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From the Rila

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Monastery in hoonah stuff you want to study want to be he wanted to walk around la when I was learning

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the Atma Lena

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hiler philomel Villa

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de la want to shadow a la la la la la Sharif shreeka

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Mohammed Abu

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Salah who will have the machine on one of the Romanian days when you learn what a pseudo Rashid Omidyar see him

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either amarilla wearing a hula

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Allah Allah has them in part in our also been lurking in a sheet on a regime smilla rahmanir rahim in Allahu Allah ekata who you saw lunarlon Libya you know, somebody who recently moved sleep a lot muscle Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed Tommaso later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Majeed along with Adam hamedan Wada, Hamad komaba Tada Ibrahim Ibrahim al Majeed

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soon as Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has encouraged us

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to recite soloable gaff.

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Every Friday.

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In various Hadith, we learn of some of the virtues of recite and sorbitol guff on this holiest day of the week.

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In one narration is mentioned

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that whoever recites autograph on a Friday, last panel data will create a light for him, that stretches from him all the way to the gamma.

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And in another generation, a light

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that stretches from him all the way to the heavens.

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And most importantly,

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in many of these sort of laughs in the law legal system

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has informed us that whoever

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whoever recites sort of took off on a Friday,

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last panel with that I will protect him from every fitna from every trial from every tribulation

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that may befall him from that day onwards for up to seven or 10 days, even though that fitna that tribulation, that trial may be as great and as grave as the fitness of the journal himself.

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Just raise the volume

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smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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So as I was saying, so lots of cinema has encouraged us to recite Littleton on a Friday. And he's mentioned all of these awards. Now, what's so special about sort of telegraph that each week

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in a ritual manner, we have been encouraged to recite the surah.

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Obviously, the contents of the surah have some special meaning and significance.

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They must have a message, the soul must have a message that is repeated to us every Friday.

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Well, social graph is a medium sized, sort of, and it's difficult summarize its contents. But there are there are some themes that run through the sorter.

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Four one, the sewer actually contains a number of famous stories. One is the story of the young men of the cave, after which the whole sutra has been named. Another is the story of two men, one who was extremely rich, the other pole. And the third story is of the Prophet Musashi has said that was saddam, and his amazing encounter with another, learned and pious servants of Allah, save them either. alayhi salatu was Salam.

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And finally, there's the story of local remain a mighty ruler, and a pious servant of Allah azza wa jal.

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Here are four prominent and very famous stories

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that occupy a great portion of social graph. And there's a common theme that runs through all of these stories, and forms a major component of social graph

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And that theme is

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that the world around us with all its glitter, its glamour, its power, its strength is all meaningless, compared to the hidden world of the last panel with a world of faith, a world of spirituality, a world of reliance, not on material things, but laws of nature.

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Let's take the first story, the story of the people of the cave.

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without going into too much detail. This was a group of young men

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who were part of a

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very large society.

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Going against the flow, bucking the trend,

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these few young men who are so few in number, that there were fewer than 10, one could count them on one's fingers.

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This group of young men,

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contrary to the rest of society, who were pagans and polytheists. They believed in the last panel without submitting themselves only to Allah azzawajal. believing in Him, they worshipped him, and submitted themselves to

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obviously, since they were bucking the trend and going against the flow, swimming against the tide. And their beliefs and their practices were in utter contrast, stark contrast to everyone around them, including their own family members. They faced hostility,

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enmity, and eventually persecution.

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And this persecution reached the stage of threats on their lives. Finally, they were given an ultimatum.

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You will either renounce your faith

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or you will suffer death.

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These young men conferred between themselves and their conference has been mentioned in the Holy Quran. That How can we? Should we abandon our faith? Should we renounce our belief in Allah? Should we move away from the from worshipping Allah with the heathen with oneness? To the worship of many gods and false deities? Should we move away and submit from submission to Allah azza wa jal to submission to everyone and everything else.

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And inevitably, and without a shadow of doubt, they concluded that we will suffer the great slowest if we did any of this. We cannot renounce our faith in Allah. We cannot renounce our belief in Allah. So what did they do? They felt that we cannot renounce our faith. But because of the persecution, and the threats of death, we must move away and go into hiding. So they fled. They fled from society, they fled from their loved ones. They fled from their family members, their lives, they fled with their faith, and retreated into the mountains and worshipped London secrets.

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last panel without I miraculously put them to sleep for more than 300 years. This is no legend or fable, this is mentioned quite categorically and unequivocally in sort of guff in the Holy Quran. After the passage of three centuries, and slightly more, a last panel with that taala caused them to rise. They didn't know that they had fallen asleep for so long. When they awoke and saw the position of the sun in the sky. They thought that this is just the passage of a few hours of the day, one of them descended, very discreetly, in to the local communities purchased food for themselves. And it's a long story. Eventually, they were discovered because of their coins, their manner of speaking

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their dress, to be from an ancient time and not contemporaries. As a result, their story came to light. And now times have changed what had happened. A last panel with Darla had put them to sleep simply because they were too pure. They were too good for their own time. People weren't receptive to their message. People could not understand what they said. People thought they were mad. But last panel with Anna had chosen. As a result, Alonzo allowed three centuries to pass many generations to go by before people, their minds, their mentality, the climate, we're all ready and receptive for them, and only then did a loss or resurrect them and bring them back into the community so that now

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they could serve as light and beacons of light and guidance for everybody else. And they were hailed as heroes and they were granted honor both in life and after death. In summary, this was a story

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Of the people that cave. It's actually after the story that the whole solar has been named. The second story was is,

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is of two men,

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both acquaintances, one was extremely rich, the other was poor. The rich man took his friend along with him for a tour of his estates and his property and wealth. And as he was marveling at his amassed wealth, he became boastful and arrogant. And he began saying to his friend, look at what I have, look at these riches, this estate, this wealth, this honor, this wealth and power, fame, my children, my clan, my possessions. And as he was boasting, he actually began muttering something else, when he began to say is, do you know,

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might be the hobby he?

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I don't think that all of these riches, this estate, this wealth will ever perish or expire.

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In fact, and then he progress further. Well, now,

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I don't think that there is ever going to be an hour of reckoning, or a day of judgment. Then he progressed even further. And he said, Well, it would be a minimum caliber. In fact, if I am returned to my Lord, I will discover even more and even better over there by Allah.

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And these verses a lot, but this is the power and the eloquence of the Holy Quran. That

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in three sentences, Allah subhana wa tada has informed us of the corrupting, corrosive and diluting nature of wealth. When man becomes wealthy, he becomes diluted, wealth, clouds, his judgment,

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wealth and riches, place a veil before his eyes.

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They make his vision muddy and murky, and he can't see true from false and false and from truth. And just as this man was saying, he was boasting of his riches. And he eventually began saying that, do you know what I think this wealth and this estate, and these possessions and riches are everlasting, they will never expire. And then his delusion took him a stage further. Not only did he believe that his wealth won't expire and his possessions will never perish. He said, in fact, I don't believe that there's ever going to be an hour of reckoning an hour of judgment. There is no life after death, there is no Day of Judgment, there is no error of reckoning, and then his delusion took him

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even further. And he said, If perchance if for argument's sake, there is a day of reckoning, then I actually believe that just as a law has honored me in this world alone will honor me even more in the hereafter.

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Then his companion turned to him and said, Why do you boast this? Instead of boasting and ascribing these riches and this this wealth to yourself? why don't why aren't you grateful to Allah? Why don't you say Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah, why don't you? Why don't Aren't you humble before last panel with Allah. And not only that, whilst boasting about his wealth and possessions, his arrogance, led him to hell hold his companion in contempt, and actually turned to him and said, I am better than you. I am richer than you. I am wealthier than you. And I have more power and possession and control over people than you. I can summon greater numbers than you can. So the companion turned to him and

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said, if you think I'm inferior to you in wealth, and in numbers, then it is highly possible that my Lord may destroy all of this. And no sooner had he spoken, than a thunderbolt struck his properties and his estate and as well from the heavens, and burnt everything, the words of the Koran say he was left to rubbing his hands, in regrets, and in sorrow at what he beheld before him of the destruction of his wealth and property within a few months. The third story is of saving a moose and season one. So that was the lamb season, I'm sorry, in Serato. Islam was a prophet of Allah, who despite his lack of knowledge, and learning, and his prominent position, did not know certain things. And he

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correctly said about himself that he is the most knowledgeable person but last panel without I wanted to correct him and say to him, that you are the most knowledgeable amongst your people. But there is there are many things of the knowledge of a law that are many branches and disciplines of learning that you do have no access to you do not know. Say that I'm sorry, sir. That was so damn subtle.

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Allah Allah How can I find a way to this servant of yours who is more learner than I am? So Allah subhanho wa Taala guided him It's a long story. Finally when he met when the Prophet of Allah season a Moosa and he set out was that I met with see the river, and he said, um, they both went on a voyage, this voyage. This journey was a, an amazing experience for the Prophet moosari. His setup was so damn, he witnessed and so many things that he, despite being a learner than wise prophets of Allah could not understand, just could not fathom and comprehend. On each occasion, he kept on interrupting objecting, questioning, and he was told to remain silent and patient on each occasion.

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Finally, when he when the two could no longer keep company, they parted. But before they parted season, I feel that I need his salon explained to say that I'm also at ease. So that was Salaam, the hidden meaning and the profound truth, and the hidden wisdom in the laws in the in the decisions and actions and judgments of the last panel with the other, that even say that I'm also adding to that was salam, despite being a prophet of Allah could not understand initially. And then there's a full story of Luke got a name, her name wasn't, was an emperor, a mighty ruler, who ruled over a huge area of land and over control of the lives of many people. But the most amazing story, the moral of

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this story of Southern Africa remain of Vulcan nine is that despite his wealth, despite his power, despite his riches, his military might, and his conquests, he was a humble servant of a last panel with Allah, who was never diluted by wealth, or, most importantly, by his military prowess, and his strength and power. These are in summary, for stories of suitable golf that form a major part of suitable golf. And what's the common theme that runs through all of them. It's this, going back to the story of the young men of the cave, look at how these young men, they withstood the pressure, of wealth, of family of power of the whole of society, and bucking the trend. And with withstanding all

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of this adverse pressure, these young men continue to believe and submit to and worship, last handle data, despite everything, despite all the difficulties. And despite having to bear many hardships. Despite all the struggle with conviction with faith, which I'm struggling, they continued with their faith in their submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because they saw beyond the wealth of their people, they saw beyond the love and the attachment of their own families. They saw beyond the power and the strength of their entire community and society. And withstanding all of this, they remained

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worshippers and sincere to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Again, that young, those two men, watts, one was deluded by wealth.

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his companion was not bamboozled, nor was he blinded by the glitter of his companions, riches. But despite his poverty, and his individual struggle and hardship, he remained firm in his faith to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you're gonna hear that and say that I'm sorry, his Surat was Salam. That story tells us that even the prophets of Allah, initially, on a few occasions, he was also mistaken. And he could not see beyond what was apparent because a lot kept it hidden from him. But say that I'm sorry, he stood up, slam himself eventually learned that there is a hidden world, and a hidden dimension, that he even as a prophet of Allah could not understand and could not see. Because the

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last panel without our content, chose to veil it's from him.

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And these are just some of the lessons that this world around us

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is a world of materialism. And materialism isn't just the love of wealth. materialism is an absolute belief in matter and anything which isn't. It doesn't matter, and it doesn't exist. All that matters is matter what you can feel as a result of this materialism, people we have become Reliant and dependent on matter on wealth, and what we see and feel and experience. Our vision has become limited only to this world. And we fail to see beyond the glitter of gold, beyond these riches, beyond material possessions beyond these few years of life on Earth, and we failed, see the greater wisdom and the greater universe and the other spiritual dimensions of a last panel with Allah. And

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that's all about faith. This is where our faith comes in. This is where the teachings of Allah and some of the law legal system come in, even though per name, or name the full story he had passed.

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He had riches. He had military power as he had control of swathes of land and people's lives. But he being a true servant of Allah saw beyond all of this. And despite his wealth and power and riches, unlike the other one, who was just who had a few meager possessions, he never became deluded. In all of these stories, we have a lesson of faith that will cement materialism, of belief in spirituality that will free and liberate the person from the imprisonment of materialism and just this world. These are just some of the morals and lessons that last panel with Allah wishes to impart to us, by a weekly reading, at least have sort of half the sort of loss of love and emotion and has encouraged

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us to recite, and it's not just a question of recitation, but all sorts of reflect on and ponder over the meanings and the message of suitable gaff. I pray that last panel data enable us to continuously recite the Quran as much as possible, and at least to

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follow this example of reciting suitable guff for each reward as well as for the meaning of message every Friday, I may lawmakers amongst those who are enlightened by the message of love and who are able to who are enabled by Allah subhanho wa Taala with adelphia to actually apply these teachings in their practical daily lives. What's the law what's the law? What a solar Nabina Muhammad Ali he will certainly which mean to panic a lot to alert, you know, Hitler and stuff. It'll go on to wake