Miss Puerto Rico gets A Puerto Rican Muslim response for her Anti-Islam Rant

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Watch Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Vélez get a Puerto Rican Muslim response for her Anti-Muslim, Anti-Islam Rant.


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The conversation covers the history of hateful tweets and racism in Puerto Rico, including the use of negative language and the lack of Islam. The speakers emphasize the importance of defendants and the religious context of Islam, as well as the use of deadly radiation in mass shootings and the need for finding a Muslim community to support their movement. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a program on Islam and a call to support the show.

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Welcome to the de Sha media host describe if you haven't subscribed already miss Puerto Rico. Have you heard of her? I didn't, until just recently when she made some just some outlandish and crazy. I mean really crazy. She sent some crazy tweets out, you know about Michael Moore, he went out said we're all Muslims, he had a sign going against a lot of the crazy rhetoric that was coming from some of these politicians who are just spewing hate and spreading fear. And somehow this sad, poor girl, she got involved in a mix of this mix of things. So she's from a Puerto Rican descent. And she said some really hurtful things against Muslims. So we're going to go ahead and hopefully Miss Puerto

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Rico be watching this too. And we'll kind of go ahead and give her response to the tweets. She has a really nasty hurtful things to say it hurts but we're gonna give her some love. But first, we got to give her a response. And guess what, from a Puerto Rican too. We'll be right back. This is

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this is the

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he's been with you. How are you? I have slept on a lot everything as well. How's everything to Puerto Rico? Have you heard of her? Yes, I have. Okay, she like famous. Is she big in Puerto Rico? Recently, she's gained fame through her common enemies. Yeah, Muslims. We don't watch beauty pageant. Yeah, we really respect women to a higher level. That's right. Yeah. But there, there are some things obviously, that she tweeted, and we're gonna give the response. And at the end, we're gonna also, you know, what's fascinating that sometimes you will say one word to someone, you offend someone, they won't give you the light of day, they won't invite you in the house ever again, you

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just cut off. But even with all the negative things, she said, we'll give the response. But still, she'll be welcomed with open arms and most of Muslims if she changes her ways, isn't that true? That's for sure. That's for sure. So should we get into the tweets? Definitely. Let's get Okay. Let's get into tweet number one. This is from Miss Puerto Rico, and we got a Puerto Rican who's no stranger to the D show. Michael Moore, you know, he held up the sign. We're Muslims. And he was trying to go against the hate spew that many of these politicians before I get into the tweet, what are your thoughts on that? You know, there's a lot of Islamophobic rhetoric, hate rhetoric, and what

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are your thoughts? Are you feeling the heat, but you're from New Jersey neighborhood in New York? Yeah, maybe to New York, New Jersey, for me, it's not too much different than what happened after 911 received the same hate the same, you know, the same violent messages and the same, you know, the same disgusting things that, you know, people did and said, all over again, right? Um, you know, for me, it basically makes me feel a little sad, that, you know, we're, we're such a time and error in this country of advancement, that we're actually moving backwards, right, going back to racism, and all of this type of hate that, you know, happened a long time ago. And we're bringing this back to

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life. We know, we were trying to set that fire back up again, you know, in the time and era in which we're living, it doesn't make sense, man. No.

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Usually, you know, hate breeds hate. And I mean, no good comes from it. For these politicians, many they they take advantage of this, this ignorance of people and to push certain agendas, do you see, you know, spreading this false fear? Because I mean, anybody like you, yourself, when you looked into Islam? Did you feel like you had anything to fear? No, not at all. Not at all. I didn't really know anything about Muslims or in what they believed in.

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I didn't know about terrorism and all these things. All I knew is that you know, these people were worshiping one God. And I want to know, why did they worship that one? God, what do they truly believe in? How do they believe in it? And give them the benefit of doubt, to see what their religion courtroom when I looked into it, I found something extremely beautiful, and hopefully Miss Puerto Rico. She'll also benefit from this and she'll see the same thing you did. And many Latinos are saying, she says, Is Puerto Rico, to response to Michael Moore? She said hold a sign that says we are believers in Christ. Why did you Why are you defending Muslims that haven't done anything for

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America or the USA?

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You know, first, I would have to give her some historical context.

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If she is a true Puerto Rican, true to the Puerto Rican pride and pride of her culture, pride of where she came from. And then I would ask her to go back and read about how Puerto Rico came about being the country it is now after being colonized. We see that our people really weren't a people of Christian faith and Christian belief. The Spaniards came in right Queen Elizabeth when she came in and Columbus landed, these different things happen.

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She said the Indians, the only days you would have free is if you come to worship on Sunday. And if you worship on Sunday, you won't be treated like a slave trying to go into the mountains to pull out the gold because it was called Puerto Plata, the port of money, right? Because they thought that they were going to go into the mountains pull out all of this gold.

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So they began taking those days, because it was the only day that they can be free. They didn't have to live in toilet struggling, work hard. And then when they found out that the people that came to invade them were actually human beings because they came with muskets with guns. So they've never seen a gun before they actually thought they were like gods, they came with famine and diseases. The Indians got sick, and we're dying, why they didn't. So they were thinking, these guys have to be gods. And when one finally stood up against them and killed him, they left them for a couple of days, because they want to see is he going to come back to life. And when they found out that he

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didn't come back to life, then they said, Oh, they die, just like we do with the human beings just like we're human beings. And they began to defend themselves and to defend their positions. So I would ask you to go back and read some of this history. And are we really people? Are our people really the people of Christ? Or was that something forced upon our people? When you look at, you know, the contributions Muslims have made, I mean, you look at you know, from medicine, the first university built by a woman that we're benefiting from that today, you know, pharmacy, many of these great scientists have been seen, you have for what's the lady who's running for president Claritin

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chlorine, she had said she had praised Muslims, for now, the Arabic numerals, like so. And she this lady starts texting and using her cell phone, iPad, all this stuff is on behalf of I mean, you can link it back to Muslims contribution coffee that you drink all of these things. I mean, the things that that, that you brought up, you know, people don't they stuck with terrorism with, you know, backwardness of some, some Arab lands, they've had dictators put upon them their best work, but when Muslims were in a position that they were able to practice really inviting Christians and Jews also to live amongst them and peace, Muslim lands were flourishing and elusive. Spain. That's right.

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That's right. And that's and that's even bigger. Right? When we look at our culture, my my generation, my people, my family, within my grandparent, my great grandparents, I have Spaniard I have African, I have native Indian, right, I know. I have French and I have European, all mixed in just two generations above me. And my grandmother Eva says that her father who was Spaniard, her mother was the Taino Indian. Right? She said My father used to speak with words at times that we cannot understand. As she tries to say them and at times they sound like if they were Arabic words, hold it right there. We're gonna get we gotta go to break. Hold on. Don't lose that place. Man.

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Really excited. We got some more of your tweets to share from his Puerto Rico and we're going to give her some love here from the Muslims. Don't go anywhere. With right back, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on today's show, we got Mr. Puerto Rico in the house. we're addressing some of these tweets continue where you left off. Yeah. So my grandmother, she said that her father who was a Spaniard, he would speak with words that sometimes she couldn't understand. And she tries to like mimic the words. And for me now learning Arabic and learning about Islam. The words seem like they are Arabic words. We know that within our culture, because the Arabs, right, the Muslims had Spain for over 100 years, that the Hispanic language over two to 3000 words in the Hispanic language derived from the Arabic language. One of the words that we commonly use as Puerto Ricans is Allah,

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Allah. May Allah May waipara manyana, Allah pase toda la que pasa, right?

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Allah comes from Allah.

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O Allah, almost like if Allah wills tomorrow, this will happen if Allah wills, hopefully I'll achieve this. If Allah wills, hopefully, this will take place. This is a common word that we use or hallah. Right? And then you have words like pantalone, right? pantalone kamis kabisa Rules are rules, right? To show that our culture is integrated and intertwined with the Muslim culture, right, my African side of the family when you look at the Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico, there's three customary types of dress, you had the European dress, right the tight dresses that flared out, then you had the local the native dress, and then you had the dress of the Africans, the Puerto Rico's

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are known for a famous dance music called La Bomba. And when you go and you look up la bomba, they used to dress with their heads covered and they used to wear it real

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baggy dresses, all the way down to the bottom of the, to their ankles, the men, they would wear these things that almost look like cookies almost a time. Some of them, the African ones would like more will look like almost like a African Islamic garment. And then if we switched over, then you will see men with white garbs, you know, white kind of pants and shirt with a with an old, you know, hat. And we look at this and we say, Well, those roots go back to those African roots go back to Islam. They were dressed like Muslims, perhaps were slaves who were brought in by the Spaniards who were perhaps Muslim. Right. And they began to affect the land and the people. So we see that, you

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know, I would, I would advise her, please go back, read the history. See how our people are connected to Islam? And how closely our culture and Islam the teachings of Islam are almost one in the same? Yeah, you mentioned those slaves 30 to 50%. Wood. It's a fact that we're Muslims who were brought over, I guess there will help actually make this country Yes, yeah. Let's go on to the next we got many tweets. We were just on one. But I just wanted to cover this real quick. We are believers in Christ. So are we to this right? Christ. You can't be a Muslim unless you believe in Jesus the Christ, Messiah. That's all it means. In Hebrew, Christ means the Messiah, and you cannot

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be a Muslim unless you believe and love Jesus. Is that right? That's for sure. And this is one of the biggest problems with at times with ignorance. Wayne Dyer. He's a self help author. He made a beautiful statement. He said the greatest form of ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about. Wow. A little awkward. Right? And while he was the cookie mogul, he said minds function best when they work like a parachute open. Right? So we open our minds, and we begin to not reject things that we don't nothing about. Right? We get to see how things really are. Right? And then we see that when we look at the whole issue of Christ, and we look at Islam. Christ is one of the five greatest

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messengers said to mankind. We absolutely love Christ, we absolutely love Jesus. If you don't love Jesus, you're not a believer. Right? His Beloved Mother Mary has been given a whole chapter in the core and chapter 19, as named after her the chapter of Mary, right? May Allah be pleased with her. So we have to love we have to love Jesus and change that misconception that Muslims don't believe in Jesus, we absolutely believe in Jesus. We follow Him we believe like in the verse that's in the Bible, that he is the way he was the light, meaning his guidance was the way his guidance was the light that leads you to Allah subhanho wa Taala to God Almighty. Going on to the next one. She said,

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all miss Puerto Rico, tweeted all what Muslims have done is provided oil and terrorize this country and many others. Allah hawkwell all Muslims have done is provide oil and terrorized countries and many others. You mentioned all of the beautiful additions that Islam brought to the world. Islam took the world out of darkness into light engineering, mathematics, planes, clocks, medicine.

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If it wasn't for the contributions of the Muslims, we wouldn't have many of the things that we have today. The Muslims have also come to this country. And because the statement revolves around ignorance, not knowing what the Muslims contribute, right? Because Muslims are not just Arabs, from Muslim countries that have oil. We've come come to this country, most of the doctors in this country

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are Muslims. You go to the hospital, you may be treated by a Muslim doctor. Right? engineers working for NASA, setting spaceships into space. taken care of the satellites, creations by Muslims in rock, Peru, I lived in Rockford, some of the Muslims were the creators of some of the most amazing inventions that are out in space right now. So how can we say that Muslims are not contributing anything to the world, we're making a beautiful contribution and will continue to make a bit of a contribution to the world. Because we believe that we add to the world's beauty. And we don't take away from the world's beauty. And the data doesn't lie. You can see right now FBI reports

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from the early 1980s up until 2000, before 2010 94% of terrorist attacks had nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. Also euro poll shows 1% of attacks less than Muslim you've had over close to 200 over 180,000 this is an old statistic moving on to 200,000 deaths, murdered Americans killing Americans that went on says 911. And

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most of these only 40. Were done by someone who's connected to Islam be Muslim. The rest

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Are people that have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims that's when you have 355 plus mass shootings just to your city or alone more than at number of days. And now you have these sad incidences just one is tragic enough was Puerto Rico probably doesn't know like the average layman that 350 plus were not they had nothing linked with Islam or being Muslim. It's two of those are linked back to being Muslim. So you see the numbers Muslims are the most peaceful Muslims are the most charitable, the most well mannered. You'll see Muslims are your neighbors get to know them we got right we got a Puerto Rican Muslim and a Muslim is one who submits and surrenders to the creator

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not the creation love of Jesus two We'll be right back with you one more time definitely We'll be right back inshallah. God willing peace. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the D show and recovered to before I went to break, put the statistics putting things into perspective. And there was actually Hiroshima on a light switch. Have you heard of that? You know, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Yes, yes, you hear Hiroshima lightswitch. Hiroshima with a light switch. The weapon would be mobile shooting concentrated doses of radiation on unsuspected targets who would die within two weeks. Among the potential target sources say Muslims and President Obama roshe on a light switch using a small workshop on this property to start developing it. The crawfords live here with to chew with their three children rather immediately after work broke out

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members of their church started coming here to pray for them. They were unaware of the details that surrounded their rest and unaware that Crawford was a self proclaimed member of the Ku Klux Klan. He's also accused of carrying an animosity toward Muslims and targeting them in this attack. Members of the Barkers Ville Christian church say they are shocked by this and think it's all mistake adding the Crawford's are nice giving people who aren't the type that would be involved in terrorist group.

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This is the dramatic moment federal authorities busted glendan Scott Crawford all captured on surveillance tapes in a scatter coke warehouse. Crawford details his plans to undercover FBI agent posing as white supremacist. He meets with them here at a Schenectady hotel, and you hear his incriminating conversation with the undercover showing them with Cropper called a radiation poisoning chart. It would be weeks before anybody had any inkling that anything was wrong.

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they probably dropped it in their beds, they had tried tried it out initially. On the before the arrest had happened. They turned on the device, they proved that it worked. They didn't turn on the radiation portion of it to that's what they were saying today. But they had at least tested it to make sure that it did work, just not that radiation because they didn't want to harm themselves. That complaint says that Crawford called its capabilities, Hiroshima on a light switch saying radiation poisoning is a beautiful thing. The intended targets individuals he referred to as medical waste, specifically Muslims and people perceive to be enemies of Israel, with this device, as

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specified here actually carry out the crime they want to do and emit deadly X ray radiation. The answer was clearly Yes. And range was 180 months. And the judge gave him almost half of that. And I don't think we could have asked too much more than the judge. So in light of that,

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I think it was not a terrible day for us. And then Crawford sat silently in court as prosecutors laid out new details and alleged plot to meet dangerously high levels of radiation targeted at Muslims. Eventually fight was sentenced to eight years and one month in prison one of the lowest sentences the judge could impose. I had actually saw that you had posted something on it. I haven't been able to watch it. We had something This was also a Christian kkk type again, people think you're crazy to link this back to you know, mainstream Christianity. That's the same way people like Miss Puerto Rico whoever linkback a fringe element, doing crazy things you know, in the name of

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Islam has nothing to do with Islam just like these, these maniacs, deranged people who want who had a weapon of mass destruction. Most people don't hear about the 355 mass shootings, but they hear about Muslims when anytime, anything with Muslims. It's mainstream. It's wall to wall coverage. But when it's someone who's non Muslim, local news quickly goes away. You don't hear it. Terrorism connected, no religion, not even the rest of the people. Come on. That's crazy. Let's go to her next piece. She says Mr. Miss Puerto Rico, there is no comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.

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And for us, and hopefully you'll be able to clarify this in Sharla in terms of maybe giving the people some statistics and some verses and things of that nature because I haven't memorized them all. But clearly within the

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Bible verses actually just recently, some guys they put together and they took a

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Bible they covered it and they don't

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even have a skylight, you stare can come close down but also vegetation normal environment and sky got covered

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Bible for like on demand switch that marcellina folder sending lotta Lancome auditing event and ultrashield vamana value bullet fleeced from the eighth June 8, and it's placed from a doctor's show to at least I need to

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shave off haka LA to you, Oh, honey, see money, a mum, method omega mon, slap a kettle, don't block water. And he started opening it up and reading, reading the verses, and the people were like, Oh, my God,

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the Bible.

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They will file a court and

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say, My name is Tom, Nate. That's in your book, Oh, my God. I can't believe that you your book and your says that. And then they pulled the cover off. And it was a Bible that went viral. That video went viral in that area, right. And it's just like, you know, these things are also found in the Bible. Right? Every culture of people, every religion has some form of violence. But we see right, there's a good book that was written by a man via email, ZZ.

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And his called Islam, silencing the critics. In this book, he gives such a beautiful account of how he brings verses from the Bible of how the Bible in the Bible, the Jews in the monasteries had to defend themselves. And God gives them a right to defend themselves. Because if they weren't, didn't have the right to defend themselves, the monasteries, the churches, all of the places of worship would have vanished. So God gave them the right to defend themselves and to fight and to, you know, hold up to the you know, to try to hold up the Word of God. All of this is in the Bible. It's in the Torah, you find some of it in the Koran, right. And it was an issue of defense. And when we look at

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Islam, all of those verses that the people tried to use, those are issues of, we have the right to defend ourselves. But we had better than the Geneva Convention 1400 years ago, right? The Geneva Convention is new, Mohammed Salah 1400 years ago, he said in war, you're not to cut down a tree. You're not to harm a woman, you're not to harm a child, you can only fight the person who's fighting you. And if they cease fighting, and they seek out a treaty of peace, then you make peace.

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Before the geneva convention that Islam was already promoting that the Geneva Convention took its principles from Islam. Yeah, when you put things in perspective, you see, like, if you want to play that game, you open up the Bible. I mean, you open up a can of worms, we respect the Bible. That's right. Right. We believe there is the word of God in it the word of prophecy stories at anonymous books, we don't know who is writing many of these things. And you have things in there, that now we would disagree with, you know what I mean? You have Jesus who's allegedly saying, for my enemies, who now wished it on that rain over them, bring them here and cut them in front of me that sits,

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slaughter them. That's it. I mean, Miss Puerto Rico, maybe you've never never heard that. But now many people haven't. If you read, you know, whole towns are called upon to be massacred women, children, you don't have any of that in Islam. Again, we don't want to belittle or insult. Our intention is that anybody, any of our Christian brothers and sisters out there in humanity, we just want to clarify and respond to miss Puerto Rico's texts, that now if you look at Islam, the Quran, there's nothing in a historical context that goes against any human beings rights, doesn't justice to anybody, cause of killing innocent people. If you read a verse before or after, in the Quran, you

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won't find any of that, will you? If you're, if your enemies want to go towards peace, put the weapons weapons down, go towards peace. That's right. That's why Allah is always calling us to be the most just because he says, rarely he loves those who are just, Allah is the Moses. He loves those who are just so Allah is always teaching us to be just, and it's unfortunate that, you know, the other contribution that Islam has made in our day in error was to make people extremely rich.

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Hollywood has been making a lot of money with the boogeyman, right? The terrorist movies all of the movies has what Muslims, Allah, Mohammed, the cells, the secret cells and terrorist cells. They make a killing off of using our religion and our way of life, which does not teach that and unfortunately, because people allow the TV to be the educator

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Rather than going into history and really reading and learning, and not remaining ignorant, because the TV becomes the educator, because Fox News becomes educated, then we get ignorant statements like this poor woman made and I don't blame her completely, I just hope that Allah will guide her. And then she would at least open up to maybe do some reading, read the Koran for yourself. That's one of the advice I would read the Quran for yourself, and see if you find within it, that which you claim is within it. And if you don't naturally submit to that, let's cover where we got a couple more minutes before I want to get to at least to a couple more of these, we'll, we'll put them together,

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where Miss Puerto Rico had tweeted that Muslims use our constitution to terrorize the US and plat gas stations again with the gaseous tweet. They Islamic God is not the same God of the Jews, the Christians and the Jews.

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I don't think we have time for more but just in summary with when you look at is that the Islamic God is not the God of the Christians and Jews. That was one of the reasons why I became Muslim. The Bible guided me to Islam. The one verse just because of the shortness of time was when Jesus peace be upon him, may Allah forever be pleased with him, that he was on the cross. And he says, Oh, my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me? He was crying to the same God I cried to him. When he prostrated in the VAT in the in the woods. He was prostrating to the same God I was pressuring to when he said God removed this cup from me, he was supplicating, to the same guy supplicate to Jesus

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has taught me to supplicate to pray, to follow to obey, to love the God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, the one who created all of us and the one whom we all will stand in front of, and the one whom we should be obeying, respecting, loving, and we're very, this is what Jesus has taught me. So for them to say, it's not the same God, it's absolutely the same God.

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The same God that Jesus prayed to less than what we preach, and what's wrong with gas stations, we all need gas, right? How are you gonna drive your car? Again, you know, that's just that's just, you know, ridiculous, you know, gas stations, like I said, Then what about the hospitals or you start going into medicine and getting treated, you know?

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Exactly. So, you know, you catch cancer, you're not gonna go to the doctor because he's Muslim. Yeah, no, treat me, you know, yeah. Let's move on something that we got one more minute. Let's Let's what I Islam says love all mankind. And we even for the haters have been so many people who've been haters. At the end, they felt the warmth of the Muslims. They felt the generosity and now is their hope. Now, someone came back in. And even if she didn't accept, there's only one guy wish to create another creation, you know, an accepted Islam, as many are doing many are women also. But she just said, you know, look, I apologize. And she wanted to come to a Muslim convention, whatever that go

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visit a Muslim house with Muslims open their doors with love to invite her in, and give her this love. I would personally open my daughter, she can come visit me any time. Feel free to call me look me up on Facebook, send me a message. I'll invite her over for some rice and beans, some steak with onions, you know, one of our favorite staples, and we can sit down and have a discussion. The man who drew the profit, he became Muslim. Right? So definitely, there's always that door of forgiveness, that door of mercy because Islam is a religion of mercy. Islam is a religion of forgiveness, right? Our prophesy Sallam told us that whenever beauty is put inside of something that

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changes it. So definitely, we want to show you the beauty that we have, and she would be able to meet whatever your family everybody, everybody open arms, everybody, and not everybody in my family is Muslim. Yeah. And we'll all sit at the table together and have a beautiful discussion. Yeah. Or we can come visit her in Puerto Rico. Yeah, if she's living there, we can come visit her in Puerto Rico family in Puerto Rico, definitely still have family in Puerto Rico. A lot of my family's still there. And we have a beautiful relationship. They know I'm Muslim. I respect them because they're Christian, and I respect them and I respect their faith. They respect me and they respect my faith.

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And we love each other. And I'm proud to be a Puerto Rican. I'm a Puerto Rican Muslim. Right. So I have never changed my culture. I don't eat the pork. I eat the beef. Now. I don't drink right, I take the juice instead. But I still hold on to everything else from my culture. Beautiful.

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Thank you for helping us respond to some of these tweets. God bless you and inshallah we'll see you again.

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And thank you all for tuning in. Especially our guest today that hopefully we'll be watching shall Miss Puerto Rico send out these tweets. No, no problem. We got no hate. We got nothing but love as a Muslim community. If you have any questions, call us one. 800 662 Islam reach out to the D show. We'll get some Muslim sisters who actually follow the way of Jesus Mother Mary, who were this modern, this this beautiful modest dress, they'll give you some love to and hopefully you can open up your mind and continue to look into Islam. If you have any questions. look us up you have Puerto Rican, Muslim Spanish Muslim

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All over the world willing to lend a helping hand because that's what the Muslims are about spreading peace we got the greeting of Peace Peace be with you. Much love. We'll see you next time here on the D show. Until then subscribe right now if you haven't already. Peace filmmaker, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.