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My beloved brothers and sisters,

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Allah Subhana, WA Tada, bless you and me with

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these words,

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Muslim, and we said that in the reality of the time that we live in, unfortunately, sadly, it is a case that as we look at the TV will read in the newspapers, that to be a Muslim at times is something undesirable. We find young people today wanting to hide based on identity, because when they look at Islam, they see violence. They see backwardness, they see Civil War, they see ignorance. And that's the reality of the Muslim lens. And we look at our house and we said, Our house is not in order. But worse than then, being down in the dumps worse than being at the bottom of the pile, is that we have forgotten, we don't belong here. This is not our position, and that our

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place is not at the bottom of the pile. And at a time came when Islam and the Muslim Ummah was great. It was powerful, and it sets the tone in the example for mankind. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and speaks to us and our sins to each and every one of us, you and me, you, you are the best nation raised up for mankind. This is the maker of mankind, the creator of mankind say that of all of his insanity created this nation, this Muslim Oh, my year, you are the very, very best of it. Why you enjoying what is right and you forbid What is wrong? And you believe in Allah? So how do we return to a time and a place when people can look at the Muslim Ummah with pride. And people can say

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that these Muslims have something good going with them. But as we see the time in the past, when people would say, just be a him being a Muslim, I could trust that these products were good, that you would pay me on time, then he was truthful to his word. But being a Muslim means something special and great. People used to look at Muslims, the way we look at the West, or the Europeans. With all and amazement This is what it means to be a Muslim. So we talk about these days of past is to remind ourselves where we belong, and to ask how do we get back to those steps. The CDs we spoke about the Battle of button, we spoke about the establishment of Islamic State. We spoke about the

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Battle of budget, and we are now jumping five, six years after the Battle of budget. The Muslim state has been formed, it's been established and a number of wars have been fought between Medina, the state of Medina and the kurachi the Qureshi state of Makkah, and they will arch and bitter rivals to Nabis also lemony Sahaba in Medina, and they had not seen mecca for six years from Argentina, they left their homes and the families they left the beloved city and they were now in Medina for six years. And we said that the Qureshi were not satisfied the machine we're not satisfied that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the Muslims had escaped them. And before they tried to

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invade Medina a number of times, but by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala they were unsuccessful in dislodging the Muslims. But a bitter there was there was a state of war basically between mark and Medina. So even though there was no fighting at this point in time, officially they were two cities were at war. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala would change the situation where the Muslims would be. At the lower hand alone Grantham isn't greatness. How did he do it? amazing story. Amazing system was speaking about the teepee in the village of food Abia. And we said, in weeks past, that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an entire surah referencing this great event when Allah Subhana

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Allah revealed to a prefect, the sutra sutra of conquest, not referring to the conquest of Makkah, it's empowering to the feature put a VM analyst behind the scenes in

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Marina Indeed, we

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just a side note here because this came up something in this week. Maybe this question is on your mind as well. When Allah says in the Quran, what does this mean? We don't lose one we will know. Why does Allah speak in brutal form? We almost speaking about the Trinity. A brother asked this last weekend, it might be a question that you have I know most of you might know the answer. But this is the Royal week. That in the in the Arabic language, the king out of respect for a sign of his honor and his greatness, doesn't say I did this and I come on you and I it's better to be have done this. doesn't it's not a way to to show. Brutal it is to show Mike an honor to win a lawsuit.

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is enough attack now that we granted you the victory? Allah speaking about himself and no Adam will ever ask this question because he understands that the king even the kings and the dounia they speak like this even in English, the Queen of England. When she decreed something she said we are not speaking about a number of people it's about herself so don't get confused Gemma muslimin Allison panda is one and he says we have given you a clear conquest. And this conquest begins with a dream that we saw Salaam season's dream I'm going to perform Amara and how am I going to perform I'ma go to Makkah in Iran when the people of Mecca want to kill us. So Allah subhana wa tada differences his

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dream in the Quran also certainly as Allah showed to His Messenger the vision in truth, you will surely interministerial haraam you will perform O'Meara in sha Allah and safety with your head shaved or shortened, not fearing anyone and Allah He knew what you did not know and has arranged before that a conquest is near Allah already prepared and promised is going to come. So the prophet SAW some sees in a dream

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and the dreams of and I said this before the only the dreams of the MB are not the only not the shoe you know, only the dreams of the NBA should be taken as divine inspiration will have annual data. So Alice shows up to perform aura meaning you need to perform so let me so send them says look, we need to go perform.

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But maca is at war with us. Not knowing what to expect will not allow us to intimate can't allow this. Are we going to have to fight the crush. So enemies also announces we're going to market the fukumura and the Sahaba rush in the 1000s to make overall within the VESA salon before this point in time interesting to note. There was no tomorrow before the splinting time was performed. This is the first O'Meara in the history of Islam to be part of this blacet, Amara Amara and the Sahaba go leave not leave Medina not armed in the Iran. We spoke about Iran a few weeks ago, and on the way they assist now because we've seen the scout to assist what's the mood in Makkah, and he finds that the

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people of Macau near you is coming. They use they have prepaid war. So we are not going to allow these Muslims in even though the policy amongst the Arabs was if you come to Mecca for the purpose of Amara worship, the market is open to the Christian, the Jew, the atheist, anybody wants to worship in Makkah, the bitter enemy of Mecca. If you come here for a vida, you are safe and secure. This was the rule of the Quran. Now they've changed the rule permission for everyone except the Muslims. And if they want to come to Makkah, we're gonna stop them and they send the greatest generals in the name Holly, radi Allahu Allah, because he wasn't a Muslim at that time he becomes a

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Muslim. And in fact, he's the greatest general in the history of Islam.

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Allah Allah permits when we get further on in this topic is and glory synonymous with this man, hollywood if no one ever defeated this man in battle, even Mohamed Salah

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he was the one that brought defeats to the Muslims at the back of the scene, the base general Harlequin will lead you stop the Muslims from entering Mecca, maybe salsa Lamb has to decide what are we going to do? Are we going to fight we're going to turn back and they decide abubaker his opinion or the alarm, let us go and find a way to get to the car but without fighting. So we're not going to meet Harley, we're going to turn this way or that way, whatever we need to do, but we want to get to the car. But this was our intention. And we didn't come to fight anybody. So somebody iterates this over and over. Yeah, I've come in the month that is haram to fight. I've come without

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weapons. I've come with the animals that will be slaughtered for the people of Makkah, but they will benefit from the slaughter. The people of material benefit from the Quran. I'm not here to fight and it does everything to show that he's not yet to fight so they take a side route we spoke about and they get to the plains of who they be a place just outside of Mecca and Allah Who is the Campbell of Navy SEALs alum to sit as an indication This is where you must stay. So the Muslims can at today be here. This is why it's called the Treaty of put a big this area outside of Makkah a few kilometres outside of Makkah. And we say the Qureshi Platoon, a small group of men at Main came to attack the

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Muslims without any warning, and the Muslims captured them, no one without any fighting. And Allah differences in the Quran that and he alight is He who has withheld their hands from you that almost stopped them from harming you and your hands from them in the midst of Makkah after you had off the he had made you, Victor's over them. So the Muslims captured this army, this group of men that was gonna attack the Muslims and be salsa instead of exacting any retribution on them. Let them go freely. Go back to Makkah, tell them we caught you. We could kill you, we could execute you. But we didn't bring harm on any of you. You go back and tell them we did not come to find anyone unless is

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of the of the things of the signs of the victory is that they couldn't harm you and Allah withheld us

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from harming them, this will facilitate the negotiations.

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So the Muslims avoided bloodshed. And now the equidae be here.

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And it's a political storm. All the tribes around NACA, come to the Quran, what are we going to do? The one sides is panela. How can we stop these people from coming into the into how long? It's going to be a disgrace for us? That if we were to stop them, it goes against our customs and our traditions. On the other hand, the other groups is how can we let them in we will be humiliated in the eyes of the Arabs, they would see how weak we are. So all the tribes around Mecca Francis Qureshi is the tribe of Makkah. The people of five people that are Mecca. They're all having, it's a diplomatic stone that's brewing now in Mecca. The Muslims are outside, they don't they can't enter

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because they don't want to fight the Quran. The Quran doesn't know should we let them in? Should we fight them? Why don't they just go home, we just want you to go home to the Croatia setting the Muslims, you just go home, right? We don't want to fight. We don't want to first then we're not going to have embarrassment. So they sent a delegation of the delegation to speak to the Muslims and we spoke about the leader of fire if Allah he enters the camp, and he begins very harsh, since I have not seen Oh, Muhammad. He obviously didn't believe he was a prophet or Salah is I don't believe Muhammad that you that this these people that you're brought with you are going to have any might

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a black man. Yeah, and a white man, V and Qureshi and a person from a tribe. You're not even a tribe of people. The minute the chorus comes for you, they only leave you. And we said how the Sahaba responded. And within two, three hours, his heart changed completely. When he saw the African Sahaba how they said, if you want to come near us all the sudden, you touch his beard even you're gonna lose your hand. And he runs back to Croatia. And he says,

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I've never seen the followers of any King, whether it was the emperor of Rome, which I saw, but the emperor of Persia, or the emperor of Brasilia, I've seen these three kings. I've never seen a group of people love the leader, as much as the companions of Muhammad Salah, and he's told them and he told them, if you're going to fight them, they're going to fight back. And if it's a war you want, they're going to give you a hard war, and they will die to the very last man before you come close to them. So I advise your operation. They mean to have peace with him and let them know, let's not make any hasty fighting. And the Quran didn't like this and he insulted the man and he left now he's

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the tribal chief of fire. So he said fine, that's your case. We estoy we don't support you we go to now pradesh has lost an ally but they still adamant we're not gonna let the Muslims in. So they sent another tribal ally, that Hamish this man's name by name is by His name's police. They sent him as well to the NaVi Sol Sol.

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Sol Salam shows again of his miracles of his ability as a prophet. He sees the man in the distance no one can see who he is the resources This is police from the tribe of Hamish. And he says that this time, one of the customs which is very dear to them, is that the sacrificial animals of Makkah must be respected. I stoled you in the first lecture that Muslims came in the Beatles Malone came with 70 camels to be slaughtered just himself alone. But Sahaba tried to compete that huge amount of animals to be slaughtered to be distributed maka. So he said that he saw some and said, prepare the animals to as he walks into the camp, he sees all these animals, and he sees the Sahaba in the arm.

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And he walks towards the camp. And before he even gets the hint of an abyssal Salam. He says, I've made up my mind, I'm going back to Porsche informing them that it is wrong for them to stop you from coming into Makkah. And he comes in and he tells the Qureshi. I haven't even spoken to Mohammed Salim. But I, in my opinion, for you to stop these people from performing omonoia This will be a grave, grave sin according to the religion. And I advise you to leave them in the lithium go, again, the Croatian Solstice man, and this is fine. I'm taking my tribe away you are on your own to the Qureshi, one by one, losing all the Allies maybe chosen sometimes as Muslims. We don't have to be

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good political power through the gun. We don't even have to make debates or be violent to take the hit on approach. Sometimes we need to do that. But not always, and maybe so similar more often than not, when he was insulted. And when he was attacked, he would respond in kindness. And this takes the enemies completely of God. They expect to find a man armed to the teeth. But saying that threatening you don't let us in we're going to show you the differences such as soft enamel and gentlemen, and so on just yet to perform.

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And when they realize

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that his goodness, and another lesson of His goodness in the part just because he doesn't worship Allah subhanho wa Taala we reject that means the biggest sin, but you can still be truthful and compassionate and kind. You can still have goodness inside of him. And that's what as Muslims

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We need to tap into the goodness you see in you, you'll find so much more in Islam. This is the true way of Islam. I said this before that dollar Trumps Jihad mathematically when it comes to jihad, right? That was always preferred than jihad. So this is always the methodology of Nabhi, Mohammed Al Salaam, and you choose to tribal chiefs, just looking at the dub and a lot of Sahaba don't even know

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they saw the Sahaba and it's liable to change our minds, these people need to come to Makkah.

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this still a stalemate days go by and nothing is happening and the supplies of the Muslims are shorter and animals are coming hungry. So now visa sense is fine. I will send an invoice.

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I will send someone to go to Mecca. Before he sends mentioned man last but before he sends that official invoice, he sends a neutral person as a hobby by the name of Eros rush about your lawn, not much known about him. So hobby was just a hobby that was there. But he was again from a neutral tribe. He wasn't from the Beatles tribe. He wasn't from Medina. So the Arabs, the people, of course, they had bitter rivalry with certain tribes. So he was from a tribe which licorice would accept. And visa some gives him the Navy SEALs camel, the personal camel, I'm going to show it he's my invoice. He's my messenger. And the man the Sahabi comes into Makkah, and before he reaches Mecca, they

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attack him. And they harm the camel and the man must retreat and run for his life, to save himself from being killed in Macbeth, which shows the mood in Makkah. So everyone knows and this is important. When we talk about the next invoice. This man comes back and tells them to be so solemn, the police don't even want to speak. If anyone goes into Makkah, the Muslims, they are not playing around here. They're not even listening to negotiations. They are so angry and arrogant and and they hate the Muslims so much that they will they will kill a messenger. We know this is against the law all the time. You don't kill a messenger an invoice.

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So then obeso salaam contemplates time is continuing to go. And you decide I want to send another invoice into Makkah and looks to Sahaba is this time? Yeah. Omar, Barbara Delano Omar, you will be my info you go to Makkah and try to negotiate with him and say no matter the Alon, if I'm not afraid to go to Makkah, if you want me to go in, even though it's this if I go in I'm not scared of that. But two things. Number one, if you want diplomacy, I'm not human. I'm not known for being very diplomatic. I tend to get the tensions more you know, I don't calm tensions, I make tensions rise. We don't say normalize character. I'm a bit of a harsh character. Not so people already angry with

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me. I just think to make that worse. So don't don't send me also I don't have a strong family backing in Mecca. I don't have a strong family backing in Makkah. So the influence of my family is not so strong. But I would suggest you sin, man, there'll be a lot. See North man, there'll be a lot about the character of a diplomat. And if you look at the Sahaba, they all had different characters who chose not all of us have to be the pious, you know, well, you can be a Wali in different ways. You can be the businessman be the Wali, you can be the person who's worshiping and be the wallet. You can be the person on the sports field and be the Wali you can have different characters and

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qualities almost made us like that amongst the NBA, even they were different. That being said, the responsibilities are softer, whereas they'll be Mussa and be more strong and strong men, different kinds of qualities, but good goodness comes from everything. So now visa sunlamps, just to Earth man, tell Satan Earth man, you need to go to Makkah as my invoice as my messenger, say North man doesn't know is going to come to him. He's preparing himself, I'm going to mock I might die. We saw what they did to her ash. We saw what they did, they almost killed him. And on top of it, he wasn't even Qureshi. They hate me personally, they hate me. Because I abandoned him I left him and I took a

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new religion. But if this is the command of Allah subhanaw taala. And

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I hear and I accept and obey. How can you people today, sadly, you find people insulting the courage and the character of Satan of man of your life span is walking into certain bits of the weapon in Iran, I'm coming with no arms with me into into Makkah, and he comes into Mecca, say North mandrel the ally and this mob is about to attack him and they descend upon him. And in one of the family members of Satan, Earth man comes out and says I am protecting this man is my family. You want to harm him, you're gonna have to fight me. So he manages to get the mob to leave. And I'll say North man is with his relative. And another reason why I say North man is being sent is because the chief

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of Makkah now Abu sufian, the chief of Makkah, is like a cousin of Saint northman. So there's some relation between the two of them to say North man is now taken to the chiefs of Makkah, and he's trying once again to discuss with him that I am gonna be safe.

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Solomon, we are here just to perform tomorrow. We are not here to fight, we are not here to cause any harm or any bloodshed, we just want to perform an operation are adamant and they deny and we will not allow you to enter into Makkah. And at the same time many of say North man and his characters, it was a very liked man scene of man's character, likable person. Obviously, many of his family members want to see him It's been six years, we didn't see the brother, the nephew, so they began to see him and, you know, to come here to him, they, they showed him this and and he's giving them down all the time calling him to Allah telling them that the victory is near. They didn't

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accept the message. And they told him Yes, man.

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Why didn't you perform tomorrow? We're not going to let Mohammed and his people so tell them

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all the way from Medina. And again think of the Haji you you spend all that money 1000s you get to Makkah, you outside of Moscow and you can't perform or how would you feel South man was in that state

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to be the first Muslim to perform in Islam.

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I will not perform the right for me to perform. Amara Mohammed Salam you haven't given me permission. I refuse to perform Nomura, until maybe so Salah performs Ramadan, shows you the obedience of the Sahaba and I've been so solemn, that I follow the Sunnah. He must be the one that leads and I follow. This is the case. So now time has passed past time is going by hours are going by and I've recently seen say not wanting to come back in an hour to simple message. Let us in. We don't want us to go in. No, come back and we'll we'll see what what's the next step.

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But hours go by. And the tension in the camp of the Muslims is now becoming a bit of a panic happening.

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He's not yet back. What happened to him? And now rumors that somebody killed him.

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He came just to you know, he's an invoice in Iran without any weapons. How bad is it that the correlation is so bloodthirsty and angry they're killing one by one the rumors are going around maybe with man has been killed. And it showed you once again. I want us to have I loved him and his position amongst the Sahaba. Remember, say North man is not just the Companion of the abyssal Salaam. He's the closest of the full Africa for Oliver's abubaker in honor of Manali. abyssal Salam is a North man or closest in relation of the St. nalli. Right, so he's like a distant cousin. And on top of that Satan of man is the son in law who seldom is married to the daughter of Nabil so Salah

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is a personal relationship with the men. And now the tension the Muslims now as the hours go by, they are more and more convinced the Qureshi killed with man, he hasn't come back, we don't know what happened to him, it must mean that he's dead.

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So now the Sahaba in a in a fever pitch, we didn't come to fight and we think one of our own, one of the prominent Sahaba love Sahaba and you killed him, killed him like this. In the time of the harem, in the state that they had on in the forbidden time of fighting in Mecca, you killed him. So now the Sahaba says these people of course, you can't deal with them, you can't negotiate. And if they want to fight, they've made up their mind. And the shows you once again, even when when you come with peaceful intentions, Allah opens the door of jihad, when you are pushed to the brink and the limit then the sword is permissible. This is how the ideology of Islam that you don't take the beating you

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must defend yourself. So the Sahaba now one by one company vehcile salaam, and they said they take his hand and be some sitting under the tree and they grab the hand of Nabil so someone's gonna be played Shia rasulillah we we put out our pledge our our commitment that we are with you to the end and we'll fight and we won't turn back meaning we're gonna fight to the death we didn't come with weapons so we now head on. But if it's fighting that we need to do today, and we do it until death we were going to die today be basically saying we give you a pledge we're gonna die at a be 1400 Sahaba lineup, and one by one they give the solemn pledge that we are going to sacrifice our lives

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here is that what's what's what it comes to, and this is called the beta to read one in one means the pleasure and the OD Allah said, Allah be pleased with him. It's the pleasure of Allah and Allah sees obviously this pledge happening is the Sahaba are one by one giving the pledge we're gonna die if we need to die. We don't want to fight but if we're gonna fight, we're gonna fight, fight to the death.

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Then Allah reveals if one sees this, unless pleased with the law says, Indeed, those who pledged allegiance to you, they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah

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and the hand of allies over the hands. Let's look at this verse. The Sahaba are saying, Oh Sahaba when you took the hand of Nabisco, solemn, took my hand of blessing in a manner which he put all his majesty

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took my hand. My hand was the hand that you took, and I saw the pledge that you gave in the plate.

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You gave us not to not be so solemn pledge to me saying Allah, I'm going to die for you here today. And then Allah Subhana says, certainly was Allah pleased with the believers. I'm pleased with the Sahaba when they pledged allegiance to Mohammed under the tree, and he knew what was in their hearts, so he sent down tranquility upon them and rewarded him with an imminent conquest. That shows you

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this when people and people in discuss the Sahaba This is Allah saying, I am pleased with these people. I saw what's in their hearts, and they pledged me and I am pleased with them. These are the people that's why we said why don't hear the alignment someone possibly say Rahim Allah,

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Allah, mercy on him. But Sahaba we say are the Allah and Allah is pleased with him. Allah confirm, I am pleased with these people. These are special people. And these are the greatest people. The people who played with Nabil Sol Salaam, they are the highest category of people after the people have been in the sight of Allah, the best Sahaba are the people of better, and then the people pleasing the resource alum ready to die, they're ready to die. But of course, one man is missing from the pledge. Also, how about being pledged? And I was I'm pleased with you. One man isn't the Who's that man with man. He's in Mecca. Right? And he's still alive. They didn't kill him. He's got

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delayed, but he's in Makkah. And that's why one of the people that kills with man later on in life, they come in this is not true that with man was absolutely the plague. He wasn't need to give his hand. And the son of Satan says yes, he wasn't the. But let me tell you what Nazism did. After that. authy took the pledge of everybody. He stood up and he said, and this is fourth man. I pledge on behalf of with man and one of those hobbies and voila, he my right hand, the left hand of Navy SEAL Salam is better than my right hand that the left hand of Navy so seldom is better than with man's right hand. Meaning his pledge is the best pledge which none of the Align is number one on the list

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and the pledge is because of him.

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So the kurush you know and this when this happens a lot which pushes the Muslims out to the limit, see how far you're gonna go to performance. O'Meara wants to know how far you're gonna go, to be ready to die, yeah, Allah. Then Allah says I've given you an imminent victory. After this point. Now, the Quran says hearts will be suffering, and they will enter into negotiation without any bloodshed. inshallah, we continue in weeks to come to sokola las panatela, please the love of Sahaba in our hearts to understand the caliber and the status of Allah subhanaw taala guide those who first Sahaba melas from Ghana has to follow the example to continue next week with the teacher for maybe a

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few announcements to make inshallah, once again, anyone would like to message me you'd like the slides, you can email me and I'd be more than happy to forward you the slides in sha Allah, we remind you that our Syrah classes are crossing the lifespan of Esau Salaam and we discussing fundamentals how to perform Salah as well in our class, on the Tuesday evening, seven o'clock to tomorrow live in sha Allah, also in sha Allah in the month of March, we're going to have we know that Easter is coming up in April. And there's a lot of people will be going to perform Amara talking about Amara, you're gonna perform in almost all of us to visit the house of Allah once

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again. But we have huch classes yet we don't have camera classes. During the month of March, we'll be looking to have one day sessions you just come for one day, for three hours maybe and you learn the A to Z formula. It's much shorter than hunch and in Charlie, you know, done so please pull you can pull the office you can email me once we have the numbers we can set a certain date, there's a small fee inshallah attached to it notes will be provided. So please let me know. And we can have we can establish this tomorrow class. Also, at the end of the month, the 28th of

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an excellent excellent conference is going to be held in Cape Town at the Oakland High School. It's the theme is family matters. All of us. We are either children or we have children. We are all parents. We are just looking for a spouse to be married for a number of years. How do we how do we raise our kids in this environment? These are the kinds of questions we'll discuss in family matters. But a number of international and local speakers come from all over the world to give this conference on family. Please attend out to see all of you some of the topics may not pramukh women are from Medina, save your family from the fire and look into the mirror these are the kind of

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topics that will be discussed during this conference. And as I said before every single child has been taken from this conference will be will go to the Imam development project, which means we look for Imams and underprivileged areas. imams don't get a salary but have to teach from night from day to night. Teach Kids how to decide for art for non Muslims to Islam they don't get paid for this so the proceeds will go to that so there's a bit of a cost involved and 59 at the moment next week it will be 200 grand please come pay the money and inshallah support but if you find a 10 by a ticket and we'll find an orphan an old person and shoulder to attend on your behalf and you'll get the idea

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in shall look to please attend inshallah, please attend Allah subhanaw taala guided Sokoloff, Ada salaam aleikum