Minute with a Muslim #071 – Discover This About Allah

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If you're going to know anything about Allah know that Allah is merciful, and that should tell us something about the emphasis that we should put especially teaching other people about Allah azza wa jal, non Muslims and our children, some people because they're tempted to get compliance with however they can, right we want our kids to pray. We want our girls to wear hijab. We want our kids to memorize the Quran, okay? The temptation for us is to go quickly towards should easily fall to go towards the anger to go towards the threat. If you don't do this, this is going to happen to you. Allah is watching the angels are writing all these sorts of things. It's all true. No one's saying

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it's not true. But are we putting the same emphasis that Allah is putting? Allah emphasizes Rama? Yeah, a baddie, Alladhina Astra for Allah and foresee him that's not to me Rahmatullah in Allah fiddle de Nova Jamia Allah subhanaw taala always, always always emphasizes his Rama to the point where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in a hadith klutzy that Allah said, My Mercy outstrips my wrath or My Mercy is greater than my wrath. So we need to be careful and not fall into trying to reinterpret or better yet re emphasize things that Allah is found to Allah has already emphasized in the Quran. He's emphasizing His mercy kettlebell and and actually hit Rama. You've got people who

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don't pray, people who drink alcohol, people who go to the club and they think they're too far gone. They think that Allah won't forgive them. If they turn around and change and they need to know that Allah will forgive them. All they have to do is turn around