Riyadul Haqq – How To Understand Qadr

Riyadul Haqq
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the complexity of the puzzle and the limitations of our ability to understand and know who we are. Pre- determinism and predestination are key pillars for creating unique circumstances that make us feel the same way, and humans can overcome these circumstances by creating circumstances that make them feel the same way. belief in oneself and finding one's way through the natural world is crucial to creating unique circumstances that make us feel the same way.
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So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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it will show me that you believe in, it's good, and it's bad. And in the generation, you believe in other all of it,

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sweet brother, and better,

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good and bad. The all of it is from last panel.

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as I said, it's a conundrum.

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It's extremely intelligent. It's very complex. It's a mystery.

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And our only explanation is that this is something which is beyond our understanding is beyond our capacity.

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Traditionally, Goldsmith's used to have very fine delicate scales,

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on which they would put gold dust on the pins of the scales.

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If you were to take

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that scale and place a bold on, it's what happens, it crushes

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our minds,

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may be truly astounding.

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But we are limited in our capacity in our ability in our senses, we are extremely limited.

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Our taste suffers, if it's not accompanied by the sense of smell. That's how weak we are. Our taste suffers. If it's not accompanied by the sense of smell, if our sense of smell is impaired, automatically, our sense of taste is impaired. That's how weak we are.

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When it comes to intellectual strength and ability, even monkeys can outperform us in many tasks.

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Even when it's to do with numbers,

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dolphins and

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orcas. Killer Whales perform better than us when it comes to simple mental tasks. Some.

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So, although Allah has endowed us with an amazing mind and amazing brain, and unbelievable intelligence, it's still extremely limited. As a last as

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you know, we can't even understand what's in us. We have MRI scanners.

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We have mapped the human genome,

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we have explored. And we know the different areas of the mind that volatile the mind the brain.

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We know which parts of the brain control which functions and which senses. We've gone down to the microscopic level, the genetic level of DNA and RNA, and the information encoded in DNA and RNA. We know so much about all of these things.

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we've landed a man on the moon.

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Now, please, once I said this, and someone actually sent me a whole DVD

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saying How dare you believe in such conspiracies? Okay.

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We told it's been narrated to us, it's been narrated to us that

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what a wiener, it's been narrated to us, that man has landed on the moon.

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we've explored the oceans, we've explored the planets, we've explored the moon. But we've achieved all of these things. And we pride ourselves on our technological advancements, on our science, on our discoveries and our knowledge. And despite all of this, we still don't know

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who we are. What distinguishes us from other animals.

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What Graham says, higher intelligence, higher emotion, a sense of purpose.

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Scientists still say that we are the only known species,

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or living organism, in the entire universe, despite its vastness, that actually sees itself understands itself, to some degree knows itself and is aware and conscious of itself.

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We are regularly told that this

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brain this gray matter is the most complex thing known to us in the entire universe. Despite all of that, we still don't

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know who we are in the sense

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that what gives us life? What makes us human? What is that spirit?

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Some people call it the mind. Some people call the mind as distinct from the brain. Some people call it the ego. Some people call it the super ego, some people call it the self, some people call it the spirit. Some people call it by another name being some people call it the essence, whatever name you give it.

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All of these names in Arabic translates into one thing, the rule,

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despite all our knowledge and understanding, we don't know the rule.

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And Allah says of that,

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we are cellula can you rule or the Roman era be woman t terminal in in La kalila. And they asked you about the rule. The spirits say to them, that the rule is a matter of my Lord, and you have not been given except very little knowledge. So we are limited in our capacity to understand we can't and understand ourselves. What happened at the beginning of the universe? What happened at the very beginning? How did it all come up come about?

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What's the correct belief? What's the correct theory? What's the correct version and explanation?

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Allah says in the Quran, mash had to help us somehow they want

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to see him, oh, my

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God, Lina aguda. Allah says, I did not make them a witness into the creation of the heavens and the earth, and nor are witness into their own creation. And I am not one to take those who lead others into error as an assistant. What does that mean?

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We humans,

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who can't understand ourselves? Who can't remember what we had for breakfast?

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Despite knowing so much don't know what's inside us?

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Who don't know what makes us us?

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How can we purport to know what happened at the beginning of creation? How can we purport to know what will happen later? How can we purport to understand the mystery of

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it's beyond our understanding. And in fact, scientists, some scientists, astrophysicists and others, even in science, not in a philosophical sense, but in a scientific, astrophysical sense. They speak of pre determinism and predestination, as though there is one an alterable path

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of time in the universe, that nothing can change it.

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And a perfect example of that is imagine retrospectively, in hindsight, we're always wise, oh, then I wish I could have done this, I wish I could have done that. I wish this would have happened, that would have happened. But you know what?

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So many different forces of the universe, even from a scientific perspective, so many different forces of the universe, so many different factors, all came together, to create those unique, peculiar circumstances in which something happened. Now, even if

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it was possible, and we were to turn back the clock, and we were to go back to how things were, then

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most likely,

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the same circumstances, the same forces, the same factors would all come together to replicate the exact same circumstances leading to the same conclusion.

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Truthfully, we cannot understand. We don't.

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And therefore, we believe

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we believe in last crown hall with the artist but without truly being able to.

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We believe in the rule, without being able to understand it. We believe in these things without being able to fully understand

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and the truth is, it makes sense we have very little time.

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We have very little time.

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In our lives, we have a limited amount of energy,

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physical as well as mental

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and emotional,

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and belief in others is actually liberate. It truly is.

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It gives a person a sense of peace except

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how things are

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Last round of essays

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masaba mean we'll see within four of the will rfem for sickle, in Laffy Kitab in public in Nebraska, in the valley kalamaki se Ikeda So,

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one at the front of the monitor,

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but no misfortune no calamity befalls you,

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neither on earth or in your cells, except that it is in the book before we cause it to come to pass. Indeed, this is easy for Allah.

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And then the last season the next verse, this is why, why are you being told this? Why should you know this? Why should you accept this in the next verse, Michaela, so, Adam,

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so that you may not regret that which has missed you.

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And so that you know, you may not be exultant and arrogant over that which Allah has given

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a lot does not every boss for arrogant swaggering purse

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in in another sort of law say so beautifully. Masami will see but then elaborated may or may not be La

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La Bakula, Shana lien. Allah says, No calamity befalls you.

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Except by the command of a law.

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And whoever believes in Allah, Allah, Allah will guide his heart. And man, I like to take service when I read that verse in knowing that if I believe in the power of Allah, Allah will guide my heart to solace to comfort to rest

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to settlement content.

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What are the choices there are?

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Some things happen?

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How can you resist something that already is?

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How can you fight something that's already happened?

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How can you as one individual fights other? And if you don't believe in Allah, then looking at it from a scientific perspective, how can you as one feeble, humble individual, fight the forces of the universe,

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you can't.

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The other of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If you believe in it, your hearts will find peace and contentment and this is one of the conditions of any man, when we say amen. In other it's not just a mental belief, but an active belief of the heart, in the manner that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described to Abdullah are both of the elaborate

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or famous long deeper parts of the headiness and that no child or land

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whatever was going to meet you was never going to miss you

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or whatever was going to miss you was never going to meet

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that is part of email and there are many other how the Earth would speak of this that a person cannot be a Mothman a person cannot truly believe until he believes that what is what was going to befall him would never have missed missed him and what was going to miss him was never going to meet

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and as I say in English and Mrs as good as a mile which means that sometimes you regret I was that close I was that close but you know what, what it was a few millimeters away or it's a mile away doesn't make a difference in mystery.

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So a missus as good as a mile.

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Why regrets?

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So it's not again, just a mental but it's not again, just a mental belief but rather an active belief of contentment of the heart or conviction of the mind.

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That is part of email. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well don't mean He will surely that you believe in other it's good and it's bad.

An Excerpt from the talk, ‘Islam, Iman & Iḥsan: The ḤadÄ«th of Jibril Part 2/4’ – Delivered by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq on 12th February 2016 at Al Kawthar Academy, Leicester (UK)

Human beings have accomplished great achievements. We have mapped the human genome; explored the brain using MRI scanners and have gone down to the microscopic level of DNA and RNA. We pride ourselves on our technological advancements and exploration of the oceans and other planets – yet despite this, we still don’t know who we are. What gives us life? What makes us human?

Our minds may be astounding, but we are limited in our capacity, ability and our senses to understand the soul/ego/mind and how it functions. We were not made witness to the creation of the Universe, nor were we made witness to the creation of our own selves. How can we then purport to know what happened at the beginning of creation, what will happen later and how can we purport to know the mystery of Qadr (Fate)?

Learn from this excerpt the level of our intelligence and how one can understand Qadr using examples from the Qur’an and Hadith.

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