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AI: Summary © A woman named Partha is being interviewed by a group of people who are trying to portray the Prophet sallahu as a threat. The woman describes how she dresses in a way that is not exposed to others and sends her son to her home to show her. She talks about how she wants to act like a woman and asks if she can take one step after hearing what dissent has generated from the Prophet sallahu.
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So there was one sis woman at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the group of women had heard. The the Quran is the revelation that became apparent to a lot of women regarding Partha regarding

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dressing in such a manner, which doesn't expose the female's body parts and so on. And all the females turned up at the masjid as more hijabis basically dressed in a manner that they should be

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apart from one woman, when the one woman comes in a mosque, and she looks at all the other women, she says, why you guys dressed like this? And she said, didn't you hear the revelation about women should be dressed and cover themselves in such in such manner. She goes, I never heard of this. She sends her daughter or her son to her home and says to them, Go bring me Go bring me a shawl. Let's just say a shawl, go home and bring it for me. He went, came back, gave her the show she covered the whole body and went back to her house when she enters the home this bits amazing. She enters the home. And her husband says to her Why did you take so long today in the in the masjid. She goes, you

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know, the women went and we heard that the garments and so on. Women should be dressing in such a such way so that's why I sent our son and he got me this and now I'm dressed in this but she but he goes but you could have came back home and then dressed in you know because you didn't know you could have you know you could have just easily came back and then from tomorrow continue and so on she goes, How can I take one step after hearing what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala wants from us? How can I take one step in this dunya with what Allah has commanded for us to do? Unfortunately, we look for many many loopholes to satisfy our knifes our hearts, just to look for ways out to get Oh, what's

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this Mufti saying was that what the Quran says is what we need to act upon. So may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to act upon what's in the Quran rather than looking for loopholes when it comes to being a hijabi Baraka Luffy Santa Monica