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Zoheeb Iqbal
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various popular misunderstandings and misunderstandings with the title "by the way" and "by the way," and provides advice on how to be aware of potential hazards and avoid them, including avoiding walking in the same manner as if one were a cow, not walking in a car, not talking about the culture of the earth, and reading the Quran properly. The speakers also suggest teaching children to read the Quran properly and being mindful of potential hazards.
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Manny salatu salam, according to some opinions, was not a prophet of Allah. rather he was a very righteous, very wise man whom Allah subhanho wa Taala loved his wisdom to such an extent that Allah Himself decided to reveal a surah call surah Lockman for it to be a soul of source of wisdom for the generations and for the mankind to come after Look, man at Serato Salah.

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Look man who said that Islam according to another narration land from Tao Danny Salatu, Salam he studied under the mentorship of the elderly salatu salam, he took his knowledge from there. And there's a there's a story that takes place at the time of lock money. salatu salam which is became a famous story.

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It was. It is also known that Luke manages salatu salam may have been a slave according to some revelations, and his masters master when recognizing his wisdom. He then freed him. Upon freeing him he became very close to him, he became his friend.

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And one day he told manelli salatu salam, that here's a sheep and go sacrifice the sheep and bring back the best part from the sheep.

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lokmanya manelli salatu salam goes there, sacrifices the sheep. And no look Monalisa rattle Salam brings back the tongue and the heart.

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Know when the master seen this he gave look man is that to some another sheep. The second time the Master said bring back the worst part. So look Melissa to stand the second time no brings back the tongue in the heart again. The master gets confused and says to look, money start to sound The first time I told you to bring the best parts of the sheep. You brought back tongue and a heart. Then I asked you bring back the worst parts you brought a tongue and a heart. I didn't understand what you've done here.

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Look, manelli salatu salam through his wisdom said that. The tongue is such a thing. That if it wants to meet, make someone feel happy. If it wants to make someone feel motivated, if it can give someone encouragement it can do so. It can give human beings encouragement and a source of happiness. The tongue could be a means. But the same tongue can break someone's heart in such a manner that is unrepeatable. The same tongue can destroy families the same tongue can destroy relationships and egos The heart is such a thing that if the heart is not pure,

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then it is misguided. But if the same heart is pure, your heart is able to guide you. So this is was his definition in regards to bringing back the two worst parts. Now Allah subhanaw taala This is a story of Luke money. salatu salam, but this is not what look manatee salatu salam was famous for what he was famous for was his nisida was his naseeha within sort of dogma. And who is he talking to in the surah. He's talking to his son at a very young age. Now this is, you know, a lot of people say to us that what should we say to our son for piece of advice? What should we say to our children to make sure that they're on Sarah Mr. Kim, the surah has the tools for you to understand. And

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remember that look, manatee Serato Sam's talking to his son when he was very young, very young. And look monalee Serato Sam says to son Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, yar buena Yella to Shrek Billa do not associate anything with Allah.

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Lesson number one do not associate anything with Allah subhanho wa Taala in indeed,

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in shilka love fullmoon azimo Indeed, the association to Allah is a great injustice. Jani is it's a great grave sin you could say. associating partners with Allah subhanaw taala we know that normally look monnalisa to slums telling his son at a young age yagoona Yella to Shrek Billa do not associate partners with Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So we should really look into the matter if our children are attending those places where shit takes place.

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Look, manelli salatu salam then goes on to say to a son, indeed, if wrong should be the width of a mustard seed as in her darlin. They've used the word for darling which means mustard seed. And it says that and should it be within a rock, even if further goofy Sakura thin officer mawashi Oh, Phil Irby

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says even if it's within a rock

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anywhere in the heavens and the earth.

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Yet DB ha, Allah who in Allah Allah Latif on hobby

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that Indeed,

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Allah will bring it forward.

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And Allah is subtile and acquainted lon was everything look Monalisa to Islam at this moment in time which Allah narrate in Atlanta rates in the Quran and passed it onto the processor. Now, this is an example that the prophet SAW that Luke Manali salatu salam has given to a son, just in a hotel and massage the temperature. For example, he said to his son, that, imagine a seed of mustard inside of a rock, or let's just say anywhere in the heavens of the earth, and you hide it and nobody knows where it is. He said that Allah will know where it is. Allah sees everything. It was to teach us someone. One was law to shipbuilder do not associate partners to Allah. The second one was that no

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matter what you do, how you do where you are, where you going, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is all knowing, and he sees everything. This was his second nesea to son there's actually 10 advices that he gives to his son of 10. We will speak about five today due to time.

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Then he says, the third time to son Oh my son Yeah, banaya

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Aki musala.

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How many how many of us say to our child at the age of 567. A game of Salah. How many of us wait till they reach the age of 10 1112 which in my opinion is too late? is absolutely too late. How many of us say to our child to chemo so if you want to see it for your children, this is the best one. Luke monnalisa to slam sing to his child and attended age. Yeah buena Yaki masala what a motor bill ma roofie wa one haha and in moonga and is also added to a chemo Salah that enjoying what is right and forbid what is wrong. You've also taught me nothing here that pray your Salah and do what is good for you do what is right and stay away from which is wrong. You need to tell your son your

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daughter what is what is right and what is wrong. Look man Islam is teaching his son.

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And then he goes on which is a very, very important part for even as as adults we can take look man is about to cinemas a spiritual father in this case if we want to take this advice from him.

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And he goes and be patient. It was was beer Allah Azza wa Baca, he goes and be patient over what befalls you in a valley come in as mill a movie that indeed all that is of matters requiring determination that anything that befalls you, yet to be good or bad, do sugar to Allah and do not become my use, you could say, do not become disheartened. Stay determined. This is his message to his son at a tender age or keeper mentioned tender age, so we understand who he's talking to here.

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Then he goes on. And this is the last that this was covering three, four. And the fifth point that look manetti Salatu. Salam says to son is and do not turn your cheek

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Wella to suck it harder, Colin nasci do not turn your cheek from the people. What does this mean do not turn your cheek from the people, while our thumb she fell out of the and do not walk in the earth upon the earth in a manner of arrogance in a modern manner of arrogance.

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And then he goes on to say indeed, in Allah Allah you hibou Kula move in for hurin. Indeed, Allah does not like anyone who is self deluded, and is boastful. So you learn two things from here, you learn that, don't walk around in the earth, as if you have a chip on your shoulder. Don't walk in this dunya as if you are something you know, it's quite hilarious. You meet someone that's establishing a business. Upon meeting this person who's established the business was it in his beginning stages. And this person is very humble, that humble make. My business works in sha Allah veillonella wherever the cases but the minute, his bank balances rised to an expectation that he

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never realized he is now driving the best of cars, he's now living in the best of areas. Now the same person will walk in the street and will not even speak to the people that he used to go to once upon a time. This is why he's faint and look what he's saying to son.

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We will recap on these points is that number one do not associate partners to Allah subhanaw taala number two, do not walk upon this earth and an eye in a manner of arrogance.

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And do not an even remember, do not walk upon this earth and arrogance and Allah can see you, here you wherever you may be, and make sure that you keep your Salah intact. And make sure that when

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any type of trouble befalls you do suffer and ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant you suffer basically. So these are this is the deceit that look man and he Senato Salaam has given us. I personally recommend to all the brothers here that open the surah read through the surah and give the same nursia to your children doesn't matter if they're five years old. If you can teach your son at the age of five, to learn the full alphabet, if you can teach your son five to read a story so he perfects his English, then I'm pretty sure that you can sit with your child at the age of five and make him understand the basic principles of our Deen.

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Think about it, Luke Romanelli salatu salam was hundreds and hundreds and 1000s of years ago and Allah subhanho wa Taala when the Prophet said allow the seller to centralize and Cain Allah mentions that in the Quran Surah lookman Why did Allah said that this could this is the best of advices This is look man on her game, the wisest man. He was known as he was very close to Allah subhana wa tada also. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability to fall upon the nnessee heads of Luqman le salatu salam And

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may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us identify that if we live in this country then we are able to keep the Eman of our children completely mouthfuls completely Mahfouz had a student in my class not very long ago who had finished the Quran four times. He's finished the Quran four times.

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And Upon finishing the Quran, he comes back to me after two years and I asked him to read Alif Lam mean radical key tabula rasa fi and he said I do not know how to read the Quran anymore. And I was like, Are you joking? Did you read the Quran four times? He goes, No, no, no, I'm being serious. I don't have to read it. I was no, no, you're joking. Come on. No, I thought he was actually jokes. I open up the guy there and he didn't even know what Alibaba was anymore. And you know where we fail at this. And I've said openly today, you know where we fail at this, as when we send our children to the local Auntie's to the houses, we send our local children to the Auntie's to the houses to learn

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the Quranic Karim. That the dream is not correct according to the out of style. If you want to talk about the dream in Pakistan as a complete difference between that the dream is not the same that we that you get in the Arab world. And what happens is when your child gets to the age of 1314, he is now unable to read the Quran. When it comes to madressa. He is unable to read the fluency with perfection with the dream, he is unable to understand the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala because he can't read properly.

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So I read, I would advise every single one of you that if your child does attend a home, do not take them out, but make sure that you are completely content, that the fact that your child is reading this Quran, which is the essence of our life, which is the guide to our life, which is a guide to humanity, at least that's getting read properly. Because Come on, what would you do? If your child came home one day, and he opened up a storybook, and he started to go and the man went to the park?

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You know what you would do? You would call a tutor straightaway. you'd call the English tutor. The English tutor will come at home. you'd pay him 25 pound an hour, just to teach your son how to read English properly. But when you son comes home, he goes home to LA he Robin Lamine

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you think Bismillah he knows how to read the Quran. This is not have to read the Quran. The Quran was taught to us to read it in the most perfect manner. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us an understanding of this Quran and these nnessee has the look manelli salatu salam has given us Your child will only be able to read it properly. If he knows how to read the Quran properly. Hey,


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