Rephrase Commanding the Good and Forbidding the Evil

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There was another question, which is,

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if I see someone doing something wrong, should I tell them? Because you were mentioning of enjoying the good and

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the thing like nobody says enjoining so we need a new phrase for it that Yeah.

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It's called commanding the good and forbidding the evil. Yeah, but like even then it's just like, it just sounds so far it sounds so sound. Okay. So you know what it can be? It can be a video where that's the call to action.

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I need the comments. I'll explain what I'm Rubin model is and that and monka. Yeah. And then I'll say, Listen, guys, this concept is really, really a foreign commending the good and forbidding evil, right? We need to we need to what's the word native eyes it? You know, what's amazing is that non Muslims are very good at taking a concept and just making it familiar. Like, for example, Muslims. We've been saying for ZIFT. We've been saying asceticism,

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right? Doesn't mean anything. But then boom, these guys show up. And they're like minimalism. Yeah.

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That's amazing. minimalism. It's not perfect.

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But it's great. The idea is communicated minimalism. Right. And so commanding the good and forbidding the evil. It doesn't even

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it doesn't even actually properly communicate what they're all for means that what Moncada means Yeah. And so what I can do is I can say Listen, guys, I have a I have a challenge, right? We're still preparing for the class. I'm still jotting down my notes, but commanding the good and forbidding the evil is something that I need help. Rephrasing what's the best translation for an American Mr. openhanded manga