The Parables of The Quran #06 – Surah Baqarah 264 – Nullifying Charity By Hurtful Words

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smil al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was a woman with a hammer. But today we're gonna move on to salute Al Baqarah verse 264. And it is the second part of the parable of giving. We've already talked about the first part of the parable, which is that every seed give 700 grains 700 seeds. Now we move on a few verses after this. And Allah subhana wa tada says another parable. But this is a parable that in fact is within another analogy is very beautiful verse, Allah says, Yeah, you heard Athena, amen. Oh you who believe love to bow to saw the article on bill money, while other do not nullify or negate, to do not destroy your own charity. Do not

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destroy the blessings and the rewards of the charity you have given? How can you do that by two things bill money while other a man means you remind the person that you've done him a favor. A man means once you give that person money next week, two weeks later, a month later, you're going to come and you're going to rub it in his face are going to remind him this is a man and that is the reminding of the favor. And other means you irritate you are being sarcastic, you use an innuendo you put him down, you cause the grievance in his heart. So a man is to be explicit, and other is to be implicit, and the goal is the same. And that is you remind the person that you have done him a

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favor. And Allah says if you do that, you have destroyed your own sadhaka lava tube through solder particle mill many one other and the word baltal, by the way, means literally no and void. But all that means to negate completely. So Allah is saying, if you think you're doing a favor to the one you're giving charity to, and you're going to remind the person directly or indirectly, then in fact, you have nullified your own charity. Then Allah says your example and remember the verses ala Dena amanu. Now Allah gives an example, which should discuss every believer and every believer should say, I could never do that. But Allah says what you're doing is the same as that what is that

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color? The unifier? comala, huria, and nasci. What are you middle? Billa? He will I believe the one who does that reminding people is exactly the same kalevi is exactly the same as the one who spends without believing in Allah in order to show off to mankind. Now the believer says aruto Billa I believe in Allah, I'm not going to show off my deeds. And Allah is saying, Don't you realize that the net result of what you're doing and what the Mona Phil does is the same the Mona Phil gives and it's null and void. Why? Because his Nia was wronged. Then Allah says, Oh, you who believe make sure you don't go down that path. If your Nia is wrong, even though you're giving for the sake of Allah

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but you think you're doing a favor. You think it's your money that you're blessing the person with you don't realize it is Allah who's doing you a favor by giving you wealth, and then Allah is doing you a favor by allowing you to be generous, then Allah is doing you a favor by accepting that good deed you are not doing the good deed Allah subhana wa tada blessed you with it. But the minute you come along and you think you're doing it, Allah is saying, you might as well be like that person. And the believer says, I'm not like that person. And Allah says the net result is the same because the one who gives who doesn't believe in Allah and the one who gives wanting to show off, is he

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going to get any reward? No. The difference is that his Nia was zero from day one, and your new year will convert after you do the deed. So the one who had no new year and the one who's near changed afterwards, right because you gave the money and you think it's for Allah sake, but deep down inside you feel you've done something good, you want to rub it in his face, you're gonna come up to next week or next month and say, you know, it's a good thing I was there I helped you out you know, you better be thankful that I was in your life to give you that money. Oh the below Who are you? Who is your money? It is Allah subhana wa Taala that blessed you It is Allah who gave you that that tofield

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to give and that is why when I should have the Allah one and others when they would give charity, they would take the gold coins and silver coins and they would rub it and they would make it clean. They would put perfume on it. Her servants had Why are you doing this? And she says Don't you realize this is going to be accepted by Allah I have to purify my money. She realized it's not the beggar that this money is going to is going to Allah subhana wa Tada. I have to make sure I give the best to him. She would literally rub the money who amongst us chooses the best dollar bill the best 20 to give no we choose the worst. Usually I share with you

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The best rhodiola Anna, she would rub it, polish it and put perfume and she will say Don't you realize this is going to Allah, I have to give it the best. So that's the point your Nia has to be right then what is the parable or what is the method that Allah says Allah says kalidou Kumar Lauria nasi wala you will be liable for a master who who can master the software and in LA he taught all Boone his example whose example the one who doesn't believe in Allah The one who donates for the sake of it, for the sake of showing off his example is like that of a solid rock that has a thin layer of soil on it. Then when the rain comes, it takes away the soil and it exposes that DRock

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nyaka Duda una la shaman Makka Sabu they cannot even control or they cannot even benefit from the deeds that they have done. They can't benefit from what they themselves have done. Now what is the analogy here? What is the parable or the method? Allah subhana wa tada says, The heart of the one who rejects a law is like a solid rock that Allah says in a foreign film because your hearts became hard. They became harder than a rock. What is a rock hard rock indicate? It indicates you're not going to be soft. When you think of a lump you're not going to be soft. When you think of the poor people when when something beneficial comes a hard rock repels it as far as fertile soil it accepts

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the rain. So Allah says the heart of the believer is soft and the hearts of the Gulf. It is hard. It is harder than a rock. But the Mona Phil or the Kafeel sometimes tries to beautify that rock. How does he beautified that rock? By having a thin layer of good deeds. It is a false layer. It's not a real layer. He tries to do good deeds, those good deeds give the illusion to the one who sees oh this is fertile, but it's an illusion. Then when the rain comes and what is rain? It is Allah subhana wa tada his blessings. It is the Quran, it is the believers always rain is not which benefits it is the Orion it is a revelation. Whenever the Quran is recited, one can also say at

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times of tribulation and trial, then the heart of the carpet is exposed. And his reality is shown to all because when the rain comes that illusion, that facade, that thin layer, that is an illusion, it is wiped away. And then everybody sees this person wasn't a real believer, this person was a hypocrite, a coffered, his reality is shown and compare this as well. Beautifully to the previous verse, Allah says the righteous person he plants a seed and it becomes 700 seeds and asked for the calf. Who doesn't believe in Allah forget planting the seed, he doesn't have soil even he doesn't even have fertile soil can look at the contrast between the believer in whose ground the fertile

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seed will grow. It will give 700 grain and then the Mona Phil who doesn't even have soil to plant the seed and at the slightest sign of an issue or calamity or tragedy, even that minor good deeds that he's done as in illusion, it will wipe away as Allah says in the Quran, waka dem, nah, Ilana, I'm Illumina amberlynn, Phaedra and na Hubba and montura. All of the good that they have done, we will cause it to scatter like dust. It's not solid, because it wasn't done for the sake of Allah. Therefore do your brothers and sisters we learned what was done for a law his firm is solid it remains and what was done for other than a law it is going to be dissipated and taken away and what

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was done in order for your ego. And how do you know is for your ego because you boast about it because you rub it in the person's face. Because you remind somebody about it. Allah is saying you might as well be like the one who does it for other than Allah because you're not doing it for Allah. Therefore do your brothers and sisters when we give our sadaqa and charity, we give thankful to Allah that we're being given the opportunity to give, we do not give as a signer a token of arrogance that I am better also realize, by the way, beautiful point, Allah takes into account the feelings of the poor here, you know how humiliating It is to be poor. It's not something we like.

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It's something very difficult. And Allah is saying Be careful or Muslim. Be careful. A person who has some money, don't humiliate the poor more, don't say anything that's going to irritate him if you do so I will make sure your Baraka is gone. So Allah takes into account the feelings of the weakened the oppressed, and he warns us to be careful and not making them feel you know, something that is bad because it's something nobody likes. Nobody likes to be poor and have to accept charity. When we give we thank Allah we have the upper hand we're not doing a favor to the unwise the lower hand, Allah is doing us a favor. And when we do that, we're planting our seeds and we're sprouting.

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700 If we don't do it for the right reasons, then in reality, our hearts are hard and we have an illusion, an illusion of being good and that's not really good. We ask Allah for tofield, Santa Claus and hedaya and inshallah we will continue tomorrow.

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