5 Ways to Identify a Sound Heart

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So hamdulillah we see that

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I'll give you five steps and how to

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identify if you have a heart, which is purified and sound

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and has a good heart. What does it mean by a good heart?

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Because we see from Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam teaches us and taught us that every time a human being commits a sin a black dot appears upon his

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Now, when this happens,

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a person keeps on sinning and keeps on sending and keeps on sending keeps on sinning

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and know this heart has became black.

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So, the five steps to ensure that your heart is purified, and is the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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are the ones that I will present to you now

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is the one who spends his wealth

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and good avenues. And he under the une FICO model houfy is a bead in Berwyn.

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A man

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who spends his wealth and different avenues good.

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You spend on your local Masjid, you put you spend on your local modares you invest upon the good things that are related to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and it could be anything. Someone comes to you they're stuck financially, they say we need a land of 100 pound you're helping in good army. Or you see a brother that's you know, you go to different parts of the world and parks that you see the poor and you give them money this is helping in the good of Avenue. So giving in the good of avenue for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Basically, don't be conduce one someone went to curry curry sub was going to a person who was conduce

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and when he seen the curry sub, he knew that Maulvi the sub Kanaka chemical damage the mirror to snake okay within a routine with a teen rbms called fake an English. He hid his fake under his cloak.

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And when this curry sub comes, coincidentally this guy that was hiding his food says to the Karissa Karissa read what the and he was a tune for me. And curries up goes yeah, Bismillah R Rahman R. Rahim was a tune moto this evening. And he goes, You missed out the main part, you made a mistake.

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Why did you not lead what team? He goes because you're hiding it under your shop.

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And then he took it out and he shared it with you. So being conduce is not a good thing. Being open hearted giving, giving giving is a one condition of a person's heart being in a good condition. Then we go to the second Lady urushi to ban e LL. Huck, a person who guides and make his makes his children the friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You send your children to the best of mother, he says, you make sure that your child has a relationship with the island. You know, I've noticed this in Pakistan, you know, Pakistan medica, that you have 1000s of people

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and they do not care about shaking their own hand. They will study this is my son, this is his name. This is what he's doing. This is how easy is and you know, we need to build that you connect you youngsters connect your children with Allah Ma and connect them with good ministers and massages, make them have that connection.

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Make sure that they don't set out the most again, make sure they're on the path of heart.

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This is another identification that a person has this figure he has this thought he has this as a priority. This is two things that is good within a person's heart.

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The third sign is the one whose heart is free from preponderance of desires

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that a person doesn't even ponder upon the things that are haram for example, if you want to ramen shop here, my friend shop and you're going to pick up a packet of let's just say hearables now you get some halaal hairbows you get some haraam hearables you just picked up Hardy Boys you like a bee All right, man you just added

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didn't check didn't do anything. You didn't really care.

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Having the figure of staying away from haram

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and not desiring to have any you know, you know, we watch advertisements and you have you seen the way they show you the chicken? Yeah. And some people when they say the chicken Yeah, chicken looks amazing. Yeah, but the chickens

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don't even don't even

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attract yourself with the pinches that they show you, because you know it's not being sacrificed correctly. That's my own thing. But what this actually means is that it did not let your shashwat get out of control, control your desires, control your desires, like Ramadan is the best example here, you sit and you sit for Muslim Time to eat, and you want to eat everything, but you can only eat once a morsel. So don't cook 50 things and only eat one, control your desires and beginning control your desires are the third third part of the heart, the fourth sign of the heart, as the person whose heart is free of wrong and deviated beliefs. A person doesn't desire to do wrong, a

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person doesn't desire to

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take someone away from the Dean of last month and someone doesn't hold the wrong beliefs. That is not referring towards if you're happy or sunny here, what is a feeling towards that you have the right akiza in terms of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam?

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Do you love them enough? Do you? Do you hold the right Yaki that you know, you know, we have a very, very bad habit is

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which is coming is that them, you know, move the refuse money. He said, The when someone asks me a question, or he was saying that

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I can't remember what animal was someone asked him that he's he said on the mic that I know everything. I know the answer to everything. And everybody goes shocked that, you know, even the prophets never said that this guy saying I know the answer to him. He goes, you know, when I don't know anything I say he goes, that's also an answer to everything. So he goes, I know the answer for everything. I don't know. And I know his answer to both. Right. So this is this is the level but anyway, the fifth the fourth sign, which is to make sure that a person is corrected, his belief is on Serato musta came and he's on the right path. The fifth sign of the heart is the one whose heart

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is empty of everything. besides Allah subhana wa.

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When you have these five things, you will become the friend of Allah on wattpad. And you know what type of friend you become of Allah. Let me tell you, there was a companion of our Beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He's walking and he has some merchandise on it's got some wealth on it. A thief season.

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And a thief goes that you know what?

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I'm going to rob you.

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He takes a sword, standing with a companion of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam.

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And now you've taken out a sword.

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Upon taking out a sword, he's now going to kill he's now going to kill this companion.

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The companion says look, take her wherever you want. Take all my wealth, take whatever I have, but don't kill me. Just let me go if there's no I'm gonna kill you. Definitely that's 100% I'm gonna have to kill you. He goes, Okay, let me do one thing. Because Let me read to Raka Santa to Allah subhana wa Tada. And after that you can kill me.

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This thief made the biggest mistake at that moment in time he let him make the art to Allah. And I'll tell you why him because he had these five qualities, the five good signs of a heart.

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So when he starts his tour of Godzilla,

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he goes into such now we have said before that the closest you'll ever be to Allah is in such

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now in such dire he's saying to Allah by the light, which falls upon the pillars of your throne, you think he's talking to a learner? Then he starts calling Allah by His name is Elia Rahmani r Rahim, Salam and so on. And then he says the third point, the one who responds to those need

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after seeing these three points, crying rGc casati saying these points. He says yeah, movie through

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your movie,

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your movie through a history.

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And upon this is not even finished. And he hears the footsteps of a horse running, galloping

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with a sword in his hand. And by the time you looked at the thief, the thief head was decapitated.

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He got up. He hugged the guy because you saved my life. Who are you?

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He goes, I am an angel.

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Because Angel

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because I was sent by Allah.

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He goes home.

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He goes you know the first time you called upon Allah.

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He goes we heard your voice on the fourth heaven.

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On the fourth heaven we had you calling upon Allah subhana wa Taala.

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He goes the second time you called every single engine on the fourth heaven ran towards Allah to compete that we want

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To go into his service, we want to go save him.

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And when the third time you said, You called upon Allah,

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Allah chosen me and I was before you.

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And I killed him, and then he disappeared.

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The purpose of the story is that your doula and his though are there is no difference. You raise your hands the same way and he raised his hands the same way. The difference is

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that his heart was pure.

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He had complete contentment and conviction and Allah Subhana Allah, he had jakeem that Allah will not let me go, my us he will not let me you know, okay, leave me in a situation when I'm in need. He believed in the fact that Allah says call upon me and I will listen to you. his belief was strong. My brothers if we act upon these five things and make our heart pure, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the ability and inshallah to Allah what will happen is that in sha Allah when we raise our hands in sha Allah hota Anna will be accepted in the same manner. Just think with your mind that how many people ask for the millions millions of people asked when they are in front of the car by the

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client from the car, they can still the Muslims are still in an upside down situation is because we haven't self rectified we haven't worked on ourselves. We haven't looked at ways to purify ourselves to make ourselves friends with Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy. And again, I will say that MiG tau alpha my father, he's in hospital he is in sha Allah His scan is later on today. Alone make it such that it is not brain tumor.

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They can if it is men last month and I give them to him and keep us with keepers with him as long as his life is written. And may Allah subhanaw taala make his journey easy and give the family who are also going through sort of a time of ease inshallah. Joseph Hey,