The Justice that Allah commanded us to establish

Abu Bakr Zoud


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam's commandment, which is recognized as the greatest of all, and how it is recognized as the beginning of life. The speaker also talks about a woman who was killed by a group of men in a ship, and how he recounts a story about a woman who was killed by a group of men in a ship.
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So Allah subhanaw taala begins by commending mankind to establish justice in their life. And he began with this as a commandment, because it is an obligation. So there are three things allotted. When he said when he turned him over, he began with other because it's an obligation and the greatest of others

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to be established in life is a tawheed. the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is of the greatest standard to worship Allah subhana wa tada Oh, look, man, all the Allahu anhu and he gave advice the sun, he said to me or Buddha to see Rick Miller, do not ascribe an associate and worship others besides a loss of habitat. Why? He said to him in a ship Carnival manavi, because a ship itself this major sin, it is the greatest of oppression. So if a ship is the greatest oppression, then that means a towhead would be the greatest of justice that one could establish in his life. For the first thing that is meant by in a lie neurobiological, Allah azzawajal commands and orders

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justice. The first of its meanings is that tawheed is established in one's life allowed to hear one of its opinions is there either in the law, this is the absolute meaning of another. And then it refers, of course, to every type to every type of other in the law. Moreover, the other day and even if you looked into the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, you find that he established the huddle in his life as well, even among his family members. The very famous story of Rasulullah saw seldom as mentioned in Sahih Bukhari that there was once a woman in the time of Osama assassin she stole something after her husband and

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he stole something after the conquest of Mecca. So her tribe, we were scared for her they were terrified and afraid that the consequences are going to be serious now hands will be chopped and so on. For the central seven museum. You know, of course, the seventh Macedo, their loved one was a young boy. And he was basically raised in the household of the whole amazon seller. So the seller loves

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him so much. So they got saved. And they said to him that they got

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a lot one Oh, yesterday, meaning they grabbed him and they said, you know, seven, please go to Amazon sell them since you're the most beloved team, go team. And kind of can you talk him out of punishing this woman that stone is going to see for? So he says that is probably a lot one who he went. And he went to Lhasa masala. And he began to intercede on behalf of this woman. No, of course she she had made a mistake and forgive her this time. And whenever you saw me his face started changing became red. Like I said to him, took a limit if you have been wanting to do delay, he says to me, oh seven? Are you talking to me about a law of the laws of the Muslim paradigm? You're trying

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to talk me down on the law of laws or laws. So several of the alojado is this is not familiar. So law Yani. seek forgiveness for me. I didn't mean that. I'm close. I will stop right now. Philip McKenna law See you soon massage and even later that night and Avi salam wa alayhi wa sallam, after one of the silhouette he got up on the number and he gave a hope. And he said in this football after praising Allah subhana wa Tada. He said,

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For intimate Allah kanessa publikum and homecare to either sell coffee with Sharif Taku he said the people much before us, the nations before us. They were destroyed because each and every single time the elite from among them that used to steal they used to leave him close let him go. Why either solo coffee with a camaraderie and if the weak ones from among society were to steal, they use they implement a loss of $100 law upon it. So in the bizarre sentences and these are the grand words that would prove how he stablished justice in his life. He said we're loving enough so Mohammed him Daddy, Jani I swear by Allah, no unfelt limit of into Mohammed Salah Nakata if if the daughter of

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bin Mohammed is the daughter of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if she was to steal, I had no choice but to chop her head off as well. For them in the vessel alone. While he was alone. He called this woman over and he chopped her head and after that she repented. The idea is to see how in the visa Lavoie, the US alone established this one commandment in his life. It was said in the La Jolla model Beloved, and this is the exact same other than la la sala la mala. You're self employed implements during his life, that even if it was his own daughter that stole he's willing to chop her head off some of the law he will send them in the life of an adult