Why is it very important to understand the Athkaar

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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the Africa and the vicar of the heart in learning about the meaning of the words "will" and "will". They also mention the need for preparation for questions and the need for people to think small and weak in order to achieve their goals.

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Why do we need to understand the occult? Because I know we said that this course is about understanding the Africa. Why is this important? And I hope I explained this to you well, so you can understand the importance of understanding the occult. And then it becomes upon you to attend and learn and listen,

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And I've counted our thicker is a three levels. Fee, a vicar of the heart and the tongue, you get them both involved.

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The second level of wicked, which is less than this is the vicar of the heart alone. And less than this is the thicker of the tongue alone without the heart. These are the levels of a vicar. Of course, the best one of them is one, the heart and the tongue together. And the greatest way to get the heart involved with the tongue, when reciting the Asgard, is to understand what you're saying.

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It's almost impossible to have the heart active

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and present while you're reading the scale if you do not understand.

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Look, understanding the earth girl

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is something that was a great concern even among a tablet, when you look into the story of unfolding of an al Rahim, Allah military.

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One day he saw someone being lazy concerning His worship. So he said to him, how old are you? The man said, I'm 66 years old.

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He said to him.

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Kenny, do you realize you're at the end of the road? Show? 60 And what's left you at the end of the road? What's his attitude you have towards worship? So the man said in LA you're in LA, here's your own fan for buying Rahim Allah, He said to him.

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He said, Do you know what that means? Sure. The seller, a tambourine are concerned about the meaning. He said to this old man. Do you just know what he said? In that Allah who are in a garage? Do you understand its meaning? Whatever you just said words, and you don't understand what it is. He said, I don't know how they from the time of February look at the concern for the meaning of the galleries at the time of February. He said to him, I don't know. And fullbody Rahim Allah has set them in their in their means we are slaves of Allah. Widen daily heroes your own, we shall return to Him. And if you know, now he's giving him the understanding. He's setting if you know that you will

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return to Him, then you should know that you will be questioned. And if you know you're going to be questioned, then you need to prepare answers for these questions are recorded. In the one who said it nearly later in the day. Here's your own. If you ponder over these few words that you said, you will understand there is big trouble ahead if you do not prepare. And as a result, the heart is active. The tongue is active, that believe that will get up from that day and prepare himself. I've got to sort out what am I said? When you understand them? It pushes you towards action. It pushes you towards righteousness. The scholars have mentioned that the one who are his words of dikkat

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without knowing its meaning, it'll have little If not no effect on him. Law has no effect. And what's worse than this is the one who says the account. And then throughout the day in the night his actions contradict that which he said had this is the greatest of calamities. Then he's sitting I've got also he doesn't know what it means or what it will be like you're Belbin Islami, the Nagahama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and a be all up and I am pleased with Allah has my Lord I'm pleased with Rasul Allah my messenger I'm pleased with Islam my deed and then he's actions of the day of the night doesn't show that he's pleased with Allah Israel.

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Doesn't show where is it how they you said you're pleased with Rasool Allah as a prophet when Tony I engaged in Bidda houses the case, see what Heather when you this is the calamity when you do not understand what you say.

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Why do we have to understand these accounts? Because when you know the meanings, it has a great effect on the heart and the soul. A person becomes humble Wallah, he becomes humble. When he reads these as girl, one after the other, and he really begins to understand the desperate need he has for Allah assertion and the complete state of weakness he is in before Allah azza wa jal Allah at times, reading a girl a sabbatical Merced it can move a person to tease Omar he can

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knowing that you absolutely nothing without the Mercy of Allah so such as when you read yeah how you react to you Bill, latika stubby This is a person to understand when we shall we coming to them. mela Medina.

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A study I am in complete desperate need of your mercy. Fellow at the kidney 11 of South Africa I do not allow me to rely on myself even for the blink of an eye and on my card, by myself, I can't I will lose the Get hold of nobody I can I cannot continue in worship, I cannot continue in upholding an event and certainty in my art. I cannot if it wasn't for your mercy, but to realize how small you are, how weak you are, how desperate you are needing Allah socialismo imagine this. You're sitting every morning and seeing these every afternoon and seeing this and you're adding toward all of them. Allahu Akbar, Allah is such a person, life changing, I'm telling you, but you need to understand

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what you're saying.