Zoheeb Iqbal – Becoming a Lion of Islam

Zoheeb Iqbal
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the line of Islam to achieve strong and prideful behavior. They explain that the line is designed to achieve strong behavior and not to sacrifice pain. The speaker also mentions that the line is designed to achieve strong behavior and not to sacrifice pain.
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You know, a mum Rumi. You know, when I went to Konya just recently, there is not a single scholar of today's time that has not quoted. The scholars of Asia, the scholars of Sham scholars of the Middle East have all quoted Imam Rumi in their books. And he's Persian.

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He lived towards the end of his life in Turkey. And one of the examples he goes on to give

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he goes is this man that wanted to go to a barber shop, a barber and a tattoo shop. So they go inside, and this guy wanted to get tattooed. So he goes into the guy and he takes off his top and he's all bill and everything like this, and he goes, give me a tattoo of a line.

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I want people to see this line and know that I'm aligned because he will Mashallah. So building that here. He goes, give me a massive picture of a lion.

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So the guy goes, Yeah, that's fine. I'll give you a picture of a light. So he gets them to lay down and starts to draw on his body part is traced and starts to meet the line.

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So nobody starts to make the ear of the line.

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He goes, ah, was were you doing because I'm making the year he goes live the era.

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He goes, forget the year.

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Two gangs, okay. Then the tattoo guy starts to make them in. And then he goes ask her again. Leave the manor. I don't I don't want it. Forget it, you know, just make it without them in.

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Touch. Okay. All right. Okay. This is a bit weird. You're asking for the line with a amanbo cable. He wanted to make his money probably. So then, the tattoo artist started to make other parts of the stomach section off the line. And now the gag was art stopped look, make it without the stomach. And the tattoo guy actually said to me goes, not even God created a line like this.

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And Imam Rumi use this example to explain to the Muslims of today and the Muslims of that time.

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That to be aligned on let's just say he wanted a picture of a line. But he was not ready to endure the pain that comes behind getting the line put on his body. There is no way in 1000 years you will ever be able to attain the Sabbath, without pain, without sacrifice. If you want to become a line of Islam, you will have to put up with pain. put up with sorrow, there is no way that it will ever be the case that you pray five times a day. You do the dhikr of Allah, you devote it to Allah, you love Allah, you're living a glorious and glamorous life and you know you're dedicated and useless and you're not gonna have any problems and problems and confections.

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That won't be the case because you to become a line. Allah is going to put you through the test.

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And this situation Imam Rumi mentioned is the tattoo artists giving the pain to the Insan.

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But in our situation we have Allah giving pain to us to make us strong in terms of demand. Hey,

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