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What if I Feel Spiritually Fatigued in Ramadan?

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So don't want to delay. But I've got to dissolve the NASA agenda from Pelham Institute, coming back to you with another session of the hallum. Hangout. 30 days, 30 questions, trying to answer your questions about the month of Ramadan? We had a very interesting question that was asked that might catch some people off guard. It's a question you might not have expected that would pop up during the month of Ramadan. And that question was, what if I'm struggling with spiritual fatigue? during the month of Ramadan? How do I manage that? What do I do for that? So there's two things that are possible here. And I want to answer to, I want to basically provide two answers. The first issue is

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that a lot of times because we were maybe not prepared for the month of Ramadan, we weren't fasting even a couple of days here and there, you know, the three white days every month or an occasional Monday and Thursday, we weren't fasting at all before Ramadan, and then Ramadan comes in, it's a summertime long days. And before you know it, you're starting to feel a little bit of a burnout a week into it. It's also possible we weren't preparing for Ramadan in terms of reciting Quran every day, you know, praying some no often. And so now that we're standing up in Tel Aviv prayer for an hour, an hour and a half to two hours every single night, you're starting to fatigue and get tired

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after a little while. So how do you exactly handle that situation? How do you manage that? It's very important. One big basic principle that I'm going to emphasize here is quality over quantity. Now, I'm not talking about the foreign aid, I'm not talking about what's obligatory, because what's mandatory is mandatory. But outside of what's mandatory, you want to strive for quality over quantity. So if you are resetting up or resetting or on for an hour a day, and you're praying, you know, extra no often throughout the day, and then you're going for thoroughly prayers, and you're finding yourself falling asleep and not really being able to enjoy the time and prayers, maybe cut

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down some of your own recitation time to 30 minutes, or 20 minutes, maybe minimize some of them so often that you are praying throughout the day. So that will end then use that extra time to take a nap, to get some extra rest to just kind of lay down for a little bit and recharge and re energize yourself. And that way, when you approach, you know, there's a bada that you want to do during the month of Ramadan that is unique and special to the month of Ramadan, like tarawih prayers, you'll have more energy to be able to do that. The second thing in regards to this issue of fatigue over time, is to also and I've talked about this before, put yourself in a position to succeed, put

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yourself in a position to succeed. So maybe planning and structuring your day a little bit better, trying to take a couple of you know small power naps throughout the day, so that you have more energy, while you're fasting when you're praying Salah when you are offering your tarawih prayers, so that you have more energy, one of the things that I learned as I got older was even being more careful and

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being a little bit more selective even in terms of diet, and you know, my daily schedule, that helps me maintain a higher level of energy, productivity and efficiency during the month of Ramadan so that I don't get fatigued as Ramadan goes on. And the last solution I'd like to provide to this problem of just fatiguing. You know, we two weeks into the month of Ramadan so that we don't drop off while we're still in the month of Ramadan is the spiritual motivation that we need that we require. And that is maybe pick up the other salia hain, a book of Hadith, and read about the virtues of fasting, read about the virtues of Ramadan, read about the virtues of reciting the Quran,

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read about the virtues. And that will definitely provide you a lot of motivation. You know, we're all driven by incentive, and what we achieve and what we gain. And that's why there's such a large collection of narrations from the prophets a lot of the time on the football in on the virtues of doing different deeds. And you'd be surprised when you sit down and you read about the great amount of reward in virtue that there is. You'd really be surprised about how much that'll motivate you and renew your spirit. And then of course, ask Allah subhanaw taala for strength for conviction for energy to continue going throughout the month of Ramadan because remember, at the end of the day,

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all of our strength comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala all of our ability comes from a low I'm not Delphia De La Villa. When you read about the Gambia and the prophets and operon and what they went through, you see that when they turn to Allah and they made law, Allah subhana wa tada made the impossible possible for them. So continue to midwife. The second answer that I wanted to provide for this issue of spiritual fatigue is because in Ramadan, a lot of times there's a very collective communal congregational environment. You know, we're going to the machine to pray and then we're fasting all together and then doing showhome together and doing the authority together. And then

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your breakdown. Are we together with a couple of 100 people, there's a very communal environment, understand that that does

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motivate and help a lot of people. But not everybody is the same. Sometimes you need a little bit of quiet alone personal time, when you find that you're standing there in the congregation in the middle of 500 people, and you're starting to kind of lose a little bit of focus in terms of what you're doing. Understand that what you basically need at that time is to invest a little bit more time individually. So throughout the day and even during the night, find time where you are just alone, just you and a lost power Jonah, and find time to pray reset, go on big law, make the cut and engage in deep reflection at that particular time and that balance between the congregational

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worship and the individual time that you spent with Allah subhanaw taala will help you achieve a greater sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in sha Allah spiritual benefit during the month of Ramadan. I hope and pray Allah subhana wa tada makes us a month of great spiritual achievement for all of us. Until next time, remember this Apollo hangout? You can tweet in your questions. You can also leave your questions on the Facebook page. You can email your questions to us as well. Just remember to tag them with hashtag column Hangout, like and share this video with other people as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us. Does that come along later was Salam

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alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh