Will Good Righteous Non-Muslims like Mother Teresa go to Hell?

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Assalamualaikum My name is Irina, and I'm a graduate you may have answered this question in part already. On the question of our many people ask me how is it just for a very good, righteous non Muslim to go to hell? For example, Mother Teresa, what happens to their good deeds? And what is the best way to answer them? Thank you for the question. What about the righteous non Muslim like Mother Teresa? Will she go to heaven or hell?

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As I mentioned, my talk the criteria to go to heaven. The criteria agenda are four according to Surah Al Asad, while us in South Africa's 11, ominous, ominous, holy, heart hearty, but also will happen to also be suffered. By the token of time, man is very the state of loss except those who are faith, those are righteous deed, those who do Dawa, and those who exhort people to patient perseverance. Minimum four criteria are required to go to China. Similarly, when I was in school, I passed my ICSC in 1982. There were minimum six compulsory subjects. English was mathematics science, history, geography Hindi compulsory, I asked you the question sister

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in science

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in five subjects out of six, I get 99 out of 100 in one subject, I get 10 out of 100 in science, will I passed under 10?

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Yes, oh, no, no. But I've got 99 in English 99 in Hindi 99%. in history, if I fail in any one subject, I feel similarly to go to Jana folk idea require demand, righteous did exhorting people to through data and exhorting people to patient perseverance. Now you say Mother Teresa was righteous. Righteousness includes offering Salah giving that are many things. But even if I agree with you for sake of argument or with a non Muslim, that Mother Teresa was righteous for sake of argument, and it's not righteousness include many things, which I feel mad that I didn't have. But even if I agree with you for sake of argument, she gets 99.

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Only in one. What about demand?

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So if

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we even mentioned the Bible, if you read the Bible in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number five, verse seven to nine, and the book of Exodus chapter number 20, was the material five, it says, that thou shall have no other image of me Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image of anything that is in heaven above in the earth beneath and the water beneath the earth, Thou shall not borrow under them, now serve them for I die God thy Lord, which is called so doing shake is even Haram in Christianity. And in the Quran, Allah says in Surah majda chapter number five, verse number 72. Let's see what is the verdict given by Jesus guys peace be upon us guys peace be upon him says in

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the Quran and Jeremiah chapter five of 72, Allah says, that laquered kufra Latina carlu in Allah Who, who will receive new malema, they are doing they are blaspheming those who say that Jesus son of Mary is Allah subhanaw taala wacol mercy, but said Jesus Christ peace be upon him. Yeah, but he's right. Or it's enough is right with Allah worship Allah, Robbie verbascum who's my Lord and your Lord enormous Shrek Billa anyone who associate partner with Allah faqad Hara malarial Jana, Allah will make Jannat haram for him. Mama vahana Marisol Milliman and fire and fire shall be dwelling place and he shall have no helpers in the hereafter. So Jesus Christ peace be upon him in no metric

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Billa anyone who associate partner with Allah further the Haram another Jana, Allah will make general haram for him by death will be forbidden for him mamajuana Ramallah is 12 millimeters and five shall be learning pace, and he shall have no helpers in hereafter. So cuando Jesus qsp is a part of the chronicle of the Bible. If any human being does Shrek, whether it be mother dies or anyone else they should not indigena