How Shaytan Will Rope You In

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How Shaytan Will Rope You In – Khutbah by Nouman Ali Khan

This Khutbah was given in Frisco on June, 17th 2016

With human beings committing all kinds of heinous acts, asks Nouman Ali Khan, why was Adam and his spouse’s “slip” of eating from the forbidden tree such a big deal?

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Ravi Shastri sorry where Sydney Md wakulla Dr. Emily saniya, como Kohli Bulava, mathematic en de lo TV La ilaha illallah wa la Mata and Amina Latina a mano y mano Saudi had whatever so we'll have whatever so the subtle minella but I mean

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my intention in this whole part today inshallah is to share with you reflections from a few ions that belong to the seventh surah of the Quran so to lava.

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And in the beginning part of Sukkot Allah Allah azza wa jal tells the story of Adam having Salaam The story is mentioned in the Quran in some detail here and there altogether about seven times. And each time there's a different kind of detail offered to the story. So it's not a repetition, it's actually looking at the same exact events from a different point of view. So sudo out off has a very particular point of view. And the lessons that you learn from the story in olara are unique, you don't learn them in a locker, you don't learn them later on in software or other places. So this is part of the principle of studying the Quran, somebody might say I already know the stories of the

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prophets. I already know the story of Adam and a Salaam or the story of Mousavi, salaam, etc. As a matter of fact, every time Allah tells the story, and he repeats it, every time he tells him, he's actually giving you a different set of lessons, a different set of wisdom. And so one of those things that I wanted to highlight today for you is from the beginning how Allah talked about the way in which human beings were created. I recited the ayah before you let us know what that says, without the color printer comb that we certainly it is we created you some muscle or naccho more over above and beyond that we didn't just create you, we molded you a lot created the skies in the

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earth a lot created the mountains and like created beautiful waterfalls, a lot created an expansive universe, a lot created these, these gorgeous snow crystals, ice crystals, allows beauty in everything that he created. But he doesn't go out of his way to describe the beauty of something beyond just saying that he created it.

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But he when he talks about us, he says he didn't just create you, he more over molded you crafted you. And the idea of molding the idea of the sweet in the Arabic language. Those of you that are familiar with the sweet is like a picture, but that's actually sorta in Arabic. But the sweet is actually molding or crafting something. And the idea is that this is done out of a sense of art. It's not done out of need, if you just have the need to create something by hand. But if you create something and then you want to decorate it and beautified and perfected, then you take that next step and you do the sweep of it. You do molding and crafting of it a lot as origin describes that

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the human being was molded and crafted in other places in the Quran, Allah will use the origin of the word cousin. So as always, I will say that that kind of insanity actually the queen, very famous, I have them. So the theme, we created the human being in the most beautiful and the most upright in the most beautiful, upright fashion. A lot of them don't say sort of the sort of when you say Karnataka accent also, you know, so Oracle, so what happened to him, he molded you and he beautified the mold and he takes that even a step further. It's not just molding which is beautiful in and of itself, he added another layer of beauty. This is important to note because Allah is

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always gonna bring special attention in the Quran, to the beauty and attractiveness of the human being. The human being is an attractive creature. He's a beautiful and she's a beautiful creature of Allah. And this is a very powerful force in humanity. As a matter of fact, the industry surrounding beauty, even in the world today is one of the most capitalistic industries there can be, from everything from the cosmetics industry, to the fashion industry, the clothing industry, right the the end of the film industry, what how do they pick actors and actresses or models and things like that, and even certain filthy industries, they actually pick up on the idea that human beings are

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inherently beautiful, and are themselves attracted to the beauty of other human beings. And they capitalize on that and make countless amounts of money off of this idea. So this is a very powerful thing that allows xojo endowed the human being with the man and the woman with now, after having said that, we know that this is actually I was telling you this is the story of Adam and he said and I think everybody here knows at least some details about the story of Adam and he said I'm the only instruction Allah had given to our parents and Jenna was don't go near this tree. That acaba has a shadow don't go either of you stay away from this tree stay far away from the street. That was the

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only instruction and you would imagine if you don't know the text of the Quran carefully, you will imagine that shehbaz goal chypons goal is to get our parents to eat from that tree. That's his goal. Allah azza wa jal does not describe that as Shannon's goal that's what I expected. I expected chypons goal is unless as don't go near the tree chiffons goal is going to be get them near the tree get them to eat from the tree in Bukhara. Level say as

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mahoma shavon shavon caused both of them to slip, the devil caused both of them to slip. We still don't know what exactly that slip is. But in certain era, Allah doesn't just tell us what shape on did. Allah told us his motivation?

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So why does he want us to go near the tree? Is the eating from the fruit the forbidden fruit? Is that his goal? Or is there some other goal that he has in mind that will destroy the human being, you have to understand that even at the end of the day, and he said, I was told one particular tree, the fruit of that tree is cut off, it's impermissible for you to eat from that tree. And he and our mother made that historical mistake and we ate from that tree. But if you think about it, from a logical point of view, we make lots of mistakes in life. And human beings when they've come on this earth. They do some pretty bad things. People kill rape, pillage, Rob, steal, invade, takeover other

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people's property, deny rights, abuse, we do all kinds of horrible things. And when you compare all of those things to eating a fruit, but it doesn't seem like such a bad thing. And actually, even in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal says as Allahumma he calls them the slip. He caused them to slip he doesn't you would think this is the biggest mistake ever made in the history of humanity. And Allah as the origin reduces it to what a slip, he describes it as a slip. But shavon saw something more than just a fruit. He saw something more than just going near a tree, he had a very particular agenda. And that's what I wanted to highlight before you today. The first part of my hook by seems

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unrelated to this part. And the first part I told you a lot creative, the human beings is beautiful, and very attractive. Now listen to what a lions image describes from the mind of shaytaan. Unless taking us inside the mind of shavonne for what's what's Allahumma shavon shavon continually whispered to them and disappeared. what's what's the Annie Hamas hahahahaha masaba he would go and say, and then he would disappear when it was for it again, and they would do this disappear. The idea was you have to constantly bombard someone with a message before they accept it. This is the very nature of propaganda. Why do you think they run ads over and over again, until you memorize the

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jingle? The idea I'm telling them to you over and over again. It's not going to become part of your thinking, you know, you see a coke commercial eight or 10 times and all of a sudden I'm having coke for a thought I didn't even know where it came from. It was planted in your head. The idea of what's what says keeps on suggesting something to them. Now what is this goal? Allah says liuba de Allahumma mabuya and Luma mean so appa, Hema, let me Of course.

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He says shavon kept whispering to them listen to this carefully. So he could expose before both of them what was covered of them from their ugliness meaning their naked bodies.

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Now this is difficult to understand, because just a few moments ago and an ayah in the same surah Allah said he created a slide. Beautiful. And now he's saying Chopin wanted that, that our parents were exposed to each other in their ugliness, meaning in their nudity, that he wanted to remove their clothes from them. That was his goal. Now, what in the world? First of all, there are two problems here? Why is he saying the shavon just wanted them to eat from the tree? And the second problem is, why is all of a sudden Allah saying the same body that he made beautiful is now ugly? Why in the world would he say that? This is the problem that humanity must understand what

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especially believers must understand a lot as origin made this body beautiful.

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And actually, the man is couldn't be more attracted than he is to a woman from NASA, hobo chahatein. And Lisa, the strongest of attractions that was put inside of a man is the attraction A man has for a woman. It's a very powerful force. As a matter of fact, it's so powerful that the same language is used for it in the Quran that the same was used for the tree laptop, Cava Javi, Shara, la takanobu, Xena,

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don't go near adultery, don't go near committing illicit relationship with a woman don't go near any form of shamelessness or lewdness. So it's dangerous. And it's something that just like the tree, you go near it, you're gonna get sucked in. You're not even gonna realize how far you've gone. You thought it just it was just a look. And you kind of like what you look like and you looked again, and then she smiled and you smile back and then things kind of started rolling from there. And then you know, it just things get out of hand. And before you know it, you're wrapped up in something and you don't even know how to get out. So this the idea of you not going near that is good advice,

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because you don't even know where to stop. And when you get to a certain point you can't stop you're locked in. So Lazio agenda describes that when human beings expose themselves to each other out

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The command of Allah,

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outside the command of Allah, then that is, in fact, the ultimate ugliness. A relation a man and a woman are supposed to have a beautiful loving relationship. Allah made us beautiful for a reason. So we wouldn't be attracted to one another. But then he created an institution by which this relationship could be made legitimate,

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that this relationship should be made legitimate. But when human beings because of their attraction to the opposite gender, seek that relationship, but they seek it in a way that is not approving to Allah, then that same relationship that they got into because of beauty, because of attraction, that same relationship actually becomes ugly. And it's not just the ugliness of a physical body, somebody listening to this as well. You know, I have a girlfriend, but she's beautiful. Still, I don't see how she got ugly, after the Quran was revealed. No, no, that's not what I'm talking about. There's an ugliness inside of you. There's a goodness inside you that dies, human beings weren't just made

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beautiful physically, human beings were made beautiful, morally, spiritually, ethically, human beings were made beautiful in their personalities. And when you engage in an illicit relationship, then some of that beauty that you have is gone. Some of that goodness that Allah gave you starts getting stripped away from you, you'll see you're feeling being pulled away from you. So you'll find a young man who has an illegitimate relationship with some girl or whatever, or girl the other way around. You'll notice that they're getting nastier and nastier with their parents. And they have a bigger and bigger anger problem, like this relationship is there, but it's bringing out an ugliness

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in their life and other parts of their life. And you can't even tell where this came from. This is the this is so odd. This is the ugliness. And this ugliness By the way, in Arabic, you said Kaaba is ugly, but what is this so, so actually in Arabic means of course, nothing is uglier to the human eye than seeing a dead body, we find it disgusting, the smell of it, the look of it, the deteriorated flesh, the you know, the skin, etc, etc, the head that the the insects, and the worms all around it, all of that stuff is hideous for us to think that's the image Eliza describes. In other words, your body is fully alive, but your soul starts dying, your soul starts turning into a corpse, the yogi

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and homearama, what do you do? My Buddha and whom I'm in so at the Hema shavon wanted to expose them to their nudity to the ugliness. He wanted to take the goodness away from them. By the way. On that note, it's important to understand that a lot as origin gave the human being a higher status than the angels. And he gave him the higher a higher status than him.

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But there's one thing that gave him that higher status status well enough to be here in a room.

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Again, when I look inside the human being, the body is beautiful. But the rule that a lot put inside the spirit that Allah put inside of you of goodness, that is actually what makes you more beautiful than any other creation of Allah. That is what sets you apart. And chiffon knows he's going to exploit the physical beauty of the human being to make the inner beauty of the human being ugly. That's his goal. Now, having said that, well, how did he convince our parents that's a It's a long story, I'll give you the short version because I need to come back to the same point.

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The long the short version of it is he told Adam and Hawaii are a must. Listen, the plan is that you were created for the earth in Ninja and one fell out of the honeypot. I was decision is that you were made for the earth. So you are about to be transferred out of heaven onto the earth and who would want to leave heaven and go to Earth? So listen, the only people who get to stay here are angels. Sorry, you guys are not angels. Or the only other option is you become permanent residents. You get greencard into agenda. That's the only other option you have. But the only way to do that to become an angel, or to become permanent residents. You have to eat from that tree. That's the only

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way. So he says and takuna Molokini otaku national holiday eat from this tree either you'll become angels or you be permanent residents. That's why our parents made that mistake. But now when they did make that mistake what happens? And I'm gonna describe for them now who might be rude. Very important. I understand. He says he wrote them in slowly. Then now Houma. You know, deadline Arabic comes from the word Denman which is a bucket. And a bucket was used back in the day for a well and you know, back in the day, you drop the well in the water, and you pull the well pull the water up. This is called a DA w wahoo. To pull the bucket up.

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Does it come up right away or it takes time, it takes time. It's a slow process. But if it's an extra slow process, you don't say either Nadella who you say then

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it takes an extra long amount of time shifts.

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as being described as this guy is in no hurry, he wants to get you. But he will take his sweet time, he'll come at you, you'll see him in a shape. I know. Jimmy said, Okay, you know what, I'll be back. I'll catch you later, don't worry. We got time, we got time. And he'll come back again. And then he'll come back again. And then you'll come back again, he's not in a hurry to get you to disbelief, or to get you to sin, he's gonna work on you 1% at a time. And that's very important to understand, you know, they do an experiment in psychology of

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the slow boil, you take a frog, and you throw it in boiling water, it jumps out right away, then you take a frog in normal water, and you start heating the water slowly, until it reaches boiling temperature, it never jumped out, it died. It didn't even realize that the temperature was being raised slowly. chiffon doesn't want you to do the wrong thing right away, because you'll realize it's wrong. And you'll just seek a less protection. So he'll come at you with innocent things, innocent things, and then you're like, what's the big deal? Why are you making such a big deal out of this? You won't even realize it? And then you'll come back and make you a little bit more, and

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everybody else around you will be like, don't do this? Is it come on? What is wrong? What am I doing that I killed someone? What am I doing? Why are you making such a big deal out of it? That's exactly what chengguan does that now Huma.

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And he did that with them using all kinds of deception. It's interesting that in the Arabic language, the word wound means deception. It also means pride. He put people's pride in their in them, that when they would make a small mistake, and somebody would correct them, or somebody would try to remind them, it didn't matter if it was the wife or the husband or the mother or the father, somebody would try to remind them, they wouldn't get that all of a sudden, they would become mcglue. You know, they would get full of themselves. Oh, what are you talking about? Who are you to correct me and their ego would get in the way, that same problem that shavon had a pride he tries to inject

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into humanity. But anyway, he succeeded over time. Now we're learning that he didn't get our parents to the tree right away. You know, you read the ayah. He whispered to them, and they said, Okay, good idea. And they went No, no, no, no, no, it took a long time, before they got there.

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And they made their classical mistake, allows it what it says but lahoma so to whom their nudity, their ugliness came out, it was exposed, their clothes were removed a lot. So as a consequence of that act, their clothes were removed. This is actually a very powerful philosophical, symbolic teaching in the Quran. Not only we take it literally, but there are lots of wisdom inside of it. When a human being goes down the road of prom, whether it's hot on food, hot, I'm earning hot on behavior, when we decide that we are going to break the rules of Allah. When Allah told us stay away from this and you don't stay away from it. Then slowly but surely you lose your shame. You will lose

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your shame. You will lose your hesitation. Your eyes you will have a hard time lowering them. Your tongue filthy words will come out and you're not gonna have any control over it. You're gonna have you're gonna be shameless in your speech, shameless, with your eyes, shameless with your actions, it will go down a spiral, and it's all related to you going near what seemed unrelated, some fruit of some tree. But when you disobey a lion, anything and you go near has total mud, the most gifted thing Allah has given you, your higher your shame, your modesty, your sense of has hesitation, he will rip that away from you. You don't deserve it. So now when they did this act, their nudity was

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exposed and what did they do? What does

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he mean what gender they immediately started covering themselves with the leaves of gender, they got humiliated, and they started clothing themselves, what are we learning, it is in the nature of the children of Adam to not be naked in front of each other, to clothe themselves to cover themselves. This is put in the nature of our you know of Adam and insulins, children. So all human beings are naturally inclined to be covered. A little girl, a little boy, that is not in once they reach even a little bit of consciousness. They're two years old, three years old, four years old. They're little, they're not intellectual beings by any stretch of the imagination. But if father walks in and mother

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was changing their clothes, they get ashamed. Or they want to hide under a blanket, a love what a sense of shame naturally inside the human being, but what happens when shavon does whispers and whispers and whispers, he takes everything that is supposed to be ugly, and he converts it into beautiful was a and Allahu shavon shavon took their deeds and beautified it for them with a man with faith. What Allah made ugly we see as ugly what a woman beautiful we see as beautiful, but if you let shavon into your heart that

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Things that are supposed to be ugly, start becoming beautiful.

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And so you get to a point in society where the less your clothes, the more exposed your clothing is, and that the Prophet would say kaseya to Aria at some level, and he was telling them, that women will be inclined to wear at a stage clothes, even though they're closed, they're practically naked. Anyway, the clothes would think, you know, hug their bodies so much, that is just spray paint on their bodies, it's not even close. That's what that would become, that this will become beautiful to humanity. But then on the other hand, this is this is by the way, schepens trap, right? The ultimate failing of the human being will be when shamelessness is celebrated. And by the way, what I'm going

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to do even the young guys that are here that are having a really hard time in Ramadan, because they made a promise to themselves that they're not going to watch a movie.

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Right? What do they do to sell you a movie, they make trailers. And what they do in these trailers is a trailer of some action film, there's explosions happening, there's a car chase, there's a fight, there's some guy getting kicked in the face, whatever, in the middle somewhere, they'll have some nudity for a few seconds. The movie has nothing to do with that. But they'll throw that in. Now I gotta watch it.

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Now they get they hook you in like that. They celebrate shamelessness, they celebrate what was supposed to be covered from the eyes of humanity. But then there's another extreme. The other extreme is we're supposed to be modest. We're supposed to be bashful, we're supposed to protect our higher stuff that a lot. And now you just look down your entire life. And the only the only experience you like in life you have is looking at dirt and grass. And you know, you don't even want to look at the girl you're gonna marry. And even after you get married, you know, in some Muslim cultures, you know, we're so religious, we're more more religious than the Koran. And we're more

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religious than the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, you know, so the wife is wearing like Jen, Bob and her job and she's completely covered even at home. And she doesn't she never even beautifies herself for her husband. She doesn't even dress herself up for her husband. She never even tries to seduce her husband. And when you say why don't you do that stuff, it'll last a whole lot like that thought of some sort of love. That's a separate layer where you're covered up, because when that relationship between a man and a woman is not beautified under the shade of head on when the relationship is not beautified under the shade of harden, then shavon has the

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opportunity to say to the man, you will find what you're looking for outside that shape, then you will find it outside you understand. So this is actually something Allah protected us from in the Quran to beautify and romanticize the relationship within the marriage. How did he do so? Allah says in the same sorta he says,

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describing Yemeni Adam, who's in attack, Amanda Colima should hold on to your beauty when you come in for a line make such that beautiful yourself before Allah and then later on he says Coleman have Rama Zenith Allah, who's who's telling you who's going to prohibit the beauty that a lot created. Allah is not telling you, you should cover this beauty all the time. And life's telling you there's an appropriate place for this beauty. There's an appropriate setting for this beauty. He doesn't want to deny you that beauty he did he made it so that you would be attracted to it but you'd find the proper means to it the proper road to it. That's the reason he did it. And that's why he says

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you already so article mauritia under Na Na Coronavirus and you are so article mauritia so Pamela, we sent clothing down to you we reveal the clothing unless as in this ayah that clothing just like the Koran just like what he is a revealed gift of Allah and just like we beautify the Quran, you're supposed to wear beautiful clothes, modest but beautiful clothes, and it covers your ugliness. And then he says we're Asian. And by the way, clothing is a means of what by which you are to be beautified. The word reach actually in Arabic literally means a feather. You know? Toblerone Russia salvo. But before you shoot the arrow, you put feathers on the arrow. So the idea of feathers back

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in the day, you know, women used to put feathers on their clothes and decorations and things like that. The idea is to decorate to beautify a lot. So what Jen is actually giving us a profound balance our world today in the United States, and in the modern world, and much of them, the Muslim world that is modernizing in all the wrong ways. What do you see, you see beautiful roads and infrastructure, you see government you see in front, you know, you see technology, you see so many good things happening in society. But in one thing, humanity is losing its own cell. And that is we're celebrating shamelessness. We're celebrating nudity. We're celebrating obscenity. You know,

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young kids, no foul language beyond the adults vocabulary. And they learn it at school with each other mobile devices have given you access to things that will rip the soul out of your body. And now you're exposed to this stuff all the time, all the time. You're being hit with these images, you're being hit with these words, these messages. We have to on the one hand, protect ourselves but that that that

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Beauty that Allah created inside of us is not going to you can't just cover it up and expect that it's not going to have an effect on you. It needs a proper outlet. It needs a channel, it needs to escape in some meaningful, purposeful way. And that is actually the institution of marriage. That's the institution a lot as origin has given us a beautiful practical religion, he doesn't expect you and me to become saints, he doesn't. There are Sahaba of the Allahu anhu much money there are companions of the Prophet size on them, who had a life before Islam. They had a life and they didn't exactly have like a little sister over there. That's not the life they live. There are some of them,

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you would call them basically players. That's what they are. And even after Islam, they had a hard time coming out of that life. One would even come to the prophets lesson and say, Oh, I'm really sorry, I, I kissed the girl on the street as a hobby. Did that on the street. I'm so excited. I'm just told him to pray a couple of rocks because he's still getting better. He's getting there. You know, I'm not saying that's okay for you. But I'm saying for those that had come just into Islam, and it was a journey for them, that the province I Salaam did not drop it on him and say, haven't you heard the story of Adam alayhis salam Don't you know that this is how we were dropped out of

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genda. And you're gonna you're following the footsteps, he will go long lecture this way to apologize to Allah. And don't let it happen. Again, don't be so hard on yourself. Some of you have made mistakes in your past, some of you are continuing to make mistakes. This is the time to turn back to a low create a couple of records, ask a lot for strength that you get out of those relationships that you get out of those addictions. Nobody has to know about this. You don't have to come in, admit them to me or anybody else. A lot already knows what you've been up to. Allah already knows. If you cannot find the strength of your hearts in this month, then you can't ever find it.

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This is the time to get out of that mess. This is the time like no other. So I pray to Allah azza wa jal that those of you and those of us that have made mistakes or continuing to make mistakes, that Allah gives us the strength of the mind, that were able to come out of these mistakes, and that we're able to recognize that that's actually the shape I'm pulling this in, and we're able to pull out and we can take what is otherwise calm and we can go the way that Allah has opened for us the way of the Hara. barakallahu li walakum for uninviting when a family with El Camino

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hamdu lillahi wa Kapha Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah Dina Safa, Susana Fahim, Mohammed Nabi Muhammad in the mean, while he was Sufi as vain yaku

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Tabby hickory in

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Lahaina, shaytani r rajim. In namaha, mala kata who soluna lnav Yeah, you had Latina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam, Taslima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad kamasan

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Rahim Allah Allah mean, in Naka habido Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Allah Allah Allah Mohammed Kamara Ibrahim Ibrahim al al amin in

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Alibaba La, la de la, in the La Jolla, San Benito Korba

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fact even one cup with a diploma he acaba de la jolla and Amato stone aka solder in a salata cannon, mini Nikita makuta