land, use of alayhis salam did not go beyond the laws of the land, he took recourse and he took action, according with the laws of the land, and he asked this person go mentioned my case to your king, but shavon caused him to forget to mention this and because of that Yusuf remained in prison for a number of

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years. We'll take a short break now and we'll come right back and continue discussing the story from where we left off Stay with us.

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Welcome back. We're right at the point where use of Allah His Salaam told the fellow prisoner mentioned me to your Lord. But the prisoner your Lord here means the master of the the prisoner ie the king. But shall porn caused him to forget. And shavon has many many tactics. And one of the tactics of shaytaan is that he causes you to forget. And the same tactic is mentioned in so little cap as well. In another story, the story of Musa alayhis salaam

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With his servant, when most that tells his servant that when you see the sign of the fish going into the water, tell me and Allah says shavon caused him and Sandy who follow on Earth, Cora, Allah says that this person whose was usually the Prophet after Musa, you shot said, who was at that time a young lad a young man, he said, it was shavon, who caused me to forget. So forgetting something is one of the tactics of shadeland to cause you inconvenience to cause you hassle to cause you strife. Whether you forget a religious obligation such as prayer, this is one of the tactics of shaytaan you genuinely forget, it is time to pray that you are not sinful. But you need to make up the prayer as

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soon as you remember, or even a worldly matters, such as in this case, where the man forgot to mention use of to the king. So shavon was the one who caused this in order to inconvenience use of more in the prison, therefore, realize that this is one of the tactics of shavon to try to make you forget something. So because of this use of Allison remained in prison bill glycine in a few years. The word Beeline Arabic could mean anywhere from three to nine. So most scholars interpret the use of Allah Islam stayed around eight, nine years in prison. And remember, he entered the prison as a young man. So by the time he came out, he was probably in his late 20s or early 30s. This is the

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rough estimate of the time age that he would have been in. So this prisoner returns to the palace of the king, and he is freed from jail and he becomes the servant again. And he continues to feed his master wine, as was his custom before he entered prison. And many, many years later, as we said, probably around seven or eight years later, the king sees a very strange dream, what was the dream of the king, the king saw that seven fat cows were being eaten by seven thin ones. And he saw seven grains of corn that were full. And he saw seven grains of corn that were withered away and shriveled up, and he kept on seeing the stream. And he knew that it meant something because as we said, one of

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the signs of a drain from Allah is that it remains in your memory fresh and powerful, and you have a feeling that there is something symbolic here. So he called a council of his ministers. And he said to all of them, this is what I have seen of Tony Fiero. Aya explained to me, my dream in quantum literal Yarborough if you're able to interpret dreams, so he's trying to talk them, Do you even have this knowledge? Do you know how to explain this dream. So they responded back to him auto auto auto ILM? They said these aren't dreams. These are jumbled up nightmares. Notice he called it Roja. And they called it home or ILM. He called it a dream. And they called it the plural nightmares. In other

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words, they're trying to basically show that this is not a real dream that you have seen. You have just seen something else. Don't worry about it. It's not a big deal. But when he announced this, in the large gathering of famous ministers, and all of his of his of his people around him, right there present was also the person who gave him his wine, the very person who was freed from jail, along with use of and so we'll call the lead in a jam in Houma, the one who was saved from those two, what decorada. And he remembered, after a long time, he remembered the whole story. And as we said, this is the nature of man, that when something evil happens to you, you don't think about it, you don't

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want to ponder about it. When something good happens to you, you overlook the one who gave you that good, you forget about it, and you forget the state that you were in, in the state of evil. So this person basically covered up his memory shaytaan caused him to do so until the king jarred that memory until the king saw a dream. And he remembered this was the one who also interpreted a dream. So we're called Ella Deena jam in Houma Decker by The Omen earner on a bill computer. When he first Ceylon, he told the king, I was, I will interpret it. So allow me leave to go. Give me permission to take the day off and find out the interpretation of this dream. Notice, he said, I will inform it of

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you. In other words, he went to to get some favor from the king. He wanted to become famous, and such as that we would all people who lack true humility and Eman. They want to take the credit for themselves, even though it was used to who is going to tell him he didn't say that. I will bring somebody who will tell you rather, he said, I will tell you of its interpretation. So send me so he rushes back to the prison that he was saved from that he occupied for many years. He rushes back to that jail, and he says the king has sent me allow me to go in, I need to speak to this prisoner. And he says, You suffer you

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owe us have you noble man, or use of you truthful person, no apologies, no introduction, no, nothing immediately.

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He jumps in. And he begins by buttering us up by praising him. Oh use of you know, Bull man. Give me the interpretation of Tina. Tell us what does it mean for you separately by karate and simonian seven fat cows, yet could ohana separate andrija foods that are being eaten up by 7000 cows 7000 cows are eating up seven fat cows. What so very simple that in Holden and seven lush grains of corn were Ohara bissette and seven very dry ones. Lively Audra Nancy says I want to go back to the people that I love him more so that they can tell we can tell them what happens. So he doesn't even say who the dream is from he doesn't know what to give it away. Still, this middleman wants to try to get

00:20:45--> 00:21:28

the information from you. So go back to the king and become famous himself. And amazingly use of it his center gives him what he wants. He doesn't reprimand him. He doesn't say did you mention me to King? What is the matter? Look at the patience of use of it his setup, he explains the dream. And he interprets it immediately without criticizing the man without questioning him without any hint of being angry. Why are you coming to me now after you have abandoned me? Why should I help you out when you didn't help me up? No, this is not the character of use of it his setup, he says immediately call the Tesla owner seborrheic Nina the oven. He said you will harvest your grain for

00:21:28--> 00:21:57

seven years. That oven means like you were used to, as was your custom for seven years you will continue this very custom that you used to do from our house to further roofie somebody whatever you harvest from the grain from the crops, all of this corn, leave it in its outer shell leave it there illa kalida member Taku except for a little bit that you have to eat the rest of it, leave it stored.

00:21:59--> 00:22:01

And then he said somebody it but

00:22:02--> 00:22:48

then they will come after this separate own she died on seven very, very tough years years of drought. So after seven consecutive years of harvesting, they will be followed by seven years of drought yet called nema kadem Tula hoonah, they will eat up all that you have stored in karela mimma torsina, except for a little bit of what you had preserved. So my team in the Delica amoun. And then they will come one year fee you have to NASA will be here soon, a lot of rain will fall it will be a very bountiful year, and they will be have so much produce they will even be able to produce wine from it which is a luxury item. You don't have to eat the food you don't have to take the grains or

00:22:48--> 00:23:06

the or the grapes, you can even produce wine from it. Notice here a number of points. Firstly, as we said the patience of use of Allah His setup. And this patience is so marvelous, that even our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was amazed at it. He said,

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I am amazed at the patience of use of Egypt, I am amazed and astonished at how patient use of is this is our prophets or some speaking. He said I am amazed at the patience of use of Allah His setup, when the man came back to him,

00:23:25--> 00:24:07

I would not have given him that information. This is our profit speaking, I would not have given him that information, until I put a condition that they released me from Gil. This is our Profit System speaking. And this is what all of us would also have done. And he says I am amazed at how patient he was that after languishing in jail, it must be now over 10 years he has been in jail after the interpretation of the dream. Because remember, the dream was interpreted after he entered jail. And then after that another seven years, so he's remaining in jail for almost a decade for not having done any crime. And the man comes back and no questions. He gives him the interpretation of the

00:24:07--> 00:24:45

dream. Secondly, what is even more amazing. Not only does he interpret the dream, he gives them a solution to the problem. Now the use of Elisa was not asked for a solution. The man didn't say what should we do in terms of the crisis? No. The man said What does the dream mean? Use if interpreted. And not only did he interpret it, he told them what to do. Look at the gentle nature. Look at the kind character of this prophet of Allah that He wants good for them and they are not even Muslims, by the way, but he was good because they're his fellow men. He was good because these are the people that he is living amongst. So he was good for them. So he tells them I will tell you what to do for

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seven years. When you harvest your crops, then don't get rid of it. Don't plant it, rather store it away. Keep it for the future. Then you will accept it for the portion. You will have to

00:25:00--> 00:25:45

Eat, then you will be followed by seven years of drought. Seven years of difficulty, these will eat up the seven years of produce. And this is the interpretation of the seven cows eating the seventh in cows eating the seven fat cows. The seven fat cows represent the harvest for that year, fat and plump, lots of rain. And the seven thin cows represent seven years of no rain. So the seven years of no rain will eat up the produce of the seven years of bountiful produce. So the seven years of drought will eat up the seven years before it and this is the interpretation of the dream. Now an interesting question arises. Okay, we understand the symbolism here of the seven fat cows meaning

00:25:45--> 00:26:26

seven years of full grain and the seven thing cows meaning seven years of drought, and of course the seven full blossoming corn and the seven withered corn represents the same thing. But where did you serve? As I said, I'll get the one year after the seven, he said and then there will come a year there will be much water and much rain, and you will actually be able to produce wine. Where did this one year come from. And this shows us the insight of use of it hits the lamp after seven years of drought. In order for seven years of drought to be washed away. You must be flooded with a deluge of rain, extra rain must come to wipe away seven years of drought. So this is what you survived

00:26:26--> 00:26:51

Islam infers from the dream even though the dream does not mentioned it explicitly. He says after the seven years of drought, they will come a year where there will be plenty of rain so much so you will even be able to produce wine from it. And this brings us to the conclusion of today's episode. I should allow you to either in our next episode, we will continue explaining these very verses that we have recited I hope to see you then until next time