Manners of the Mindful – Prayer for Manners

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A man is known to have a short temper. And when he's asked, Why do you always get mad so easily so quickly? He says, this is the way Allah has created me, this is the way I am, it can't change, don't try to change me. Many of us have probably heard that. If we have more than one child, do you have nieces or nephews, you'll see that between them sitting in a room together, they'll have different characteristics, different personalities, different ways of reacting to the same thing. This is what we call holed up in a whole look is that which what Allah subhanaw taala has created you upon. So if you get a computer that it has a certain amount of space and a certain amount of speed, that is the

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wiring in which you bought it, it's ready to go. But you may be able to upgrade it and change it to be better or to be more modified. Allah has created ourselves in a certain way, in each one of us are different. Even in the same family, one person may have a short temper and the other one would be calm and collect. But the one that has a short temper is very social and very outgoing. The one that is common collect is very, very stingy. But they know how to solve problems. Every one of us has different characteristics. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allahumma I sent him a sin HaNavi he said, Oh Allah, you have perfected and brought excellence to my heart The Way You

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created me physically. So do the same with my manners with my character, and his head is on top Ronnie is authentic insha Allah balvenie. So when looking at this beautiful Hadith, it's very easy to understand that Allah although the way that you have made me noble from the apparent and that which is shown, do that bring that same nobility of my character, as some scholars say that a Hulk who was sorta to NASA or sort of insane avoider will hollow who was sort of insane about that, when we look at the creation of mankind, that is what is apparent and clear, and you can see, but the whole look is that which is internal, which you cannot see, but you can see is its exemplification

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in the way that they act and the things that they do. So that's what this series is going to cover the a lot of talking the manners of the mindful how with those raw, that raw material that you have, how are you using it in a way that's beneficial for you in front of Allah, beneficial for you with yourself and beneficial with you and mankind? Because if each one of us just makes the effort, the concentrated effort to have better manners, that will change the world.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when he would make beer and then he would he would start to pray. He would say, you know, he mentioned the DA and he will say in the salata, when you Suki wilmerhale Matthew layerable alameen Verily, my prayer and my ceremonial practices are for the Lord of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. That should equal that there is no partner with him. Then he goes on to make a beautiful day. And this is before his prayer. Before he makes the actual prayer, which is a prayer before the actual re citation of the Quran. He says Allahumma Dini, the Asante family were actually a flock there Yeah, De La Hoya Illa. And what Bini shall say, Many

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will say a flock, les Yaki say Illa and he says, Oh Allah, just as you have guided Oh Allah guide me to the good actions and the good manners, no one can guide me to that except you and keep me away from the bad actions and the bad manners. No one can protect me and keep me away from them except you. This is important. Because when we if you are someone that Mashallah you are making the effort to do the good deeds, you're doing great. You you're working on your temper, you've seen a therapist, and you're working on your anger, or you're someone that is not stingy, you're trying to be selfless. While you're in the course of doing that, do not think for a split second, that it was

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because of your independent agency by yourself with no help. The whole look, is that wiring that Allah has given you and you making the effort sat you must score that your effort is that which is appreciated, but no, it is with the assistance of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's Amina

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It is from what Allah has given you. So it's together with Allah blessing you to make the right choices to choose to hold back

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from being angry, even though you know you are right, it's you choosing to give that last $10 in your wallet, to someone that you know needs it more than you when you would have just walked away and bought a meal with it or something of that nature. It's you wanting to bring brothers together, even though before you could care less about bringing brothers together because it doesn't bring you any worldly benefit. But you see the DA the Prophet asked him to guide him to the actions of good the good Hello. So May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those that understand the statement Do you know set up almost Hakim, Goddess to the straight path, that path that is straight and from the path

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that is straight, is having the good manners, a cinematic way to live better cats. Thank you