Hajj ProTips – 08 – Zamzam

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somani Kumar omotola here with a cutter, today's hedge Pro Tip is about drinking Zamzam. Now some of them is a very special water. The history of zum zum starts all the way from the time of his Madani Salaam and during the time of the prophets of Allah while he was some of the prophets of alarm, it was time to drink sums and the people of Mecca drink Zamzam and the virtue of Zamzam is such that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, at Mount wisdoms only mastery by Allah who the whatever intention you make when you're doing Zamzam. You will have that intention of yours fulfilled. It is famously said that if a boss of your loved one would would read it while when

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bringing them Allahumma India sir Luca Hellman natvia what is called wasa where she felt I'm in Canada so making it too hard when you're drinking something maybe you can make it when you're drinking some some or law as this water goes through my body, use it as a source of purity let it let it Let it be a purifier for the impurities of my insights clean my heart through it. Yeah Allah give me shift my illnesses you know making to our when you drink some some. Now when you get back to your hotel, it can be easy to not drink some some because you have water there you have drinks there you have sodas there. So one thing I would recommend is when you arrive in Mocambo karma, fill

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yourself up with a bottle, keep up, keep up a personal bottle, a bottle that you carry with you wherever you go, maybe in a in a string bag that you carry on your back. And every time you arrive in the masjid, fill it up with water. Drink it while you're there. And before you head back to your hotel, fill it up again. Keep that as your buddy so you're always drinking some some when you're in McCann Medina, you should not be drinking anything other than Zamzam. Drinking as much as you can. Facing the Qibla while you drink it is also a recommended act in standing while drinking it is also a snack. So maximize your usage of Zamzam consume it as much as you can. It's something recommended

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and make whatever the wise that you want. So that's today's hedge pro tip, we encourage you to practice and conveyed on to others. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.