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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The Prophet sallama had a vision to the Muslims to destroy their culture and create a caravan. The use of butter in the holy month of war and the upcoming war are discussed, along with the use of the military in conflict. The importance of staying true to Islam is emphasized, including avoiding negative thoughts and staying true to the Islam. The return of Islam to Egypt and the United States is also discussed, along with the loss of their culture and the lack of compliance with laws leading to negative behavior and consequences.
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Welcome to Bella Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam.

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ala alameen wa aalihi wa sahbihi women to be among the externing in a Yomi Deen were bad for the con la huzzah Baraka wa Taala for new material for upon in Hamid ministry Ponyo rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim one according to Sakuma law will be removed, as Illa Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Telecom, aka Macaulay wasallam honorable scholars, respected brothers and elders. It forms part of our basic Islamic history, that you and I be well informed and acquainted with the campaigns and the battles that were fought in the golden era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Bukhari Sharif second volume Kitab Al mikaze, the diviner cumbre de Allah who was us come Casa Naboo, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was waiting, how many campaigns did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam physically participate in? So he said this Ashoka 19. The second question that was posed to the diviner come

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in how many campaigns did you join the prophets of Allah Allah was telling me said serratia to 17. The third question posed to the diviner camera Viola

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which was the first battle in the first campaign in which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam participated, to which he replied Allah rasa era, which in essence refers to Brother. Now as Muslims. As I said, it is basic Islamic history that we know better was the first battle fought, and for the record, butter was fought in the holy month of Ramadan. It was the third of Ramadan when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam marched, and it was on the 17th of Ramadan, a Friday with the full scale war took place. My my first introduction to the pattern of butter, which I will never forget will live with me for the rest of my life was a very unique and a very strange one. And I

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guess there are certain things that have indelible impressions in your mind, and they look with you and they will die with you. as a little child, I came to the masjid I'm talking a good 20 years ago. And this happened to be at the time and I will not forget this Mr. May Allah reward him. There were two Muslim soccer sites. One call themselves the bedroom again. One of the soccer science calls themselves the bedroom when I was a little child eight, nine years old. I didn't understand soccer. Well, that I don't understand now also. But I didn't understand the auspiciousness of butter and what butter entails. You think I loud and outspoken if I recall that men attending that pulpit. I

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had the opportunity this year when I was in the UK, and I was addressing a large audience and after the talk, I spotted him in the crowd. And I said this man, I will never forget. I advanced to him. He came to me obviously I changed since that time, but he did not change. I made him out. I said, Are you not so and so he said yes. I said, Well, one Let me tell you since that I've never forgotten you. Things have changed. He came on and was he furious? Was he angry? And he explained that naming a soccer team is at what an insult it constitutes what an insult it constitutes to the sacred privilege that was afforded to the participants of beggar Allah referred to better in the 10th use

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of the Quran. Mama Angelina Latina young woman farrakhan yamantaka

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well long coalition in karate, those who bring a man on what we have revealed on our servant, and that which we sent upon him on the day of better on the day, which Allah referred to as Furqan. What is for upon the day that separated truth from falsehood, that day when the two armies met? Now, make no mistake, the Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan. And one of the distinguishing qualities of the Quran is that Allah refers to it as Al Furqan, the book that separates truth from falsehood. Likewise, in this verse, Allah refers to the Battle of better which was fought in the holy month of Ramadan. Allah refers to it also as Yeoman for Khan. And then a lot goes on to explain what happened

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on this particular event in the month of Ramadan.

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Until then, all dunya

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workable as well i mean come. The Muslims were closer to better because they were in Medina, the polytheists of Mecca had left from Makkah, they were other foreigners, and there was a caravan that was traveling on the coast. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the Sahaba that you know what they either heavy caravan laden with goods, and perhaps Allah has defined this caravan for you. So they left out with the intention to intercept this caravan and with no intention of war. Again, this was not a provocation from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but rather it was a reaction to the previous

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provocations. The simple provocation that had happened prior to the Battle of butter is that which is known as a pathological Ola, a person by the name of Guru Sidney Jaffe, who came from Makkah, and he raided some of the pastures and the grazing fields of the Muslims, he stole the camels of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he fled with it. When the Muslims were informed, they put chase behind him, till they came to a place called step one. At that stage, they they they retrieved the camels, but he had fled for safety. So this was known as the first brother or the small brother, and obviously, the hostility had continued. Anyway, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells the Sahaba

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that this caravan is coming, and perhaps Allah has designed it. So the Sahaba live in equal not planning a warhead, but the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala was different as the Quran goes on to say that

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if the Lord did dunya wouldn't be not diverting? coastwatch

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Well, I mean, come when I'm lucky enough to kill me, when I kill me

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that Allah did not make it that this war took place on an agreed time allotted, had you debated a date, then perhaps you would have argued in the date in the war would have never taken place. So I made it such that you came out on a different intention. And when, when, when Abu sufian was coming with his caravan, and you heard that the Muslims are coming to intercept this caravan, he sent a message to Makkah, and he told Abuja, that you know what, if you want to protect your caravan, then you better equip your men, Ensign otherwise all your wealth is gone. So then prepared an army of 1000 people well equal. Now the Quran, the Quran addresses this particular scenario in the following

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way that the Muslims had to face either with the caravan of Abu sufian interceptors, and that will be a handsome return for them, lot of monetary gain and not much of better, or they will have to face the army that is well equipped of Abu Jamal and Allah said what we have to do como la if that part if I take another look on what what does

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it show catechu Lacan when Allah had promised you that one of the two groups were going to be either apostrophe ns caravan or Abu Java's army. And then Allah said in your heart, you wanted Abu sufian caravan, because there was wealth in it and there wasn't much to fight, but Allah wanted the letter for you to engage the strong army. Allah said we're happy to kumala and make no mistake, this is the month of Ramadan. We are talking draft of Ramadan, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam live, what are we doing?

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At Shaka, in your heart you optimistic that you challenge the army that was not well equal. But Allah wanted it differently. Allah wanted it differently. And Allah wanted you to contend with these people so that the strength of the Muslim comes to surface.

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Now you get the planning of Allah. If you read como la whoopee man, Amica caca de la, everything is in the planning of Allah. To add to the deal of the Muslims, Allah showed a vision to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam of the disbelievers in which they figures were reduced. The figures were shown to him very little, so that it can add to the zeal and the spirit of the Muslims that they are not begin number one.

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Number two, and Allah said if I had to show you prior to the war, the numbers will be then perhaps you would have become reluctant you would have become skeptical. And this again, the scholars have also referred to in the wisdom you know, now there is a talk of therapy and they talk of psychological implications. If you see where Allah speaks about fasting in the Quran, then Allah uses the phrase that I have made fasting compulsory upon you for few days. Allah doesn't say for a month, whereas we know it is a month it is one lunar month, the scholars of the field explained that the reason Allah adopted this approach is to psychologically lighten the burden. It's a matter of

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few days, and Yama Matsuda. And really speaking, my brother You tell me in comparison to 11 months is not 28 or 29 days, literal days, undoubtedly it is few days, compared to 365 days, 29 days a few days, be it as it may be sufficient shown to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they are made to see that the Muslims will also feel so they said, Oh, this is a muscle for us. We will swallow them in one muscle. In this way. They advanced in fact of the lightness route save when we stood on the plains of weather, which was the Friday the 17th of Ramadan. I looked at the numbers of the kuffar I checked my friend I said around him, certainly I think there are about 70 What do you feel? So he

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said, No, no, I think there are 100 and voila, there were 1000 in number. They didn't look to us in any as a formidable nation. They didn't look in any numbers to us. This was this was part of the planning of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Abu Jamal comes out with us.

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Women wind drummers that they will party. And to add to this, the devil comes out what does the devil come he comes in the form of Soraka in America. And he says I am here with my people and we will support you lalibela Kumari amin and Nancy, we're in a jar will Lacan you will never be defeated. We will support you and throughout the way we will aid you. Panama it will be at our Natasa, Allah RTB when the actual battle took place, the full scale war broken out, then the devil seen the melodica descending, so he decided to flee the battle. So I will turn

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you off to he says I can see things which you don't see. I see things which you don't see. Anyway, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam lives what was the condition of the Sahaba they had 70 camels and two horses. They were 330 in number one horse belong to Nikita

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and one horse belong to

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the 70 camels were three people to one camel had to alternate and rotate. It was the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Abu Baba and the Allahu anhu three Walton 18 on one camel, when it was the time for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to walk in for the for the respective Sahaba to mount on, they will politely decline and they will say oh prophet of Allah, it's not on that you walk and realize we are comfortable to walk and you go on writing. Look at the words of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said ma Toma be acoa mainly to start off you are not stronger than me. And number two, I am not less in need of reward than you.

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I don't need I am not less in need of reward. They just need that reward. So do I need it? I asked you my brother if the Prophet of Allah who's whose entry into gender it was confirmed, but he did not leave any opportunity where he could capitalize and increase his reward. And what he's worth I'm not less in need I'm not independent from rewind equally like you. So you will write in you will walk I will write in I will walk the Prophet sallallahu wasallam leaves, he consults with the Sahaba

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what stands up and he said oh prophet of Allah. In the Lima Morocco Allahu taala. Go ahead and diligently comply with the order of Allah is from our side just for your safety. larnach una cama cama como Mousavi Moosa, we will not desert you at the critical moment say that it is Ramadan we are fasting. The heat is intense the numbers are no no we will stand on your side. We will stand on your side. Nay we will tell you no cos 11 Yamini Kuan Shi Malik woman pena de, we will defend you from every angle. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam accepted this. He was the spokesman of the Mahajan, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Again, engage the discussion in what he said ashigaru Allah yohannes

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Listen, people, I need some advice. We had come to intercept this caravan. But this thing looks like it's going to lend itself into a mess of war. It is Ramadan, what what is your day? So as a hobby from the answer by the name of Saddam Hussein was who was the leader, he realized that these indications were been directed towards him. So he said, Oh prophet of Allah, if I read you correctly, you trying to ask us? He said, You are right, I am trying to ask you. Now why did the Prophet the Lord he was in focus? His question to him was because the unbar had made a pledge of loyalty to support the Prophet sallallahu wasallam against any invading force. But there was no

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particular clause in that agreement that if a war breaks out outside Medina, how will they react? But understand that the Sahaba was not a technical nation didn't know the clause doesn't state. The clause doesn't state this year. So technically, legally, I'm off the mark. I walked out clean. Why? Because on one slight technique, no, no, you were dealing with a diligent nation, you weren't dealing with technique as humans, you were dealing with obedient those that comply to the holdover law. So he said, only be over listen to what I have to say. And trust me, I believe Ramadan, or other the life of a Muslim, if he can become an embodiment, to the declaration of sanity.

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In the second year of Hydra, in the month of Ramadan, before the plains of butter, if that declaration can become a reality in the life of every Muslim, then trust me man has introduced I must also speak of an ayah whenever it is been a crisis in the oma or there's been some situation I always opened the Quran in one lol always direct me to some guidance. I came across again in relation to the inflammatory remarks and the painful statements that have been made the purpose of the Quran, it is as if it was revealed now you listen to it and you go into the reference of it. Allah says lectro Bella would not be unguided.

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While it does not mean alladhina Oh to Nikita mean COVID a comb

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wamena levina asako as an cathi ra intersperse was revealed before the Battle of better according to the rewrite of Baris, Allah said you will be tested continuously in your house and repeatedly in your wealth, and you will be made to your very derogatory remarks and very insulting comments from the People of the Book. Now what more can I tell you my brother? You know what law every time I lobby my witness every time I've opened a book of my alarm, I have found it loud and clear. What interests me Oh, what's that taco for in Nadella come in as well no more. If you hear me and persevere you dominates

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as the ortho COVID said Whaddaya mean Kalia Quran may feel joy to God even a coochie Casa de man may the promise of victory is yours in the Quran. If you still don't see that victory, there is a fault in your face. There is a fault in your face. So I'm afraid you will be made to hear these things. Well, that does not mean and levina okitama mean public of wamena levina shako as an kathira as an kathira, inflammatory, derogatory insult in painful remarks.

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Anyway, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam didn't consult studied anymore as stands up Subhan Allah a declaration brimming with a man he said Yara Sol Allah, listen to me correctly and politely and I record I represent the broader answer. These are the sentiments I am the spokesman. But our main naviga was the duck duck. We have brought him on on you and we trust you in and out was the he denied an Anima jtbd who will have we don't have an iota of doubt in your teachings. We trust everything that you have brought up a notch Allah Delica matsukawa hood, Allah suddenly

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upon this, we pledge our loyalty, our diligence, our obedience, when unlike era Salalah Balaji tele amarin for Africa, zahlavova Yahoo. And by the looks of it, you came out with a particular intention, but Allah has intended differently for you. You intend to take interest in intercepting the caravan of Abu sufian but plans are turning differently. What college Delhi amarin de la vaca who not from our side I want to put on record, swill, hyper lemon Cheetah,

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Cheetah, Starling men Cheetah demon Cheetah could mean amla Lena mashita Athena mercy alma

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mater, Olivia, befriend our enemies and today they are our beloved and severe our beloved and today they are our enemies. Only we have a large joint ties with whom you want we have no objection, severe it with whom you want we will not frown on your decision. Take from our wealth what you want in return what you want. We swear by Allah we rejoice what you take, we cry over what you live.

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We rejoice over what you take. This statement made me cry from the day ready till today. We rejoice over what you take and we cry over what you leave what la isla instead of tatata at a burqa. If you walk from here to the furthest border, we will not question you will be behind you ladies

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come and put us in front of the water and say john, we will jump into the water. Then he said well I like what you read kameena matakohe Ruby Hey, look, I don't want to be vocal. And I don't want to claim but I'm hopeful that Allah will show you at our hands that which will be sued into your eye. I don't want to claim before but I'm hopeful from Allah He will show you at our hands a nation that will never desert you. Then he said Southern

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we are those who persevere in the ferocious battle cidco ninja ninja we on our agreement when we see the sword before us. Then he said oh prophet of Allah for see Ribena Allah burka de la. It is the month of Ramadan. It is the day of Juma it is the 17th the day In the name of Allah move we are following you victory is yours.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that whole night he made dua to Allah. He cried so much. He cried so much. Today my brother I'm afraid the slightly lengthening Dr. Ravi is a burden for you. For me the Friday first is a burden why Friday I miss my my meal after Juma Salah. And Friday Sahaba in the month of Ramadan had to contend with an army 1000 strong in the midst of the Battle of butter. And for me my Friday fossa hunger. Y'all know what is

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My brother, how can our abstinence from food impress Allah when he doesn't ever eat? He doesn't you tell him

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how can he definitely impress a lot but rather if the disciplinary procedures that Allah wants to see, Allah be my witness they have few things whenever I tried to a lot, and I at the time of Missouri, I cry so much a lie Have you accepted this broken shattered? I don't have the words to describe my past, abusing of my side of my tongue, every organ of my body. Anyway, the proper person spends the whole night in Santa. He makes so much water La Laguna de Porres formation, aka palette before Yala in our factory ha, Allah yo comes the curation, they pride in the arrogance, Allah you see to them, then you make dua to Allah so much, that he gets emotional and only he enjoys this

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relation with Allah. Allah Interlaken de la to La Fille Allah if you destroy this group of 313 I doubt your name will be taken till the day of the Ahmed. That is only whenever you have a law that could address a line those words along my Auntie's Lima watani. Allah please fulfill the promise that you have made with me. Abu Bakar runs out he grabs the Vla Salam O Muhammad, it's enough your Lord is heard you he's heard you nebulae Salaam cries, suddenly there's a smile he comes out for you buddy.

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Ababa clean, glad tidings Abubakar Atocha Nasrallah Allah has confirmed in this month of Ramadan butter is our other gibril known as a nanny for us He is deeply holding on to the reins of his horse yaku Can you see him advancing that morning? as they come the Cooper take that particular location which was formed the cone was formed the water was there, the Muslims were compelled to take the other side of the battlefield where it was candy so they could not have a good grip on the ground. They had no access to water difficult for Budo likewise, how do you how do you make a star where do you drink water from? These are the challenges the devil started infiltrating negative thoughts when

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you will behave and can read is such a fun if you are in truth in the month of Ramadan why suffer so much? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before the battle Saudi comes and he says and comes and he says Alan Devaney licorice and whenever you have a login we erect the tent on the mountain, and you take shelter in this in this tent will have the harbor to patrol you from there you will have an overall view of the battle and you can inspire us. And then he goes on to say for in arson Allahu wa hora nakanoshima Ababa now, if victory comes our way, well that's what we want. But if it happens to be the other way, then only be open like immediately you will be returned to Medina. And

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look at how clean he is hard work. There are a few of our brothers that have stayed behind in Medina. He said I want to be obala I don't believe that they have deserted you. I believe that they love you just as much as we love you. That is the beauty and the cleanliness. His head is on tonight. He is our chief interpreter. He is in the lion's den, but equally salutes others and he doesn't entertain negative thoughts. He said only be open law they will then take you and support you. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam was very happy. The stench was then erected on a mountain. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam went in Autobot comes out from the side of the enemy. He says Africa

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Elena minco macaque Bana, oh Mohamed, I know it is your people plus the month. But anyway, yes. 10s the petals 10 out our rivals we want strong, healthy people. nebulae ceramtec ani go out. This is the beauty of Islam. Whenever it came to sacrifice, he put the assembly forward when it came to comfort he put other forwards. This is the difference of Islam. So he said he go out hunter go out in the evening, hurry and go out. Allah draws this picture in the Quran. He has manifesto fear of being in Fernandina Kaffir opatija theobromine Are you sought boon infantry, Rosie Heywood. I mean, they go into the battle arena the amount of kills his opponent comes out of Yolanda kills his

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opponent always or the man who had difficulty he struck his enemy the enemy struck him these two Sahaba came to rescue this was the the procedure there was initial combat and then the war would break out. So they came to rescue him in the process of a thought of the unknown imagine a first in man in the butt a lot of work but and then you know, when I read this it makes every hair on my body stand Wait What do what do we have to present before a lot with this is how Ramadan was spent previously, my brother yo yo sacrifice his hunger or thirst, tiredness or fatigue and Allah is so kind on that also he will reward you how says a comment how nasty remarks to say if Ramadan again?

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how nasty remark Allah why this why that the least we can do is when any discipline any non Muslim asked you about this month of Ramadan, tell him I enjoy. I have the greatest of pleasure. And if it wasn't for this month of Ramadan, trust me, the distant Muslim perhaps would have never returned to his Lord. It is this man that puts a scarf on that unveiled sister. It is

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This man that puts a beard on the clean shaven men. It is this month that he brings that center back to his ally and drops him in the ground. If it wasn't for Ramadan I don't know where what would be my Quran in what would be your Salah. Anyway, they go forward, his leg was severe Sahaba take him what was his first word Oh prophet of Allah before I died, I needed from your lips Mr. Amata he said it's my word you Amata he then takes his last breath and he sings this couplet for Egypt originally for in a Muslim on ora GB he mean Allah He Alia if they severed my leg so what it's pain in this world. I'm hoping that after this life once my last breath leaves my Allah hairs that about prepared

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for me intended, the better than bright out and the participants have better go out. Imam Bukhari and the scholars of tafsir unanimously agree that the participants have better nebulae Salam said Allah has looked at this and Allah said whoever participated you are in general regardless what you do. The scholars of the field and Hadith write any law that will be made after mentioning the names of the participants of whether it will be readily accepted. You take the names and make law law was accepted directly. These were people who fought what was nebulae. Just before the petrol started Allahumma in nahoon

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along Main known Hopper, mill home Allah these are well equipped Allah my Sahaba don't have convenience you mount them along my

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Firebase home, Allah they don't have clothing, you cover them along me in the home Gian, home, Allah the bellies are hungry for the whole of Ramadan Allah you saturate them, this is the condition with which they when Allah He cried the whole day, the petrol goes on. Then what happens Allah sends Damara if the study toner up back home is so narrow back on first touch arbella comb anemic do combi LP mineral maraca Timor the pain and we find in the heat too much and then we have arguments in the masala they were once they understand once they have the fence. Once they close the door once they open the door once they put it in, look at where Sahaba in Ramadan. Look at what they would

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sacrifice in.

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Allah send angels 1000 angels descend first. Then Allah set very near a one step and had a bit of twinge of yellowness in it. So in resemblance to history, America descended accordingly. Allah said then I sent another group of 1000 and Allah continually came to 5000 then Allah said one Masha Allah will love in LA Bushra, Allah come. The only reason of sending those angels was to give you moral support otherwise neither the angels nor You did it. It was me who decided it was through

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the law. That very night sovereignty of water for a start, they don't have water food. The cooker took the better location in Yoshi como nos Allah gave them slumber in the midst of the petal. La Nina sama Emma and Allah them sent down rain. The benefit of rain was they had something for Easter, they had something food on the ground that was loose became firm, on the reverse the ground of the cooker that was firm became muddy. So it gave the Muslims an upper hand and then Allah made victory comes away. ultimate victory comes away. I can speak about it much more as it came to the closure. And Abu Jamal, the leader of the leader of the kuffaar, the fear out of this Omar that he might have

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Buhari nummy salario Some said, Go and see for me way is this tyrant arrogant man. Something like this road says I went and I seen him in the throes of death. He was so arrogant, that fear or as arrogant as he was, when drowning overpowered him. He said I believe in Allah. This man was so arrogant when two young boys killed him in the Battle of weather even at that time he did not repent. So then Abdullah came to him and he said, Are you the tyrant dictator, Buddha? *? He said yes. Have you ever had the Have you ever killed a more noble man than me? He still referred to himself as Noble. He didn't severe his head. And he brought it in. He dropped it by the prophet

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sallallahu wasallam. He said has to do with

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your stance the cops in the head of the enemy of Abu Dhabi. Ali Salam said, Well, why is this his head? He said, Well, ah, this is his head. nebulae Salam then came, it was his practice after battle, he would spend three days on the battle. On the third day he came to the well with the dead corpse of all the kuffaar were dropped into the well. The remains of Buhari under

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bucatini a be done second volume, Libya, a ceram came to this well, and then he addressed all these dead bodies. And he said yeah, falanghina funan are evil tyrant copied also. And so our Buddha has

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broken an Akuma Tato la hora Sula.

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Would it not be nice if you had obeyed the line is maybe you would have been enjoying comforts today or tomorrow.

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Are you suffering as my Allah hit for one you

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For in naka de la buena haka because whatever Allah told us we have seen it. So Omar came forward he definitely took a limo. La La ha whenever you open la you speak into dead corpses, what do they understand? The very sound said Omar they understand better than you. They are better than your one law. They are regretting every move of this they are suffering everything they are doing. nebulae Salatu was Salam then said, there were so many things that happen all in this holy month of Ramadan. The issue came about with regards to addressing the captives of the war. Libya, a Salam said one Hadith is those who will

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listen these prisoners that have been kept to deal with them gently. The answer is say what law? Whatever food we had, we would first feed it to the Capitol prisoners and we would eat and most of us was such we only had one meal, the prisoner ate better than us. Most people were, by the way in the history in the annals of human history. Have you found a nation? We've seen what has happened to prisoners in Iraq, and we continue to see where have you seen a nation that dealt so gently with their prisoners, like the likes of Sahaba Musab even a brother

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was there even a woman he says I was tempted by an unsavoury. He used to cook two meals in the morning in the evening, but it was sufficient for one person. He used to give me that meal and he used to eat days. I told him to do his own. He says listen, I don't understand anything. He said, I must be kind. I don't understand anything else. Really, my brothers This is what had happened in the month of Ramadan. And it is these participants of whether, as the Quran said liars, curvy mean conman and performing companies effectively were cartel, una casa Mata Raja tamina la Vina and for

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those who participated in the initial stages, and presented their life and those who came in the latter part, they never can be equal. We make talk to the Almighty Allah that He gave us the ability we receive this month with joy in spirit. We welcome it, we anticipate it we enjoy it. There needs to be a desire from what he really desperately, I think there is the urge from the soul of every human when when others did this in the month of Ramadan, then our humble abstinence from food and our basic abstinent and compliance and compliance into an order and living a life of Islam. Really it it is very little my ally except our month give us the ability to fast correctly and make sure

00:32:25 --> 00:32:31

that we come out of this blessed month is different humans and those that have been forgiven walk with the $100 bill on me

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