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We have been torn up

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what has happened and is currently happening to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We have seen videos of entire neighborhoods being destroyed. We have seen the videos of people, even children being trapped underneath of buildings that are bombed under the rubble for days and days with people trying to rescue them from it, removing the rubble to try to save even young children stuck in it and sometimes not being able to do so.

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We've seen the videos of those who are killed in hospitals, those killed in bakeries, those killed even inside of schools. And I'm sure you've seen videos I even haven't seen.

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And sometimes when we see these images, when we hear these stories,

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we feel pain and sorrow within us. We see these images of suffering.

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Or even just the thoughts of what it must be like to be our brothers and sisters in Gaza, just to thoughts of what it's like to live there right now. To be running from building to building, trying to find shelter somewhere, not knowing when or where the next bomb is going to fall. And all of this pain can sometimes translate into despair. People begin to wonder, why is Allah not granting us victory?

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People begin to wonder why is all this suffering happening to our brothers and sisters? People begin to think negatively about Allah subhana wa Tada We ask Allah refuge from that.

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And we wonder over and over where is the victory? Where is our freedom? Where is our strength? And I want to remind you today in the time that we have together of the words of Allah, Allah in the nostril Allah He put that without question, the victory of Allah is near the help and the aid of Allah subhanaw taala is close by. This is a promise from Allah subhanaw taala.

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But what does it mean that the victory of Allah is near? What does it mean? That divine help and divine aid is near from Allah azza wa jal

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think about combat through the Allahu Ana, when he came to our prophets of Allah who are already he was sending him and he played with him. He's begging him

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to Allah. And he has some sort of Lenna Aren't you gonna make dua for Allah to give us victory?

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Aren't you going to ask Allah to end all of what's happening to us? And how Babel the Allahu Allah Han was a slave who was an iron Smith. And when he accepted Islam, his master, she hired men to torture him. So they would put the steel inside of the fire that he would use as an iron Smith, but they will use it to burn his back.

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He is not mere you.

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He comes to the Prophet salallahu

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and his back is already burned and whips

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and he's humiliated by his tortures and bruised all over his body.

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He's not me, are you? He's someone who suffers.

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And he asks the Prophet, Allah Allah, Allah to sponsor Relena, aren't you gonna make dua for us? Aren't you gonna ask Allah to give us victory?

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And the Prophet sallallahu already was sent him in one of the rare times gets angry, his face turns red, who is he angry at? He's angry a kebab for the long line.

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And he reminds him and threw him he reminds all of us that throughout history, the believers have to face trial.

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He tells them all about the people before us suffered even more.

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He reminds him of some of the followers of his cinema, and how they would torture them.

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They would even bring the saw and please sit between the man's head and saw him until they saw him and

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they would call him the man with iman combs until they separated the flesh from bone.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what are your one DNA machine and this would not cause the person to be turned away from his religion one bit.

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He seized upon his faith. And then he talks about it

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And Allah What do you mean Allah hath Allah will make this matter successful? Allah will complete this for the dollar will make sure this religion succeeds until a woman can travel between two cities in Yemen, and she fears nothing except the animals along the path. Well, I can now come to Saudi, but you are being a hasty people. Who is he saying this to sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He's saying it to a man who has been through unspeakable torture. But the prophet is reminding him, Your Honor will come through patience, your victory will come but it will come through perseverance through being persistent, through becoming better people as a result of the hardship.

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Well, Upon defeating the lady in company him, failure lemon Allah Medina Sadako, Pollyanna caffeine, Allah says We have certainly tested the people before you and Allah will make clear those who have been truthful to Allah subhanaw taala. And he will make clear those who are liars, Allah will make clear those of us who have true Iman, and you will make clear those of us who are going to betray Allah and His messenger in the believers. Your reward is going to be achieved but you have to go through the fitna the trial the hardship,

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too often, we are hasty. In fact, we are more than hasty, we are arrogant. We're not begging Allah subhanaw taala for help, like we are servants. No, we're demanding it. Like we are entitled.

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We demand that Allah gives us victory. And if he doesn't give us victory, now we want to lose faith over it.

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We demand that we see the end to what we're seeing in front of our eyes right now. And if we don't see it, and we start to question Allah with the eyes of Allah, but Allah is the king. He knows what we don't know. He will arrange the affairs as he pleases, not as we do.

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But he reminds us what intraspinal what it's awful, liable rockin que de homeshare. But if you are patient and persevere, and if you have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. You will not be harmed by the planning and the plotting.

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Think about it like this, if Allah gave us victory. Before we were people of taqwa, we will think that the Marcia is good. We will think the disobedience of Allah is good. We will think that evil is good if we received victory before we rectified ourselves. If he gave us victory, and we are disunited, we would think that this unity is good. If he gave us victory, and we are treacherous towards one another, we will think that treachery and betrayal is good when that can no contest out, but you are being hasty. And notice the words of our Prophet sallallahu Where are you sending him he didn't say to her, the victory is promised to you and to me, he says there will be a victory. Maybe

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it will be generations later. Maybe we won't even see it but there will be a victory and you work towards that. And you have been and Allah subhanaw taala that is going to happen.

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And it's important for us to know that hardship is part of the process of victory. Pain is part of the path towards success. We are never going to have success until we go through the process and the pain that comes with it.

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So Allah when he tells you

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he could even deed the victory of Allah is close it is near but before that what is he telling you a massive tremendous Francina well it may attic methodology and public. Mr. Thomas, what was zero

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rasool Allah,

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Allah, Allah says, Do you think you're going to enter paradise?

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And you're not going to be tested and try like the people before you? Mr. toman that sat with Barbara. They were tested with every kind of hardship, emotional and material was seen when they were shaking.

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Until even the Prophet amongst the messenger and the believers the true believers on Montana smoke while this one is the victory of Allah coming. That's how shaking they were. That's how difficult the tests were. Allah in the nostril la Hikari then Allah tells you the victory of Allah is near.

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The hardship has to come first. Then with patience and perseverance and EMA and then the victory comes forward.

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Do not be angry.

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What can we do?

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In a European when we made from them leaders guiding to our command, when did they become leaders then muscle but when they were persistent, what can will be known and they had 15 certainty in the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. We see this in the verses of Alexa, when the Arabs gathered the biggest army possible to exterminate Islam, and to arrive at Medina to kill all of the Muslims. What does Allah say? Well,

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when the believers saw the biggest army, the Arabs ever raised when they saw their swords and their shields, and they saw them at their doorstep, and they know that they want to kill them.

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And Allah what they said, This is the promise of a minus messenger. They saw the hardship as the Promise of Allah they said, Allah promises victory. We have to go through the hardship before we get the victory.

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They saw the soldiers they saw their swords and their arrows and they said the victory of Allah is here has done Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Hola, Rosa. When as in the Humana, what's a snowman it did not increase anything in them except for Iman. Their belief in Allah and their submission to Allah subhanaw taala. And the hypocrites when they saw the same army, the same soldiers, the same swords, the same arrows, the same cavalry.

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What did they say?

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The volunteer in the column rasool Allah when

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you started the believer and the Prophet, we're never gonna go back to their homes, you thought that's it, everybody's gonna die. It's over.

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Was una dyadic, if you could OB him, was an intern, Vanessa Kuntum Coleman Bora.

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You believe this to happen. And you are a ruin people you assumed all of this evils won't happen. The moment they saw the tribes and the strength of the Army, that is evil talks about Allah azza wa jal, these are this is our our of death. Now we're all going to be killed.

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And today, there are people who see the events the same way.

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Or people say we're going to be destroyed for sure. We're going to lose for sure. We don't have the armies. We don't have the money. We don't have the power. Even our own rulers are against us. And so we think we're going to lose for sure. We think Palestine will be lost for sure.

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And we have these evil thoughts about Allah subhanho wa taala. But we need to be like the believers. When you see all of the odds are stacked against us or Eman. Allah goes up. Our faith in Allah subhanaw taala goes up

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when I was at the home in LA Eman and went to SEMA, the only increase of their Eman. They said this is the Promise of Allah and His messenger. The fact that everyone is against us is the sign of Allah and His Messenger is the promise that we're gonna have success. This is optimism.

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Williamson Allah minion soul, that we remember that Allah promises he will certainly give victory to those who give victory to him.

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What can happen Allina Nostrum what meaning and Allah says it is binding upon us to give victory to the believers. So we have to be optimistic too.

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Too often we put ourselves down. Too often we say Muslims are this and Muslims are that we say the Muslims are too weak. We say this over and over and over again. Until it becomes a belief in our mind. We are too weak and no doubt in our history, we were stronger. In our history, we were truly strong and noble and powerful.

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But let me tell you,

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we are not weak.

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Our enemies do not see us as being weak.

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In fact, the enemies of this the marvel at this formula,

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the marvel at the strength of this ummah. They think to themselves after everything we have done to them. They're still standing.

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After everything we've done to them, they become stronger. After everything we've done to them, they grow. Their messages are full.

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My mother, she she's here probably

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when she went to university in the late 60s, early 70s.

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I'm dating her she might get upset.

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She told me in her college, her entire college one of the bigger universities in Egypt there was not a single woman who was to work a job. She was the first woman to wear

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hijab, in her University. Today you go to Egypt, all of the universities are filled with women who wear hijab.

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They look to us, like how is it every time we tried to smash Islam, they come back. Every time we try to remove Islam, they come back. That's how they think about us. They're astonished, we invested so much, to make them turn away from the religion, to make them be liberal and Westerner and westernized

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and secular and nationalistic. And they keep thinking like an Omaha

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do, you know in Algeria, which was colonized for over 100 years by the French, and

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he gave a fatwa that Muslims are not allowed to eat white sugar. Why? Because they found out that the French would dig up the bones of people who had died. And they would grind the bones and put it inside of the white sugar and sell it to the Muslims.

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And so when they realize this is the game affects whether it's haram to eat sugar.

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Amongst the things the French used to do to the Muslims in Algeria, the French would make a bet, they would see a Muslim woman that is pregnant, and one of them would say, I think she's carrying a boy, the other one would say, I think she's carrying a girl, then what they would they do, they would kill her and open her stomach to see what it is to see who won the bet. These are just some stories of what the French used to do in Algeria for over 100 years. They colonized Algeria, to the point that many Algerians thought they're never going to leave.

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Let's fight to get citizenship, because the Algerians if you were Muslim, you didn't get citizenship, let's fight to get citizenship. They thought the French are never leaving. But he kept fighting and fighting his fighting failed.

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But then other people tried those the generic and Islamia that started all these brands school started teaching people about the Quran.

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And what happened at the end of that people came out of these four and schools they were being taught for and also being taught you have a religion that is worthy of following your faith and morals that are better than what the French are pushing on you.

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And people came out of those schools and resisted and after the French are one of the greatest massacres one day they said they killed 30,000 Nigerians.

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15 years later, the French left

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the days you think we're never gonna win, they have all the power, Allah will give us power. If you have patience, while I'm in the nostril now sub know that victory comes with persistence. With southern with being persistent with trying over and over and over again.

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We see this throughout the Muslim world, we can spend all of our time talking about this. Even look at what's happening right now.

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The Muslim world is standing up and protesting and remembering our brothers and sisters in Hunza. In Egypt, it is forbidden to protest at anything, they couldn't stop them from coming up to the streets, calling out for their brothers and sisters. And to the point that government today said, Okay, we're gonna allow you to protest and the reality they're saying that because they know they can't stop them. So they don't want it to look like the people are going against the government.

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All these Muslim countries wanted to normalize with this way. And now all of a sudden, they're stopping and they're criticizing straightaway. If it were up to them, they would make the deals. If it was up to them, they want the money. But they know the people are angry. They know the people are angry. They know the people still love each other as an Omaha.

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They know that even though they tried to tell the Egyptians and the Pakistanis, and the sororities and the honeybees, you have nothing to do with Palestine. It's a different country. Who cares about them? It's their fault. What's happening to them? How often do they put us on television all the time?

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Tell them you guys have nothing to do with each other. You are a Gyptian you do the Palestinians. You are several you have nothing to do with them. They told us this. And the Muslims don't agree. They still go out in the streets, they still see what went on man.

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They still say we love Allah and His messenger. Every time they try to bring us down, we have to have sub and persist and try again. And all of these movements, none of them are perfect. All of them have had problems. Absolutely. But they're trying to do better. And if we keep trying to do better, Allah will give us victory.

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As long as we keep loving Allah and His messenger and loving each other for being Muslim, Allah subhanaw taala will give us the victory if not in our lifetimes than the lifetimes of our children or their children. Just know that the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala is true for Cody Huddleston. You stuff nobody would have come through in order for

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