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My Writings Did God Become Man

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Bilal Philips

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So now Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. Continuing with my writings in the 90s, I began to write on dour or dowel related topics, especially because of the fact that I had set up the first data center in the UAE. By the 90s 94 onwards, I moved to the UAE from Saudi after having been involved in setting up the very first Dawa center there in Saudi Arabia and Baja. But in UAE, I had the free hand to set up the center and run it myself.

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It came to be known as the Islamic Information Center. So the focus was on calling of course non Muslims to Islam from various backgrounds, I had people working with me, so I had to develop other literature which addressed issues which were related to them as different communities. Now, among the booklets which I prepared at that time, is this one called, did God become man,

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because of the fact that in most of the religions, which have deviated, somehow God and man became associated, became one.

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Christianity, the biggest religion in the world is based on that, that God became a man, Jesus. This booklet, which has been translated into many different languages, is clarifying that this belief is false. You know, besides being illogical, it is itself false. The evidence which is brought is not reliable evidence. And it's the common factor amongst the deviant religions. Only in Islam, God is God. And human beings are human beings. They are not

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overlapped, they're not mixed, etc. It's clear, we worship God who is not a man. Of course, you do have some Muslims who have deviated and will claim that, you know, God became a man in the form of

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Al Hakim be umbrella, the Druze. That's their belief that one of the last of the Fatimid rulers at heart can be amarilla, that he was, in fact, God incarnate. And these kinds of things were also raised about Ali ibn Abi Taalib, by some of the extreme segments amongst his so called followers, they made this claim about him also. Anyway, the point is that by clarifying that, God did not become man,

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as an avatar or anything else, you know, then it left. The only religion in which God remains God, and God alone is worshipped and that is in Islam. So that is the reason why I

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wrote this booklet. Did God become man