After Calamity Comes Elevation

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Today we speak about a man

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whose conversation took place

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and the heavens, by the angels. The angels were having a discussion upon who is the best man who is the most beloved to Allah, Who is the one who sacrifices for Allah. And if you look into the history of prophets, there comes a prophet that comes an abbey of Allah subhana wa tada who was known for his sacrifice who was known for his suburb, who was known for having schinus from Allah subhana wa tada to such an extent that Allah used him as an example for the Ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to teach us, that if you want to have sobor, then have sobor and this have suffered in this manner, have turned towards me in this manner. And look at what Allah subhanho wa Taala

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tests this man with, he tests and with those things that are most beloved to us, are the things that we work hard for the things we strive for the things we wish for the thing we supplicate for those things, that the Prophet, no other than I You are the salatu salam has been tested by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this started at the time when angels had a discussion in the seventh heaven and the heavens, they had a discussion upon who is the one who is the best of people, and that is raised at that time to iu Bally's. Salatu was Salam yubari salatu salam salatu salam was once praying, he was praying and a blease shaytan comes to him and says to him, You waste so much of your time

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supplicating making dua reading Salah

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supplicating to Allah calling upon your Lord, what is the point? What are you gaining from this? And his response was beautiful, he goes, my contentment lies with Allah and he knew it was shaytan in Toshi time to leave.

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Then you see that your new buddy salatu salam was not only a man that Allah was about to test with those things that are beloved to every man, every man to walk on this face of this earth today. If we were to be tested, I would say that it'd be very difficult for us to keep through, but allow him to to show allow him to to make strong allow him to to make the aroma of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam powerful, he wanted to make them strong. And how did he do this? By dictating the stories of the ambia at a salatu salam from history. Allah mentioned in the Quran that these people that are you buddy salatu salam is, is amongst those people who are patient. He's amongst those who are

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patient. Why has Allah brought just as we spoke about lukeman Adi salatu salam, if you want to do tarbiyah of your children, Allah wanted oma the oma rasulillah. So some to be the best. So he gives the example of lokmanya de salatu salam, that if you're confused, and how to gauge your child, look at the Look at that, or via that look, manetti salatu salam, and the same way to be patient, to be thankfulness to do thankfulness to Allah subhanho wa Taala among ghazali Rahmatullah Li starts his book with this. He starts his book called frankness and kindness and patience. He starts his book with these two topics and starts with the story of are you buddy salatu salam. And now you've seen

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that a you believe salatu salam is the wealthiest of man to such an extent that if the community not only needed help, and spirituality, help in

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a dispute at home, they will actually go to him for money as well because he was so wealthy, that everybody knew that you buddy salatu salam had the most he had the he had immense wealth, then everybody knew that. Are you ready? salatu salam is the one that is humble as the one that is caring for the community. He is the one that keeps the community together, he has a good interest for the community progression. Then you see that you believe salatu salam had the best of health and so did his wife. He had 14 children, seven boys and seven girls, he had Mashallah a really big family. Then you see, that he his, his duckula was such that, you know, when someone used to come to him, he used

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to just give and give and give and keep saying that Allah has given me Allah has given me he had never ever uttered from his mouth, that this is my doing. This is my blessings. Allah had given him so much. Allah had given him health, wealth. Allah had given him everything. He had children. He was living at the you could see at this point of a human a Serato samza. He was like the king of his community, every single individual from the youngsters

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The adults looked up to you on a Serato Santa. He was the one that was like the spiritual father of the community. And now Allah subhana wa tada wants to test him to show the angels that even after that because the angels made a statement, they said

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that you believe Serato Islam is obviously thankful that he is being thankful. And he's being patient because he's got everything. Right. It's easy, isn't it? When you have everything, you'd be thankful you do you have patience, then Allah to show that to you, buddy salatu salam is amongst the ambia la salatu salam, you see that? No. Do you see that? Are you buddy salatu salam, Allah subhana wa Taala

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Allah subhanho wa Taala first takes away his children, 14 souls God raised, would think of his children were gone. And he did not complain to Allah Subhana matana he did not complain to Allah subhanho wa Taala his wealth that he had, his wealth that he had was all gone. It was all disappeared. He now was in a situation where he did not have enough food. He would then

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he then adopted a disease, that people that is written that the skin Have you been a salatu salam used to fall off to such an extent that you used to be able to see his muscles and his bones. So he adopted this disease and the community. What did they do? They said that this must be because he is sinning. And because of this, Allah is punishing him and we are going to leave him. They abandoned him. They left him, they they exiled him, they told him to leave. The only person he had by his side was his companion, his wife, and who his wife, you will hear the struggles that she went through. Because of this, because of the testing Allah subhanaw taala put him through. So just to elaborate

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on the point of the community and the health and the wealth and everything else. There is no prophet that worked on the face of this earth that went through tribulations problems and masiva. But there's no siba and tribulations and problems. There's not a you know, we often hear it in our homes, that this musi birth has came upon me this calamity has came upon me it's because I've done something wrong. That's incorrect. My brother's The reason is incorrect. Because if calamity was a was an indication of sin, the new prophet to walk on the face of this earth would have ever been tested with color with calamities. Prophet alayhi salatu salam Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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how much did he go through? A Jubilee Salam lukeman Mehdi Salam is my Isla de Suriname other Marisa Nam, Yusuf Ali salam, Idris la Santa, every single one of the prophets to work in the face of the earth. Allah subhanho wa Taala tested them, tested them for what to elevate them. And through the story of you, buddy, salatu salam, you will understand Allah subhana wa tada elevation. I was sitting with a scholar yesterday. And he got a phone call. May Allah Subhana Allah grant him his and goodness. But what happens is he gets a call from his house just yesterday. And his wife says that the house has went on fire.

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The electric fuse box is set on fire, and now we're living somewhere else. And he comes here to teach. So he was here he was stuck. And he gets off the phone, he goes Alhamdulillah

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because he you know, like your wife or something. You know what happened to you.

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He goes that this is going to be elevation. He goes, this is a sign that Allah is going to elevate, this is a sign that Allah is Razi. This is a saying that Allah is happy with me, I have to say Alhamdulillah because this is just shocked him after this will come ease as Allah says, and the Holy Quran that with one hardship code come to easy's this is what he said to me. And this is why today are you by salatu salam came to my mind that this is very important to speak about such a great prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now his community have said that, you know, if you were such a big profit, the Wise Allah punishing you. But yet Little did they know that Allah was elevating

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Allah was testing, Allah was taking his empty hand, which happens to you, which happens to every prophet to walk on this earth. So just before we continue the story, if you ever been hit with a calamity or a problem or any type of issue, remember that this is a loss of panteras Elevation for you. Tip Do not let the shutdown make you think that you have sinned and this is what's happened. The Department of us is different is separate. The Department of sending istep separate but you're testing and your masiva is a separate

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department, you need to do sugar for this and you need to do is that far for this don't mix the two.

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So then what happens as a human a Serato sounds no big exile, people treating him like the spiritual father, the king, the beloved, the person who you go for in the time of need the person you look up to the person who you named your children after the person you see that I wished my son becomes like him has to be no been exiled with the accusation that Allah subhana wa tada is punishing Allah to cover his wealth a lot took away his health a lot took away his family, the all these things were taken away.

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And now when you one is exile, right, his exile his wife says to him,

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yeah, you are a Serato. So that

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you know that you can ask Allah you know that you can ask Allah to help you your your, your situation is, why have you not I've not had you once, say to Allah that Allah Take me out of the situation.

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He goes for so many years, for so many years. Allah give me his blessings. For so many years, Allah give me wealth. Allah gave me 14 children. Allah give me so much so much Baraka in my life. That today when Allah has taken it away, and I complained within 18 years, 18 years, he lived with health issues, with wealth issues with exile.

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But he never ever complained to Allah because he said 18 years and components into the life that Allah had given me blessings 18 years is nothing. How can I complain to my Allah over something so small?

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So now what happens is time is going on and on and on. Time is continued continue and know what happens. He says to Allah that Allah

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if you are happy with this, I am happy with this. If this is what you've ordained for me, then I'm happy I accept it. But yeah, Allah grant me Subbu and grant me strength. What would we do? I say yeah, Allah, why did you choose me? Allah take this problem away from me. Allah Take me out of this a lot. I can't deal with this. But look at what he says 18 years later, he raises his hand to the pool and I mean, and he says that Oh Allah, that if you are happy in this test, then this calamity for me then I am also happy. You have ordained it for me and I will accept it. But yeah, Allah, Grant me suffer and grant me strength. Now this valuable is not to some tours. If you have a

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problem, you have a calamity. What do you do? ask Allah for strength. ask Allah for patience.

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In the Lucha Masada in Allah is indeed with those people who are patient, Allah says in the Quran himself.

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Then we see that after time passes, now his wife comes home and she's got food. The food on the table was abnormal, and the household of a Yuba Li salatu salam

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he she presents the food and a tube goes

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away. Where did you get this food from?

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Where did you get this food? We have no money, we have nothing. And she like kind of swerved the question.

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She ignored the question and said Oh, are you eat and he started to eat? The next day she came with more food? No, are you been extra to Sam got agitated. He goes I will not eat until you tell me where the food came from. Because I'm not going to eat until I know where this food came from.

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And his wife says to him

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that I have been selling my hair. At those times. They used to sell the hair people used to buy it. She was I used to sell my hair so I could buy food for you. This is when are you ready salatu salam thought I can't do this to my wife.

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So then when he made Doohan to Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at what happens. He's in the middle of nowhere. Allah instructs him to kick the grant. He kicks the grant upon kicking the ground, water gushing out of this ground. Allah then instructs him that oh are you Drink from this water? This water will cure you outside and your insight. After drinking this water, he went home and his wife comes and she goes, do you know where are you? Because she says to human restaurant, you know, where are you best? And you start laughing goes I am a you. And she will stop kidding. Stop kidding with me. Where's my husband? Where is he? Because he had no, he had gone back 18 years. No, you look

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young. You don't look old. He was strength. He had strength. He was walking about as he did before.

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So it's wisely Subhana Allah you know, this is how you will excel.

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Then what happens is the only female to revert back in age is the wife of Allah Salatu. Salam, Allah granted Are you buddy salatu salam, his wife to go back 18 years, she became 18 years younger. She became just as she was when the calamity started. Allah then grants them 28 children. Allah says us given the path of Allah level, elevated Allah will maximize it.

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He had 14 children now he has 28 children. Allah has given him back double.

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Allah gave his community back to him, not the size that was rather it was tripled on another level. His community was very, very big in comparison to what it was before and everything restored. Then when it came to his wealth, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave gave him so much wealth. The ones he was having a shower and grasshoppers sent by Allah subhana wa tada went to make a carton around him. And the grasshoppers were made out of gold. And what Look man,

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are you very salatu salam started to do was pick up the grasshoppers because they're made out of gold, or last set, the blue Bhavana giving you enough that you're going around still collecting this go. He goes, Oh, I missed your blessings. And I'm gathering every single one of the blessings that you've given me. So this story,

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history lesson for the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to teach us to be thankful to be patient, to do Shuker to turn to Allah upon your calamity. Don't think that Allah has given you 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of pounds today, that the same Allah cannot take it away. Before it's too late to sugar. You could be the best of people. You could be living your life according to the Quran and Sunnah just as you believe salatu salam, a sinless Nabil of Allah subhanho wa Taala has been so devoted to Allah but Allah still testing for 18 years, with his wife, with his children with his help with as well with this community with his reputation everything he was tested.

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And you see that you believe salatu salam story also tells us another thing.

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that do not

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think for a second that Allah subhanho wa Taala tests those people who Allah is angry with, this is completely incorrect. Take every single calamity as elevation, take every single calamity as this is a way for you to get close to Allah. Because if this was not a way to get close to Allah, then Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam would not have been told to try to cut his son's throat. He would not have been chucked in fire. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would not have been chucked stones up, he would not have been Juneau taken a week, taken away his wealth. We knew the famous story that has Abu Bakr and Omar come. And they're saying to each other that we have so hungry today

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that we have a stone attached to our stomach. Because he used to do this to put some weight upon the flesh. And the profile is salatu salam comes in. And he says What are you talking about? And he goes, we were just discussing the fact that me and Omar have one stone and the prophesy centum raises his comment, and he had to stones attached to his waist, which shows you that if Elif F, being close to Allah was, was a condition of being successful, then every single Prophet, a Prophet would have worked in the face of this earth like kings like the Sultan's that we see. But rather, they were reached by heart, they will reach with a flood, they will reach with etickets they will

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reach with the community, they will reach their pure hearts. And this is the message that they left behind for the oma, that be together. Be one, look after each other.

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speak to each other, look out for each other, don't cuss each other, don't Don't you know, tarnish each other, we live in a society, that unto people do not feel satisfied that we have some kind of share in something, they will go to any extent that they can possibly think of, to tarnish one's reputation, but will law he by the by the teachings of our teachers by the teachings of Allah through his prophets and the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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you will not find anything you will always find the first thing to do.

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Upon responding to a calamity is to act with patience and to sugar to Allah for that calamity.

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Say that Allah you have granted me this calamity. And today I do shoot it for this calamity. But Allah grant me the strength and the patience. Don't complain to Allah. Allah loves you. Allah says in the Quran over and over again, what am I going to get? by punishing you? What am I going to receive?

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By making you go into jahannam? Allah saying this, Allah saying that I am here, come to me. So Allah saying all this, why would Allah give you problems for no reason? We need to start to trust Allah. And the problem that we have, is the reason that this belief that is weak within our hearts, is because we've not understood the culture of Allah subhanaw taala. We've not understood what this destiny actually mean, in Islam, rather, we just know the word Kismet, Kismet, Mehta and that's it. You just leave it there. Because the robot comes in anything.

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It means everything you do you speak you talk, you think whatever you do, was only done because Allah allowed you to do it.

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And Allah wants his servants to be in the seventh heaven with the ambia la salatu salam he wants to be Why did Allah make healthy culture?

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Why did he make it? He made it for the believers? Why is he going to punish the believers? It doesn't make sense. Allah punishes the believers to take them into paradise. Never ever think that the Muslims are dying in Palestine and Syria and Kashmir wherever it may be that they're just going to waste. Allah has elevated them. I don't know if you know this, that when a person gets killed in a battlefield, think of all the Muslims are being massacred in Kashmir. Think about all the women that have been raped in Syria. Think about all the men that have been take the dignity has been taken away taken away in Palestine. Think about all these people. And you know when one of these

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individual dies, a sees the Shaheed a person who dies with as a Shaheed you do not give that person who Sir, you leave him as he is. Because as huso gets done up above, and then the angel of death is not the one who comes to take him. It's the who is the who rule I in from the seventh heaven that they sent to feed that Shaheed sherbet, to feed him a drink, that after feeding him and making him drink that drink, they get taken straight to paradise. Allah has elevation in every calamity of the quicker we believe this, the stronger our connection with the become with Allah, no one will be able to shake your man, no one will be able to shake it, no one will able to put you in doubt because you

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will know that my asherah lies with Allah. I'm going to go to sleep one day and never wake up in this dunya but when I wake up, I will be with my Allah. And this only will happen as when our belief is correct, and the Nizam and the running and the in the soul of Allah subhanho wa Taala and how do we achieve this? Read the Holy Quran. Sit with your own Ummah, read the ahaadeeth Nadeau start picking up Buhari and start reading yourself, sit with an alum and read it sit with the Quran Tafseer sit with a scholar and read it. There's so many, you know hasn't used sumatera alternatives. There's so many myths so much material behind an English and Urdu on the seat of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi salam, you will find so many scholars that have left such beautiful material for a person to read and become the front end of Allah subhanho wa Taala we just need to have that love. We just need to identify that we love Allah. That's it. It's as simple as that. The minute we identify this, we will become close to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And, you know, it's will just conclude here, as I was saying that when I was sitting when mostly the other day, you know, he spent three hours explaining to me through the evidence use of the Quran of the fact that elevation is linked to the fact that you will have a calamity and after calamity will come elevation. He goes never will be the case that after a masiva will be problem after masiva will be Johanna it will be masiva test and then paradise if you pass the test. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to walk in the footsteps of our you buddy salatu salam May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us give us ability to walk in the footsteps of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam just be

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thankful to Allah that Allah granted us and to be who he loves the most. And he granted us to He granted him to us as a guidance for this oma and through Him we will enter Paradise and through Him we will get close to Allah and through his through his Baraka we will understand the true Deen of Allah subhana wa Donna just Hakuna phi Santa Monica