Original Sin and Status of Women in Christianity Exposed Leads a Christian Women to accept Islam

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There's this question about, I did it on a atheist article, which said that,

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like when Allah had created the Garden of Eden, he put in Adam and Eve them. And but because they broke the rules and they had the fruit of I don't know what it is yet the fruit which was forbidden,

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they were banished from the Garden, they were thrown out.

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And because of which it was told that let you have to work for your daily bread you need to work and only then will you earn to have your deliberate. Likewise, it was also told that women, they would their pain and pregnancy will increase. It's like till now the same thing is happening. We have to work hard we have to struggle, we have to do everything necessary to earn a deliberate and the same thing with women like they are dying in pregnancy their pain is increased. Why is it that if Allah Himself had punished them so badly, till date, they are like, with the same punishment? How is it that it is an example for others to forgive other people, when Allah Himself has not forgiven? Or

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guide me Right? Sister is also very good question. She rightly said that

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what according sister is about the Bible. What is saying is mentioned in the Bible

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that Adam and Eve mela will be with them when they were in the garden of and then the disobeyed, the commandment of Almighty God is mentioned the Bible. And it mentioned in Genesis chapter number three was number 23, that Almighty God punished them and threw them out of the garden. And Almighty God says in Genesis chapter three, verse number 16, that you woman,

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because there was a bad God, You shall give birth to children in pain, and a desire shall be that of the husband. So according to the Bible, Pregnancy is a curse on the woman. This is what a quoting is the Bible. And I agree with you that how can God not forgive? In Christianity? The full blame in the Bible is put on the woman Eve Eve Eve. May Allah be visitor in Quran if you read there is not a single place in the Quran, where the blame is put only on Eve. The blame is equally put on Adam and Eve both Mala VPS with them.

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If you read in the Quran,

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it's mentioned in surah chapter number seven, verses 19 to 27. That Adam and Eve

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may Allah be pleased with them, both of them.

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They disobeyed God, both of them, they repented and both were forgiven. The blame is put equally on them. There is not a single verse in the Quran, where the blame is only put on Eve May Allah be visitor but there is a verse in the Quran in surah Taha chapter number 20, verse number 121, which says that Adam peace be upon him, he disobeyed God. So there is one verse which speaks only about Adam peace be upon him, but as a whole.

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If you analyze the Quran, put the blame on both of them Adam and Eve, both of them, may Allah be with them. In the Bible, the blame will only put on women and because of that, Almighty God says, You shall bear children in pain and your desire will be that of the husband. So pregnancy according the Bible is a curse. But if you read the Quran, pregnancy is not a curse pregnancy uplift the woman. Allah says in the Quran in surah nisa chapter four verse number one, respect the womb that boy you

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Furthermore, Quran faith in Israel look man chapter 31, verse number 14, and for our calf chapter number 46, verse number 15, that we've enjoined on the human being to be kind to the parents in travail upon traveled to the by the bayou and paint it should give you both. So here we realize that the Quran says that we have to respect your parents, especially your mother, and our beloved prophet masala sallam said, If mentioned inside Buhari, why am number eight in the book of other chapter number 200. Number two, a man approaches profitable Salah Salem and ask him that who deserved the maximum love and companionship in this world. For the Prophet replies your mother, the man has after

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the to the Prophet against his mother, the man asked after the two again the Prophet said the mother, the man asked after the two. Then for the fourth time the Prophet says your father, that means 75%

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three fourths of the love and companionship goes to your mother

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25% One foot goes to the Father. In short, my mother gets the gold medal, she gets the silver medal as well as the bronze medal. The father has to be satisfied with the mere consolation prize.

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So these are the teachings

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Islam in Islam, pregnancy uplift the woman and I agree with you once Almighty God has forgiven the human beings, how can you keep on punishing them? So this is the difference between Islam and Christianity sister.

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So you can read the answer. Yes, definitely. Do you want to accept Islam? No. Yes. Do you believe that there is one God? Yes I do.

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Do you believe in God? No.

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Do you believe Prophet Muhammad peace be upon me the last and final messenger? Yes. Anyone forcing you to accept Islam? No. Are you doing out of your own free will? Yes. I will do your own conviction. Yes. Is there anyone giving you a bribe? No.

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Inshallah, so it's in Arabic and you can repeat it. Okay, I shall do. I shall do. Hola. Hola. ILAHA. Il Allah Illallah what I shall do, I shall do Anna anna muhammadan Muhammad Abu

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I bear witness.

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I bear witness, I bear witness that, that there is no God. There is no god but Allah, but Allah. And I bear witness witness that that Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Muhammad is, is the messenger, the messenger, I'm servant of Allah and servant of Allah, masha Allah. We are a Muslim. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala to guide you, and help you guide your family members also, and to give you the best in this world as well as in the next life and inshallah Granby Jana